Samurai Yujiro, Japan Broadcasting . net correspondent

The island nation of 127million is often referred to as the land of unobtrusive beauty. “You people are so damn clean and discreet!” – foreign Gaijin visitors would often enthusiastically claim.

Wearing masks is universal in Tokyo.

This inscrutable ‘custom’ presumably also plays a role in covering up not only our ‘flat faces’ (an unconscioused, rigged stereotype-view of an occidental racist Bellends since the early 1900’s) , but also veiling what the Nippon Gins actually have on our insular minds. Nevertheless, summer season had always been an exception; for no charlatan would dare to put on a trifle nid-nod cloth over your mouth under a blazing 37℃ heat and 90% humidity.

Not anymore.

Thanks to the invincible virus if not Armada, de facto 99% of the Nippon Gins are wearing masks this summer in public spaces. Some even while asleep. Aristotles said that the humans are a ‘political animal’ – which I interpret also as ‘social mammals’. But as the irresponsible and incompetent authorities across the globe are adamant on implementing ‘social distancing’, hopeless people now have no choice but to self-isolate and turn themselves into unsocial-masked-mammals.

The Brazilian President is nothing but a bravado crook in my view, playing foolhardy for months, downplaying the threat of the Bat virus by rejecting putting on masks until the conman himself got infected. Ludicrous Bellend the phoney is, indeed. The recent rise in the infected cases in South America’s largest country was largely a man made disaster as far as I am concerned; and my deepest thoughts and grievances goes with all the unfortunate victims and the families of the bereaved.

Beautiful Ivanka’s dad was another unbeautiful comedian.

The unscrupulous US President finally covered his mouth after a long resentment of masks. Personally speaking, I wanted to see Ivanka’s father stick to his initial stance till the very end, in order to prove himself a ‘man’. In retrospect, the golf-mongering leader had ended up humiliating himself; by proving that ‘masks are effective’ – undermining Whitehouse’s integrity as a whole.

As a Nippon Bellend, it is inconceivable I must say, that there seems to be Americans who argue that enforcing masks is an ‘infringement of civil liberty’. What? Liberty? Isn’t is a mere stupidity? The irony here is, that for nearly two decades the people in the US saw those wearing masks as ‘terrorists’. Mask-mongering Nippon Gins got interrogated if not arrested in Tacoma airport in Seattle for just putting them on (to maintain humidity of the throat during the flight); I’d often hear.

But now in 2020, it is those Bellends ‘without masks’ that are inexcusable ‘terrorists’. They endanger civil safety of the people.

So in conclusion, let me boast that the Nippon Gins have done it once again. Yes, that the seaweed eaters and Akihabara geeks have lead the world in spreading not the epidemic but the wearing-habit of the gadget by the name of ‘Masoocoo’ (mask). That said, the mortality rate in Japan is currently 8 deaths per million (July 28 data, Worldometers) – whereas the figures are 454 (US), 413 (Brazil), 674 (UK), 463 (France) and 581 (Italia).

Also, don’t kiss like the bloody French, but BOW!

Arigato Gozaim-Ass.

Good mask, good day.