Samurai Yujiro Taniyama, unauthorized sports writer for Japan Broadcasting . net Corporation


Congratulations to all the soccer fans and organizers worldwide for the launch of FIFA Girls’ World Cup 2023 NZ DownUnder. The opening match between the host New Zealand and Norway was fabulously breathtaking.

Unsurprisingly, the pundits are already arguing that  this tournament’s winner will be the world ranking No.1 American Republic or No.2 Deutschland or No.4 Britannia Kingdom.

I disagree. Emphatically disagree.

Here are 3 reasons why.


Three reasons why Japan girls will win again, 12 years on

First, the most revered umpire in women’s international football today is Japanese. Yoshimey Yamashita – as some of the readers might know blew the whistle yesterday, at the crucial NZ-Norway opener. If she becomes a naturalized citizen of DownUnder in a week or so, then the intrepid referee is highly likely to blow the whistle in Japan’s games in knockout stage – correct, as an Australian.

Biased decision (advantageous for Nippon) guaranteed.


Secondly, Nadesico Japan knows how to conquer the biggest event in the world of soccer; as they did it beautifully in 2011 defying the odds. Team America, of whom the girls stunningly crushed in the finals was No.1 in world ranking back then too. The FIFA ranking therefore, is quite irrelevant to the outcome of World Cup.

Experience, damsels and gentlemen, matters.


Thirdly and lastly, Japan is a clear, unshakable underdog in this tournament. And that reality (emancipated from public pressure) brings tranquility as well as an unearthly vitality among the lilliputian players, according to the decrepit author’s wishful thinking.


Fetters are all gone!

Manga strikers’ll score like a drone!

Just wait and see, the Sushi-Girls munching Aussie-NZ lambs shall instigate a ‘bodily chemical reaction’ , enabling them to hop like kangaroos and sting like Wellington bees!


Nadesico vs Zambia tomorrow, 3-0.


At any rate, let us all enjoy the kicking party.