Yujiro ‘Sumo’ Taniyama, Japan Broadcasting.net 【JB】Tokyo2020 correspondent


I felicitate American international Xander Schauffele for winning Gold medal in Men’s golf yesterday. Purportedly, his mom was born in Taiwan and grew up in Nippon; and his grandparents still live in the famous Hachico dog’s city of Shibuya. Moreover, Nippon was where the new champ first became pro, back in 2015. What a godly prank, if not coincidence for the ‘Nipponmongering’ Xander to prevail in Tokyo2020!

The Masters’ champion Hideki Matsuyama, my unshakable favorite played beautifully too, but fell a little short this time. Nevertheless, Team Japan has been performing impeccably so far as far as I am concerned, having already won 17 Golds and 31 medals overall so far.

This is a significant rise compared to Rio2016 when Nippon’s total medal-count was 41.



‘Kamikaze is blowing in the wind’

That said, it is my unscientific understanding that Kamikaze – or the legendary ‘Wind of God’ is vehemently blowing in Tokyo. A fervent turbulence (I label it ‘Kamikaze B’) in the metropolis may obviously spread the ruthless virus rapidly, which is currently happening thanks to the new Delta variant; with 10,177 new cases reported on August 1. And roughly half of the cases have been accounted for in Greater Tokyo (Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Tokyo). This is a stark rise because a week ago on July 24, the figure was 3,740.

Meanwhile, ‘Kamikaze A’ – the traditionally victorious wind of the tribal deities is indisputably offering phenomenal boost to the host nation, with record breaking 17 Golds already. Flawed and biased as the author is, it is my sincere conviction that the heavenly Gods and Goddesses (‘My’ God and ‘Your God’ is highly likely not the same) – or ‘Kami’ (deity) or ‘Almighty’ has rewarded the unscrupulous citizens of the host nation that have inexplicably shown incredible discipline in hosting the world’s greatest sporting event in the darkest hour of pandemic.

By no means does the Sheepdog Samurai acknowledge the self-important impertinence by IOC’s Thomas Bach, the ostentatious ‘German syphilis’ ; who outrageously praised the ‘Chinese people’ for hosting the event at the Tokyo Committee meeting on July 13 (senile dementia the Bellend must be) – or those irresponsible IOC staffs that have been fined and punished for violating the stringent Tokyo2020 playbook protocols.

“The Japanese people have zero risk of hosting the games.”, opportunist Bach had also stated prior to visiting Japan – which was nothing but a scientifically unfounded argument. This corpulent phony from Deutschland is truly a detrimental threat to the international community. A sham, a big fat liar.

Leastways, ironically as well as interestingly, although Japanese exceptionalism has no place in the world we live today, factually speaking I would like to emphatically suggest that the hosts have so far proven unquestionable excellence in austere management and Omotenashi – the spirit of bow and humble service.

Just come to think of it prudent readers, had Florida or Paris been the host nation, surely some officials and staffs would’ve ‘vetoed’ wearing masks; unilaterally claiming individual rights.



Victory of human solidarity at stake

Lastly, as an unofficial spokesman of the Land of the Rising Phallos Festival, the author would like to express sublime hope and determination to make this game-changing event a universal success. Not as a Japanese nincompoop, but as a feeble global citizen.

Be it your God of chastity or my Goddess of unchastity, the divine creator may be watching from heaven above; mischievously observing how the ignominious humans will cope with this terrible pestilence that have claimed so many lives of the innocent, unfortunate people. The ‘sanctified wind’ –  Kamikaze is now undoubtedly blowing in every corner of the world (as Kamikaze C ), in your city, in your hamlet and in my municipality. Tokyo2020 is a dire challenge for all of us. The electrifying performances by world class athletes blow our senses with winds of brilliance and enthusiasm, some prevail while others fail. No, that is incorrect. There are no losers in this event. All participants are invincible and victorious.

Because it is they, the venerable Olympians from across the planet that are the catalysts for a hopeful tomorrow.