By Team JB

Hi everyone!

Sakura season is approaching steadily, all across the Nippon archipelago! The famous Cherry Blossoms are expected to start blooming as early as March 21, in Tokyo area (according to the weather agency).

And today, we are happy and proud to announce that Master of Japan “The Cultural Learnings of the Land of the Rising Sin” (Japan Broadcasting) is ranked 4th on Amazon!

Humbly and sincerely, we thank all the great readers for purchasing this unparalleled, unprecedented book.

And interestingly (or ‘as always’), in today’s Amazon rankings, the top 8 books (Japan travel category) were all published by the famous ‘Lonely Planet’; except one.

This in a way illustrates how extraordinary it is, for an outlaw like Samurai Yujiro to crack open the market that has long been dominated by the Australian travel giant.

We hope that you will discover untold Japan in a unique way, through our edgy work of art.

Thank you very much, and wishing you all the best!

Team JB