by JB Editorial Team

Good morning!

Today, it was announced that 30 million foreign visitors had visited Japan in 2018, for the first time in its 2,600 years history. The figure is massive! And thank you very much for visiting the land of the rising sun.

And on this historic day, Japan Broadcasting 【JB】is proud to announce the release of an unparalleled book that might blow your mind. It is titled “MASTER OF JAPAN” – with the subtitle ‘Cultural Learnings of the Amazing Land of the Rising Sin”, now available on Amazon U.S, Amazon U.K, Amazon Japan and elsewhere! The author is our editor in chief, Yujiro Samurai Taniyama.

The book’s official website page explains it all, but Team JB is thrilled to deliver a piece of work that may intrigue you with the untold side of the story, of the ridiculously opaque nation.

Quite a big chunk of the opening pages are available free of charge, so please download it on you iPhone, smartphone or tablet; and if you enjoy it, please purchase the whole book! We are confident that you won’t regret it!

Lastly, the author is “worshipper of truth”. Nippon is not only about Mt.Fuji and Geishas, of course. We hope that you’ll enjoy some irrefutable truth and farce of the little mountainous nation.

Thank you very much, and see you soon!

Team JB