Samurai Yujiro Taniyama, Japan Broadcasting net Corporation, JB

Daily Milk Delivery!

「Heart melting spring, welcome as the flowers in May. Sumo T-string, expose consecrated meat so gay! Tickle to death fleeting play! 」 5.1

「Deutschland atlas prints ‘Russland’, the latter intrinsically like the cat that got the cream. Pu for pussy, bald czar snooty. Censorship state, menace unworthy. Pussland 」 4.30

「Raising the flag beneath the cloudscape, national holiday to felicitate Hirohito’s Birthday. Why the vanquished’s wartime demigod remained as Emperor, remains a majestic mystery till this very day 」 4.29

「Glamour puss in Arles, an hour drive from Nice, offered me B&B and a lustful leer so nice. Salubrious village oblivious of carnage, even pestilence couldn’t dissuade them from impulsive concubinage. Cat’s name, was Van Gogh 」 4.28

「Twitter constipation, bowels to be emptied by Musk intervention. If democracy conforms to nobody, debarment’s transparency is necessity. Dionysian nudes! Sayonara prudes! & Self-conscious hockey mums! 」 4.27

「Wolfing down Bento lunch by the terrace, blackish fluid drips out of the blue, from firmament sakura blue staining the denim new ’n blue. Crows’ doo-doo 」 4.26

「Church leaders in Moscow, belligerent masquerading as peace loving cows. Mow down the immoral West! Kirill to kill, Christian jingoism for the best! Holy War, Holy Spirit, nocturnal Holy Cow. Moth-Cow」 4.25

「Emphatic and phallic, public and pubic, express your thoughts downright. Veracity slams insincerity. Uncover intuitive willy! Open up that intelligent fanny! 」 4.24

「Morbid habit of being busy, with mobile devices nothing but illusory. Brainpower drained, the Philistines institutionally indoctrinated, its’ an opium for spiritual destitute」 4.23

「Korean restaurant in Shinjoocoo, ¥490 pork rice lunch menu. Complimentary Kimchi, so 1000g box was out of the blue empty, Red Mt.Fuji. Seoul I miss, in my soul 」 4.22

「Bamboo shoot sashimi, a mouthwatering Takenoco puberty. Shintoism is shamanism, a soul feasting animism. Yummy deities」4.21

「Bloomers at schools are now banned in Giappone, as the prudish judo moms claim it’s lewd and fescennine. But in all FamilyMarts across the street, smutty weekly’s accessible mighty naughty 」4.20

「Water Festival in Siam, Easter Festival in Buckingham. Celestial spring rollicking oh sing, unmask Phallos Festival let lingam swing」4.19

「April shower. Disposable mortals, all disappear. Present is tangible, tomorrow’s perishable, epicurean monks romping on instant noodle!」 4.18

「Cow in Moscow, vexed at sunken flagship Moscow. Vainglorious thief’s an inedible beef, make mincemeat of it and nurture the pigs!」4.17

「Musk buying Twitter, fantabulous that’s for sure. Censorship by goody-goody phonies, do more harm than good. They all have agendas 『Block Copernicus! Unorthodox dogs! Muzzle Space X!』O’ how knightly was Malcolm X! 」 4.16

「German salaryman from Koln, in Tokyo for five days non-quarantined business. Tying the knot in two months, the ardent monogamist guzzling PadThai rebuked restarting nuclear power plants. Coconut ice cream, or NordStream 」4.15

「Dentist day. Silver tooth, unnoticeably shaky. Metallic palladium prices on the rise, replacement now may be unwise」4.14

「Geisha are entertainers, not featherbrain hookers. Unteachable warmongers, by far poisonous than rishi streetwalkers. I am a Geisha. Whoremongering Geisha 」 4.13

「Dog in a buggy, as lady inexplicably pushes in morning alley. Moronic suzerain-vassal relationship, to be coerced by belligerency. Kick the bald canine off the trolly」 4.12

「Once a dodderer in Trocadero told me, “Vive Nicola, vive Carla Bruni”. Omicron, oh Macron or Lady Napoleon - who shall the victorious be?!」 4.11

「Enma sama 閻魔さま, the Great Devil awaits me in hell, for I’m no saint nor Alexander Graham Bell. Epicurean and charlatan, purgatory’s my good old home. Chirpy phallos here I come!」 4.10

「MLB - hopelessly pronounced ‘Measure’ League in Japan, in a tongue no man could understand. Docile child taught botched foreign tongue, ends up diffident in a perfect comedy of tragedy. Even Ohtani 」4.9

「100 years old widowed neighbor, flew to heaven an adorable grandma. Infectious horselaugh, amusing grin, so dearly do I already miss her」4.8

Samurai Yujiro Taniyama, Japan Broadcasting net Corporation, JB

「 Impermanence is Buddhism, natural effervescence is Hinduism. Intertwined, they infuse esoteric wisdom」4.7

