By Samurai Yujiro, Japan Editor in Chief


The corpulent ‘Dear Leader’ of Pyongyang has a personal hobby. Correct, to launch missiles.

Kim Basinger is apparently an infallible Hollywood goddess, but ‘Kim the Missile Launcher’ is nothing but an inflammable pariah. On the 17th, just four days ago the fat man enjoyed his fourth  ICBM test since entering 2022. The fourth, in just two weeks! And that when his 25 million unhappy prisoners are eating shoes due to famine and pestilence!

Mr. Kim’s toys were all shot straight into the Sea of Japan. Any flight from the Euro-Asian continent must traverse the same route, so my fellow friends and counterparts I emphatically advise you not to enter the Land of the Rising Phallos Festival anytime soon. The fifth missile test is just around the corner. The unsophisticated North Korean gadget could strike your Boeing of Airbus out of the blue.

I just wanted to warn you in advance. Unnecessary loss of lives is absolutely unnecessary, whatever the cause may be.

Domo Arigato.


※ Apparently and sadly, foreign tourists are currently banned from entering Nippon until the end of February. Nevertheless, according to Flightradar24, innumerable number of flights are crossing through the danger zone everyday. Morally incomprehensible.