Bloody Saudi oil | R.I.P. Mr.Khasshogi

Japan Broadcasting . net Inc CEO, Yujiro Taniyama

40% of the Japanese oil imports comes from Riyadh. This is synonymous for saying that Tokyo is totally dependent on Saudi oil. Without it, our economy won’t survive. The world famous “washlets” or high-tech toilets won’t move. However, nobody knew until now that the color of their crude oil was not black, but red. ‘Bloody red’.

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was purportedly ‘killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, then later cut into bits and pieces like a Sukiyaki meat’. Hair-raising as it is, it’s highly unlikely that the ‘real culprit’ will turn himself in. Western corporate medias seemingly allege that Prince Salman was the cold blooded murderer that ordered the killing. If that was actually the case no words can describe his irrefutable cowardice; to eliminate a chubby 59 year old just because he’s critical of you. Because he writes for Amazon founder Mr. Jeff Bezos’s little American newspaper. Big deal.

Mr. Muhammad Bin Salman won’t come out. Especially if he was the mastermind behind this gruesome slaughter of an innocent man. There was a report that he just invited the victim’s poor old son to express ‘condolences ‘, whatever that means. I find the whole move not only erratic but disingenuous. But who ever ordered this slaughter on the extraterritorial soil in Turkey, the world knows now how creepy and despicable “The world’s No.1 oil exporter “ is. Its public image has been shattered and tainted like rotten tomatoes. And if Donald Trump refrains from “punishing” the kingdom but instead goes on with the monstrous $120 billion arms deal, then that will inevitably undermine the western core value of ‘human rights’. That it’s actually nothing but a ‘fake’ in America.

Beijing admitted recently (October 10th, as far as I remember) that they run this “Re-education” camps for the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. The Chinese communist party intends to ‘ideologically transform’ people it regards as ‘extremists’. The crackdown in Xinjiang is known for its ruthless brutality, some using the term ‘genocide’. It just goes unreported since foreign journalists are banned from entering the area. And for the Saudi crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman, Mr. Jamal Khasshogi must also have been an ‘extremist’. A villain that needed to be erased perpetually. Riyadh and Beijing are both a totalitarian state.

Tomorrow, the Japanese Prime Minister will make a state visit to Beijing for the first time in seven years. Thanks to the ongoing trade wars between Trump and Xi, the latter looks desperate to strengthen its amicable ties with Tokyo. Nevertheless, Abe, the Japanese PM I believe ought to remain adamant regarding Beijing’s brutal suppression on the Muslims downplaying human rights. Trump may be a flip flop, but he is at the same time candid expressing dissatisfaction on Riyadh’s ambiguous explanation of Khasshogi’s disappearance.

When was the last time Abe rebuked the Chinese communists straightforwardly on human rights?! He never has, not the way that needs to be addressed as the world’s 3rd largest economy. If Tokyo intends to become a true global player advocating free speech, human rights and rule of law, we must not turn a blind eye to horrendous challenge against humanity as our post-war governments had done over the past seven decades.

Such an cowardice attitude doesn’t make the world better, but just bloodier.

Speech by Megumi’s MOM | 横田めぐみさんママの声を、今こそ金正恩に届ける時


横田早紀江さんの言葉だ。ぼくは先日、拉致を解決するための集会に参加した。200名ほどでいっぱいになる川崎市平和記念館が会場だ。最前列ど真ん中の席を確保し、2時のスタート前には座席は埋め尽くされた。ただ、その光景をみた第一印象は、高齢者が大半を占めているということに尽きる。時間とお金があるのは、たしかに年配の人たちだからといえばそれまでだが、10代、20代ミレニアム世代がぶいぶい言わせている米国トランプの集会などに比べると、その「大人しさ」と「グランパ感」には正直圧倒された。というか、見渡す限り10代はおろか二十歳前後の男女を見出すのは、トムクルーズのMission Impossibleに近いものがあった。





