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July12, 2013 - Editor in Chief (日本語版は、↓にスクロールお願いします)

Absolutely despicable.

Kyodo news agency reported this morning (Tokyo Time) that China's president Xi Jin Ping had asserted that "Both Senkaku Islands and Okinawa is a CHINESE territory", whatever that means. According to the article, it seems as though Beijing made the above remarks during the U.S-China strategic and economic dialogue which was held in Washington for 2 days from the 10th.

U.S vice president Mr.Joe Biden condemned the Chinese counterpart to "Stop cyber attacks on American firms." Well, if I am allowed to add just one more thing, let me please say guys - "Stop hacking the Japanese firms as well, such as the Mitsubishi heavy industries which is a prominent manufacturer that produces Japanese tanks, ammunitions and other military fundamentals.

Undoubtedly, a "country" I believe is a conglomerate in a way that pursues ultimate interest on its behalf. As the U.S press secretary Mr.Jay Carney often puts it "Well, it meets the national interest of the U.S to supply four F-16 bombers to Egypt........... " blah blah blah. I do not rebuke such a stance, no, not at all. I still do have a crush on Mr.John Lennon but I do understand that the international society is not a damn "Tokyo Disneyland" goddam it. If you keep acting like Mr.Donald Duck or Mrs.Mickey Mouse ( or Mr. I don't know the sexual gender of these mouses) without any gun in your hand, unfortunately you end up in a "Panda Cage" like the big fat one in Tokyo's Ueno zoo.

I'm no evangelical right wing nationalist, but just an unscrupulous patriot.
And I do believe that in order to maintain peace and stability within the Asia-Pacific region, each one of us needs to build up its military strength "not to fight a bloody war but to avoid it" goddam it. And especially when the "Panda Republic" China's military expenditures has been growing in two digits for the past 20 years, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia ought to be ready and vigilant since we are all under an imminent threat by Beijing. As the foreign minister De Rosario of the Philippines rebuked China recently, we the people of the democratized free world ought to wake up and realize that Beijing Military is a big threat to peace.

And now guys, listen to what China said yesterday.
They are now claiming sovereignty over Japan's Senkaku islands and Okinawa.
OMG, how insane and arrogant can they be? Are the Chinese smoking pot or something? If you study modern history for 5 min at your high school, you will easily understand they are both indigenous territory of Japan. As the U.S incorporated the islands of Hawaii in 1898, so were Okinawa and Senkaku in 1879 and the latter in 1895. All the procedures had been conducted legally and legitimately under the international law.

Therefore, the Chinese claims yesterday over the Senkakus and Okinawa is totally "ridiculous" and unacceptable, but also a defiant challenge to the rule of law of the modern society we share today. That's right, our democracy and freedom is truly in danger.

Boy, am I a big fan of Mr.Bruce Lee, and Mr.Jackie Chan is not bad either.
However, as China "as a nation" unfortunately is a master of not only fabricating the truth of history but they also defy international orders or rules which does not suit them. They called the 1950 invasion of Tibet a "liberation", whatever that means, and genocide has been taking place on Tibetan soil for nearly 7 decades now. Persistent self immolation by the Tibetan monks is another concrete, and an "unfortunate" truth of how the Beijing's authoritarian rule had been, and has been suppressing the freedom not only of the Tibetan people, but the people of Uygur and Mongolia as well. China is a scary country guys, they intend to swallow up all the bamboos in their neighborhood just like a bloody giant panda. A bright girl in Mongolia sent me a mail the other day mentioning that "forced assimilation program has been taking place in Southern Mongolia, and the Mongolians have been deprived of their language at public schools."

I repeat. International community must be vigilant, to face up to the rapid growing expansionism of the "Panda Republic" based on its military muscles. It has been reported that over 300,000 uprising occur in China annually, and that Beijing authorities are repressing them by bullets.

And now, Beijing has officially declared to "use guns" to STEAL the Senkakus and Okinawa from Japan.

Guys, what are we waiting for?

We need a "Yu Darvish" to struck out the communists here. Dear civilized people, please just don't be swallowed up by the obnoxious might of the world's No.2 economy. All that counts in Beijing is its own benefit. Remember, the former PM Wen Jibao stole $2.7 billion from its own people. The air is super clean in Beijing and Hong kong. The powder milk is made of chlorine or something, who knows. "Greed" of the individuals is the only fundamental factor stimulating the whole Panda republic. 1400 ballistic missiles are pointing towards Taiwan, this very day. Can you hear me my great friends in Taipei? Tokyo loves you! Democracy rules.

Good morning.


p.s Btw, Pandas are originally from Tibet. Thank you.

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今朝、一つの速報記事がとある「諜報機関」からぼくの手元に送られてきた。ちなみに、この「諜報機関」は一人から成り立っており、最新の世界情勢を最速で入手する"ゴルゴ13” のような個人がまわしている。我が国が、そうした正式の機関を急遽設立すべきことは言うまでもない。まずは日本も諜報機関をつくるべきだ。とりあえず仮機関名は「GORGO13」でもいい。G= Global , O= infOrmation , R= Renovation, G= intelliGence, O= Organization . 13は、まず創設メンバーを13人から始めるということにすればいい。しかも一+三は、四。東南西北。世界を飛び回ることを密かに指す。とにかく最初の一歩を日本は踏み出さなければいけない。




正直、参議院選挙なんてやっている場合ではない。猪木さんや佐竹さんプロレスラーをニュースで取り上げる前に、報道各社はワシントンで昨日、一昨日行われた U.S-China Strategic and Economic dialogue のこの会談内容をトップにもってくるべきだ。


国家というのは、己のための "Ultimate benefit" すなわち究極の利益を追求する存在である。



それぐらい言語道断、恥ずべき荒唐無稽、傍若無人な野獣 さんぶりを彼らは世界に今回、さらしたわけだ。にもかかわらず、彼ら自身がそれを「当然」だと思っている。そこに重大なポイントがある。そう、国際常識はパンダ代表団にはまったく通用しない。逆に、パンダ共和国にとって正しいこと=世界が受け入れるべきこと、という方程式、すなわち中華思想のもとに彼らの思考は成り立っている。





ところがみんな、今朝の報道は「中国が戦争をしかけてくる」ことを宣言したようなものだ。それは間違いない。それに備えるべきは、特にぼくら二十代〜四十代の "Social Network Generation." 中国というのは軽く50年、100年単位で戦略を思考し実行に移してくる国なので、「尖閣は2030年〜2050」、「沖縄は2100年ぐらいに奪う」ことぐらいは平気で考えている。スケールだけはパンダさんのビールっ腹のようにでかい。香港一つとったって、彼らはかつてイギリス人に「100年貸してあげますよ。その後、返してもらいますが」、と1897年に伝え、返還されたのが1997年。歴史がすべてを証明している。



今、最も身近でできることは次の選挙で自民党に入れることである。ぼくはなにも自民党員でもないし、自民党を全面肯定しているわけではないが、安倍晋三総理はフルに応援している。 同首相の国家観および歴史観が好きなのだ。逆に、同じ自民党でも国家のために命を捧げ桜の花びらのように散って行った246万6000もの英霊が眠る靖国神社を訪れ、お祈りすることさえない石破茂幹事長の国家観は真っ向から否定する。また、鳩ぽっぽこと鳩山由紀夫とかいうパンダ共和国出身の方のような「日本人」も、自民党に半分以上いるとも言われており、それが戦後の憲法改正を阻んできた最大の要因、勢力であることも事実だ。

