$5 Sushi in Florida costs ¥100 in Nippon. Here’s why

Yujiro Samurai Taniyama, CEO, Japan Broadcasting . net Inc.

About a year ago, I was inexplicably contemplating on brevity of life, as the petals of Sakura trees in my neighborhood evaporated into thin air, day after day.

Without figuring out the answer to the “question”, and the enigma of the world we live in, that evening, I happened to dine at a ‘Corooo-Cooroo-Sushi’ (CCS)- or belt conveyor Sushi in the outskirts of Tokyo.

It was just before the groundbreaking ‘Trump-Kim Singapore summit’; I recall.

The CCS was pretty crowded, and while waiting in a queue, I inevitably spotted a blond male standing near by. He looked like a deportee from Venezuela. The nation is a pandemonium as we all know, thanks to chubby-bus-driver turned President.

“Gonna have to wait for another 30 minutes. Ready for some best Sushi’s in the world fella?! Welcome to the land of the rising fish”, I said to him, grinning.

The doughty looking guy, presumably in his late 20’s smiled back, relieved to hear some words he obviously understood. Hamacci, as I will call him here, turned out to be a U.S Navy serviceman. Just as a reminder for some readers, Hamacci (はまち)is the Japanese term for Young-Yellow-Tail. Mouthwatering good.

“Thank you for defending my little country”, I bowed.


史上最多! 146万人の外人就業者が、500万人になる日 | 谷山雄二朗

JB Editor in Chief, Yujiro Samurai Taniyama

Hello. I’m Yujiro.

1月25日の発表によると、国内で働く外人就業者数が「ギネスワールド・レコード」を更新したらしい。その数、じつに146,0463名。上位3か国は中国が、389,117人(26.6%), ヴェトナムが316,840人(21.7%)、フィリピンが164,006人(11.2%)。大、大、大歓迎である。




Princess Maco’s “boyfriend” Mr. Komuro Kei, his mom and her ‘Sugar Daddy’

JB’s Editor in Chief, Yujiro Samurai Taniyama

Emperor Akihito will abdicate on April 30, 2019.

His son Prince Hironomiya will then become Nippon’s 126th Tenno, a Japanese term for “symbolic figurehead of the state”, or the Emperor.

What?! The famous Prince Charles?! Well as far as I am concerned, his hyper-exuberant mom is unlikely to abdicate anytime soon, so there’s absolutely no denying the fact that he will remain as a “Happy Prince” till the flawed Brexit deal is signed, to say the least.

But in this blog, I would like to sit back and contemplate on Mr. Komuro Kei, an alleged fraudster like Mr.Carlos Ghosn the famous. Foreign reader may never heard of Mr.Komuro, or KOK (lets make this his acronym here), but this 27 year old is purportedly Nippon’s Princess Maco’s college sweetheart. I do not possess confidential datas that he is a Christian, although the pair met while both were attending International Christian University in Kichijoji city, west of Tokyo, near Academy Award winning director Miyazaki Hayao’s “Studio Giblhi“.


Bloody Saudi oil | R.I.P. Mr.Khasshogi

Japan Broadcasting . net Inc CEO, Yujiro Taniyama

40% of the Japanese oil imports comes from Riyadh. This is synonymous for saying that Tokyo is totally dependent on Saudi oil. Without it, our economy won’t survive. The world famous “washlets” or high-tech toilets won’t move. However, nobody knew until now that the color of their crude oil was not black, but red. ‘Bloody red’.

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was purportedly ‘killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, then later cut into bits and pieces like a Sukiyaki meat’. Hair-raising as it is, it’s highly unlikely that the ‘real culprit’ will turn himself in. Western corporate medias seemingly allege that Prince Salman was the cold blooded murderer that ordered the killing. If that was actually the case no words can describe his irrefutable cowardice; to eliminate a chubby 59 year old just because he’s critical of you. Because he writes for Amazon founder Mr. Jeff Bezos’s little American newspaper. Big deal.

Mr. Muhammad Bin Salman won’t come out. Especially if he was the mastermind behind this gruesome slaughter of an innocent man. There was a report that he just invited the victim’s poor old son to express ‘condolences ‘, whatever that means. I find the whole move not only erratic but disingenuous. But who ever ordered this slaughter on the extraterritorial soil in Turkey, the world knows now how creepy and despicable “The world’s No.1 oil exporter “ is. Its public image has been shattered and tainted like rotten tomatoes. And if Donald Trump refrains from “punishing” the kingdom but instead goes on with the monstrous $120 billion arms deal, then that will inevitably undermine the western core value of ‘human rights’. That it’s actually nothing but a ‘fake’ in America.

