Princess Maco’s “boyfriend” Mr. Komuro Kei, his mom and her ‘Sugar Daddy’

JB’s Editor in Chief, Yujiro Samurai Taniyama

Emperor Akihito will abdicate on April 30, 2019.

His son Prince Hironomiya will then become Nippon’s 126th Tenno, a Japanese term for “symbolic figurehead of the state”, or the Emperor.

What?! The famous Prince Charles?! Well as far as I am concerned, his hyper-exuberant mom is unlikely to abdicate anytime soon, so there’s absolutely no denying the fact that he will remain as a “Happy Prince” till the flawed Brexit deal is signed, to say the least.

But in this blog, I would like to sit back and contemplate on Mr. Komuro Kei, an alleged fraudster like Mr.Carlos Ghosn the famous. Foreign reader may never heard of Mr.Komuro, or KOK (lets make this his acronym here), but this 27 year old is purportedly Nippon’s Princess Maco’s college sweetheart. I do not possess confidential datas that he is a Christian, although the pair met while both were attending International Christian University in Kichijoji city, west of Tokyo, near Academy Award winning director Miyazaki Hayao’s “Studio Giblhi“.

Now, to make a long story short, I do not hold the slightest trust in KOK. And I am a firm believer that the Coo-Nye-Cho, or the Imperial Household Agency (with 1,000 freaking staffs! By far too many and a waste of taxpayers money in my view) should “sack” this youngster in anyway possible, before this year’s Valentine Day.

So here’s why.

Nippon’s yellow tabloid “Weekly Women” (‘Shookang Josei’, in Japanese) first reported on December 12, 2017, that KOK’s mom owes 4,000,000 yen (approx. $39,000 USD) to her former Sugar Daddy (SD). And just two months later, official engagement announcement between Maco and KOK was de facto postponed. This Sugar Daddy, allegedly in his 60’s was once engaged to KOK mom, and after their acrimonious “divorce”, he demanded that the money be returned. However, SD’s former lover (KOK’s father had committed suicide in 2002) rejected the claim, pointing out that the four million yen was a “gift”, whatever that means.

It’s cruel to put a total blame on KOK mom alone of course, for SD, a sore loser should have left some kind of a paper memo, or signed a legal paper when he had “leased” the money. And after the relationship broke down, he’s been asking for the money back like a panting puppy without balls.

But still, I believe that it is KOK mom’s genuine responsibility to pay back her debt, especially when her son is currently in a position that is viable to marry the stunning virgin Princess.

Under Japan’s law, when a member of the Imperial Household marries a commoner, some freaking 100 million yen (approx. $1 million USD) will be paid to the newlywed. Thats a lot of money. And that’s taxpayers money, of course, in a country where debt-to-GDP ratio is mind blowing 237% – by far the highest among the G7 nations. And it is simply unthinkable that KOK (and his sloppy mom) will profit such an astronomical sum of money, when the 27 year old is reluctant even to pay back just four million yen, acting in a highly delusive manner to evade his mom’s former Sugar Daddy’s adamant request. I reckon that KOK’s university tuition was actually paid through this “SD money” too.

Nevertheless, in my eyes, the single mom and his son have appeared to be nothing but an arrogant, ruthless, self righteous bigots deceiving not only SD, Maco and the Imperial family but also the general public.

Why don’t they just pay back the money? If they don’t have it, then borrow it from a friend or Mr.Trump. Because KOK and his unhinged mom’s unthinking behavior has, and will taint the integrity of the one of the most distinguished royal family on the face of the earth. The Fordham University law school was also duped by Mr.Komuro Kei the ‘smart-ass’ last year, when he portrayed himself as “fiancée of Princess Maco” in his fake resume. This obviously is incorrect, for no official procedure is yet to take place.

However, Fordham not only accepted KOK, but inexplicably went even further to exempt the “con man” from $200,000 tuition for the next three years. They’ll realize the profound mistake they’ve made pretty soon.

Nishicorey Kei is one of my favorite tennis players, along with John McEnroe and Ivan Lendl.

But the other “Kei”, the sneaky one is unfortunately a man of charade. His monstrous mom is simply out of the question. And consequently, the Nippon Gins ( Japanese) must build a “wall”, not along the Mexican border, but to keep these two scoundrels out from crossing the gate of the Imperial residency in Akasaka, where Maco resides.

Be it concrete or steel, it is imperative that Mr.Komuro be ousted, for the happiness of the people. Oh, and that probably goes the same with the former bus-driver turned President of Venezuela.