農業の総合独占商社 JA (Japan Agriculture) という大量の票田におべっかを使って、減反政策など不毛な既得権益保護政策をとってきたのも自民党、ただ、今回はTPPにも参加し世界と勝負すると言っているのも自民党。よって、「世界と戦える農業にせよ」と既得権益にメスを入れる覚悟も今回はみせている。どこまで斬り込めるか未知数だが、自民党ではなく安倍内閣にぼくは期待しているのだ。ただ、今回、このブログを読んでくれている読者のみなさんに至急お願いしたいことは、次の選挙ではその安倍さんに勝たせることだ。ジミントウなど、どうでもいい。憲政の神様が、尾崎行雄ならば「憲法改正の神様」は安倍晋三だ。それを実現させるのだ。今朝のパンダ代表の「センカクとオキナワはモグモグいただきます」宣言は、武力侵攻しますとの同義語であり、それを日本側が阻止するためには、必ず憲法96条と9条の改正をしなければいけない。



パンダアタック=領海侵犯、というのは言い換えれば「自分の奥さんを寝取りにきているパンダ共和国中国」という構図なのだ。目の前で自分の奥さんが靴下を脱がされようとしているのに、それを見て見ないフリをするしかできない現憲法のどこが「国民のための憲法」なんだ? 振り返れば、今の憲法というのは日本がアメリカ占領下にあった1946年にわずか7日間でビッグマックことマッカーサー元帥が作らせた「占領下用の憲法」なんだ。日本人が自らの手で作ったものじゃない。2003年、アメリカ率いる多国籍軍はイラクに侵攻した。"Iraq Body Count" というNGOによると、10万人を越える死者がでているという。今でも自爆テロで国内はめちゃくちゃだ。米国主導のイラク新政府は、新憲法をつくった。しかしそこには、70年前に米国が日本でつくったような今の日本国憲法のように「陸空海軍を保持しない」、という夢の東京ディニーランドのようなことは一言も書かれていない。だってそうだろう、軍隊のない国なんて国家じゃないんだから。一人前どころか、半人前以下のニートのようなものなのさ、今のチワワJapanは。しかも、シタタカなイラク新政府は強烈にアメリカ側にNO!をつきつけ、2011年12月18日にアメリカ軍全員を撤退させた。八年の占領下を経て、自分で自分を守る国イラクを実現したのだ。



なぜか? 答えは簡単。教育。その一言につきる。

戦後の日本の教育は、ここにも書いたので、詳細は省くが、とにかく「アメリカはスターウオーズのLuke Skywalkerの正義のヒーローで、日本はダースベーダーさん」ということを徹底的に我々国民の脳裏に刷り込んで来た「負の教育」だった。それが今も全国に29万人いる日教組=日本教職員組合という共産党下部組織の方針だった。幸い、筆者は小学校からカンガルー王国の南オーストラリアのど田舎の小学校でその"洗脳"を逃れたわけだが、驚いたことに帰国すると我が国では「中学校の卒業式では、日の丸は揚げるな、国歌はうたうな!」という鳩ぽっぽ元首相のような狂った先生がうようよいるではないか。

現に2004年には、広島の世羅高校の校長先生が自殺させられる事態まで起きている。この異常さについては、現在発売中の雑誌「歴史通」7月号 (WAC出版) に筆者も書いたので繰り返さないが、とにかく今のJapanという国家は国家の体をなしていないのである。現にぼくが住んでいたオーストラリアにしても、タイにしても国旗国歌はなによりも大事にするし、「陸空海軍は保持」している。憲法9条の「け」の字もない。国を守るために、軍隊をもつ。当たり前のことだ。それが日本ではナント自衛隊が「違法」と見る動きさえある。信じがたいクスリ中毒「押尾学ぶジャパン」と言ってもあながち間違っていないだろう。



日米安保条約第五条を過信し、「アメリカが日本を守ってくれる」などまったく考えないほうがいい。もしもパンダ共和国に「ハワイとロスに原爆打ち込むぜパンダ」と恫喝されたら、人権人命を最大に掲げる民主国家アメリカは「たかが一つの小さな無人島」を守るために自国民自国領土を犠牲にするとは到底考えにくい。冒頭にも述べたが、国家というのはそういうものなのだ。最高に自分勝手なエゴイスト= NATIONだと考えるべきである。



最後に、恐ろしいことがもう一つある。各種世論調査をみると、「あなたは憲法改正を支持しますか?」という問いに対し、なんと35%ぐらいが「わからない」と答えていたりすることだ。テーマは何であれ、その「わからない」と答える国民が日本という国に三人に一人がいるということに他ならない。これは恐るべき無知であり、無恥である。そう、無恥無知(ムチムチ)だ。勉強が足りない。その一言につきる。2040年、もし我々がまだ生きていて沖縄に夏のバカンスにいこうとしたら、那覇はすでに「パンダ共和国日本自治州沖縄省」になっちゃってて、しかもパスポートが必要になっている − それでもキミがいいなら別に問題ないが、それが嫌ならば国家および歴史について最低限のことを学んでおくべきだ。今の時代、スマホで10分あれば大抵の基礎的知識は身につけることができるんだから。




Fat panda, fat life.

Thank you.




Monocle Yujiro.jpgJB's Editor-in-Chief, Yujiro Taniyama

China loses credibility. Endless hypocrisy

Suppressing Democratic movements in HK

Beijing shutting the door for talks using unilateral view on "history" [Oct. 26, 2014]

Yesterday, I bought a leather belt at a UNIQLO shopping store in Japan.
Of course, it was labelled "Made in China". Thanks to my fellow Chinese workers, I guess my jeans won't fall down to my knees anymore, no longer exposing my undies..... also "Made in China".

For the past 5 years, Asian waters has been facing relentless military aggression and intimidation by the CPPCC (Communist Party of China). Not only does Beijing VIOLATE THE INTERNATIONAL LAW , they assert that they own virtually "everything" in Asia, which is once again nothing but a hilarious "Monty Python joke". Hey Terry, yes, Mr. Terry Gulliam sir, can you hear me matie!?

As a free, Democratic nation, Japan has repeatedly emphasized the need for pragmatic talks between PM Shinzo Abe and the Chinese counterpart, Xi Jing ping. However, CPPCC's reaction has always been nothing but ludicrous, by insisting "Japan refusal to accept its wartime past" - whatever that means.

"Unthinking propaganda", I call it.

Communism defies religion.

That is why dozens of Catholic bishops and priests have been detained and imprisoned on Chinese soil for decades, till this very day.

In that sort of abnormal, queer society where rule of law and freedom of speech is flatly denied, we the international community ought to be aware and vigilant that Beijing spokesmen's official anti-Japanese announcements made every now and so often is absolutely groundless, and to be discredited.

Of course, as a "Samurai Democracy" advocate, I fully support the recent moves by the brave students in Hong Kong.

APEC Summit 2014 will be held in China in November.

PM Abe has called for direct talks with the Chinese President, in order to gain and sustain regional stability within the Asia-Pacific region. And if by any chance, the CPPCC and Mr. Xi, as a host nation refuses to hold bilateral talks with Tokyo by once again using "The past", let me emphasize that kind of farce is no longer acceptable among the international society, and that I myself would personally be exasperated.

Guys, which side do you seriously believe is provocative and threatening peace now in the 21st century!?

If you do not know, just mail the President of the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam to begin with.

The big picture is much more simpler than you think.

Don't be duped.

Thank you, and Arigato Gozaimass for reading my little column.

Pls visit Japan!

YT - Editor in Chief

Monocle Yujiro.jpgJB's editor-in-chief, Yujiro Taniyama

Global summit begins today

June 10 - June 14th, 2014 London

No to sex violence Japan Broadcasting.net London(2014-06-10 11.21.11).png

Tokyo is pretty humid today. 24℃、humidity 73%.
However, that does not stop "Global Summit to end Sexual Violence"

in conflict, expected to begin today in "lesser humid" London. 32 countries will participate in the intriguing World Cup Brazil 2014 starting in 3 days, but in this summit, maximum 141 nations will gather in "Big Ben" to show solidarity against rape, sex assults in warfare.
I fully support the cause.
Although British minister Hague don't seem to have much hair, he does have the groove and the guts to show us a new path, along with the mighty wife of Brad Pitt from the "Fight Club".

