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「Monogamy’s not morality, a rather decadent customary. Aunt Sally born in NYC, her undies stolen eerie spooky. 【Abortion rights! American fights!】 - the words on pink knickers Sal still remembers. Trust no-one in the laundry, wear chastity belt as you’re the jury, before they rob your vertical juicy. Hark! Democratic infelicity geriatric fallacy! 」


- Today's GOOLIES - by Editor in chief 

「Biden means selling electricity in Giapponese, Pensioner President welcome to NATTO, your tributary soybeans. With one foot in the grave, superlative for his age, the semiconductor salesman’s a feeble ampere, electrified to send vaginal foe to electric chair. Phallos vassal bows yet again 」 5.23

「 Purgatory MLB, creatures spitting perpetually. Dirty impure insanitary, the only gentleman’s Ohtani. He never farts, salivas phlegms, like a peewee star clean as gem. Lavatory MLB, why don’t you ban that malady? Smoking doping secreting hell, putrefaction uncivilized spell 」 5.22

「Ambitious food fighter preparing for war, morning buffet battlefield, dribbling diffident whore. Lt. Empty Stomach, ready to eat a horse! But still an hour to go, drooling tomato sauce. ‘Waiting is torture, come pull that trigger!’ Impatient pig’s greedy war 」 5.21

「Nudist in St Peter’s Basilica, Prude in St Paul’s Cathedral playing harmonica. Who’s the saint? Who’s the humbugger? Leninist in St Petersburg, Indigent in St Kitts and Nevis. Where’s the sapient? Where’s the hamburger? Famine by the asinine, two legged cretin. The only sage par-excellence, St Bernard His Holiness 」 5.20

「Demolished house evoking memories, bulldozing thunder tearing up dilapidated wood into bits and pieces. Sons and spouse gone long time ago, buoyant soul her name was Hiroco. Exactly a century she laughed and breathed, home alone beneath the roof of the deceased. Charming neighbor hospitalized 3 years ago, empty rooms wailed ‘We miss her dearly so!’. Two years later she breathed her last, pulverized house now brings back the past 」5.19

「 Indefatigable bees written in water hopping on a lemon tree, tweeting birds orchestra romps the lustrous dawn synchronicity. Breakfast toast with butter & honey, Peter Pan corporeal sustained by mystical cosmic brilliancy. Gees, staying alive! 」 5.18

「Levity podgy mischievous fairy, her name is Druid a Celtic lovely. Ghosts enraptured 8 million Shinto deity, after departure they stay here dancing. In Bible souls by corpse indiscernible, Beer with Father, or Davy Jone’s locker. Contrariety! 」 5.17

「Thai Festival Japan online, delirious is the subnormal swine. But yummy Tom Yum unreachable on screen, sweat intangible with icy Chang & Singh. Siam, Siren, Pratunam, Greek goddess lure thee to Jim Thompson’s bivouac. My native heath as smooth as silk 」 5.16

「Coppun cup, Good morning Vietnam. Fish sauce Nam-pla, in Saigon Nuoc-mam. Noodle’s Bamee-moodang, PHO in Danang, may sound similar but Hark! Mai-muang-kang. Sawasdee, Xinchao, the rival’s fairytale, Bumpy ’n scruffy yet so lusty 」5.15

「NATTO’s sticky and stinky, NATO’s a hotdog military. Fermented soybeans Finnish and Swedish, banning Reds from sauna, wisdom of skeptic. Incompatible with beans as rouge as blood, bow no more but open up the bowels. Healthy glue」 5.14

「Friday the 13th an auspicious zenith, fearless moppet’s Puritan but Irish. She buys a lottery for her muzzled daddy Freddie, Invocation of rhapsody in faraway Mercury. “Killing is thrilling! Thrilling is living! Bloodthirsty Dakini be, Hindoo Trinity illusory!” 」5.13

「Idle Don Quixote from Giappone, presumptuous and self-righteous as always. Rather than Buddha I’d rather be Lady Chatterley! Contentment or wonderment, chloroformed no more by everyday banality! Don Juan was superlative, but this Donkey is useless 」5.12