And lastly, it goes without saying that the Imperial Household Agency’s 1,000 staffs are to be blamed for their negligence, for not thoroughly checking up on the true nature of KOK and his repugnant mom, before announcing that the pair is going out in public.

Stupid public servants indeed.

Thank you.

Your obedient servant,


メイウエザー戦。ヨロヨロ那須川は、裸の自衛隊だった 【谷山雄二朗】

Editor in Chief Yujiro Taniyama

大晦日に行われた格闘技 Mayweather vs Nasukawa戦は、核保有国アメリカ合衆国 vs 9条ジャパーンの構図そのものであった。



よって試合が終わった瞬間、名宇江佐(漢字で書いてみよう)が圧倒的勝者に見えた反面、那須川は可哀想なくらい無様なしょんべん小僧に映った。名宇江佐は、50戦無敗のモンスターボックサーである。それも、世界の舞台で勝ち続けてきた。かたや、小僧の方はボックサーライセンスさえ持っていない。鎖国思考の日本メディアやフジテレビが、スポンサーのお金で作り上げたある種の虚像にすぎない。Rizin とかいう、センスが全くないネーミング(日出ずる国、のRisingからとったのだろうが)のフェイクニュースのような団体が仕組んだ今回の茶番は、ビールっ腹の元プロレスラー高田某の恐るべき劣化思考の産物でもある。この爺さん、試合前までは「Rizin 最高!スゴい対決だあ」とか言っていたくせに、茄子が焼きあがった後には「この体重差、やるべきじゃなかった」、と朝令暮改。四流のペテン師以外の何者でもない。


何を言いたいかというと、こういう頭の悪すぎるイヴェントをすると、Japan そのものが国際社会から舐められるという事だ。単なるATMとしてしか見られなくなる。1兆円拠出して、ろくに感謝さえされなかった1991年の湾岸戦争と同じで、日本の国力を弱めるのである。こういう事をするから、去年ようやく終了した対中国ODA3兆円強で日本が表立って北京に感謝されなかった点も、ある意味合点が行く。単純に軽視されているのだ。高田も、フジも、茄子も、今現在の一億総平和ボケ日本人の縮図だと考えて間違いない。

日本人キックボクサーは「勝てると思った」と、当初は述べていたという。山椒魚、大海を知らず。これも恐るべき平和ボケいえる。Rizin は、今回のルール設定をすべてアメリカ主導にさせてしまった。茄子がキックしたら罰金5億円との馬鹿みたいな条項も入っていたとも、どこかで読んだ。この不平等契約は、現在の日米地位協定そのものじゃないか。

那須川の個性を殺してまで、10億円も払ってまでなぜ視聴率の奴隷、経済効果の奴婢になるのか。あの茶番に組した連中は、みな恐ろしく卑しい。二度とあのような、Japan の品位を貶める文化祭は行ってなはいけない。BBC をはじめとする欧米メディアも、好奇心半分で報じていたが、茄子が茹であがって立てずヨロヨロしているあの姿は、1954年の設立以来、陸海空軍を持たない、と銘打った憲法9条に縛られ続けてきた自衛隊の姿そのものであった。そしてその自国憲法を改正一つできずに軍事力を保持し「嘘」ついてきたすべての戦後の政府、政治家および国民の堕落しきった影でもあった。

逆に、誇り高き王者の名宇江佐のその雄姿は、軍事予算70兆円強の最強国家を体現していた。つまり、今回の恥ずべきFloyd Mayweather vs. Tenshin Nasukawa 戦は、極端な話「なぜ普天間基地問題が解決されないか」「なぜ未だに130個もの外国の基地が日本にあるのか」「なぜTOKYOの空を、横田米軍基地の管制が未だに占領し、それに対しこの国の首相も政府も去勢されたもぐらのように何の抗議もしないのか」、への答えでもあった。

自分で自分を守れないから。名宇江佐に那須川は、「保護してもらうしかないから」。それぐらい今のJapan という国家が危機的に弱く、そしてその主従関係はまったく対等ではないことを、まざまざと日本人は目の当たりにしたのである。1分間で10億円稼ぎ、那須川を舐めきってカモにしたメイウエザーのアティチュードは、ドナルドダックみたいな名前のアメリカ大統領が我が国を見下すそれ、そのものだ。