Beijing admitted recently (October 10th, as far as I remember) that they run this “Re-education” camps for the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. The Chinese communist party intends to ‘ideologically transform’ people it regards as ‘extremists’. The crackdown in Xinjiang is known for its ruthless brutality, some using the term ‘genocide’. It just goes unreported since foreign journalists are banned from entering the area. And for the Saudi crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman, Mr. Jamal Khasshogi must also have been an ‘extremist’. A villain that needed to be erased perpetually. Riyadh and Beijing are both a totalitarian state.

Tomorrow, the Japanese Prime Minister will make a state visit to Beijing for the first time in seven years. Thanks to the ongoing trade wars between Trump and Xi, the latter looks desperate to strengthen its amicable ties with Tokyo. Nevertheless, Abe, the Japanese PM I believe ought to remain adamant regarding Beijing’s brutal suppression on the Muslims downplaying human rights. Trump may be a flip flop, but he is at the same time candid expressing dissatisfaction on Riyadh’s ambiguous explanation of Khasshogi’s disappearance.

When was the last time Abe rebuked the Chinese communists straightforwardly on human rights?! He never has, not the way that needs to be addressed as the world’s 3rd largest economy. If Tokyo intends to become a true global player advocating free speech, human rights and rule of law, we must not turn a blind eye to horrendous challenge against humanity as our post-war governments had done over the past seven decades.

Such an cowardice attitude doesn’t make the world better, but just bloodier.


Editor in Chief 谷山雄二朗











昭和六十一年に出た「ちびまる子ちゃん 第一巻」をリュックにしまい、ぼくはリクエスト体制に入った。






























































































オランダ人の私の姪は、日本軍の抑留所で生まれました【Japan Interview】谷山雄二朗

Japan Interview!







































Japan Interview!




Long live Liu Xia! Freedom-fighter Germany has done it once again

Yujiro Taniyama, CEO, Japan Broadcasting.net, Inc.【JB】



Her husband “incited subversion”.

Her husband was a criminal because he demanded the basic rights any human being are entitled to; free speech, human rights and the rule of law.

Her husband was imprisoned for 11 years in 2009.

Her husband took part in 1989 Tiananmen massacre that slaughtered thousands of its own innocent people.

Her husband was diagnosed with liver cancer while held custody in prison and died soon after on July 13, 2017.


The “husband” mentioned above was a prominent Nobel prize laureate, Liu Xiaobo. And “her” refers to his widow Liu Xia.


What a country, China.



Because these two Samurais were both “former” Chinese citizens. I use the term because the husband has already passed away, while his adoring soulmate and wife finally arrived in Germany today (Jul. 10th, local time) after eight gruesome years of house arrest by the ruthless Beijing authorities.


Undeniably it was conducive to German-Sino relations that Mrs. Angela Markell and her mighty friends purportedly put enormous pressure on the suppressors of basic human rights in CCP – or China Communist Party. It also taught the world today how inexplicably malice and spite this authoritarian regime of 1.5 billion people is.
I have always been incredulous on how CCP downplays its people as well as the rule of law.


Look at the ongoing “South China sea dispute” for example. Their arrogance is beyond belief.
And as an imperfect Samurai, I am unequivocally adamant that Japan should and must remain vigilant on the procedures on how the CCP inflicts violence on truly brave men, including Nobel peace prize winner His Holiness the Dalian Lama 14th of Tibet but also its neighbors of Asia by using its rising economic power as the leverage.



Tokyo must prove that it has the balls, instead of behaving in a nonchalant manner when it comes to blatant human rights abuses such as this Liu Xiaobo, Liu Xia case. Just because the Dalai Lama was welcomed by Mongolia back in 2016, CCP started bullying Ulanbaator soon after freezing its $4 billion loan as well as imposing higher ‘commodity tax’.
This shows how frivolous and brash Beijing’s assertion is, whenever they claim “We intend to pursue dialogue through peaceful means. China is a country based on rule of law” – whatever that means. It’s nothing but a hype considering how they de facto use human rights issues (like Liu Xia case) for its political gains.




When Merkel visited Beijing this May, Chinese premier Li Keqiang argued that “China’s constitution protects human rights” , which is of course nothing but a petty nonsense.
And here he is today, right at this very moment in Berlin signing a commercial deal said to worth over $23 billion USD.