「Incapacitated UN, Veto prerogative for Bucha butcher PUTaIN. Obsolete is P5, equality to all nations it ain’t (19)45 」4.6

「Birds are tweeting, clouds are drifting. Coffee Morning Glory, the snow is melting. Corporal delight, spiritual plight, quintessence of life’s now the former, Spring might!」 4.5

「PUTaIN, he’s got a mark of Cain, insinuating to nuke non-nuclear Ukraine. ‘Putain’ - a Frenchman’s slang for sonofa-bitch, sure he’s a leech」 4.4

「Gal from Osaka a vaccine detester, sat alongside me at a park in Hibiya. “Grilled by pestilence twice was a shocker, but still I won’t get a jab like grandma”」 4.3

「Football wonder-draw, finest group soluble. España and Deutschland be careful Samurai’s got a Sword」4.2

「Egalitarianism and militarism. The Floating World’s like a Cherry Blossom. Ebullient in excitement, in a blink of an eye fabulously despondent, havoc foolhardy’s no April Fool」4.1

「Kickboarding at Imperial Palace, a supercilious cop approaches somewhat furious. Even pushing vehicles are banned the civil servant says, as a sluggish baby car passes by. Superficial ‘deference’, perverse and facetious」 3.31

「Gremlin slapped me in the face, a preemptive attack without the faintest grace. Although The Bible preaches to allow another smack, inconceivable I’m no gutless duck. Affectation of love!」3.30

「 Sakura, Fujiyama, Mama’s pasta. But none’s ubiquitous as sanitizer. Lamentable and immutable, the best tranquilizer is surely to grumble」3.29

「Morning stove no longer imperative, as mosquitoes invade with that irritable sonance. Bears’ hibernation is wondrous than invasion, peaceful bugs ain’t no thugs, damnation 」3.28

「Romantic warfare nourishes the brain. Russian warfare inflicts nothing but pain. “If God wishes to separate America from England”, wrote Thomas Paine, “Let it be. Set them free, stop Negroes slave trade & brutality!”. Common sense」3.27

「Morning toothache on upper right, an impediment to mental labour powerless to bight. Transient 」3.26 

「Princess Grace, the most sweet and felicitous actress of human race, was sparkling like a champagne of harmonious grace. Graceless czar, the ferocious bald human scum, is butchering like vodka-head Narcissus falling from grace」3.25

「Flash in the pan, is often the case with Japan. Crippled Fukushima Crooked Xenophobia, lambs jumping out of the frying pan」3.24

「Old iPod playing The Beatles, All My Loving recalling fermented adolescence. Twist & Shout, the Liverpool hobbledehoys jumped for joy, as I ate fermented soybeans. Back to the USSR was next」3.23

「Europe’s 40% gas dependency on the Oppressor, allowing the latter to earn 1 billion daily U.S dollar. Irrational deviation from fossil fuels has turned the West into a double-dealing whore, so stop the poppycock and resume burning coal once more. Dig oil within your own Lady Garden, that’s one thing for sure!」3.22

「Gaijin travelers still banned from entry, chicken-livered Tokyo’s incapacity is a risk aversion calamity. As Ueno Park’s ducks and cherry blossoms prepare for carouse, pestilence giggles nobody at the Hanami」 3.21

「Little birds making morning tweets on electric wire, drowsy in Futon baffled to find many had a partner. Wifeless Bellend in search of Belle, chirpy penis useless as hell, life vacillates between slump and William Tell」 3.20

「Good God is indiscernible, having forgotten Creating earth long time ago. Bad God is also unseeable. Earthlings it is that are malevolent, unintelligent and braindead. Skyrocketing is war-dead. That hairless three-legged thing, so phallic」3.19

「Dropped the house key on the way to station, trickery by devil devastation. One last hope was lost & found, good angel discernible exultation. This was Nippon」3.18

「Earthshaker disrupting dreamy sleep, house shaking giving me the creeps. Dead of night Tsunami alert in Ishinomaki, prompting 2011 devoid of mercy」 3.17

「Morning shave, hot water and soap. Just for men, as for wars. Chaps on both sides’ negotiating table, beer bellied unremarkable」 3.16

「Tokyo is delinquent in defense. Berlin was too. The latter’s finally become a man, while the former’s still cherry boy Japan. Sakura utopia in Taiwan」3.15

Samurai Yujiro Taniyama, Japan Broadcasting net Corporation, JB

「Butterbur sprout 蕗のとう tempoora mouthwatering like no other, though modern Nipponese ignoramus ineligible to distinguish it from cucumber. Asininity of digital age」3.14

「Plum blossoms lustrous in the garden, worrisome is heart failure of decaying Biden. Puppet woman’s a fatal liability, as Johnson was in Vietnam」3.13

「Third copulation with Mrs. Moderna piercing through the skin, gave birth to Fever and Muscle Sore the twin daughters of uninspiring medicine. Cause and effect, war and defect!」3.12