日本刀を帯刀し、それで戦える国になろうじゃないか。平和ボケではなく、平和のために戦えるJapan に。


ちなみに、鬼ヒット中の映画 “Bohemian Rhapsody ” 。バンドQueen のギタリスト Brian May が、なぜか「普天間米軍基地の辺野古移転に反対」を表明したとか。

いずれにせよ、くどいようだがメイウエザーには足元みられ軽く10億円、ドナルド”ダック”には、2兆円で142機のF35戦闘機を買わされるだけ、横田空域の全面返還さえ未だに実現できない足の短いダックならぬダックスフンドJapan 、めでたしメデタシ。



2019 ごあいさつ 「プルシェンコとストリートで考えた、北方領土の解決法」 谷山雄二朗

Editor in Chief Yujiro Samurai Taniyama




お正月早々、元ロシア人のフィギュアスケーター、エフゲニー・プルシェンコ氏を TOKYOの某路上で「発見」した。と思いきや、彼のそっくりさんであった。話しかけると、モスクワから二週間の旅に来ているという。ひとり旅か。「京都は行ってきました」、というので「そうか、広島も?」と尋ねると、“プルシェンコ”は、申し訳なさそうに首を横に振った。














「暴動が起きる? 君も激怒しますか?」


「なるほど。でも、ぼく自身の考えとしては、柔道家でもあるプーティンさんが以前言った “引き分け”、という言葉を鑑みて領土をequalに50%づつ分けるのがベストだと考えている。つまり、歯舞と色丹だけでは全体のたった7%に過ぎないから、それに国後島を足しても45%ぐらい。つまり三島返して欲しいんだよプルシェンコ!」



「T……territorial waters?」










それを裏付けるかのように、”プルシェンコ”が、北方領土に関する会話のなかで出してきたのも、「米軍基地」であった。早い話、20代のロシア青年でさえ、わが国を独立国家と見なしていないということなのかもしれない。トランプが「歯舞にU.S baseを作ろう」といえば、簡単に出来てしまうと憂慮しているのだから。日本政府には拒否権がないと、見透かしているのだから。われわれ日本人は、Japanが抱えているこの戦後の茶番を決して見過ごしてはならない。しかも、ぼくが読んだいくつかの記事では、首相はアメリカに対し「北方領土が返還された場合、そこに米軍基地は、作ってはならない」と通達していないという。これが事実だとすれば、恐るべき妾と言わざるをえない。いくら日米地位協定という、摩訶不思議かつ不平等な「アメリカ軍やりたい放題OK」協定があるとはいえ、それを抜本的に改定せず、ただ奥さんアッキーに頭が上がらない(と仮定しよう)ように、米軍にも言うべきことを言えないのだとすれば、総理大臣としての質に欠けないか。高杉晋作、伊藤博文、東郷平八郎といった独立自尊の志士たちに、あの世でどう顔向けができようか。



「まったく同感。ましてや現職は “Unpredictable” なトランプ大統領。ロシアの懸念は十分に分かるし、それはJapanが主権国家として、アメリカ合衆国に明確に伝達する責任がある」


「もちろん。ちなみに、国後島と択捉島にはロシア軍が基地を設置している。ぼくは、国後を含む3島は返還してほしい。ただ、歯舞、色丹、国後島のロシア人の住民の方々には今のまま住み続けていただいても構わないし、例外措置として彼らには日本へも自由に航行できるDual Passsport 制度を認めてもいいとおもう」



「もちろん。三島返還、領土面積をほぼ50%で折半がぼくの希望だ。その代わり、economic assistance and investment も行う。そして返還後は、日本軍基地も、米軍基地も置かない。平和的な国後島、歯舞島、色丹島にしたい」

日露戦争風、外交全権大使 “小村雄二朗”と、”プルシェンコ・ヴィッテ” ならぬ、なんの外交的権限もない日本人と、ロシア人が、Tokyoの青空の下、「新年ストリート会談」で合意の握手をした瞬間であった。







外交下手な日本人よ、拙攻はこの際つつしもうじゃないか。このお正月、箱根駅伝で初勝利した東海大学も、確か後半で逆転し栄冠をつかんだ。粘っこく、毅然といこうじゃないかJapan 2019.


Thank you.

3rd in the Amazon rankings! “Master of Japan” | Super Arigato to YOU, the great reader!

By Editor-in-chief, Yujiro Samurai Taniyama

Another tedious day was about to begin this morning in Tokyo , once again.

Until one mighty friend called me, and delivered an unfathomable shocking news.