確か五木寛之がなんらかの連載コラムで「金、金、金の世の中だ」と書いていたが、残念ながらぼくはそれを否定できるほどの立派な人間ではない。しかし横田早紀江さん、飯塚耕一郎さん、蓮池透さん、曽我ひとみさんたち拉致被害者家族の方々が戦ってきたこの「事件」は、決してお金では解決できない性質のものだ。何百万、何千万、何億円を積んでも愛する家族を取り戻すことはこれぞMission Impossible(MI)。その「解決策のない」血の滲むような苦悩と気の遠くなるような40年もの間(来年で42年目になる)体を張って猛進してこられた早紀江さんのその後ろ姿に、ぼくは地球より大きいものを感じたのかもしれない。そして自分の小ささも。

やがてめぐみさんの弟の拓也さんが会場に現れ、それに続き菅義偉官房長官が入り、早紀江さんの隣に座った。ぼくは今から五年ほど前、偶然東京駅新幹線ホームで同氏とすれ違って以来、勝手に同氏に親近感を抱いているが、最近「拉致担当大臣」なる新ポストを兼任することになったという。とはいえ、国は、政府はこれまで北朝鮮に取り残されている同胞たちを事実上見殺しにしてきた。これは何も菅さん一人に責任を押し付ける訳ではないものの、2002年の小泉訪朝でわずか5名の日本人が救出されただけで、この16年間何もできないできたことを考えると、我々一般の国民は決して政府への厳しい視線を切らしてはなるまい。だいいち、国民も国境も守れずしてなんのための国会議員か。化粧するだけが才能の三原じゅん子さんのような ‘fake politicians’ が、この国は単純に多すぎるのだ。そして何と言っても無能で、無気力で無思考の世襲議員の圧倒的数的優位が、横田めぐみさんたち同胞の救出にこの41年間障害物として作用してきたことを、いったい誰が否定できよう。アメリカ合衆国のダイナミズムは、その「世襲の欠如」からうまれている。せいぜいブッシュ親子ぐらいだ。その点、ぼくは菅義偉というマーヴェリックなポリティシャン(少なくともその親類に元首相はいない)に、密かに期待している。





そして早紀江さんがご登壇された。そのお姿をニュースで拝見した読者もいるだろうが、数秒間の映像を切り取って編集後に番組で使われるため全体像を掴めないのがいけない。だからこそ、今回、Team JBとともに作ったショート・ヴィデオはフルにアップロードさせていただいた。


うまくは決して言えない。ただ言えることは、今までのぼくは間違っていたということだ。お調子者のトランプさんと、肥満児のキムさんがシンガポールで会談した今、どんな手段を取ろうとも、いかなる道を外れたマキアヴェリズムに徹しようともわれわれは日本人として同じ日本人を助けるべきではないか。巨人の次期監督がHARAさんになろうとも、EGAWAさんになろうともどうでもいいことだ。ただ、金正恩さんが自分の祖父および父親の代に行われた国家犯罪に対し真摯に向き合い、それを償う気持ちが1mgでもあれば、それはこれまでのMIが、インポッシブルならぬ “Mission Possible” 即ち拉致被害者救出というこれまで考えられなかった筋書きへと180度転換しうるということに他ならない。



Imagination is more important than knowledge.


Long live Liu Xia! Freedom-fighter Germany has done it once again

Yujiro Taniyama, CEO, Japan, Inc.【JB】



Her husband “incited subversion”.

Her husband was a criminal because he demanded the basic rights any human being are entitled to; free speech, human rights and the rule of law.

Her husband was imprisoned for 11 years in 2009.

Her husband took part in 1989 Tiananmen massacre that slaughtered thousands of its own innocent people.

Her husband was diagnosed with liver cancer while held custody in prison and died soon after on July 13, 2017.


The “husband” mentioned above was a prominent Nobel prize laureate, Liu Xiaobo. And “her” refers to his widow Liu Xia.


What a country, China.



