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Un self-protective.

‘Baca Gaijin’, an unprecedented futuristic science adventure fiction written by an author without moral scruples has been updated, according to unconfirmed sources.

Only the title and cover, that is.

The new version has the subtitle, labelled, “Glorious Western Crusade in the Manga Temple of Vajrayana Buddha’s Animal Congress” – 【Adventures to escape the cycle of Reincarnation】.


Absolutely epic work of art as it is, the pundits worldwide allege that the update was conducted in order to convey the theme of the book more vividly and widely to the global audience. In hindsight, the term ‘Deboo Baca Gaijin’ itself was startlingly vague; especially to those unfamiliar to the land of the Sushi-oriented geekiness.

“Adventures to escape the cycle of Reincarnation” – is the hidden topic, according to the Machiavellian author. The misconception and stark contrast between the West and East is largely depicted in this dangerous fiction, in a buoyant, un-oriental style.

That said, we firmly believe that this inimitable piece of art should deliver a better cultural understanding of the land of the inscrutable rising penis festivals, and rejuvenate your impotent spirit, if not a member.


Domo Arigato.