He said, “Rising Sin is now 3rd man! This must be a fake news!”

“Stop that petty nonsense you idiot”, I replied, still inside the comfy futon.

Then he sent me a link.

I couldn’t believe my slanty little eyes (from the westerner’s view). But there it was, fake as it may be, my little bombshell had won the prestigious bronze medal (for now, to say the least), at Amazon Olympics 2018.

Japan category, that is.

Fake news. Yes, it must be.

I rubbed my eyes a coupe of times, pinched my crotch, and there were pain.

“Shit, this is real. Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise”. The grandstander author muttered in disbelief, inside the fluffy futon.

To you, the dear reader who had the guts, balls and the harakiri courage to purchase this little bombshell, I truly thank you very much, from the bottom of my empty heart. I have been left totally speechless. Of course, timid as I am, this dream may not last long. But let me say this; that I have decided to remain adamant to promote my petit-bombshell, no matter how many times I am reprimanded by sinister force in the coming future.

You know why?!

That’s right. Because the great Australian publisher Mr.Lonely Planet simply dominates the “Japan category”. As for today (or now), December 27, 2018, 7 out of 10 top ten books are “Made in Australia”. View from land down under. We all know that lonely planet is a world class super bestseller, and I’ve bought some in the past. That said, as an Outspoken Samurai, I find it quite sad that most books on “Amazing Land of the Rising Sin” is currently written by non-Japanese. (There are some Nippon Gin contributors too I know, but very, very few)

Anyhow, preposterous as I am, my official duty as a Ronin (Masterless Samurai) shall continue.

Thank you very much once again. You have blown my mind.

Enjoy your travel in Nippon, and don’t be afraid to challenge the unchallenged. Take risks, and blast the lies, and those who tell them!


Very yours sincerely, Yujiro

Master of Japan, Now available on Amazon stores worldwide! | Book by Yujiro Samurai Taniyama

by JB Editorial Team


Good morning!

Today, it was announced that 30 million foreign visitors had visited Japan in 2018, for the first time in its 2,600 years history. The figure is massive! And thank you very much for visiting the land of the rising sun.

And on this historic day, Japan Broadcasting 【JB】is proud to announce the release of an unparalleled book that might blow your mind. It is titled “MASTER OF JAPAN” – with the subtitle ‘Cultural Learnings of the Amazing Land of the Rising Sin”, now available on Amazon U.S, Amazon U.K, Amazon Japan and elsewhere! The author is our editor in chief, Yujiro Samurai Taniyama.

The book’s official website page explains it all, but Team JB is thrilled to deliver a piece of work that may intrigue you with the untold side of the story, of the ridiculously opaque nation.

Cultural Learnings of the Amazing Land of the Rising Sin. Master of Japan


Quite a big chunk of the opening pages are available free of charge, so please download it on you iPhone, smartphone or tablet; and if you enjoy it, please purchase the whole book! We are confident that you won’t regret it!

Lastly, the author is “worshipper of truth”. Nippon is not only about Mt.Fuji and Geishas, of course. We hope that you’ll enjoy some irrefutable truth and farce of the little mountainous nation.


Thank you very much, and see you soon!



Team JB

ゴーンがGONE! 【日産自動車を、東京裁判から考える】7名の役員は、みな辞職せよ!

Japan Broadcasting . net Corporation CEO 谷山雄二朗




よってカルロストシキ(80年代の日系ブラジル人歌手)ならぬカルロス・ゴーン氏が今後、会長として解任されるのであれば、一気に膿を出すためにもすべての役員、つまり「ゴーン、西川廣人、Greg Kelly、坂本秀行、ベルナール・レイ、井原慶子、志賀俊之、ジャン・トゥザンそして豊田章男ならぬ豊田正和」氏ら9名全員が辞めるべきではないか。解任されるであろう2名以外が、全員辞職すればNISSANは、もっとベターな会社として生まれ変われるはずだ。




日本を代表するCar makerとして、腹を切るときは阿南惟幾日本軍陸軍大将のようにキル。そうした潔さを、残り7名全員の日産自動車の役員(ゴーンとケリーは逮捕・解任)にもってほしいものである。思えば、1946年から48年まで続いた東京裁判も「世紀の茶番劇」として今や国際司法の関係者の間でも記憶されているが、絞首刑により桜の花びらのごとく散ったのも実に7名であった。中には広田弘毅のように軍人ではなく、明らかに濡れ衣を着せられて13段のステップを登らされた不運の武士もいた。日産の役員7名の中にも、おそらく「わたしは辞める必要がない」と自己正当化する者もいよう。ただ、NISSANという名のJapanの「牽引車」を、レノヴェートするためにはゴーンやケリーといった脳腫瘍を取り除くだけでなく、大規模な外科手術が必須ではないだろうか。