「Philip was the father of Alexander the Great. Became an Apostle, then a Spanish king Philip the Prudent. Stole the faraway islands of Pine-apples ’n labeled his name, where a newly elected head of state indeed bears a funny name. The Philistines or the Philippines nobody knows, as their fate now belongs to Imprudent Bong Bong 」 5.11

「17 syllables indispensable in Haicoo, apparently impossible in English intellectual drool. 17 wins by hurling Angel number seventeen, a mission feasible in American baseball scene. Seasonal words unnecessary, as cherub hits and runs in electrifying unconventionality. Showbiz, Showman, Showtime 」 5.10

「Pint of expired milk on Mothering Sunday, Duke of Puke in Futon disarray. Mama’s opalescent magic, our constitution’s very fabric. MAMARIGATO 」5.9

「Motherless mother’s breakfast was Mother Carey’s roasted chicken because Mother Superior of motherly Mother Goose’s motherland caught the creature propitiously like Mother Hubbard on her Mothership on Mothering Sunday 」5.8

「Snail perambulating down the wall, raindrops gone in fresh cooling dawn. Poke the eyes of the stopping train, then it shrinks like linga Sinn Fein. We Ourselves. Go adagio 」5.7

「 Eccentricity is often a duty, in the world’s fastest aging society. Tomatoes all look exactly the same, as disfigured are trashed into callous reformatory. Be sinful! Be single! Heel that conceited sushi my evil genius whispers thee! 」5.6

「”Robbed of liberty, our rights and property”, said Norman the first U.S secretary of Japanese ancestry. Kidnapped ’n sent to a prison camp in 1942, at Santa Anita horse-track ballyhoo, his mama later died of trauma, ignominy by you know who. Silicone Valley visit today, RIP the Samurai of San Jose - whose International Airport bears his glorious name. Norman Yoshio Mineta, greater than Manzanar, California 」5.5

「Afro American Muhammad Ali loathed the word ‘black’, for it degraded his people to the level of muck. Blackmarket, black sheep, black magic and blackmail - while the ‘whites’ tagged me ‘yellow’ peril. Untenable prejudice, untrimmed pubes, I’ll sting like a bee illiberal spirit thee! 」5.4

「If only one could teach the Giapponese how to talk, and the Chinese how to listen the society here would be pretty civilized. The Soviets must see a psychiatrist, and learn the meaning of civilization 」 5.3

「Stout Australian mate raped in Sydney, by Mrs. Corona a week after fourth jab inexplicably. Explicable, he was jabbed in Wuyi 」 5.2

「Heart melting spring, welcome as the flowers in May. Sumo T-string, expose consecrated meat so gay! Tickle to death fleeting play! 」 5.1

「Deutschland atlas prints ‘Russland’, the latter intrinsically like the cat that got the cream. Pu for pussy, bald czar snooty. Censorship state, menace unworthy. Pussland 」 4.30

「Raising the flag beneath the cloudscape, national holiday to felicitate Hirohito’s Birthday. Why the vanquished’s wartime demigod remained as Emperor, remains a majestic mystery till this very day 」 4.29

「Glamour puss in Arles, an hour drive from Nice, offered me B&B and a lustful leer so nice. Salubrious village oblivious of carnage, even pestilence couldn’t dissuade them from impulsive concubinage. Cat’s name, was Van Gogh 」 4.28

「Twitter constipation, bowels to be emptied by Musk intervention. If democracy conforms to nobody, debarment’s transparency is necessity. Dionysian nudes! Sayonara prudes! & Self-conscious hockey mums! 」 4.27

「Wolfing down Bento lunch by the terrace, blackish fluid drips out of the blue, from firmament sakura blue staining the denim new ’n blue. Crows’ doo-doo 」 4.26

「Church leaders in Moscow, belligerent masquerading as peace loving cows. Mow down the immoral West! Kirill to kill, Christian jingoism for the best! Holy War, Holy Spirit, nocturnal Holy Cow. Moth-Cow」 4.25

「Emphatic and phallic, public and pubic, express your thoughts downright. Veracity slams insincerity. Uncover intuitive willy! Open up that intelligent fanny! 」 4.24

「Morbid habit of being busy, with mobile devices nothing but illusory. Brainpower drained, the Philistines institutionally indoctrinated, its’ an opium for spiritual destitute」 4.23

