Imperfect Samurai Yujiro Taniyama, CEO, Japan Inc


Takuya Yokota confessed in his latest interview for the latest “Bun Gay Shunju” magazine that if by any chance he gets to reunite with his abducted sister Megumi in the coming future, that he wants to apologize to her for not being able to rescue her for over 40 years.

On November 15, 1977, a junior high school student Megumi Yokota was forcefully kidnapped by the North Korean spy agents near the beach in Niigata, which faces the Sea of Japan.

She was on her way from school.

The disruptive Pyongyang regime has kept her hostage ever since. Kim Jong il, the father of the incumbent admitted and apologized on September 17, 2002 that “some of his men who defied orders” had abducted dozen Japanese citizens since the 1970’s.

Whereabouts of Megumi is an enigma till this very day. But Takuya also mentioned that he had told PM Abe to remain adamant towards the authoritarian regime who is also a master of deception.

“My dad is 85, now in hospital and Mom is 82. We don’t have much time left” , says the younger sibling of the kidnapped.

I believe that Japan must remain firm and not be duped by Kim Jong un’ s sham as well as Trump’s impulsive tweets regarding this sensitive issue.

And we must keep Takuya’s hopes alive.

I want to underscore the fact that is not he, but the government that ought to apologize after all.

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Thank you very much.