Editorial – By Team JB staffs & AI correspondents



The ‘Troublemaker of the Orient’ has instigated a peaceful rebellion once again.

Comic Travel Writer Samurai Yujiro Taniyama has released his new novel of indestructible reality; ‘The Vagina Busters’ (Shogun Experience).

In this editorial, we would like to introduce you a quick outline of the futuristic sci-fi with a fabulously humouristic (not humanistic) touch.

The protagonist is a geeky, curious schoolboy; who goes on a summer vacation cruise with his mesmerizingly pretty classmate. The two hops on a ‘cock-suggestive’ albeit stylish ship, that sails towards the most choppy waters on the planet.

Unhappily for many coastal states, the disputed ocean is occupied by a peculiarly virulent entity that mysteriously has no name; but embraces a strange pudendal flag. The entity’s coldblooded tyrant has a coherent and latent ruling policy.

No respect for rule of law, no respect for humanity, no respect for territorial boundaries and ‘No sex in the contentious sea’.

Fishing, was also banned for ‘foreign’ fishermen. And as the world’s ‘former No.1’ intervenes by advocating ‘Freedom of Navigation’, the international mobs prepare for a fatal, irretrievable clash.

Fanny, the thirteen year old protagonist with a funny name then learns that his irresistible travel-partner with a flesh as supple as a Siamese mango has an inimitable ‘plan’ to mitigate the crisis; incapacitate the rude, loud and brash entity that inexplicably raises a funny vaginal flag, and bring tranquility back to the region.

Ironic, satirical and ‘immoral’, the pathologically Hentai author takes you on another carnally spiritual journey of Zen, tapasya and nirvana. According to the publisher, the reader will need LIFEJACKETS!

Do be careful.

For those interested, first sequences are free of charge so go take a peep, before you take a leak.

Highly, and egregiously recommended.

Domo Arigato.


【The End】