1933年に鮎川義介が設立し、2017年にはパリなど欧州市場で過去最高の76万2574台もの新車を販売した日産自動車。横浜にある建物は「グローバル本社」なるネーミングだそうだが、米中経済・企業に負けない真のGlobal Companyに脱皮するためにも、現経営陣は切腹するべきである。風通しの良い会社に生まれ変わるにちがいない。どうせこれまで数千万円もらっていい思いしてきたビールっ腹のおやじ連中であろうから、退職金などなくてもマレーシアで老後ゴルフ三昧の日々をエンジョイできるでしょう。



Ghosn with the wind! (風と共に去りぬ 「ゴーン ウィズ ザ ウィンド)

もっともっと外人観光客 & 外人WORKERS Come on! もっともっと面白い Japan GO!

Japan Broadcasting . net Editor in Chief 谷山雄二朗


外人と、外人WORKERS をJapanは大歓迎するべきだ。


みんなもご存知の通り、Japanのコンビニエンス ストアも経済も、彼らなしではもはや回らないのだから! 「単一民族が外人によって汚される」など、時代遅れもいいところ。1号と2号に振り分けられるとのことだが、極度に恐れることは無い。もちろん、国民保険は海外在住の家族には適応しないなど細かい調整は必要だが、そうしたコアな部分さえしっかりすれば、immigrants = 移民が日本列島に増えていくことは、もはや歴史の必然。

そして、なんといっても我々日本人が、しっかりと “Japan Way” : 例えばゴミ出しの方法とか細かい作法を指導する気概も不可欠。沈黙は美徳じゃない、悪徳の時代にぼくらは生きている。

面白いJapanに生まれ変わっていけるかどうかは、日本人次第。責任をもって外人に教えるべきを伝授さえしていけば、わが国のCulture もColor もしっかり伝わっていく。

言うべきはいい、楽しむべきは Enjoy!


ちなみに、今年の4月から6月期の訪日客の消費額は、1.1兆円との報道があった。Good news.

Thank you.

Farcical South Korean court should order “Pohang Steel” to pay, not the Nippon Steel. Here’s why | Wartime reparations featuring Lee San

Yujiro Samurai Taniyama, CEO, Japan Broadcasting .net Inc

Lee San”, a Korean classic soap drama based on one the life of one of the exuberant kings of the Chosun dynasty is truly brilliant. It was produced about a decade ago and is now re-broadcast in Japan, and I’m a huge fan. Seong-yun is prettier than Taylor Swift by far too. And yes, the Korean invasion of K-pop and TV shows is so conspicuous in Tokyo and the popularity is still on the rise.

Nevertheless at the same time, the majority of the Japanese today share the feeling that the so called ‘anti-Nippon hysteria’ among the Korean judges under the influence of ultra-left Mun government is by far erratic and incompatible. I too feel that the so called the sense of ‘Victimhood’ pretty often goes just too far in Seoul, especially the liberal media.

Let me please explain.

On October 30, 2018, Seoul’s Supreme Court ordered the Japanese steelmaker ‘Nippon Steel’ to pay compensation of $88,000 to four Koreans ‘forced to work’ during the last war. This ruling is not only preposterous but baseless, as even the ultra leftist Chicago University Professor Bruce Cummings even argues; “The 1965 Japan-Korea treaty did wonders for the Korean economy, but the settlement remains controversial today because it ended the possibility of future claims against Japan”, also adding that South Korea received from Nippon a direct grant of $300 million and loans of $200 million in 1965 dollars, and private firms put in another $300 million in investment. This was at a time when Korea’s total exports were $200 million.

The sum was actually a huge chunk of money for Tokyo, which took full 18 years to pay off according to the former Tokyo Christian University Professor Nishioka Ricky. Well that’s what he told me when I once interviewed him. Let me also underscore the fact that the Korean President at the time Pak Chong Hee (the father of the now incarcerated former President Pak Geun hye) officially signed an agreement with Tokyo in 1965 that the Seoul government will take full responsibility of providing the Korean individuals with the ‘wartime reparation money’ from the direct grant of $300 million mentioned above, exonerating Tokyo from the need to compensate to Koreans one on one personally. And that explains why Chicago University Professor Cummings acknowledges that ‘the treaty ended the possibility of future claims against Japan’. Period.

