Samurai Yujiro Taniyama, Japan Broadcasting net Corporation, JB

Daily Milk Delivery 【Currently under suspension】

- Goolies written by Giappone Yujiro -

「This is your captain speaking. The Morning Goolies Airlines will be proudly suspended starting today, due to unspecified motivation. Refunds are negotiable and we hope you’ll fly with us again for an unspecified vacation. Hope to you. Thank you. 」 9.21

「‘Resurrection’ reiterated so many times, solemn preaches ununderstandable unchristian whine. ‘Compassion’ also stated once or twice, now that’s conceivable simple and nice 」 9.20

「Typhoon Elizabeth smashing Tokyo tonight, when Westminster Abbey grieves Mary Alexander’s departure flight. Kaminari-lightening, deity Canterbury beaming, rain ‘o rain! Bucket of tears thundering Mother Thames! 」 9.19

「Birth of felicity, voluptuous tragedy. Strictly unrehearsed, we’re oscillating cacophony 」 9.18

「United Kingdom uniting planet. Westminster pilgrimage on corginternet. Holyrood climb was tough but hoodoo, venerating her reminiscent juju. 」 9.17

「Real lover met part time lover. Campari canpai befriended super. One linga two pudenda, one canal two members, cosmic-intuition delectable matter. Orange bitter. 」 9.16

「Diabolical heaven. Operating from seven to eleven. Goodness is badness badness is goodness. Righteousness is wrongness wrongness is righteousness. Diabolical heaven 」 9.15

「888 yen receipt at a fruits-veggie store, laughing tomatoes bananas garlic and watermelon, rabbit’s foot corps. Fresh and juicy propitious almighty, golly here comes the morning glory! 」 9.14

「Live immediately, die beautifully. Push your mind than corporeal butterfly 」9.13

「Fabulously ran out of milk, the morning coffee ain’t smooth as silk. Black or white, middle path’s right, a drop of magic holy cow  」 9.12

「Mon-dieu! Birth to motivity, death to mediocrity! Gorgeous is lucidity, the spouse of obscenity! I am the bodisattva Monjoo! 」 9.11

「Serendipity is curiosity masqueraded as stupidity. Shrewd are the ingenuous knaves with ox-like placidity 」9.10

「Hirohito acquainted George V. Akihito befriended granddaughter Elizabeth. Sakura of Windsor uncommonly immortal, greatly missed greatly blossomed 」 9.9

「We have more Apples, though hardly edible. Digital intangible, illusory vegetable 」9.8

「Romp bumpy sometimes bloomy, everyday vacillates mind and venery. Stoical Polly! Listen to wicked granny! Rip it apart that hosey-panty! 」 9.7

「Surpassing a kiddy going to school, “Ohio” beamed the stranger clear firmament drool. Boy cracked a smile of an untarnished infantile, “iktsoo?” asked the scavenger 7 was the answer. Quick chat soon over, chatty silly waved sayonara. じゃぁまたね “Jar-mata nay!” whooped the stripling second grader, what a rhapsody ’n what a way to start a day! 」9.6

「空蟬 Utsoo-semi the cicada’s body empty, depicting transience of our form-like galaxy. 2000 days beneath the earth, 200 hours lifespan unearthly. They sing to the fullest, every breath so godly 」 9.5

「Morning bees collecting honey, promiscuous flowers polygamous bunny. None denied, allowed inside, bud turned Buddha adorable kind 」 9.4

「Kimpo airport became Gimpo. Kyongbok Palace became Gyeongbok. Kimchi nevertheless still spelled Kimchi. Inexplicable. Pusan city one day renamed Busan. Pohang city though maintained Pohang. Taejon then unilaterally changed to Daejon. Taegu is now Daegu. Cheju airlines is Jaeju. Kyongju masquerading as Gyeongju but Mr. Kim ain’t labelled Mr. Gim. Fantastically unscrupulous perplexing for Chosun-mongering tourists fantabulous, do please not consider one day switching Korea to Gorea. Or else the world atlas’ll catch diarrhea if not gonorrhea」 9.3

「Ocha means tea, though unlearning was Prayoot-chan Ocha. A militarist showboat turned suspended Siamese PM, greed and motives spectacularly sinister. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Ocha diluted, no taste no power. Out! Sud!」 9.2

「The temple with a free wifi, whose precincts are called Keidai. Connected to Gods or Googles, an office propitious you know why」 9.1

「Joy and pain are glove in hand, quintessence of life made of sand 」 8.31

「King Infelicitous bought a slave for $79. Queen Ferocious sold her for $99. Statecraft 」8.30

「Frolicking teenybopper on a swing, chirpy birds Humming Farm fling. Very small and very wonderful, trees are tall sunshine rural. Hum! Hum! Hum! Humorous chum! Close the lips, bop and sing! 」 8.29

