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Ohio Gozaimass!

Welcome and thank you for visiting this page.

My name is Yujiro Taniyama.

Unlimited juice of love, Imperfect Samurai.

The world today is extremely tumultuous and apocalyptic. Wars, Tsunamis and calamities.

Nevertheless, I am you and you are me.

Buddhism is about achieving enlightenment, while I set my values on being a better thinker and a speaker.

The concept of Wavi-Savi(侘び寂び)- in which I cherish is a world view from the ancient Japan - and it can be defined as the‘Beauty of Imperfection’.


Imperfect as I am, I convey my ideas and strike today’s common sense with my edgy sword.

Aspiration for Change is always good.

The endeavor to freedom starts now.



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