That's right ladies and gents, we've all go to FIGHT like Tyler Durdin in that distinguished movie, in order to achieve no mankind has ever even challenged before, that is, to eradicate the brutal sexual assult in times of war.

However unforutnately, the trouble is, that most of us using the internet and YouTube today aren't familiar with this "War and Sex", since fortunately we share a common ground - McDonalds, Coke and peace. We don't live in Aleppo, we don't live in Kabul, we don't live in South Sudan, we don't live in east Ukraine. But we live in "peace". Which means it is our inevitable duty to turn on the "imagination switch", to merely think just for a moment you yourself being raped by a hairy monster the size of Nicolas Cage. Indiscriminate rape, no vaseline. Imagine your "Sushi" being totally torn apart in two - rice and tuna.

It sounds easy, but in fact its not. Absolutely not.

Because we humans today are in some way or the other politicized or sensationalized, living in an exploited world of flooding information and populism. Angie or Mr. foreign minister with no hair may frequently bring up the term "crimes against humanity" (CH), but unfortunately the more they do, the more hypocritical and disingenuous they sound. Since this notion "CH" abruptly appeared in the legal world in 1945 to persecute the Nazis for their heinous hollocaust against the Jews, 70 years have passed. And there had never been a time when sexual violence in conflicts simply "vanshed". A prominent U.S writer/feminist/activist Susan Brownmiler has clearly asserted in her book "Against our will- Men, women and rape" (1975) that rape did occur in Vietnam. As yoy may be fully aware of, Vietnam rape was one of the most witnessed crime during warfare. Go ask the "super Pro American" Oliver Stone, though you may not like him. The late Bernard Fall has asserted prior to the Vietnam war (against the U.S), the resilient Vietnames fought the French in the 1st. Indochina war after WW2 after Japan's occupation ended in surrender, fighting for independence. Fall claims, " a mobile field brothel was inside the famous fortress of Dienbienphu when the French surrendered in 1954. Well, this means the French military was hiring military prostitutes during the long, brual war and wasted no time to "boom boom" even in their camps and garrisons.

An attempt to define prostitution as a "crime during warfare" is unfortunately a biased, shallow minded and a ludicrous hypocrisy often commited by extreme feminist activists. Therefore, to avoid misunderstanding and confusion it is indespensable to draw a line between the two. Rape is a crime, whetheras sex work is not. If you rebuke the latter, that is synonymous to deny the basic human rights of all the prostitutes around the world. There are dozens of beautiful women on Twitter today who depict themselves as "Sexual escort" or "Professional escort", meaning a sex worker. They have pride in what they do. They like what they do. Some obscene feminist organizations even call housewives a "raped sex slave by husbands", which is totally out of the question.

As a foolish "Outspoken Samurai of the 21st century" and a democracy, human rights advocate, I strongly suggest that the global summit against war rape that kicked off today in London must not end in some kind of fallacy, by the participants using sophistry just to gain political advantage or to win public imagination and support.

Myth, must be forgotten.

Truth and robust action is what the international society needs. Desperately.

Thank you, and good morning World Cup Brazil 2014!

YT (Editor in Chief, Tokyo)

Hello everyone!  Thank you for visiting our JB website.
My name is Yujiro Taniyama, and I am the Founder & CEO of Japan Broadcasting.net.
I went to a primary school in Adelaide, South Australia so I still love Vegemite, Cordial, Aussie rules and moreover I can still sing "Waltizng Matilda". My highschool days at the International School of Bangkok simply blew my mind. Spicy papaya som-tum salads under the blazing sun. Diarreha. OMG. I learned the beauty of being "assertive" in these 2 great countries, otherwise the teachers would give me a bloody "F", matie.

Asia will definitely beome the powerhouse of the next world stage. People are connected with a speed of light, with simply "1 click" or LCC. We all live in a historic era of monster speed revolution. Adelaide - Bangkok - Tokyo. My GOLDEN TRIANGLE. The more we connect, more changes, more excitement, but unfortunately more problems occurr as well.

I am an outspoken samurai of the 21st.century, pretty much used to being "cyber-bullied" too. But that's no big deal. That's Democracy & free speech. Since I'm a super big fan of my mighty hero, Mr.Michael Jackson, deep inside I still somehow believe he's alive and moonwalking everymorning in front of Tokyo station. Boy, do I believe that it is imperative, yes a civic duty for each one of us to pass on MJ's divine philosophy to "Heal the World."

Especially when bloodshed in Syria continues and furthermore our defiant communist neighbour next door is perpetually infiltrating Japan's Senkaku islands and ordering Shanghai's Unit 61398 to cyber-attack the New York Times and thousands of major corporate infrastructures around the globe 24/7. Our Democratic-Free world is under imminent threat. That's right. "Panda Attack" is unimaginably DANGEROUS - just like the groovy pop tune by my super hero.

Lastly, I would like to convey that I decided to set up JB to "Wacoo Wacoo" the world - well, it means like "super thrilling" or intriguing in Japanese - by blowing up the image of stereo type Japanese where people tend to smile when they're actually furious. We were, and we still are TOO NICE & TOO QUIET.

But that "Chinmocoo wa Bitocoo" (沈黙は美徳)mentality from Edo period has become simply useless now we've entered this century. It's either speak, or you die. Information wars. Cyber wars. Super fast bilateral communication. What we "let out" becomes the lethal weapon.

Military muscles can't change the world. Not in a preferable way for mankind, I guess. But I can change the world and so can you, as long as we express our thoughts. That's fun guys! Connecting makes a better world. JB is a challenge for insular minded Sushi land to bloom like cherry blossoms and beocme truly international.
I would be more than delighted if our team could contribute to a better understanding of the land of the risng sun, and the speedy world we live in.

The fundametals of this amazing planet.

Thank you & a good luck to you.

Yujiro Taniyama - Japan Broadcasting.net Founder & CEO


このたびは、JBサイトにお越し頂き心より御礼申し上げます。本日、Japan Broadcasting.net はオープン!しました。今、このご挨拶分を青山の小さな喫茶店で書いていますが、たまたまたった今(本当に偶然に)店内のスピーカーから「美女と野獣」のインストロメンタル音楽が流れてきました。そのフローに沿って申し上げるのですが、ぼくはかつて、New Yorkでミュージカル "Beauty and the Beast" を観て鳥肌が立ったことがあります。あのストーリーでは、ガストンという自惚れかつ自信過剰な教養ゼロの独裁筋肉野郎がまずいて、ストーキングされるのがベルという名の武井咲風の優しい美少女。肝心の「野獣さん」は、呪いをかけられてうつ&自閉症になってしまった元王子。

JBを立ち上げた理由は、もしかしたらこの「美女と野獣」の21世紀的な構造に対し、密かに危機感を抱いてきたからかもしれません。というのも、みなさん、考えてみてください。残念ながら今、無敵のナルシストGaston=中国 vs ダメダメな悪い国という呪いをかけられている王子= 日本。しかも前者は髪を黒く染めてポマードも塗って一見ナイスガイながら、中身は野獣そのもの。唯一の自慢は町内の腕相撲大会で優勝しただけの「筋肉」。教養は空っぽ。タイ人によると、チェンマイに大勢押し掛けている中国人観光客は、トイレを流さない、ホテルを二人分で予約して六人で泊まる、静かなロビーで大声で怒鳴る、といった野獣ぶりをいかんなく発揮し大問題になっているそうです。だからこそ、美少女武井ベルちゃんからはその性格の悪さからも煙たがられている。ああ、まさにこのガストンとベルの構図は、チャイナ vs 世界の構図そのものではありませんか! OMG! (Oh My God 、の略)。