Because these two Samurais were both “former” Chinese citizens. I use the term because the husband has already passed away, while his adoring soulmate and wife finally arrived in Germany today (Jul. 10th, local time) after eight gruesome years of house arrest by the ruthless Beijing authorities.


Undeniably it was conducive to German-Sino relations that Mrs. Angela Markell and her mighty friends purportedly put enormous pressure on the suppressors of basic human rights in CCP – or China Communist Party. It also taught the world today how inexplicably malice and spite this authoritarian regime of 1.5 billion people is.
I have always been incredulous on how CCP downplays its people as well as the rule of law.


Look at the ongoing “South China sea dispute” for example. Their arrogance is beyond belief.
And as an imperfect Samurai, I am unequivocally adamant that Japan should and must remain vigilant on the procedures on how the CCP inflicts violence on truly brave men, including Nobel peace prize winner His Holiness the Dalian Lama 14th of Tibet but also its neighbors of Asia by using its rising economic power as the leverage.



Tokyo must prove that it has the balls, instead of behaving in a nonchalant manner when it comes to blatant human rights abuses such as this Liu Xiaobo, Liu Xia case. Just because the Dalai Lama was welcomed by Mongolia back in 2016, CCP started bullying Ulanbaator soon after freezing its $4 billion loan as well as imposing higher ‘commodity tax’.
This shows how frivolous and brash Beijing’s assertion is, whenever they claim “We intend to pursue dialogue through peaceful means. China is a country based on rule of law” – whatever that means. It’s nothing but a hype considering how they de facto use human rights issues (like Liu Xia case) for its political gains.




When Merkel visited Beijing this May, Chinese premier Li Keqiang argued that “China’s constitution protects human rights” , which is of course nothing but a petty nonsense.
And here he is today, right at this very moment in Berlin signing a commercial deal said to worth over $23 billion USD.



I fully thank the defiant courage of the German lawmakers, activists and all those involved in rescuing Mrs.Lu Xia from a folly nation that imprisons not only those who cherish freedom as a human being, but also their partners. Communism indeed has historically proven its failure when the wall of Berlin went down in 1989 and the Soviet Union collapsing in 1991. Communism labels materialism above the rights of its people. Communism is also a practice that allows the ruling party CCP to behave as the GOD.



Preposterous as it may be, its how things work in that country.
Tokyo enjoys over $330 billion USD trade with Beijing today.
But that does not mean it should turn a blind eye to opaque motives that brings vertigo among the civilized due to its unilateral self-righteous behavior. Not only the incumbent but also the post-Abe administration must have the balls and the guts to raise acrimonious debate over CCP’s relentless actions whenever needed.



Because it is only Japan that can balance them, both economically and militarily.
Diplomacy is not only about acting as a pawn of Washington or Beijing to gain economic surplus. That’s what you call a slave of capitalism.



As I condone the spirit of free-trade, I do not fully agree with the Trump administration’s policies. But still, I must admit that it would be counterproductive for mankind and the region, for a communist-insidious-bully to become the hegemon of Asia in the 21st century.


My understanding is that Liu Xiaobo should never have been incarcerated in the first place, if it actually the “Chinese constitution protects human rights” as claimed by Mr Li. With Kim Jong Un with his new “toy” called the nukes, the Japanese should wake up from its longtime sleep since 1945 if it longs to decide its own fate.
And in order to do so, its national security strategy must change.

Constitutional wise and military wise.
 Vietnam, the Phillippines and Taiwan surely counts on Tokyo to play a decisive role to maintain freedom and rule of law.


Asia is not a Disneyland.






Long live Liu Xia!




Thank you.


