By Samurai Yujiro, actor of truth and indulgence. Japan Editor in Chief


In the Land of Least Vaccination at last.

Life is not all Beer and Lockdowns. Today, the unapologetic slacker is proud and fantastically elated to announce the release of his luscious nonfiction; 【SUPRME COMMANDER – Samurai Yujiro’s Sheepdog Parade in Travel Ban Japan】(Shogun Experience, 2021).

This is an undreamt record of my 2,500km bicycle journey that I took this spring, in the darkest hour of horrendous epidemic. And unlike many of my previous books which are novels, this one is an unrelenting documentary. In other words, a true story.

Nothing was planned really, which was the plan.

The themes vary; from ‘defying advice from the incompetent authorities to stay put’, kill comfort and lassitude, burn fat by biking, Fukushima, 10th anniversary of the unforgettable 2011 Tsunami, the only sleeper in the country, Udon, pilgrimage, immortality, reuniting with people (in masks) and more. And importantly, I would like to underscore the fact that it all took place under unconventional ‘national seclusion’ where foreigners (famously known as Gaijin) were incredibly inconspicuous, thanks to the ongoing travel ban. In a sense it was like time-slipping back to the Edo period in the 1700’s where banging into a blue eyed caucasian was nothing short of a miracle!

Lastly, talking about ‘miracle’, the corruptible author must confess that I did incur some expense and a great physical strain (decrepit was the unused, round body) throughout the voyage, but nevertheless simultaneously the promiscuous deities of Nippon (penis festivals) or God Almighty (in Western interpretation) did allow me to enter an unworldly majestic Eden which had long been impervious to human soul. Thousands of people were vanquished in the phenomenal Tsunami earthquake a decade ago, as over staggering four thousand lives are lost in India today. If Brahmanism, the origin of Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism (Esoteric/Vajrayana) that condones ‘supreme beauty and joy’ in this secular world, dancing salaciously as well as depicting ‘Yab-yum” (copulation) in colorful mandalas of Tibet all goes the same path, hence where do we go after death?!


Supreme Commander written by Samurai Yujiro Taniyama. 谷山雄二朗.


As a sportive vagabond, that ‘indestructible mystery’ had to be solved. On whether I succeeded in doing so or not, is of course up to you, the prudent reader. Thoreau by the way, once said; “Immortal water, alive even to the superficies”.

SUPRME COMMANDER ‘Sheepdog Parade in Travel Ban Japan’ is an easy to read whimsical travel book, now available on Amazon worldwide! Hope you enjoy the romp.


Your Obedient Servant,