Samurai Yujiro Taniyama, Japan Broadcasting . net Editor in Chief


This is funny.

Because it brilliantly portrays the Red Army’s indisputable stupidity.

India’s Jawaharl Nehru and China’s Sun Yat Sen were both in London, animated and burst with joy when Imperial Japan’s Admiral Togo’s men astoundingly annihilated the Russian Baltic fleet in May 1905.

It was the first victory in history for a non-white nation to prevail over a major western global power. According to a feasible Siamese scholar, even Gandhi the Great ‘later wrote that Battle of Tsushima played its part in inspiring him to lead India to overthrow the British’.

Leastways, it was a game changer that had irrefutably changed the course of modern naval history.

And importantly, it is quite well known among historians that Imperial Russia’s crushing defeat over a century ago had been latently and largely incited by the famous ‘Z flag’ – a symbol that was chosen by Admiral Togo to raise on his flagship Mikasa, to spiritually unite the Imperial Japan Navy. Alongside it, the former Samurai warriors had crossed the Rubicon.

Sinking Russian destroyer. Battle of Tsushima 1905


Moscow ended up suffering a humiliating, decisive defeat.



Unthinking Russian Army in Ukraine

Nevertheless, I was baffled to discover that in the course of the terrible ongoing invasion of Ukraine, Moscow had hilariously and inexplicably chosen ‘Z’ – the historically cursed letter for the inebriated Russian war machine since 1905; as a symbol of their bloodthirsty aggression. “Ludicrous! The worthless invaders are as dumb as a brick if not Ivanka Trump! The Reds have learned nothing from Battle of Tsushima! They’ll lose this war!”, the Oriental Bellend horse-laughed in jubilation.

I emphatically believe that it is not an overstatement to argue that this seemingly trivial choice of the letter 【Z】by the Russians will consequently prove suicidal. Nothing but a strategic folly, a fiasco. The bald Mini-Stalin from now on will purportedly begin deploying unsanitary Syrians and other paid foreign troops all carrying the doomed flag that’ll inevitably vacuum them to Russian orthodox purgatory, like poops in toiletry.

The ‘Z flag’ or the letter ‘Z’ to say the least, let me reiterate, is traditionally the mysterious witchcraft to destroy the Soviets. Sorcery may sound imbecile and irrelevant in the present day of digital science, but the uncultivated Bellend does not take such position.

Mathematics does not solve all havocs on the planet.

‘Friendly-fire’, therefore will also become rampant within the diabolic Vodka Army. Correct, the ‘friendly’ Syrians incidentally shooting down the armed Russians.

And oh lastly, if the prudent reader ought to visit Harajoocoo, or Harajuku once the pandemic is over, please do visit the glorious Togo Jinja (not ‘Ninja’), the ‘God of victory’.

An icy ‘Togo beer’ is recommended too.