However what’s ironic here is that the military strongman Pak Chong hee hardly paid money to his own people, but instead used Japan’s super big 1965 reparation money to boost its own economy investing and setting up Pohang steel company (now called POSCO, one of the giants in steel industry that even owns a professional soccer team) in his hometown. And that’s exactly why Cummings even argues Japan’s money ‘did wonders for the Korean economy’.

So the October 2018 ruling by the Seoul Supreme Court is nothing but an unfathomable farce, suddenly ordering the Nippon Steel to pay some inexplicable money, violating not only the bilateral treaty between the two governments but also defying the very basics of international law and agreements. Such a double-dealing, crooked behavior by the ultra liberal judges (under the pro-North Korean Mun administration) will only humiliate the good-hearted ordinary Korean people, not empower them.

Ludicrous as this whole ruling is, if any ‘steel company’ were to pay it would obviously be the Pohang Steel of course, not the Nippon steel.

The former king of Chosun, Lee San is hailed today as a rational, ethical leader that had lucid thoughts. And I cannot help but ponder that this once a great man now must be weeping up in heaven, for the utterly irrational demeanor by his disingenuous predecessors.

Bloody Saudi oil | R.I.P. Mr.Khasshogi

Japan Broadcasting . net Inc CEO, Yujiro Taniyama

40% of the Japanese oil imports comes from Riyadh. This is synonymous for saying that Tokyo is totally dependent on Saudi oil. Without it, our economy won’t survive. The world famous “washlets” or high-tech toilets won’t move. However, nobody knew until now that the color of their crude oil was not black, but red. ‘Bloody red’.

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was purportedly ‘killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, then later cut into bits and pieces like a Sukiyaki meat’. Hair-raising as it is, it’s highly unlikely that the ‘real culprit’ will turn himself in. Western corporate medias seemingly allege that Prince Salman was the cold blooded murderer that ordered the killing. If that was actually the case no words can describe his irrefutable cowardice; to eliminate a chubby 59 year old just because he’s critical of you. Because he writes for Amazon founder Mr. Jeff Bezos’s little American newspaper. Big deal.

Mr. Muhammad Bin Salman won’t come out. Especially if he was the mastermind behind this gruesome slaughter of an innocent man. There was a report that he just invited the victim’s poor old son to express ‘condolences ‘, whatever that means. I find the whole move not only erratic but disingenuous. But who ever ordered this slaughter on the extraterritorial soil in Turkey, the world knows now how creepy and despicable “The world’s No.1 oil exporter “ is. Its public image has been shattered and tainted like rotten tomatoes. And if Donald Trump refrains from “punishing” the kingdom but instead goes on with the monstrous $120 billion arms deal, then that will inevitably undermine the western core value of ‘human rights’. That it’s actually nothing but a ‘fake’ in America.

Beijing admitted recently (October 10th, as far as I remember) that they run this “Re-education” camps for the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. The Chinese communist party intends to ‘ideologically transform’ people it regards as ‘extremists’. The crackdown in Xinjiang is known for its ruthless brutality, some using the term ‘genocide’. It just goes unreported since foreign journalists are banned from entering the area. And for the Saudi crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman, Mr. Jamal Khasshogi must also have been an ‘extremist’. A villain that needed to be erased perpetually. Riyadh and Beijing are both a totalitarian state.

Tomorrow, the Japanese Prime Minister will make a state visit to Beijing for the first time in seven years. Thanks to the ongoing trade wars between Trump and Xi, the latter looks desperate to strengthen its amicable ties with Tokyo. Nevertheless, Abe, the Japanese PM I believe ought to remain adamant regarding Beijing’s brutal suppression on the Muslims downplaying human rights. Trump may be a flip flop, but he is at the same time candid expressing dissatisfaction on Riyadh’s ambiguous explanation of Khasshogi’s disappearance.

When was the last time Abe rebuked the Chinese communists straightforwardly on human rights?! He never has, not the way that needs to be addressed as the world’s 3rd largest economy. If Tokyo intends to become a true global player advocating free speech, human rights and rule of law, we must not turn a blind eye to horrendous challenge against humanity as our post-war governments had done over the past seven decades.

Such an cowardice attitude doesn’t make the world better, but just bloodier.