 勘違いしないでください。ぼくは人種差別主義者でもないし、鎖国的愛国主義反対の立場をとる人間です。とはいえ、引きこもりの「野獣さん」=元王子=Japanは、このままではガストン=中国のパンダアタックによって尖閣諸島はもちろんのこと、ベルちゃん即ち "世界" の覇権にいたるまで全部もっていかれてしまうのです! ぼくは何も天下のスタンフォード大学の教授ではありませんが、ごくフツーの地球市民として最近のガストンの厚顔無恥なる暴走は危険水準に達したことぐらいはわかります。同じような思いを抱かれている方も、少なくないでしょう。

東京ディズニーランドの「美女と野獣」ショーのラストでは、ガストンは野獣さんをぶっ殺そうとします。そうです、つまりパンダさんはトキをむしゃむしゃ食べようとする。それがまさに今、現実となろうとしている、そこにビッグな問題点がある。尖閣の領海侵犯はもはやEveryday. しかも「沖縄は中国領だ」、とまで吠えだしているガストン。それを王子さまとして単に傍観しているわけにはいかない! との痛切な思い一点から今回、そう、ぼくはある意味「勢いだけで」Japan Braodcasting.net を立ち上げてしまった感がなくもありません。では、なぜ見切り発車、というヤツをしてしまったのか? 答えは明白です。それは、21世紀の「戦争」というのが、ノドン・テポンドン・マンギョンボンといったスカッドミサイルBをドンパチするのではなくて、おそらくは「情報戦争」になる可能性の方が極めて高いからに他なりません。つまり実弾をぶっ放す遥か前にすでに情報=サイバー戦争の段階で勝敗は決まってしまうと考えられるからです。これはぼく自身が、その道のプロフェッショナルの先生方から教わったことであり、またその証拠に、上海の秘密サイバーテロ組織61398に至っては、今年に入ってニューヨークタイムズ紙やワシントンポスト紙のサーバーやメールなどをはじめ、とにかく三菱重工など世界中のビッグ企業を手当たり次第ハッキングしまくっている。

JB立ち上げの短いご挨拶であるべきなのに、ちょっぴり長くなってしまい、申し訳ありません。とにかく21世紀は、世界中がインターネットで瞬時につながる「情報」こそがミサイルだということであり、ならば我々日本の個人一人一人がある意味 "Cyber 侍 Warrior" としてミサイルを発射せねばならないということなのです! だって、このままでは本来は優しい「おもてなしの心」をもってるのに呪いをかけられて野獣さんの姿にさせられてしまっている=元王子=Japanは、弱い日本を望む欧米勢力とタッグを裏でタッグを組んでいるガストン(共産チャイナ)の筋肉(毎年二桁で増強中の軍事力。核兵器含む)によって、武井ベルちゃんをもっていかれてしまいます。

 では、どうやってSTOPをかけるのか?  とぼくは今年に入ってから近所の銭湯の湯船にプカプカ浮きながら考え始めました。前の戦争で、当時最大だった戦艦大和は海底に沈んでしまっている。そうか、ヤマトか..... とその瞬間、「サイバー戦争を勝ち抜くためのサイバー空母」をつくるべきだと密かに閃いたのです!!! ぼくら日本人は、江戸時代の「沈黙は美徳」とかいう時代遅れの風習を今こそゴミ箱にドラッグし、その代わりにモンスター級に自己主張すべく生まれ変わる必要がある。そして「情報」という名の弾丸をパンパン撃ってうちまくる。尖閣どころか「沖縄は中国領だ。ポツダム宣言を日本は受諾しだだろう。それが証拠だ」などといった、無恥丸出し無教養のガストンの暴論に対し、徹底的にタマを打ち返す。そのためのプラットフォームがなければ、我が国は情報戦でコテンパにされてしまう。

 戦後、明石元二郎亡き日本という国がいかに諜報インテリジェンスに疎かったか、をここで述べるつもりはありません。ただ、アメリカのABC放送は、American Broadcasting Coorporation, イギリスのBBCは、British Broadcasting Coorporation. でありながら、政府も国営 NHKもなんと "Japan Broadcasting " のドメインを取得していなかったこと一つみれば、それ以上語る必要はありません。その緩さ、その脇の甘さ。通常なら億単位でしか取れないであろう「国営放送」の意味合いをかねる Japan Broadcasting.net を、ぼくはお名前ドットコムで、945円で頂きました(笑い)。そしてその瞬間、これは神様が 「21世紀の乙女や侍たちがつながりやすくなるであろう会社というスタイルにチャレンジしてみよ!」とおっしゃっていると勝手に解釈してしまったのです。ぼく自身、これまでブロードキャスターの仕事をやってきたこともあり、しゃべることは三度の飯より好きです。ただ、それをこれからは自分だけでなく、これまで石のように静かだった他の日本人の方々にもしゃべってもらえたら、かなりワクワクなことになるんじゃないか、世界に対し従来とは異なる自己主張するジャパニーズ像をアングロサクソンさん達に見せアッ!と言わせたいという「信長の野望」ならぬ「雄乃字の野望」がメラメラと湧いて来たのです。

 2012年の暮れ、東京都知事選挙がありました。しかしその前年に既に出馬・落選していたぼくには、さすがに二年連続で出馬する資金力はありませんでした。その他、前回大変お世話になったボランティアの方々に声をかける準備なども整っていなかった。しかし、日本が変わるためにはその富士山であるTOKYOがドラスティックに変わる必要がある。「作家都知事」が二人もオートマチックに続いていいのか? そう簡単に自動通過させてはいけない。出来る事は何でもチャレンジしてみよう、と "ONE COIN DEMOCRACY" を立ち上げたのです。これは有権者一人一人からワンコイン=五百円を頂いて、選挙資金を捻出しようという試みでした。アメリカで、オバマさんもやってきた "Fundraising" というやつです。日本の政治は、お金がかかりすぎることはみなさんもご存知の通りです。だから新陳代謝もデトックスもなく、この国は変わらない。万年便秘のお金持ちが「世襲」する。いずれにせよ、国内のみならずフランスやドバイなどにお住まいの日本人志士たちなどインターネットでつながった世界中の方々から、わずか10日間で七拾壱萬円を越える大金を頂きました。


そして今回、頂きましたその浄財をもとに Japan Broadcasting.net 株式会社を設立させて頂きましたことを、お伝えさせていただきます。尖閣寄付金の時のような誤解を生まぬよう、ぼくはDonationを募らせて頂く事前に「ワンコイン・デモクラシーが仮に目標額の参佰萬円に達しなかった場合は、谷山雄二朗のポリティカルな活動の資金とさせて頂きます」ということを、明確に申し上げました。よって、ご批判のある方がいらしたらそれは甘んじて受けますが、JBの設立主旨自体は充分に筋が通っているものと考えております。「全世界から頂いた浄財を、いかに社会に有効に活かすか」、ポイントはその一点だったからです。ポリティカル、ということは同時にソーシャル即ち社会活動をも意味する。しかも今回の動きは、その "政治活動" を凌駕し、ちょっと大袈裟ではありますが「インターネットとリアルを組み合わせた All Japan! の国家プロジェクト」であると自分では勝手に自負しています。