By Yujiro san




マスクをしている女性がいた。気温33度の6月の香港で、何故それが必要なのか理解に苦しんだので「風邪ですか」と聞いてみると、そうだという。しかし話しているうちに実は真相はまったく違うことが分かった。ここは、世界で唯一の「6.4天安門記念館」(現地の人々は、天安門虐殺記念館とか歴史館と呼ぶ)の 薄暗い館内。クーラーが効いている。三十前後と思われる彼女の名前を、とりあえずここでは陳さんとしておこう。彼女の告白を要約すると、次のようになる。

「一年半前、2014年に香港の民主化を求める “Umbrella Movement” があったでしょう。あの時、多くの大学生がデモに参加したわ。ところがなんとデモの最中にじつは意外な場所で、ありえないことが起こってたのよ – そう、中国本土で働いている彼ら学生の “親” の携帯に次々と中国政府関係者から電話がかかってくるようになった。つまり “アンタの息子・娘が香港で反政府デモに参加している。このままでは大変なことになるぞ。なんとかしろ” – という脅迫コールが、次々とかかってくる。ではなぜ、どうやって”身元が割れた” のか、不思議よね。何故だと思う? そう、香港市内のいたるところにじつは監視カメラが設置されていて、中共政府の圧力を受けた当局(香港政府)は民主化デモに参加している大学生たちの顔を一つ一つスキャンし、その個人を特定し、名前・住所・電話番号などの個人データーを割り出していったわけ。その流れで親に脅迫電話をする。うん、私がなぜ今日マスクをしているか分かったでしょう?」



言論の自由を弾圧する中共の独裁統治体制は、最悪だ。それは名古屋や東京にいては到底わかるものではない。しかし彼女に会ったこの日、つまり天安門虐殺事件の27周年にあたる2016年6月4日 –  ぼくは中共の秘密警察による「自由の弾圧」というものを、直に肌で感じた。それもここ香港・九龍半島のオフィスビルが並ぶ繁華街で。

冒頭に挙げた陳氏の告白。事実だとすれば、怖ろしいことではないか。完全な恐怖政治が世界的金融ハブ・香港の喉元に、そう、まるでがん細胞のごとく今、侵蝕しつつある。1997年、香港は「屈辱の100年リース」から中国に返還された。その際、したたかな英国政府は “今後50年間は一国二制度:HKのデモクラシーは保証する” との条件をつけた。当時の中共江沢民は、それを受諾。つまり少なくとも2047年までは、”Hong Kong Democracy” は保証される「はず」なわけだ。しかしながら2016年現在、すでにその約束は反故にされつつあることは、陳氏の言葉に耳を傾ければ一目瞭然だ。彼女の瞳には曇り一つなかった。ぼくはその言葉を、信じる者である。




それを裏付けるかのように、繁華街 JORDAN駅 D出口徒歩8分に位置するこの世界で一つしかない「6.4 天安門虐殺記念館」があるオフィスビルの1F・エレベーター前には”監視員” が一名常駐しており、入館者に名前、ID番号、パスポート番号、入館の目的など数項目を記入することを強制される。ここ”自由とデモクラシーの街” 、香港で、だ。(ぼくは テキトーな偽名を記入しておいたが。笑)

入館者が監視カメラで撮影されていることも、言うまでもない。現に、古びた建物の入口に入るとそれが見えた。その映像は当局により”分析” され、中共の恐怖政治を強化するための道具として利用される。陳氏によると、香港において民主化デモに参加し「顔をスキャンされ身元を特定された人物」に対しては、大抵の場合中国本土への入国禁止措置が課されるという。現に本土から香港特別行政区へ “留学” している生徒も多いらしく、彼らが ”ブラックリスト” に載った暁には故郷へ帰省できないことになる。また香港出身者と呼ばれる人々にしても、その大半のルーツは当然ながら本土にあるわけで、祖先を敬う中国文化:お盆やお墓参りも当然ながら不可能になる。中共当局はそうした香港市民の自由を巧みに奪いながら、締め付けを強化しつつあるわけだ。




