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Far from reticent.

But indisputably conducive to Anglo-Nippon long term relationship. That is presumably the role of the self acclaimed “public servant”, Yujiro Samurai Taniyama in Amazon Prime’s upcoming series – James May “Our Man in Japan”.



Prior to the launch of the sublime show scheduled on January 3, 2020, he has been portrayed as ‘Japan Guide’ in some trustworthy western medias. However in reality, ‘Samurai Yujiro’ is nothing but a ‘Bellend’ (in his own terms) in the program.

“The word Samurai – is derived from ‘Sabrau’ 侍う, which can be defined as ‘to serve his Master‘. And so as an impassive Samurai Bellend, my fundamental role in the show is to pay absolute loyalty to honorable Master James. If he orders a ‘Harakiri’, I instantly cut open my beer belly. That was my initial understanding before participating in the shooting. I maintained that stance throughout the show, to say the least”, Taniyama said in our interview.


The erratic, maverick presenter continued; “The eye opening truth is, that James-san had occasionally turned out to be more Nippon-Gin (Japanese) than an ordinary domestic-grown Japanese national. While many of us today eat bread for breakfast, made from imported ‘American wheat’ of course, Master James on the contrary consumed Hee-Jicky(ひじき)- a bloody seaweed salad with steamed rice and miso soup every morning. Our boisterous Australian cameraman Sean was pathetic when it came to using chopsticks, but my Master was highly skilled like Michael Jackson doing a Moonwalk. And furthermore, while quite a few of the Nippon-Gin today are hilariously ignoramus when it comes to the basic knowledge of our own historical-cultural background, HRH Master James was totally the opposite. He even knew how many times Godzilla had attacked Osaka”.


According to the ‘Samurai Bellend’, some millennials in the Land of the Rising Sun are hopelessly unthinking and uninformed, that ‘They don’t even know that Nippon fought  America in a big big war over seven decades ago. To be blunt, even Iwojima is simply not in their dictionary. Inconsolable. Mr.Eastwood knows far better. Flawed education system, of course. What’s worse, probably over 90% of the Japanese today can’t even put on Kimonos on their own. However, James often seemed to comprehend the very core of our tradition. Honestly, the mighty British Samurai often blew my mind!”.


Whatever the outcomes are, let us now count on how the charlatan servant plays his ‘unparalleled’ role in his Master’s  upcoming entertainment!

We the robots are thrilled too!