Princess Maco’s “boyfriend” Mr. Komuro Kei, his mom and her ‘Sugar Daddy’

JB’s Editor in Chief, Yujiro Samurai Taniyama

Emperor Akihito will abdicate on April 30, 2019.

His son Prince Hironomiya will then become Nippon’s 126th Tenno, a Japanese term for “symbolic figurehead of the state”, or the Emperor.

What?! The famous Prince Charles?! Well as far as I am concerned, his hyper-exuberant mom is unlikely to abdicate anytime soon, so there’s absolutely no denying the fact that he will remain as a “Happy Prince” till the flawed Brexit deal is signed, to say the least.

But in this blog, I would like to sit back and contemplate on Mr. Komuro Kei, an alleged fraudster like Mr.Carlos Ghosn the famous. Foreign reader may never heard of Mr.Komuro, or KOK (lets make this his acronym here), but this 27 year old is purportedly Nippon’s Princess Maco’s college sweetheart. I do not possess confidential datas that he is a Christian, although the pair met while both were attending International Christian University in Kichijoji city, west of Tokyo, near Academy Award winning director Miyazaki Hayao’s “Studio Giblhi“.

Now, to make a long story short, I do not hold the slightest trust in KOK. And I am a firm believer that the Coo-Nye-Cho, or the Imperial Household Agency (with 1,000 freaking staffs! By far too many and a waste of taxpayers money in my view) should “sack” this youngster in anyway possible, before this year’s Valentine Day.

So here’s why.

Nippon’s yellow tabloid “Weekly Women” (‘Shookang Josei’, in Japanese) first reported on December 12, 2017, that KOK’s mom owes 4,000,000 yen (approx. $39,000 USD) to her former Sugar Daddy (SD). And just two months later, official engagement announcement between Maco and KOK was de facto postponed. This Sugar Daddy, allegedly in his 60’s was once engaged to KOK mom, and after their acrimonious “divorce”, he demanded that the money be returned. However, SD’s former lover (KOK’s father had committed suicide in 2002) rejected the claim, pointing out that the four million yen was a “gift”, whatever that means.

It’s cruel to put a total blame on KOK mom alone of course, for SD, a sore loser should have left some kind of a paper memo, or signed a legal paper when he had “leased” the money. And after the relationship broke down, he’s been asking for the money back like a panting puppy without balls.

But still, I believe that it is KOK mom’s genuine responsibility to pay back her debt, especially when her son is currently in a position that is viable to marry the stunning virgin Princess.

Under Japan’s law, when a member of the Imperial Household marries a commoner, some freaking 100 million yen (approx. $1 million USD) will be paid to the newlywed. Thats a lot of money. And that’s taxpayers money, of course, in a country where debt-to-GDP ratio is mind blowing 237% – by far the highest among the G7 nations. And it is simply unthinkable that KOK (and his sloppy mom) will profit such an astronomical sum of money, when the 27 year old is reluctant even to pay back just four million yen, acting in a highly delusive manner to evade his mom’s former Sugar Daddy’s adamant request. I reckon that KOK’s university tuition was actually paid through this “SD money” too.

Nevertheless, in my eyes, the single mom and his son have appeared to be nothing but an arrogant, ruthless, self righteous bigots deceiving not only SD, Maco and the Imperial family but also the general public.

Why don’t they just pay back the money? If they don’t have it, then borrow it from a friend or Mr.Trump. Because KOK and his unhinged mom’s unthinking behavior has, and will taint the integrity of the one of the most distinguished royal family on the face of the earth. The Fordham University law school was also duped by Mr.Komuro Kei the ‘smart-ass’ last year, when he portrayed himself as “fiancée of Princess Maco” in his fake resume. This obviously is incorrect, for no official procedure is yet to take place.

However, Fordham not only accepted KOK, but inexplicably went even further to exempt the “con man” from $200,000 tuition for the next three years. They’ll realize the profound mistake they’ve made pretty soon.

Nishicorey Kei is one of my favorite tennis players, along with John McEnroe and Ivan Lendl.

But the other “Kei”, the sneaky one is unfortunately a man of charade. His monstrous mom is simply out of the question. And consequently, the Nippon Gins ( Japanese) must build a “wall”, not along the Mexican border, but to keep these two scoundrels out from crossing the gate of the Imperial residency in Akasaka, where Maco resides.

Be it concrete or steel, it is imperative that Mr.Komuro be ousted, for the happiness of the people. Oh, and that probably goes the same with the former bus-driver turned President of Venezuela.

And lastly, it goes without saying that the Imperial Household Agency’s 1,000 staffs are to be blamed for their negligence, for not thoroughly checking up on the true nature of KOK and his repugnant mom, before announcing that the pair is going out in public.

Stupid public servants indeed.

Thank you.

Your obedient servant,


3rd in the Amazon rankings! “Master of Japan” | Super Arigato to YOU, the great reader!

By Editor-in-chief, Yujiro Samurai Taniyama

Another tedious day was about to begin this morning in Tokyo , once again.

Until one mighty friend called me, and delivered an unfathomable shocking news.

He said, “Rising Sin is now 3rd man! This must be a fake news!”

“Stop that petty nonsense you idiot”, I replied, still inside the comfy futon.

Then he sent me a link.

I couldn’t believe my slanty little eyes (from the westerner’s view). But there it was, fake as it may be, my little bombshell had won the prestigious bronze medal (for now, to say the least), at Amazon Olympics 2018.