 言論の自由も人権も否定する高圧的なガストンら「本物の野獣」をいかにぶっ飛ばし、ベルちゃんを惹き付けるか。それは「呪いをかけられた引きこもりの野獣」→ 本当は優しい立派な王子さま= Japan! を愛する我々一人一人のワンクリック、およびワン"WORD" にかかっています。内向きな鎖国的愛国主義に陥っている時間はありません! 叫んで、叫んで、叫び倒し自己主張すべきところはし、"Fuxx, I love Japan!" とpeople around the world に共鳴した頂くことこそが、世界をより平和にする。ぼくらの人生そのものを豊かでワクワクなものにする。人と人がつながり、海外と「呪われた野獣さん」がインターネットという人類史上初のスピード革命を通じて相互理解を図ればはかるほど、アジアはもちろんのこと世界はより安全になる。箱根温泉と草津と乳頭の魅力をぼくら1人1人が動画VLOGとBLOGで発信し、それを南米や北欧で読んでワクワクしてくれた外国の方々が観光客として来日し、エンジョイしてくれる。お金を落としてくれる。経済活性化。そのサイクル、その循環。JBの使命は、みなさんが発射する情報ミサイルのサイバー空母プラットフォームになることです。四人に一人が65歳以上の高齢者という、世界一、世界最速かつ世界最高の超高齢化社会に直面しているJapanだからこそ、JBは我々の次の世代により夢あるTOMORROWをバトンタッチするための成長戦略でもあると、これまで会社を一度も経営したことのない裸の王様CEOは自負しております。未経験だからこそ、チャレンジする。失敗を恐れない。やってみる。既成の考えにとらわれない、自由な発想で挑む。そうすれば、日本は絶対に変わる、「引きこもりの野獣さん」から脱皮し、世界からよりリスペクトされる国になれる。陛下をいただき、二千六百年以上もの歴史、伝統文化を誇れる国なんてそうあるものじゃない! しかもウオッシュレットとハイブリッドカーもワンピースも世界一美味しい水道水もある。OMG!

 ここでもまた、勢いあまってオーバーヒートしてしまいました。鬼長い "Hello! from CEO" ご挨拶になってしまいましたことを、心よりお詫びもうしあげると共に、みなさまの末永いご健康および地球より大きな夢がいっぱい叶いますよう、真摯な祈りとさせていただきます。

 感謝  谷山雄二朗

 Japan Braodcasting.net 最高責任者


June 8, 2013 - Editor in Chief YT

When China invaded Tibet in 1950, they called it “liberation” - whatever that means. His holiness the Dalai Lama has mentioned on multiple occasions that he could just not believe the “blatant lies” Beijing made after thousands of Tibetans had been massacred. That’s right. Chinese communists had announced on the public radio in 1951 that “Tibet had finally been returned to it’s MOTHERLAND.”

And now, look who’s talking over not only the Japan’s Senkaku Islands but also the Spratleys and the Paracel islands. Despite strong protests from Vietnam, Philippines, and Taiwan, Beijing is now claiming all the islands and waters in South China sea as well as the East belongs to them.

Where did the 200 nautical miles rule go? An International maritime law? How ridiculous can the things be?

This current denial of the international law is not a behavior expected from a "Permanent member of U.N security council." Absolutely not.

I am no racist, and I do defy any sort of groundless discrimination whatsoever. However, I must confess that unfortunately, “China is a remorseless liar.” If you don’t believe me, just call Mr.Dalai Lama currently praying for world peace in Dharamsala, northern India near the Nepali border.

On May 8th, 2013, People’s Daily newspaper- a Beijing communist party’s PR-machine posted a commentary questioning Japan’s legal rights over not the Senaku, but another Japanese territory. Okinawa.
So the “blatant lies” by the communists have started again. I mean guys, this is no different from questioning Washington “Excuse me, we do not acknowledge that Hawaii is U.S territory.” This kind of nonsense is simply unacceptable in a modern civilized society today now in the 21st. century. Okinawa was legally annexed to Japan in 1879, just as the Americans did the same 20 years later in 1898. What were the Chinese Xing dynasty doing back then? Smoking pot and opium. Simply nothing. And instead of building a true sovereign nation, Empress Cixi declared war in 1900 against the “8 nation alliance” consisting of Japan, Britain, France, Germany, U.S, Russia, Italia and Austria-Hungary. So called the “Boxer rebellion.”

And now, 113 years after the uprising by the “boxers”, the Chinese communists are starting to provoke Japan to “reconsider” its territorial rights over Okinawa. What kind of a farce is this ladies and gentlemen? A Terry Gulliam joke sir?

Making this sort of despicable claim does not, and will not benefit Beijing. Not now, nor in the future. We, the people of the free world and democratic society must urge and “teach” the defiant communists to act like a decent adult, follow international orders and rules instead of perpetually infiltrating the servers of the New York Times and Washington post.

Therefore, I must say that the recent Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai’s call on Washington to be “truly neutral” on the Senkaku Islands dispute is nothing but a fallacy, nothing but reprehensible. Since it is they, the communists that’s falsifying the truth and distorting history. Neither Senkaku, needless to mention Okinawa has NEVER been, and never will be part of China.

Will the Senkaku become the next Tibet?

Well, please go ask Mr.Dalai Lama or Mr.Shinzo Abe. They’ve got some prudent answers.

Military muscles is all Beijing has. Just because their economic might has soared in the recent years, it simply does not mean the democratic free world must be enslaved by an abnormal country that implements relentless crackdowns denouncing human rights not only of Tibetans or Uygurs or the Mongolians, but on its own people. Just Google “Mr.Chen Guancheng.”

Boy, how many more diapers do the Chinese communists need?

Grow up, please dear.

Thank you.


Comment through FB

World heritage "Mt.Fuji & Ingrid Bergmann"
July 1st, 2013 - Editor in Chief YT

Today, Mt.Fuji's climbing season kicked off.
Well, you may already know but its just been enlisted as a UNESCO world heritage and Japan is heating up like a volcano. Over 300,000 tourists and climbers visit the 3776 meter high mountain annually, but I guess the figure's going to "soar" this year.

Btw, I've challenged climbing it one summer, couple of years ago but in vain.
You see, I went there as a "bodyguard" (like Mr.Kevin Costner) of my mom. But unfortunately both her legs got a cramp at level 8, which is about 3100 meters above ground level. She was like Shuzo Matsuoka who got his legs cramped in Wimbledon in the late 1990's. She couldn't move an inch. The peak of the mountain is level 9 so we were almost there but had to give up. I myself was okay physically, but to be honest I did have some severe headache when we reached the log-house at level 8. That's right, I was deprived of this mighty exuberance to order a pint of beer at the canteen there. ( I think it was 1000 yen for 500ml)

But you know what guys?
At level 8, you are well over the clouds and at about 5 the next morning we were greeted with "Goraico" - or the rising sun as beautiful as Ingrid Bergmann in the movie "Casablanca" with rice balls in our little hands.

We were in this climbing group of about 20 people, and just 3 of us obviously "dropped out" but guess what happened to the rest of the climbers. Out of 17 of 'em, 5 suddenly fatally ill while they approached the peak. They couldn't move due to the altitude-sickness. And in Mt.Fuji there's this "Rescue Horse" for those in need, but they are available only from level 7 below. However, I later heard that since these 5 individuals were so much under "imminent danger" each paid some extra money and demanded the horse come up all the way to level 8. They were all lifted into 1 "horse cart" and I recall each paid approximately $100〜$200, nothing cheap indeed.

So please be careful guys, no rush, no hurry.

Just one more thing.
There's not enough "LOOs" on Mt.Fuji. Moreover, you've got to pay. When I was there it was somewhere between 100 yen to 300 for " 1 pee." This is nothing cheap either. And now, since Mt.Fuji's been enlisted as UNESCO world heritage, I'm for certain that you will have to line up 3 KM for a pee. That's totally ridiculous guys, so make sure not to drink too much before you climb, or else you'll definitely develop cystitis.

So just in case, make sure to carry some diapers.

Anyways, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease visit Japan, especially Tokyo guys!

You will definitely discover some "Great Japan"........... something exotic, something groovy old and new just like "Great Britain!"

And please send us pics and let us know your experience here. → yourpics@JapanBroadcasting.net

Ohayo Gozaimass!


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Is Japan really a U.S "ally?" - Sushi Alliance

Editor in Chief, YT. July 1, 2013

Guys, I am a firm believer in human rights and democracy.
Japan is an open country with freedom of speech, unlike our panda neighbor next door.
Therefore, I do believe Tokyo have to keep the relationship with the "democratic" U.S absolutely top notch in order to maintain peace and stability in Asia. I'm no racist guys, but our monstrous communist regime is far from trustworthy. Just ask the great Foreign Minister of the Philippines Mr.Del Rosario if you are skeptical.