天安門虐殺6.4 を学校で教えない茶番


これは、1989年6月4日に世界に衝撃を与えた天安門虐殺事件を、中共が教科書に掲載させない言論統制措置一つみても明らかだ。館内で会ったある中国人男性は「小学校でも、中学校でも教えないので知らなかった。でも、高校生の時にインターネットの ”裏サイト” を通じて事件のことを知った。衝撃だった」と教えてくれた。つまり、人口14億人、GDP57兆元の世界第2位の経済大国では、天安門事件は「なかった」ことになっているわけだ。ぼくも記念館に来て学んだのだが、展示内容やドキュメンタリー映像などの証言によると「中共軍兵士は、家のベランダから天安門の弾圧の模様をみていた一般市民も次々と射殺」したらしい。「台所にいた主婦も、流れ弾に当たって殺された」と。ある証言者の中年男性は「果たして目の前で起きている中国人に対する虐殺が、同じ中国人によって行われているのか:信じ難かった」と述べていた。


館内展示の “It is worth notice that the China Red Cross had made a public announcement that there were 2,600 to 3,000 died in the event” (中国赤十字の発表では、犠牲者数は二千六百名から三千名。ただ、実際の人数は不明であり学者により大きな開きがある)という発表も、中共の手にかかれば「存在しない嘘」になるわけだ! 滑稽というか、単なる下品なジョークにしか思えないが、こんな茶番国家がBBCによると十年後には世界一の経済大国になるというのだから、これまた恐ろしい。しかも、中国のWang Yi 外相にいたっては海外メディア向けに「日本は歴史を直視し、反省せよ」とオウムの如く反復するのに余念がない。もう茶番もここまできたら精神病。「天安門虐殺」という自国の歴史ただ一つさえ直視できない中共が、日本に対して文句を言うなど厚顔無恥の極致。




にもかかわらず、我が国のプードル政府は毅然と反論一つせず、へらへらするのみ。なぜ日本政府は「中国は歴史を直視し、天安門虐殺を認め、自国民を奴隷状態から解放せよ」と欧米メディア前で言えないのか。真実を軽視し、事なかれ主義に甘んじているから日本は舐められるのだ。先日の米オバマ大統領の広島訪問の ”見返りに” 囁かれている「安倍総理の真珠湾訪問議論」に対しても、毅然と打ち消す姿勢が政府内からまったく聞こえてこないというのはいったいどういうことなのか。








編集部注2:2017年6月4日本日、一年前の記念館訪問を記録したショート・ドキュメンタリーが発表されます。題名は “Tiananmen Didn’t Happen”。Googleって頂きインターネット上で、3時のおやつにぜひお召し上がり下さい


Tokyo predicts Marine Le Pen will become the next French president

The next President of France will be Jean-Marie Le Pen’s daughter, albeit good or bad.

Marie and Marine.

Confusing as their names are, so is the phenomenal shift in the western politics these days. Brexit, Trump and ‘Marie’.

From a Japanese perspective, it is simply unimaginable how father’s name is ‘Marie’ and the daughter ‘Marine’.

I mean, it even sounds like a pure French joke.

No guy in Tokyo is called ‘Yoko’. John Lennon’s wife?! Absolutely. But it’s no boy’s name. It’s like calling Sean Lennon ‘John-Yoko’ Lennon.

Although I may be a nobody in the ‘Far East ‘ (seen from Paris, that is) living in obscurity, this French naming sense is already inexplicable to say the least. And the upcoming election on April 23rd to decide the next ruler of the ‘land of the croissant’ is not only unpredictable like Trump, but inexplicable by nature.

Le Pen daughter is not ‘Far right’

Recent homicides in Europe by Muslim extremists make Le Pen (for get the other ‘Marie’ – he’s just a detail in French politics) appear as a savior rather than a ‘dangerous far right extremist’ as often labeled by the western corporate medias like the AP.

I emphatically claim so due to the fact the so called ‘Far left’ candidate, Melenchon’s manifesto is no different from that of Le Pen – which is to pull France out of the EU.

Furthermore, this newcomer is also lobbying to quit the ‘obsolete’ NATO.

Despite the fact, the former is labeled as the far right and the latter far left.


A ‘tougher stance on immigrants’?!

