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Samurai Disobedience

Now is the knowing.

Dear friends, associates and enemies.

Welcome and Domo Arigato for visiting the JB, Japan Broadcasting.net.

My name is Yujiro Taniyama.

Giappone made, I am an animalian broadcaster. An actor of truth and indulgence.

Samurai Disobedience. That's my way. "Speak the rude truth in hard words", the ingenious thinker Waldo the Emerson once said. the Bible meanwhile argues; 'You shall know the truth, and it shall set you free' (Chapter 8, verse 32) . Imperative it is, indeed.

Life vacillates between Sushi and Tsunami. Hope and despair. Fat and the indigent.

Hamachi without a Wasabi, is plastic. Meanwhile, the enigmatic concept of Wabi-Sabi(侘び寂び)- in my definition is all about the‘Beauty of Imperfection’. Yes, it may sound vague and pretty, as the 'Land of Unobtrusive Beauty' is quite often ridiculously unscrupulous.

The Nipponese hardly ever shake hands. But we bow. That’s been Nippon’s tradition long before the establishment of the first Samurai regime in Kama-Kura back in the 12th century. The only trouble is, that we do it just too much.

Pre-established harmony is inexcitable, as it is the parent of apathy and complacency. Instead, I’d rather rebel against the decaying motherland of obsequious conformity.

As a Ronin as dumb as a brick, I cannot resist but convey my feeble ideas and strike today’s conventional wisdom with my edgy Katana sword that inexplicably resembles my diminutive phallic symbol.

The endeavor to miraculous truth starts now.

Ohio, and a good luck to you.

Your obedient servant,
Samurai Yujiro Taniyama

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