Samurai Taniyama Yujiro, Japan Broadcasting . net Corporation War Correspondent reporting from Ginza


An eye for and eye will take us nowhere.

Notwithstanding, the bloodthirsty military conflict in Gaza (not Ginza) is purportedly becoming more uncontrollable than a Soviet made car. Countless number of people have been killed and abducted, and the number of civilian casualties are expected to rise not only in coming days, but coming months.

Canaan, or the big chunk of soil that encircles Jerusalem today has long been the ‘Land of the Rising Doom’ geopolitically, since the ancient times. From roughly 3,000 years ago to the British Mandate established in the 1800’s to post World War 2 and now in the 21st century – the path that had once connected Mesopotamia to the Pharaohs of Egypt has long been a deathtrap; if not David Bowie’s labyrinth till this very day.

The cowardly Samurai unfortunately don’t take sides.

And since I am not the God Absolute in the Old Testament or Koran, the unhinged author is unqualified to judge who’s good and who’s bad. Let the perpetrators of fraudulent activities (essential dupers a.k.a politicians) do that.

Hiding and scribbling this article in Ginza, Tokyo – some 8,000km distant from Gaza, all I want to say is this. When dancing youths are kidnapped, innocents butchered and apartments-hospitals are indiscriminately bombarded, all parties involved are apparently to be blamed as far as I am concerned. Too many have died, indescribably excruciating pain so many have already suffered. And moreover, this is just the beginning.


Killing, is certainly not as awesome as copulating.


Ahimsa please.

It is a Sanskrit term Buddha used 2,500 years ago meaning nonviolence – incontrovertibly the spiritual attitude that I reckon each and every one of us have to bear in mind right now. If Hollywood’s Mr. Baldwin is persecuted for taking a cinematographer’s life, then we must preach, besiege and charge those irascible trigger-happy souls that have already claimed nearly five thousand beautiful lives.

The complacent Nipponese in Tokyo’s poshy poshy district of Ginza, by the way are all brilliantly nonchalant about the havoc in Canaan. They, or my fellow citizens are basically (mentally) all irresponsible farmers, not unequivocal cosmopolitans.