By Japan Broadcasting . net Corporation 【JB】mortal correspondent Yujiro Taniyama


Protagoras, the renowned thinking-pro once labelled human race as ‘a reasoning animal’. Nevertheless, I emphatically disagree; for the ludicrous stupidity of mankind goes way beyond reason. DUI crooks running over taintless children walking home from school, an inane anti-vaccine Brazilian despot-bravado jeopardizing his fellow citizens, the ‘five permanent members of the United Nations security council superficially propagating peace’ profiting heavily on global arms trade.

And lots more, you name it.

At any rate, today, I am proud and thrilled to announce the refurbishment of this glorious column by updating the title as; 【Fun Samurai Yujiro Taniyama】. To give you a quick hint, strikingly the word Fun in Japanese means secretion of dingleberry if not defecation. It is indeed pronounced foon. Staccato, nice and quick. That said, as we are on the verge of entering 2022A.D, the ingenious board members of Japan  Broadcasting . net Corporation has unanimously agreed to rename it, at a refreshing timing.

Personally speaking, I must admit that I am a stool. Nothing but a melancholy poop.

Discharging is my daily hobby and a routine. Moreover, the author irrefutably acknowledges that by no means is he a pious saint but occasionally an egregious egoist with loose bowels. So I am a fun. Fun, I am.

And in conclusion, the ‘Fun Samurai’ would like to unequivocally point out that the present day modern world is full of fun ; as self-described aristocrats shitting in other’s pants shamelessly day after day. Droppings and lies are everywhere. Therefore, I have blatantly come to understand that it is my carnal, moral duty to shepherd the unthinking global population to truth and emancipation before the fat polar bears all drown in Antarctica. Bollox and lies need debunking with laughter.

The ‘Shit Samurai’ is back ladies and gentlemen.

Domo Arigato.