But now, as a humble, but at the same time an outspoken Samurai of the 21st century, a feeling of pure "doubt" has started to arouse within my little mind after reading an article on the great British The Guardian Newspaper that depicts "U.S also spied on the Embassy of Japan, as a TARGET" - according to the latest "leaks" by the fugitive Edward Snowden.

スクリーンショット(2013-07-01 13.53.58).png

OMG guys.

If what is mentioned on this article is true, it is far beyond "disappointing." Not only is is despicable, but the mutual trust between Tokyo and Washington could blow up like an erupting volcano. As a true American "ally", Japan has every right to claim and demand an explanation from the Obama administration ASAP, on this issue. We've got over 45,000 U.S military personnels in Japan today, and if you add their families in U.S camps for example in Yokosuka and Yokota, the whole figure soars to approximately 100,000. Boy, that's huge. It could easily fill up the new Yankee stadium in N.Y.

But now, if the U.S government is actually "spying" on Japan as a "TARGET" - whatever that means ( I say it again guys, simply reprehensible) there is no doubt this obnoxious disclosure will hamper Japan-U.S alliance to every level. I mean, how would you expect Tokyo to fully trust Washington under these circumstances?

Human rights? Freedom? Democracy?

Of course, I trust Mr.Obama zillion times more than Mr.Xi.
Japan's post war period is a story about Tokyo getting married to Washington. Although I do regard Japan is overdependent on the U.S militarily, the undeniable truth is that we cannot do without them at the present stage. If Tokyo had been, and still is a "wife" of Washington supplying approx. 200 billion yen annually to support the U.S military presence in Japan, Mr."Fugitive Snowden" might have given us a little opportunity to re-think and reconsider what this Japan-U.S military ties is all about, both fundamentally and strategically.

In order to face the rising military muscles of Communist China, Tokyo and Washington ought to work together hand in hand, that's right like a salmon and "Shari" (rice in vinegar for sushi). Our DIVORCE is unrealistic and unproductive needless to say, however if U.S is actually SPYING on Japan as a "Target", Tokyo ought to begin considering the so called "Plan B". (Nothing got to do with Mr.Brad Pitt, btw)

Mutual trust.

That's all I'm asking for. If the Obama administration cannot offer decent explanation to Tokyo's Abe administration, I guess the U.S is ineligible as a true partner for the Japan-U.S military alliance. I am not anti-U.S guys, rather I've been a big fan of America in the past, and still am. I own 2 "A-Rod Yankees T-shirts" and wear them to Jingoo Baseball Stadium now and so often. At least I still want to "believe" in the United States.

However, this little newspaper article is questioning the basic aspect of America as a nation.

Just because they are the world's only superpower today, does it justify everything they do? Yes, America is a "Spiderman" , "Superman" and "HULK", or Mr.Bruce Willis of "Die Hard 4." A stereotype GOOD GUY. But remember guys, even a good guy Mr.Willis filed for a divorce with "G.I Jane."

Any relationship can unfortunately end, according to circumstances.

I'm only a naughty broadcaster, an outspoken Samurai of the 21st.century. I do not regard Mr.Snowden as a hero. But since I do admire the fundamental TRUTH for a better understanding of the world we live in, it is my sincere hope and wish that we receive an adequate, humble explanation from Washington sometime soon. Transparency is decisive to attain a true relationship as an unequivocal ally.

Arigato Gozaimass.

God bless America!


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9条と96条を憲法改正しても、ぜんぜん大丈夫な理由 - July 3, 2013- Editor in chief YT











July 9, 2013 - Editor in Chief YT

去年の白書は、我がスーパーヒーロー Michael Jacksonが生前訪れた東京駅前の「八重洲ブックセンター」でゲットしたが、とにかく聖書の半分ほどの分厚さで驚いた。ところが内容は、自衛隊=「アメリカ軍の後方支援部隊」の臭いがプンプンして、まるでカチカチにドライなパンを使ったHOTDOGを食べているような読書感であった。

「竹島の記述があるのが、けしからん」、とかいう言語明瞭意味不明、竹下登。日本側は領有権を放棄せよ、と相変わらずUNILATERAL = 一方的な従来の主張に固執しているようだが、今日は反論するには暑過ぎるのでやめておこう。




ちなみに韓国サイドは、ぼくがこれまで何度かアップロードしているYouTubeスピーチなどを観て、コンタクトしてきたようだ。たかが英語、されど英語。そこに世界ツールとしての存在価値がある。幸か不幸か、ぼくは日本ではウケない。放射性物質のような存在程度にしか思われていない。帰国した頃から、日本社会は和を尊ぶからお前は弾かれる。打たれる杭だ、と散々言われたが、基本的に当時から何も変わっていない。逆に、海外では “Outspoken Samurai of the 21st century” (もの申す二十一世紀型サムライ)として、さまざまな活動の場を与えられて来た。それはそれで、構わない。通常の日本人は、チワワのように大人し過ぎると常々感じてきたしそれを叩き壊すことぞ自分の役割だとも考えている。自己主張しない政府、外務省、日本人。国内でいばっているハゲおやじに限って、海外に言ったらペコペコ奴隷犬のように小さく構えている。(Peco Peco Dog- PPD) 慰安婦問題一つとっても、そうした尻拭いをぼくらまったく戦前の日本軍、戦後の55年体制と関わりのない世代がさせられているのが現状だ。そこにある種の虚しさを感じることを、強調しすぎることはない。

インタビューは、ぼくの強い希望ですべて英語で行われた。ぼくは言った。「Lee Myon Bak 前韓国大統領は、兄さんが収賄罪で逮捕されて国内政治の求心力が急落したと思ったら、いきなりヘリに乗って竹島に飛んだ。そういう打算的で唾棄すべき低次元のパフォーマンスは不毛だよ」、と。韓国の政治家が、「ドクト」を単に政治利用しているともぼくは言ったが、K氏は決してその場では否定しなかった。「日本の政治家も竹島を政治利用しているでしょう」、と彼は言いたげな気もしたが。その点、読者のみなさんはどう思う?


おそらく韓国が「反日」で盛り上がる敗戦日前後に、この番組は放送されるのだろうが、たとえプロデューサーのKさんが仮に公平中立な立場で番組構成を組み立てたとしても、その上にいるExecutive Pが強烈な右翼で携帯電話も「Sonyは絶対使わない、やっぱサムソン」的な偏った人物であったならば、間違いなく下級武士タニヤマユジローさんは韓国TVで「ヒール役」として料理されてしまうだろう。放送後は、ミョンドンで二度とあの美味しい焼きイカさんをモグモグできないかもしれない。


 あ、最後に余談だが今年も激弱ヤクルトスワローズのファンクラブに入ってしまったが、すでに40敗を越えて最下位。CS「ファーストステージ」突破は、言うまでもなく”Mission Impossible.” Mr.Tom Cruise.

Speak out, speak out, speak out.





July27, 2013 - Editor in Chief YT (日本語解説は、↓にスクロールお願いします)

PM Abe's visit to Singapore successful, now he heads for the Philippines

The robust, resilient Japan is back.

Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan currently on his " 3 nations South east Asia tour" (Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines) discussed wide range of issues yesterday with the Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong.

Abe's message is crystal clear.
And that is to strengthen and beef up Japan's ties with Singapore and the ASEAN countries on a diplomatic basis. PM Lee welcomed Abe's visit right after the stunning victory by his ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in last week's upper house election.

What may be surprising, Abe is yet to meet Xi Jinping of China since he took office in December last year.