Japan category, that is.

Fake news. Yes, it must be.

I rubbed my eyes a coupe of times, pinched my crotch, and there were pain.

“Shit, this is real. Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise”. The grandstander author muttered in disbelief, inside the fluffy futon.

To you, the dear reader who had the guts, balls and the harakiri courage to purchase this little bombshell, I truly thank you very much, from the bottom of my empty heart. I have been left totally speechless. Of course, timid as I am, this dream may not last long. But let me say this; that I have decided to remain adamant to promote my petit-bombshell, no matter how many times I am reprimanded by sinister force in the coming future.

You know why?!

That’s right. Because the great Australian publisher Mr.Lonely Planet simply dominates the “Japan category”. As for today (or now), December 27, 2018, 7 out of 10 top ten books are “Made in Australia”. View from land down under. We all know that lonely planet is a world class super bestseller, and I’ve bought some in the past. That said, as an Outspoken Samurai, I find it quite sad that most books on “Amazing Land of the Rising Sin” is currently written by non-Japanese. (There are some Nippon Gin contributors too I know, but very, very few)

Anyhow, preposterous as I am, my official duty as a Ronin (Masterless Samurai) shall continue.

Thank you very much once again. You have blown my mind.

Enjoy your travel in Nippon, and don’t be afraid to challenge the unchallenged. Take risks, and blast the lies, and those who tell them!


Very yours sincerely, Yujiro

Speech by Megumi’s MOM | 横田めぐみさんママの声を、今こそ金正恩に届ける時


横田早紀江さんの言葉だ。ぼくは先日、拉致を解決するための集会に参加した。200名ほどでいっぱいになる川崎市平和記念館が会場だ。最前列ど真ん中の席を確保し、2時のスタート前には座席は埋め尽くされた。ただ、その光景をみた第一印象は、高齢者が大半を占めているということに尽きる。時間とお金があるのは、たしかに年配の人たちだからといえばそれまでだが、10代、20代ミレニアム世代がぶいぶい言わせている米国トランプの集会などに比べると、その「大人しさ」と「グランパ感」には正直圧倒された。というか、見渡す限り10代はおろか二十歳前後の男女を見出すのは、トムクルーズのMission Impossibleに近いものがあった。





確か五木寛之がなんらかの連載コラムで「金、金、金の世の中だ」と書いていたが、残念ながらぼくはそれを否定できるほどの立派な人間ではない。しかし横田早紀江さん、飯塚耕一郎さん、蓮池透さん、曽我ひとみさんたち拉致被害者家族の方々が戦ってきたこの「事件」は、決してお金では解決できない性質のものだ。何百万、何千万、何億円を積んでも愛する家族を取り戻すことはこれぞMission Impossible(MI)。その「解決策のない」血の滲むような苦悩と気の遠くなるような40年もの間(来年で42年目になる)体を張って猛進してこられた早紀江さんのその後ろ姿に、ぼくは地球より大きいものを感じたのかもしれない。そして自分の小ささも。

やがてめぐみさんの弟の拓也さんが会場に現れ、それに続き菅義偉官房長官が入り、早紀江さんの隣に座った。ぼくは今から五年ほど前、偶然東京駅新幹線ホームで同氏とすれ違って以来、勝手に同氏に親近感を抱いているが、最近「拉致担当大臣」なる新ポストを兼任することになったという。とはいえ、国は、政府はこれまで北朝鮮に取り残されている同胞たちを事実上見殺しにしてきた。これは何も菅さん一人に責任を押し付ける訳ではないものの、2002年の小泉訪朝でわずか5名の日本人が救出されただけで、この16年間何もできないできたことを考えると、我々一般の国民は決して政府への厳しい視線を切らしてはなるまい。だいいち、国民も国境も守れずしてなんのための国会議員か。化粧するだけが才能の三原じゅん子さんのような ‘fake politicians’ が、この国は単純に多すぎるのだ。そして何と言っても無能で、無気力で無思考の世襲議員の圧倒的数的優位が、横田めぐみさんたち同胞の救出にこの41年間障害物として作用してきたことを、いったい誰が否定できよう。アメリカ合衆国のダイナミズムは、その「世襲の欠如」からうまれている。せいぜいブッシュ親子ぐらいだ。その点、ぼくは菅義偉というマーヴェリックなポリティシャン(少なくともその親類に元首相はいない)に、密かに期待している。





そして早紀江さんがご登壇された。そのお姿をニュースで拝見した読者もいるだろうが、数秒間の映像を切り取って編集後に番組で使われるため全体像を掴めないのがいけない。だからこそ、今回、Team JBとともに作ったショート・ヴィデオはフルにアップロードさせていただいた。


うまくは決して言えない。ただ言えることは、今までのぼくは間違っていたということだ。お調子者のトランプさんと、肥満児のキムさんがシンガポールで会談した今、どんな手段を取ろうとも、いかなる道を外れたマキアヴェリズムに徹しようともわれわれは日本人として同じ日本人を助けるべきではないか。巨人の次期監督がHARAさんになろうとも、EGAWAさんになろうともどうでもいいことだ。ただ、金正恩さんが自分の祖父および父親の代に行われた国家犯罪に対し真摯に向き合い、それを償う気持ちが1mgでもあれば、それはこれまでのMIが、インポッシブルならぬ “Mission Possible” 即ち拉致被害者救出というこれまで考えられなかった筋書きへと180度転換しうるということに他ならない。



Imagination is more important than knowledge.