I fully thank the defiant courage of the German lawmakers, activists and all those involved in rescuing Mrs.Lu Xia from a folly nation that imprisons not only those who cherish freedom as a human being, but also their partners. Communism indeed has historically proven its failure when the wall of Berlin went down in 1989 and the Soviet Union collapsing in 1991. Communism labels materialism above the rights of its people. Communism is also a practice that allows the ruling party CCP to behave as the GOD.



Preposterous as it may be, its how things work in that country.
Tokyo enjoys over $330 billion USD trade with Beijing today.
But that does not mean it should turn a blind eye to opaque motives that brings vertigo among the civilized due to its unilateral self-righteous behavior. Not only the incumbent but also the post-Abe administration must have the balls and the guts to raise acrimonious debate over CCP’s relentless actions whenever needed.



Because it is only Japan that can balance them, both economically and militarily.
Diplomacy is not only about acting as a pawn of Washington or Beijing to gain economic surplus. That’s what you call a slave of capitalism.



As I condone the spirit of free-trade, I do not fully agree with the Trump administration’s policies. But still, I must admit that it would be counterproductive for mankind and the region, for a communist-insidious-bully to become the hegemon of Asia in the 21st century.


My understanding is that Liu Xiaobo should never have been incarcerated in the first place, if it actually the “Chinese constitution protects human rights” as claimed by Mr Li. With Kim Jong Un with his new “toy” called the nukes, the Japanese should wake up from its longtime sleep since 1945 if it longs to decide its own fate.
And in order to do so, its national security strategy must change.

Constitutional wise and military wise.
 Vietnam, the Phillippines and Taiwan surely counts on Tokyo to play a decisive role to maintain freedom and rule of law.


Asia is not a Disneyland.






Long live Liu Xia!




Thank you.


By Yujiro san

サッカーW杯 ベルギー敗戦と、中国の意外な関係 – 谷山雄二朗






ぼくが穿いているUNIQLOパンツも、中国製だ。iPhoneもスマートフォンも中国製。Appleの見苦しいところは、その製品の目立たないところに苦し紛れに “Designed in California, Assembled in China” と、なるべく”Made in China”とのイメージを払拭しようとしていること。


“Made in USA”と堂々と表示したいなら、トランプ米国大統領の言う通り国内ですべて作ればいいのに出来ない。





赤い津波が、BLOODY=血なまぐさい ことなどそっちのけ。




ブラッディーといえば、中国はそれらチベット、ウイグル、モンゴルの人びとの人権を奪い、漢民族に同化させんと”Cultural Genocide”すなわち文化的虐殺を1949年の中華人民共和国誕生以来、継続中だ。さらには、南シナ海を武力で飲み込み、東シナ海では日中中間線を一方的に無視して天然ガスを掘削している。


ダライ・ラマ法王は、自著「FREEDOM IN EXILE」(文春文庫)のなかで、こう述べている。

「中国は脅しで人びとの心を変えることができるという思想に貫かれていたのだ。これは誤った考え方だが、これまでの中国指導者との体験からして、どこか信用ならないものを感じさせた。彼らは嘘をつくだけでなく、もっと悪いことに嘘がばれても全然恥ずかしいとすら思わないのである」 (P.189, 351)




そしてここで極めて重要なことは、この非健康的かつ有害な「赤い津波」に唯一対等に対峙できるアジアの国は、JAPAN しかないということに他ならない。








“Being a friend”(友達になる)と、”like a friend”(友達みたい)の意味はまったく異なる。

















まったく驚きでもなんでもない。もともと “AMERICA FIRST!” で当選した同氏なのだから。






NY, LA、ワシントンDCに容易に届く核攻撃を示唆されたホワイトハウスが、「いざ」という時に自国から一万キロほど離れている尖閣や那覇空港や普天間基地を守るために真っ赤な津波ならぬ米兵の血を流すとは、到底考えられない。





JAPANは、ソフト・パワーのみならずハード・パワーとしても “SUPERPOWER”=大国にならねばならない、ということだ。憲法9条の改正は言うまでもなく軍事力を大幅に増強し、日本海が、瀬戸内海が、西郷どんがいた奄美大島が、そして太平洋が真っ赤な津波に飲まれぬよう備えねばならないのではないか。










先のサッカー・ワールドカップのベルギー戦のように。覆水盆に返らずとはいえ、2-2になった段階で延長に持ち込む戦術をとっていれば、勝てたかもしれない。少なくともPKまでは、持ち込めただろう。それでも、西野朗監督は三点目を取りに行ったという。もちろん単純比較できるわけではないし、サッカー日本代表を攻めるつもりなど毛頭ないが、あの結末は結局 TEAM JAPANが「自分たちの本当の実力を知らなかった」ために起きたことではないだろうか。底力ではベルギーが一枚も二枚も上手だったことは、最初からわかっていた。なにせ世界ランキング3位だ。