「Korean restaurant in Shinjoocoo, ¥490 pork rice lunch menu. Complimentary Kimchi, so 1000g box was out of the blue empty, Red Mt.Fuji. Seoul I miss, in my soul 」 4.22

「Bamboo shoot sashimi, a mouthwatering Takenoco puberty. Shintoism is shamanism, a soul feasting animism. Yummy deities」4.21

「Bloomers at schools are now banned in Giappone, as the prudish judo moms claim it’s lewd and Fescennine. But in all Familymarts across the street, smutty weekly’s accessible mighty naughty 」4.20

「Water Festival in Siam, Easter Festival in Buckingham. Celestial spring rollicking oh sing, unmask Phallos Festival let lingam swing」4.19

「April shower. Disposable mortals, all disappear. Present is tangible, tomorrow’s perishable, epicurean monks romping on instant noodle!」 4.18

「Cow in Moscow, vexed at sunken flagship Moscow. Vainglorious thief’s an inedible beef, make mincemeat of it and nurture the pigs!」4.17

「Musk buying Twitter, fantabulous that’s for sure. Censorship by goody-goody phonies, do more harm than good. They all have agendas 『Block Copernicus! Unorthodox dogs! Muzzle Space X!』O’ how knightly was Malcolm X! 」 4.16

「German salaryman from Koln, in Tokyo for five days non-quarantined business. Tying the knot in two months, the ardent monogamist guzzling PadThai rebuked restarting nuclear power plants. Coconut ice cream, or NordStream 」4.15

「Dentist day. Silver tooth, unnoticeably shaky. Metallic palladium prices on the rise, replacement now may be unwise」4.14

「Geisha are entertainers, not featherbrain hookers. Unteachable warmongers, by far poisonous than rishi streetwalkers. I am a Geisha. Whoremongering Geisha 」 4.13

「Dog in a buggy, as lady inexplicably pushes in morning alley. Moronic suzerain-vassal relationship, to be coerced by belligerency. Kick the bald canine off the trolly」 4.12

「Once a dodderer in Trocadero told me, “Vive Nicola, vive Carla Bruni”. Omicron, oh Macron or Lady Napoleon - who shall the victorious be?!」 4.11

「Enma sama 閻魔さま, the Great Devil awaits me in hell, for I’m no saint nor Alexander Graham Bell. Epicurean and charlatan, purgatory’s my good old home. Chirpy phallos here I come!」 4.10

「MLB - hopelessly pronounced ‘Measure’ League in Japan, in a tongue no man could understand. Docile child taught botched foreign tongue, ends up diffident in a perfect comedy of tragedy. Even Ohtani 」4.9

「100 years old widowed neighbor, flew to heaven an adorable grandma. Infectious horselaugh, amusing grin, so dearly do I already miss her」4.8

Samurai Yujiro Taniyama, Japan Broadcasting net Corporation, JB

「 Impermanence is Buddhism, natural effervescence is Hinduism. Intertwined, they infuse esoteric wisdom」4.7

「Incapacitated UN, Veto prerogative for Bucha butcher PUTaIN. Obsolete is P5, equality to all nations it ain’t (19)45 」4.6

「Birds are tweeting, clouds are drifting. Coffee Morning Glory, the snow is melting. Corporal delight, spiritual plight, quintessence of life’s now the former, Spring might!」 4.5

「PUTaIN, he’s got a mark of Cain, insinuating to nuke non-nuclear Ukraine. ‘Putain’ - a Frenchman’s slang for sonofa-bitch, sure he’s a leech」 4.4

「Gal from Osaka a vaccine detester, sat alongside me at a park in Hibiya. “Grilled by pestilence twice was a shocker, but still I won’t get a jab like grandma”」 4.3

「Football wonder-draw, finest group soluble. España and Deutschland be careful Samurai’s got a Sword」4.2

「Egalitarianism and militarism. The Floating World’s like a Cherry Blossom. Ebullient in excitement, in a blink of an eye fabulously despondent, havoc foolhardy’s no April Fool」4.1

「Kickboarding at Imperial Palace, a supercilious cop approaches somewhat furious. Even pushing vehicles are banned the civil servant says, as a sluggish baby car passes by. Superficial ‘deference’, perverse and facetious」 3.31

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Samurai Yujiro Taniyama, Japan Broadcasting net Corporation, JB

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