Well Le Pen is surely claiming to deport illegal immigrants mainly from the former French colonies in the North African -sub Sahara region, but taking into account the perpetual suicide bombing by Paris government’s formidable adversary – which is of course the IS and its devout followers, I believe it is only natural to suspend immigrants for the time being till things settle down.

And isn’t that the unshakable reason why she’s surging hugely in the recent polls?!

I unequivocally refute any sort of racism, discrimination and segregation. But the recent bloodshed on innocent civilians in Monaco, Nice, German cities, Belgium and Paris is not only unacceptable, but has probably reached the level of intolerance amongst the Europeans as a whole.

And furthermore, it is nothing got do with ‘racism’. To lead this argument towards that direction is pretty much hypocritical, to my understanding.

That being said, it is only natural for me to reach an unshakable conclusion of a first women president in the land of croissant.

Oh, but you know what?! Croissants in Tokyo taste better these days!

Good Rising!

Yujiro Taniyama

-Japan Editor in Chief

Japan to beat U.S.A and win the 3rd World Baseball Classic!

Team Japan won the inaugural ‘World Baseball Classic’ (WBC) in 2006. Just four years later, the defending champs prevailed once gain, with the ‘classic’ plays by big names such as Ichiro and Yu Darvish.

Just as for a quick notice, Darvish is a Japanese super hurler that plays for Major League Baseball (MLB)’s Texas Rangers. However,  since his dad is Iranian, some anticipate that ‘daddy’ may be perpetually blocked from entering not only the ball park, but the United States.

Thank you, Mr President. I still love your wig sir.


Now, where were we?!

That’s right, the WBC. In 2013 tournament, the defending champion Team Japan succumbed to Puerto Rico in the Semi final, or the ‘Championship Round’.

And here we are now in 2017, only four teams left! (See below)


Baseball prohibited in North Korea by Mr Kim!?

Japan, Puerto Rico, Netherlands and the U.S.A. The ‘Big 4’. South Korea by the way (not North, Dear leader Mr Kim allegedly prohibits its 22 million citizens from playing the sport founded by ‘Imperial Americans’) was initially seen as the rival of Japan as had been in previous tournaments, but they have already been marginalized in this tournament, just like the impeached beauty(and the FMR President) Ms.Pak Geun hye and its politics. They couldn’t make it the 2nd round.

Puerto Rico is playing the Netherlands right now (as I write this article. 3-3! Super tight game) in the first semi final match. But what interests me more than the game is their ‘political status’.

According to the Wikipedia, this small island nation of 3 million is ‘not a U.S state’ , but the “Puerto Ricans were collectively made U.S citizens” in 1917 by the Jones-Shafroth Act. This article argues that ‘U.S imposed citizenship in order to draft Puerto Rican men into the army as American entry to WW1 became likely’.

It is a feasible assumption regarding the fact colonial imperialism was rampant in those days. And whats more striking, the Puerto Ricans today are deprived of their rights to vote for the congress or Presidential election despite the fact they are ostensibly ‘U.S citizens’. I’ve heard a chubby woman from Guam make the same complaint in Tokyo Narita Airport in January this year. That’s right, these two ‘nations’ are not even a sovereign state.

When the United States of America’s founding principles are ‘Democracy’, ‘Equality’ and ‘Human Rights’, their current double-standard in these two ‘pawns’ is difficult to comprehend and simply indefensible. Of course, I understand that the $70 billion debt by the Puerto Rican government was an issue in last year’s U.S Presidential election.

The reality that San Juan is unsustainable without Washington’s financial aid is not to be argued. However, amid the recent rise of nationalism and Brexit movement (Scotland’s proposal of its 2nd referendum on independence has been rejected by Mrs May), the outcome of Puerto Rico’s upcoming referendum on June 11, 2017 on whether to choose between a statehood and independence is surely something we should all focus upon as advocates of fundamental rights.

Oops! Please remember I’m no anti-Trump or anti-American. I’m nothing but an Outspoken Samurai of the 21st century thirsty for truth and fairness, just like the famous Fox News.