Abe and Lee(2013-07-27 11.14.44).png

Why? Well, it is because Beijing is provoking Tokyo by insisting that they will only hold talks on onw condition. That "PM Abe admit the Senkaku Islands as a disputed territory". Full stop. I believe that is nothing but an arrogant, despicable move by the Chinese communist authorities which is a master of creating farce. Such a rude diplomatic behavior is simply ridiculous and unacceptable. Abe's response is always "Japan's door is wide open. If you want to meet up Mr.Beijing, just know on our door".

You see, Japan is a democratic nation with free speech.

China? - All they want to do is to dominate the world, using their rapidly growing military muscles. Philippine's foreign minister Del Rosario condemned Beijing's militarization at an ASEAN conference in Brunei last month.

I fully support Mr.Del Rosario's remarks since as you see on the map below, Beijing's territorial claims is nothing but repulsive. They not only do they ignore the international-maritime law, the so called "200-nauticle mile (370KM) Economic Exclusion Zone -EEZ " but they have sent military troops and already occupied Scarborough shoal of the Philippines which is only 124 nauticle miles (230KM) off the Philippine coast.

This is truly a defiant challenge to the law and order of the international community. I mean what kind of a joke is this? A "Permanent member of U.N security council violating an international law". Absolutely despicable.

Besides, take a look at the "Red-U-Curve" on this map below.

Chinas claim in South china sea.png

That's right. China's aim is to swallow up the whole ASEAN sea by violating the international law.

And that is exactly why the ASEAN nations of Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines rebuke China for its negligence and selfish delusion. Whenever Beijing makes remarks such as " These territories was, had been and still is an indigenous part of China" - we must all be aware that it is another Chinese farce. Anything that benefits the Chinese communist party becomes the "truth" - legal validity simply is out of the question. That's right, we the people of the democratic world do not share common values with the authoritarian communists.

The notorious "Panda Attack" is just around the corner. Beijing is using the same strategy when claiming sovereignty over Japan's Senkaku islands. To those of you who aren't familiar with this issue, I'll tell you the answer in advance on YouTube. Senkaku is indisputable.


PM Shinzo Abe will make an official visit to the Philippines today. Abe and President "Noy Noy" shall become great partners, especially when it has already been announced that Tokyo will support Manila with 10 coast guard surveilance ships.

Japan and ASEAN should work together, like a hand in glove now in the 21st century.

How about we name it "JASEAN -ALLIANCE" ? (Japan-ASEAN)

Peace and security within the Asia-Pacific region is under an imminent threat, you name it.

We all need to strengthen its military strength, not to fight war, but in order to maintain peace. And that is also why I truly and humbly insist that Japan's revision of its pacifist constitution is not only inevitable, but will definitely contribute to peace in Asia. I mean, what kind of constitution depicts "We will possess no army, navy or air force?"

Unfortunately, the world we live in is not a Tokyo Disneyland. Already 70 years after the war, I think the dinner is ready.

Good arms, good smiles.

Thank you.


安倍総理のASEAN三か国ツアーの成功を期待する   (英文記事の要約・解説含む)







Abe and Biden(2013-07-27 11.13.50).png




よって今こそJapan-ASEAN 同盟 (JASEAN Alliance=ジャセアン)を提唱し、強化していくべきだろう。それこそが、尖閣諸島を守ることにもつながるからに他ならない。アジアにおける独裁国家の厚顔無恥なる横暴を食い止められるのも、結局は日本しかないのだ。よって、英文記事のラストの部分は憲法9条改正への理解を求めた。丁寧に、我が国のスタンス、そして「戦争をするためでなく、平和を守るために憲法改正し軍事力を増強する」ことを明確に、日本人の心の声として発信し続けていくことぞ、我々一人一人に与えられた使命である。

余談だが、Team JBでは最近「15秒の英会話」というiPhone-スマホ英語シリーズを始めた。ご存知の方もいるかもしれないが、ユーモアを胸に若干コメディタッチにもなっているかもしれない。一日、わずか15秒。取るに足りないフレーズでも、大きな声でつぶやき続ければ自分のものになる。一人でも多くの日本人に、世界ツールのENGLISHで爆発的に自己主張して欲しいものである。




Imminent crisis

U.S and France ought to be explicit about the future plans on "how to solve" the Syrian conflict.
A military intervention without it I believe would be not only immoral but unproductive for the entire world. There are enough bloodshed going on in Damascus already, and the west can never be "too careful" before pressing the Tomahawk-button from the Mediterranean.

It would only cost more civilian lives.

Casualties of the Syrian civil war is said to have reached above 100,000.
This devastating death toll could get even more worse unless the international community act in a decent manner, "with a cause". Whether or not the incumbent Bashar Al Asaad and his forces has actually used chemical weapons still remains unclear. I do not stand on his side, but the Syrian government has been reiterating that they've never usedany sort of weapons of mass destruction.

Whether or nor you believe such remarks made by the foreign minister of Syria is up to each one of us, but one thing that is for certain is that blindly believing every single word from the rebels is no different from stepping on a land mine guys. The so called the "Free Syrian Army" is in other words a French "bouillabaisse" from Marseilles, with dozens of different type of fish and prawns and crabs boiled in a single bowl.

There are no Starbucks or Sushi bars in Aleppo

And that is why we cant visualize "who is actually in charge" of the so called the REBELS.
They are funded by anti-Assad forces both militarily and financially. and their ultimate purpose is to use the current conflict to meet its domestic ends. A defiant Japanese video journalist Mika Yamamoto waskilled in Aleppo last year, but it still remains unclear who had pulled the trigger at this brave woman. She could have died by the shooting between the rebels themselves, who knows?!
What is happening in war zones is beyond our imagination. There are no Starbucks or Sushi bars in Aleppo guys, killing someone "just happens" like you take a sip of house blend every morning near your office.

The use of chemical weapons is absolutely despicable, but unless the global community is 130% sure of its use by the incumbent, a military intervention would totally be nothing but an act of ego to satisfy one's own greed and incentives.
Dozens of baseless and groundless accusations are eroding across the planet every single day, and we cannot be "too careful" when making decisive decisions.

America could not find a single "weapons of mass destruction" back in 2003.
All they found was Saddam Hussein in a little rabbit hole, looking like a filthy Santa claus with unshaved snow white beards. He immediately became the "christmas present" for Washington.

France's Holland's quiet ambitions

It is highly questionable why the French president Hollande is more than eager to fire missiles right into the heart of Damascus. But if we look back in history, things come much easier to comprehend.

Syria had become a virtual colony、or a French mandate in 1920, under the Treaty of Sevres. (Aug.10) And it remained under the French influence until 1946, when Syria finally gained independence. The French had taken control of Lebanon next door as well till the end of WW2.

So when I recently heard a news that the French incumbent Hollande is set for a military strike on Syria as a retaliation for "Asaad's alleged use of chemical weapons", it automatically aroused on my mind that Mr.Hollande has finally disclosed his potential ambition to bring the Syrian soil back to French influence once again. In January this year, the French army launched air strikes on Islamist rebels in Mali. Although it has been reported that Paris intervened in accordance with the demand from the Mali government, it looks as though the French socialist leader loves "war games". But as I've mentioned, "there are enough artilleries being fired at in the middle east already, everyday".

Peace is in our hands.

We must not forget the fact that the Syrian conflict is a "civil war", indeed. Though the international community must remain vigilant as we are, that does not mean an imprudent, reckless military intervention. Such an act will lead to a further bloodshed killing innocent women and children.

And that's the last thing we want.


Asia's air safety at risk

Flying over "China's new air defense zone"

nearly wet my pants for the first time in 35 years. I'm serious. First, please take a look at the photo I took on JAL flight 723, just 8 days ago.

ADIZ China- JapanBroadcasting.net.JPG

I repeat. I'm not kidding ladies and gents.  Just 2 days ago and also 8 days ago, I happened to fly over the controversial "New Chinese air defense zone" (ADIZ)  that was set up suddenly, and unilaterally by the Beijing communist government. 