ベルギー代表は、別名 “Red Devils” という。赤い悪魔だ。



西野朗監督が、TEAM JAPANの実際の力をあの時見誤ったように、我々日本人も、NATION JAPANの実際の軍事力を知らない。自衛隊員数が、郵便局員数よりも少ないことも学んでいない。だから、ベルギー戦のように実際は相当劣勢であるにもかかわらず、三点目を取りにいってしまう。





果たしてそれであなたはいいのですか? 物質的発展に傾斜するあまり、なにか大切な忘れ物をしていないだろうか?








Thank you.
























The 5 reasons why Trump should meet Kim in Tokyo.



ホワイトハウスは、「Trump’s meeting with Kim would take place “at a place and time to be determined”. 」との声明を発表。両氏の会談の場所、日時はいずれ決定するということだ。

当の「虎ンプ」大統領は、”Kim Jong Un talked about denuclearization with the South Korean Representatives, not just a freeze” 「金正恩は朝鮮半島の非核化を、韓国代表団と話し合った。凍結だけじゃなく」と自慢げにツイートしたが、11月に中間選挙を控える同氏が国内向けにポイントを稼ぎたいとの思惑も透けて見えてくる。


  1. 日本は、当事国だ。北の核兵器が照準を合わせているターゲットは、他ならぬ我が国であり、だからこそ主体的立場で朝鮮半島非核化をリードすべきだ。しかも金正恩は、一昨日韓国代表団と平壌で会った際、「同じ朝鮮民族に核を落とすことはしない」と約束したと一部のメディアでは報じられている。とすれば、やはり現実的な仮想敵国は米国よりも、Japanとなる。
  2. 地政学的に、ワシントンと平壌の間に東京はある。韓国政府は当然ながらすでに水面下では、同国で行うよう働きかけているだろうが(中国も北京開催を狙っている)、北朝鮮からソウルは最短距離で30kmしか離れておらずアメリカ合衆国大統領自らが出向くには、リスクが大きすぎる。金正恩の意思とは関係なく、徹底した反米帝国教育で洗脳されてきた北朝鮮軍部の一部の将校らが「暴発」しないとも限らず、となれば国境沿いに配置されているとされる100万人の北の兵士は、瞬く間にトランプを包囲しかねない。
  3. 箱根にある「富士屋ホテル」が、会談場所にふさわしい。東京から車でわずか1時間。ロマンチストと言われてしまえばそれまでだが、同ホテルは”Imagine”で名高い「ジョン・ウン」ならぬ「ジョン・レノン」が来日するたびに小野洋子夫人と共に宿泊。平和および半島の非核化を話し合うのに、絶好の場所として世界に強いメッセージを発信できる。「トラ金」が、一緒に貸し切り露天風呂に入った暁には、Japan外交の大勝利だ。
  4. 治安面で、TOKYOに勝る大都市はない。なにせ様々な媒体で「世界一安全な大都市」に毎年選ばれているぐらいだ。また、それが箱根ともなれば、ますますテロリストらは急襲しにくくなる。金正恩は、静岡空港から箱根入りするという選択肢もある。ただし、トランプには前回のような「横田基地」からの入国に対して日本政府は事前にNOを突きつけておく。あの手法では、正規の日本入国の法的手続きを取ることなく「米国の政府関係者やCIAは誰でも勝手に出入国できる植民地ジャパーン」という恥ずべき実態を世界に露わにするだけ。
  5. 中国に半島非核化の主導権を渡してはならない。発表されているだけでも、同国の最新の軍事費統計は18兆円。南シナ海および尖閣における慇懃無礼な軍事行動は、ご存知の通りだ。ここでさらにポイントを稼がせてはならない。


言うまでもなく、平壌から陸路でいけるという利点は北京にある。金正恩もその肥満体を飛行機に載せることは、それなりに抵抗があろう。墜落したらお終いだからだ。とはいえ、逆にだからこそ日本政府がトランプに「TOKYOでなければ会わない」と言わせられるか否かが勝敗の分かれ目となろう。いや、そこは何としてでもアメリカ合衆国政府を説得すべきではないか。自衛隊および47,000名の在日米軍が「トラ金会談」の安全性を担保する – ことを武器に、そして「同盟国」として今こそ安倍首相にはその外交手腕を発揮していただきたい。



‘Fat Turd’ Kim Jong un’s mother was ‘Made in Osaka’

130 kg.