「Antique and portable Scholar’s Four Jewels 文房四寶, aspiring as any dormant family jewels. Calligraphy speaks the latent mind, carnality beeps the sensual kind. Zen is pen. Pen is Zen. Pen or penis same for men 」8.28

「Recalcitrant deodorant hallucination extravagant, corporeal fatigue perished non-existent. Tapasya and mantra kindled the day before, feierie in my body nude to the core 」 8.27

「Good or evil’s the mind of the West. I, I, I egocentricity beyond deity the best. Mankind is nothing however in the Orient, daft impertinent to distinguish wrong and right. Mortals are helots of the immortals. Jessie James, or Scarecrow James 」8.26

「 iPhone 3 running short on fuel, still operable nothing to lose. Refueling just thrice a day, the gadget freezes without disarray. iPhone 13 ice cream dream, luscious lubricious better than boom boom. Santa Santa please dip it in Fanta, anonymous Christmas yummy ’n fun! 」 8.25

「Giappone nessuno. Nobody, anybody, nothing fantastico. No poet, no architect, no intellect. Titles unnecessary like soap in the laundry. Melting! I’m a melting nonentity! Giapponessuno 」 8.24

「Baby Ohtani and Baby Ruth. Impeccable athletes Mother Goose. The hurler hits pitches and steal bases, though incapable to deliver English speeches. ‘We must go alone! Speak what you think!’ said Emerson, but the Face of Baseball uses translator as human shield. Wimp never be! Verbal incontinence self-protective reticence! Speak direct! Imperfection perfect! That’s real Sho-Time 」8.23

「Three vaccines plus corona negative, Tokyo requirements brilliantly unimaginative. Drowning Gaijin tourism ordered hala-killy, the victims of bureaucratic stupidity. Golfing PM Kissinder’s tested positive 」 8.22

「Just murdered a mosquito, Giappone scourge inexcusably sinful. Living is killing, wolfing down something. Vegetarians too ain’t exempt from blaming. One pig One fig One rice One life. Penitentiary even for senescent wife 」 8.21

「Beaming round face and flat nose, Ota-fu(c)ku’s a propitious Lady Santa Claus. Fu(c)kushima 福島 Fu(c)kuyama 福山 Fu(c)kuoka 福岡 Fu(c)kui 福井、the ‘four letter word’ flamboyantly means ‘good luck’. I do need a good 福 」 8.20

「Oriental within. Occidental without. Wisdom within. Intellectual without. Bushido or Bible, wonderment of life indescribable. Vivacious Buddha’s self-denial 」 8.19

「Sound of raindrops hitting the leaves, morning pigeons’ cacophony autumn breeze 」8.18

「Laughing mountains, smiling oceans. Singing trees bees and whales. Loquacious bears, thinking tomatoes we’re just one of ‘em nothing so special. Bow to bow-wow 」 8.17

「Zen is pen, pen is Zen. State of mind of a cosmic kind. Zen is poem, poem is Zen. Pensive wisdom beyond intellectual whoredom. Zen is pen」8.16

「Independence Day for descendants of Gandhi-jee, ‘End of War Day’ for self-serving Giapponese. Different places, different faces, indifferent humans but sun still rises. Interdependence is the wisdom for all, preponderance just makes one fall. So today let’s re-think for peace, satanic booties spank no ease 」 8.15

「Scarecrow James spinned ’n smashed into River Thames, Tamiya-HONDA ’s 300km/h grandeur games. Improper breaking, Breaking News. Breaking ribs, weeping muse. Kakashi’s immortal! Thus Jei-moo-zoo’s death is impossible! Ayano san beamed mighty convinced. “The Master must live! May gods forgive!”, cried Servant Phallic come juju magic 」 8.14

「Sky on fire, godly red of dawn like never before. Popping out of Futon sleepy no more, Bios panorama what are we here for! Burn! Burn! Burn! Zeal on the run! Passion or passion, ideas reborn! 」 8.13

「Marico was just twenty three, aboard the doomed JAL flight 123. On this day 1985, her jumbo ‘uncontrollable’ 10,000 feet high. Screams of horror, phenomenal terror, the vehicle plunged hair-raising rollercoaster. “I’m gonna puke don’t wanna die”, she left a memo letters trembling despair. 520 killed the worst aviation fit ever, Haneda vigil Mt.Osutaka 」 8.12

「Watering plants and tomatoes before sunrise, autumn zephyr pierces the skin what a surprise. Clear light, the mother of all delectable might declares the beginning, magical seasonal changing 」 8.11

「Gold Coast branded babe, golden roast tanned Aphrodite. Salubrious Waikiki of Giappone Isshiki, Diamond Bed no that’s Mt.Who G! 」 8.10

「Christian hamlet of Nagasaki, desecrated by alleged christians unchristianity. Mushroom cloud made Mother Carey’s chicken proud, apocalyptic sight mothers made of sand