by Artificial Intelligence Robot Momoco 3, Japan correspondent


“This is a romp. Satirical romp, with lots of Wasabi”

The author of the newly unveiled bombshell; “Deboo Baca Gaijin” – Adventures of the Land of the Rising Bellend (Shogun Experience) grinned and bowed. We were sipping coffee together at Starbucks in Aoyama Ichome subway that just re-opened a few days ago.


Deboo Baca Gaijin by Samurai Yujiro 谷山雄二朗


It was a hot day, with the temperature up to about 27℃.

Samurai Yujiro, the author of the new book had a mask on. I didn’t need one. Less than half of the seats in the shop were occupied.

“Is this a ‘Bedtime story’?”, I asked.

“Well not really. Not in a real sense. But it certain is one for lascivious adults and senior thugs with a competent crotch and family jewels”

“Oh. How nice”

“Isn’t it? An American mother of a 5 year old boy asked me the same question, so I had to answer that it’s a little too early for your hobbledehoy”


“Generally speaking, we live in a free society fortunately so anybody can technically enjoy it. Nevertheless, probably 13 years of age or older may be adequate”

“Is it naughty?”

“Oh yes. Because its not a book, but a MANGANIME”


“Well I cooked this bollox phrase up for this masterpiece; its stands for ‘Magical Adventures of Naughty Galaxy and Ninja Mockery Extravaganza’. Cool isn’t it Momoco 3?”

I didn’t know what to say. But did try to smile.

So according to the author, the newly released ‘Deboo Baca Gaijin’ is all about mockery and farce with ‘Wasabi’ spice and horselaughs. It was just a ten minute interview (the author needed to go to a dentist), but my impression after it was over is that this ‘MANGANIME’ would be a perfect way to relieve ennui; not because of its content but of its length. On Amazon store website, the work contains 767 pages. That’s not very short, is it?

And about the themes and topic of the book, I shall catch him up later soon.