By Team Japan 【JB】- Editorial staffs



The circus is over.

Unprecedented and unvaccinated, the ’17 days war’ at the Tokyo Games is finally over. And as the smallest broadcaster in the world, we, the Team Japan 【JB】is truly thankful to each and every one of the associates that has made this global event a massive success in extremely difficult times.

Tokyo 2020 was historic in various ways.

First, it beautifully disclosed the latent, fraudulent nature of International Olympics Committee. Japan’s domestic medias had reported early in late spring that the self-serving IOC and self-important Thomas Bach had boasted; “We will go on with the event no matter what, even if Tokyo governments says no”. The Japanese apparently took this as a serious offense as well as obstruction of justice. Bach also argued prior to the games; “Olympics has zero (virus) risk for the Japanese people” – an opportunist, unscientific remark akin to a misdemeanor. The mendacious German shamelessly even went on to praise the ‘Chinese’ people on July 13 at a committee assembly meeting in Tokyo by saying; “Our common target is safe and secure games for everybody; for the athletes, delegations, and most importantly also for the Chinese people”.

Apparently, the man is unfit for the job.

These unthinking arguments by the disrespectful and pompous IOC ‘psychopath’ unequivocally substantiates what sort of an institution this gargantuan Swiss-headquartered organization actually is. “Tokyo Olympics for the athletes” – they ostensibly said, but now the world has now learnt that it’s nothing but a big fat lie. Making money is all that matters for the IOC aristocrats, not athletes or the public health of the host nation.



Strangely turbulent, yet remunerative

The Tokyo Games from the very start had the propensity to ‘ostracize’ the local public, due to the deadly new Delta-variant. And in the end, not only foreign fans but also the Japanese spectators too were banned from entering the sporting venues. Polemical and political was the decision, which artificially created the world’s first Olympics oddly without audience.

Despite the ‘Tokyo 2020 Playbook’ protocol that had rigorously made wearing masks mandatory, as well as banning cheering out loud for the fellow comrades and perambulating outside the Olympic Village, some obdurate foreign athletes and associates had blatantly and irresponsibly violated the rules; which was morally shameful. On the evening of August 7, for example, the local media had reported that eight personnels of Team Hungary were caught and immediately ‘deported’ for their beer-party-excursion in Roppongi. Some athletes were ‘apprehended’ for drinking outside in public space. Meanwhile, just like Nobita in the legendary Manga ‘Doraemon’, 99% of the traditionally obedient Japanese hosts had impressively played by the rules.

The ostentatious “$15 billion Games” – the most costly in the history of Olympics had fabulously lacked the slightest  theoretical enthusiasm, due to the empty seats. Inscrutably, the ‘400m Men’s relay’ final was held at 23:00 in midnight, Tokyo time when most locals were already snoring in their futon – as the sneaky IOC had willingly relented to U.S broadcaster NBC’s request to air it at 10 a.m New York time. We, the Team JB as Japanese nationals and broadcaster had founded this schedule absolutely ludicrous and lugubrious. Again, the money-mongering International Olympic aristocrats had downplayed the people of the host nation. And what was even more ironic, the mighty Team USA 400m-relay team was disqualified in the preliminary round and couldn’t make it to the finals.

You call this a pure MANGA.

NBC, indisputably the biggest sponsor of the world’s biggest sporting event is the absolute ruler, the landlord. Bach is nothing but a pretentious pre-medieval serf. The IOC’s subservience (to the landlord) and arrogance (towards the host nation) is morbid and unnatural; as the ostensibly philanthropical organization seems to have retrograded in basic ethics.

Tokyo 2020 has brilliantly found them guilty.

People no longer watch sports ‘live’ on TV. Especially the teenyboppers and millennials stream it ‘on demand’ on smartphones these days, as in Netflix of Amazon Prime. That said, as NBC’s ratings of Tokyo 2020 in America had allegedly plummeted compared to Rio 2016, now may be the great opportunity to overhaul and refurbish the IOC as well as the whole obsolete ‘Olympic business’ structure.

Make it plain. Make it simple. Less cost, for the host and the people.


And finally in retrospect, despite all shortcomings and the terrible epidemic, the prudent reader will probably agree that 17 days of intense sporting battles by the hardworking athletes had mesmerized all of us to the very soul. It is highly unlikely that the Japanese taxpayers will be able to ‘recoup’ the exorbitant amount of money that had been spent on the outlandish event. The incarcerated 10,000 foreign athletes were sadly forbidden from enjoying scrumptious Ramen and mind-blowing onsen afterwards, but instead had to return home ASAP. Nevertheless, it is our irrefutable belief that the “Tokyo Olympics 2021” shall be, and will be remembered as one of the most fantabulous sporting event in the history of mankind – where our spirits across the globe were thrilled and invigorated in the face of ruthless predicament.

It was that rewarding, the future generations shall discover sooner or later.

And of course, Domo Arigato people across the world!



※ Editor in chief of JB, ‘Jumping’ Samurai Yujiro in Tokyo contributed to this report.