By Editor-in-chief, Yujiro Samurai Taniyama

Another tedious day was about to begin this morning in Tokyo , once again.

Until one mighty friend called me, and delivered an unfathomable shocking news.

He said, “Rising Sin is now 3rd man! This must be a fake news!”

“Stop that petty nonsense you idiot”, I replied, still inside the comfy futon.

Then he sent me a link.

I couldn’t believe my slanty little eyes (from the westerner’s view). But there it was, fake as it may be, my little bombshell had won the prestigious bronze medal (for now, to say the least), at Amazon Olympics 2018.

Japan category, that is.

Fake news. Yes, it must be.

I rubbed my eyes a coupe of times, pinched my crotch, and there were tangible pain.

“Shit, this is real. Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise”. The grandstander author muttered in disbelief, inside the fluffy futon.

To you, the dear reader who had the guts, balls and the harakiri courage to purchase this little bombshell, I truly thank you very much, from the bottom of my empty heart. I have been left totally speechless. Of course, timid as I am, this dream may not last long. But let me say this; that I have decided to remain adamant to promote my petit-bombshell, no matter how many times I am reprimanded by sinister force in the coming future.

You know why?!

That’s right. Because the great Australian publisher Mr.Lonely Planet simply dominates the “Japan category”. As for today (or now), December 27, 2018, 7 out of 10 top ten books are “Made in Australia”. View from land down under. We all know that lonely planet is a world class super bestseller, and I’ve bought some in the past. That said, as an Outspoken Samurai, I find it quite sad that most books on “Amazing Land of the Rising Sin” is currently written by non-Japanese. (There are some Nippon Gin contributors too I know, but very, very few)

Anyhow, preposterous as I am, my official duty as a Ronin (Masterless Samurai) shall continue.

Thank you very much once again. You have blown my mind.

Enjoy your travel in Nippon, and don’t be afraid to challenge the unchallenged. Take risks, and blast the lies, and those who tell them!


Very yours sincerely, Yujiro