「Best and the foremost ramen on the planet, Ramen Jiro. Founder Tacoomi, an ingenuous legend based alongside Keio University, disheartened with rising prices of wheat and gas. Garlic ‘mashy mashy’ ましまし, incomparable with polonium borsch」3.11

「Snoring salaryman on morning train, Overworked bachelor stressed in vain. Dog tired, he seriously needs a break in Spain」3.10

「Crude Muscovy in act of oily cruelty, record high crude oil’ll urge men to abandon oil dependent economy. Edo civilization 江戸時代 did flourish without it」3.9

「Akihabara Monday, masked cosplay コスプレteenyboppers leering and recruiting nerds to Maid Cafes. Clouds not missiles flying in the firmament, elastic is the Town Electric selling gadget tanks indifferent to predicament」3.8

「One night stay in Akasaka, vacant rooms and Gaijin-less corridors like no other. Vanquished hotels, bankrupt capsules, Mrs. Tourism won’t last much longer」3.7

「Haroo-ichiban「春一番」, the First Lusty Spring Wind, romped yesterday blowing off the washed cotton mask napping under the sun. Scarlett wasn’t gone with the wind, defying the business of the barbarians. Answer ain’t blowing in the wind」3.6

「Petit tumor-like pimple on left cheek, vexatious resident for twenty weeks, miraculously peeled off out of a clear sky. Malignant lump of Europe, with conscience skin deep, has gotten under our skin」3.5

「Purchased a Thesaurus blue and yellow, consequently the colors representing the flogged, by Moscow. Latin for “treasure house”, as I meditate in Tokyo, all the synonyms appear to be walloped people」3.4

「Girl’s Day today, ‘Hinamatsoori’ they say. 77 warless years, our men are now girlies in every way. Moronic, outmoded chastity belt so ironic」 3.3

「Dilapidated red circle flag on National soccer uniform, disappeared inside an automatic washing machine. Dismantled was the emblem, indefensible facing an inexorable intruder of spin and tsunami. Fleeing are the blue-eyed refugees」 3.2

「Giant in a loo, began discharging beside me Ballyhoo. Baffled, side glanced but indiscernible was the mammoth’s holy symbol. Deceptively diminutive it had to be, his hands unwashed ridiculously. Discrepancy」3.1

「Middle aged man, urinating in mobile bog beside his mini-van. Quite incidental, I looked askance, though startled at the meticulous gentleman. Cleanest islet, on the cataclysmic planet」 2.28

「Decorous Russians, repentant in Shinjoocoo. Boisterous Ukrainians, remonstrating in Shibooya-ku. Sword of Damocles looms in Japan, where every soul is a castrated man. Godspeed Kiev, oh where’s bloody Gorbachev? Psychotic eunuch, still devoid of sword so phallic」 2.27

「NATTO with steamed rice, scrumptious even for some ferocious lice. NATO though feeble against the licentious mice, I sip miso soup rendering the death of peace」2.26

「Icy Mt.Fuji in sunrise, I see birds chirping in disguise. Outcry it was by the innocent, disparaged and mortified. Bald Stalin, an ogre from the icy Cold War era, subverting his fellow elder brother, now to be doomed in purgatory; castrated for every morning glory」2.25

「Two mini tomatoes and three slices of spring lettuce, miraculously empties the bowels. But one rotten Leningrad tomato and 190 thousand scums of oppression are stony feces. Slav’s slavish constipation」2.24

「Tasteless morning coffee, in reminiscence of the Ukrainians living in Roppongi. Stolen is their sovereignty, by a bald Yakuza thug with a mark of Cain. Unworthy land of Novichok, inane」2.23

「 Frostbite in my hands, window shopping at Tokyu Hands. Gacha-Gacha machines on 2A floor, my body melts in the heat of the store. Poca Poca」2.22

「Shibooya crossing white breath chill, indiscernible hairy Gaijin thrill. Tsunami of uniform black ponytails, and disposable white masks, even dog Hachi」2.21

「Artificial Olympics, with artificial snow and superficial fairness ends, psychiatrically hopeless. Drafted locals cheering, beautifully spreading the pestilence. Still, the Peking duck breakfast buffet remains scrumptious」2.20

「Saturday morning Yamanote train, Masked are the Nipponese of unobtrusive impassivity. Rather tight ALL STAR, instigating hallucinating pain, yet Tokyo Tower appeases me, it surely ain’t gonna rain」2.19

「Newly bought denim made in Cambodia, stretches like Mochi as I sip my morning Ocha. Chatty shopkeeper was a chubby fay you know what, the delirious devil’s already in Angkor Wat」2.18

「Plum trees blossoming and leering at the snowy Mt.Fuji. The footsteps of spring, discernible beneath the firmament so lusty」2.17

「NANA don't cry, The Creator is a prankster beneath the sky. Speed-skating vacillates between Gold and Despair」2.16

「The business of the barbarians, to shellack the Ukrainians. Humans are animalian, purring are the demons」2.15