That’s how much he allegedly weighs.

Pretty heavy, to be honest.

1300 km.

That’s the distance from Pyongyang to Tokyo.

Pretty close, to be honest. ICBM shall strike the world’s largest capital of 38 million in less than ten minutes.

Whether the ‘Fat Turd’ (FT) is a smart-cookie or not as hailed by Trump, he indisputably is a huge menace to Japan as well as Asia as a whole.

Of course, we are referring to the ruthless, reckless Pyongyang dictator Kim Jong un.

FT never goes to the gym.

All he does is eat, drink, kill and excrete.

But still, the international media is totally dominated by this Fatty. Not a day goes by without the rockstars ‘FT & Donald’.

Should North Korea be obliterated, he won’t dare take the risks to continue the nuke tests, pundits say.

I don’t believe so.

FT is an enigma.

His mother Ko yong hee’s birthplace is a state secret, to begin with. The AERA magazine, published by Japan’s liberal Asahi newspaper reported back in 2012 that FT (not the Financial Times) ‘s mother was born in Tsiruhashi, Osaka in 1952. Ethnically Korean, she was purportedly a “Zainichi Nisei” (2nd generation Korean residing in Japan) according to quite a few Japanese medias.

As the third wife of the late Kim Jong il, she had three children, and the notorious FT was the second son.

The other Fatty gentleman that was murdered at KLIA recently was FT’s half brother. They had a different mom.

‘Donald Kim’ alliance

While the famously unpopular U.S president’s polls suggest only three out of ten Americans support the man, FT has the backing of 100% of its citizens.

I mean, the North Koreans are deprived of their basic voting rights. Therefore, ostensibly FT enjoys full support from its 25 million citizens.

That’s a stark contrast, isn’t it?!

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro is adamant when he rebukes Trump as a ‘stupid dog’. His coherent stance is pretty much remarkable compared to Mitt Romney for example, who called Trump a ‘phoney’ during the election but later became a panting puppy after Hillary was ousted.

Others in the business seem to have no guts to mock the 45th president the way De Niro does, and I adore the ‘Taxi driver’ for that.

‘Fat Turd’ Kim Jong un is by no means a ‘smart cookie’ as depicted by Trump. I firmly believe he is nothing but an inexplicable, spoiled 130kg dumbass who’s serious only about how to alleviate his feeling of hunger when his people are eating shoes.

Hilariously, Tokyo is a puppet of Trump. The complacency of we the Japanese is staggering, without a single thought on ‘how to face the grave military aggression of not only FT, but also Beijing and Moscow’ in the years to come.

Today is the national constitution day. May 3. It marks the 70th anniversary since our current constitution ‘Made by USA’ made a debut in the ruins of over 66 heavily bombed Japanese cities, leaving two million without a home.

I will not celebrate this day like other flock of sheep without balls, nor raise the Japanese flag.

The highly hypocritical ruling party LDP is yet to accomplish the revision of the contentious ‘article 9’ of the 1946 constitution in which they promised back in 1955. PM Abe and his comrades argue the need to do so ostensibly, but are not really serious about it, since it is by far easier and less risky to remain as the ‘dog on a leash’ – Trump Doggy , that is.

It is proven by the fact you hardly see LDP MP’s addressing the need to amend article 9 out in the open public, like Shibuya and Shinjuku.

I repeat.

LDP is not serious about it, nor are its citizens. So if you work for PLA or the Chinese Communist Party, don’t miss the chance, or you’ll regret it.

Dear readers, I’m by no means downplaying the Whitehorse. All I’m stressing is the need for Tokyo to beef up its sovereignty and military capability to face FT and its communist allies.

Because if we continue our ridiculous subservient attitude towards the US (since the present constitution came to effect on this very day, 70 years ago) , it will endanger not only the land of the rising sun but the ‘bankrupt’ United States of America itself.

‘Please defend us American mommy!’ – that’s been the orthodox, shameful attitude of the Japanese after WW2.

Boy, do we ever grow up.

Fat turd Kim Jong un’s mother was born in Osaka.

Bruce Springsteen was born in America.

The moment Trump or Kim launches a pre-emptive strike on its adversary, some serious consequences will occur. All Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios Osaka and Ko Young hee’s birthplace may be obliterated.

But probably that’s only when Tokyo will retain its genuine independence.

Or is post war Japan itself an American joke fellas?!

Let’s wait and see.

Good Rising!

Yujiro Taniyama

Japan Broadcasting – Editor in Chief