As the U.S vice president Joe Biden reiterated that China's recent moves are destabilizing peace in Asia on Dec.4 when he met Beijing's commander in chief, I believe that the time has come to prove once and for all the actual credibility of the "Japan-U.S alliance" since it was signed and launched in 1960, by the grandpa of the incumbent PM of Japan, Shinzo Abe.

I believe there are 3 decisive factors why Japan and the U.S rebuke China's action.

1.  Beijing unilaterally extended its ADIZ over Japan's Senkaku Islands. This is nothing but a territorial provocation.

2. China's implementation of its "new ADIZ" = is equivalent to extending a "new Airspace". That's how the Beijing government is treating this new zone, by demanding flight plans even from every single "commercial flights" over the zone. Oh my JAL.

3. Japan's current ADIZ was set up by the U.S after WW2.  Therefore, China's recent move is nothing but a challenge that is intended to undermine Washington's capability in the Asian region.  I call it another "Panda Attack".

 As my JAL 723 Boeing jet flew over Kyushu island and headed for Okinawa and the neighbouring Taiwan, I looked outside from the window simply to see a beautiful creation by god, that's right - an open blue sky.  "What if Chinese military aircraft suddenly knocks on the door?!  What am I gonna do!? " - Unfortunately I gradually started to turn into a chicken, unable to sit still so went to pee after a can of Asahi.

  I must admit that I was pretty much appalled not only when Beijing announced its extended ADIZ 5 days prior to my flight, but also everytime I imagined my plane confronting SU-27sk aircraft.  So I immediatedly ordered a bottle of red.

 However, approximately 40 minutes later the plane route shifted slightly to the east. The plane seemed to be heading to fly over Taiwan till then, so it did seem as though JAL's pilot "intentionally" avoided the controversial zone and secure safety measures.  That's when I was finally freed from "Ultra Moony's" (No.1 selling diaper in Japan) nightmare.  

My undies were "super dry", just  like the beer.

 As most of JB's smart readers may already know,  the recent unilateral move by Beijing is to show off its military muscles, rapidly strengthening by sky rocketing military budget.  For the past 20 years, Chinese communist party has supplied its army with massive military expendidures. That's right, a two-digit growth for over 2 decades.

 What is it for?!
 Does anyone know!?  ... its a pure mystery especially when no country in Asia is intending to declare war against its neighbours. (Oops, besides North Korea's Mr.Kim Jong Un...)  Therefore, you must truly be a narrow minded moron, or merely stupid to imagine the necessity to strengthen your own military might.
 Moreover, China is nuked.
 On the other hand, Japan only has water cannons, just like the one our whaling ships use to fight off the chubby, hairy "Terrorist of the sea" - Paul Watson.

 During a dialogue between U.S President Barack Obama and Beijing's Xi Jingping in June this year in California, it was widely reported by the media that the latter made the following assertion.   "Pacific ocean is big enough for 2 big powers". Full stop.

 What does this mean guys!?

 Does it mean that Mr.Xi wants half of "太平洋" - or the "Pacific" ocean!? Absolutely. We, the people of the free, democratic world must not overlook, nor underestimate the true intentions of Beijing communists.  

 Don't take me wrong. 
 I'm no racist, don't work for Al Caida or Ku Klux Klan. Bob Dylan!? Who cares. All I want to stress here, to you great readers is that as one human being on this planet, as a man that values human rights and the rule of law, I simply cannot passively observe China's military oppresion playing PS4 or Xbox one war games.  We are talking about the future of 21st century here, whether we  respect democracy and international order, or simply neglect it.

My name is not Edward Snowden, nor do I believe Washington is perfect. However, the greatness of America is that it moves accordingly to its principles. Democracy and the rule of law. Cyber espionage - or "spying" should I call it is implemented not only by U.S federal government, but also by the French, and Mr.James Bond of Britain. MI6. And under these circumstances, the world must not over react to the recent disclosure of NSA, but instead we must take a look at the bigger picture -  whether to choose a world of faith and democracy = U.S , or to take the side of an authoritarian dictatorship = China.

 As for my self, the answer is crystal clear.
 Clearer than Billy Crystal. (Btw,  is he still alive?!)

 How about you!?  Which side you gonna be on!?  Especially when the world's going to shake in turmoil, like a rolling stone!?

Oh, btw, Mick Jagger will visit Tokyo next year! Hurray.

 Thank you.


Monocle Yujiro.jpg JB's editor-in-chief, Yujiro Taniyama

日本語は、↓ にスクロールお願いします!

1973 marked the beginning

of Tokyo's intimate friendship with the ASEAN nations. And currently (while I'm writing this article) on Dec.14th 2013, the leaders are holding peace talks in Akasaka Palace.

Dec14th2013Akasaka-geihinkan.jpgOMG, ladies & gents, please wait a minute. That means Japan - ASEAN couples were born when I was born. What a coincidence.
Indeed, I am the "Class of '90" just like Paul Walker who passed away amidst tragic car accident recently.

RIP Paul. You will be remembered to all the movie fans, no doubt.

Now, going back to the main theme - ASEAN consists of 10 nations. Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Brunei, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar. Furthemore, there are 600 million people in the whole region which outweigh's EU's maket of 500.

And to my surprise there's another coincidence - that's right, I grew up in these countries as a teenager. When I was 13 our family moved to Thailand. I enrolled to the mighty International School of Bangkok (ISB), which was known for its super rigorous exams. If you don't believe me go ask the 75th U.S treasure secretary Tim Geithner. I was always petrified when the teachers returned me the test papers - since despite the fact I'd answered the questions "almost" perfect, I would somehow get a B. Or B+, if lucky. Swedish Mr.Soderberg's Algebra class was probably the only A I got in year 8.

Anyways, for the next 3 consecutive years, ASEAN was my home. Based in Soi 15 Sukhumvit road, I would now and then travel to other south east asian nations such as Singapore and Indonesia to participate in IASAS (Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools) sports competition, "representing Thailand" in baseball and softball. I mean, I know guys, Thais have absolutely no passion for ball game. So I luckily became one of the selected members of this "unpopular" category.

Yesterday, on "Friday 13th", or Dec.13th 2013, Japan's PM Shinzo Abe held dialouges with the ASEAN leaders currently visiting Tokyo for the "Japan-ASEAN Summit". Regional security and economic cooperation was the theme. Abe promised to strengthen bilateral currency swaps with nations including Jakarta and Manila. Akasaka-Palace State Guest House where the conference is currently being held is just 15 minutes walk away from where I am writing this blog, and since it is a super sunny Saturday lunch hour I believe the leaders are enjoying some fresh Tuna Sushi with miso soup for lunch break.

According to the medias including Wall Street Journal, Japan's PM Abe has promised ASEAN loans and grants worth 2 trillion yen for the next 5 years. That is quite a large sum of money = approx. $20 billion USD.

Tokyo has pledged over total sum of 5 billion yen (approx.$500 million = $1→ ¥100 basis) in support for Tacloban and the surrounding areas which was hit by a devastating typhoon Haiyan last month. I must say Beijing's "donation", or an official announcement of $100,000 USD support for the Philippino victims was a Monty Python joke, indeed.

Beijing resents Manila simply because the Philippino President Noy Noy Aquino has recently taken the Spratley islands territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Chinese Communist government is in a way "funny" - meaning unsophisticated acting like a spoiled child insulting its neighbour by offering just "$100 thousand" donation, I must say because you can't even buy a second hand Ferrari !

As I have previously written, China's recently declaration of its "New ADIZ" is nothing but a shallow minded "Panda Attack" ignoring rule of law and the status quo. Guys, I did think the great Chinese leaders were a little smarter. Even Doraemon's Nobita Nobi can think better, no!? Beijing's hidden (or open, in a way) intention was to reinforce its groundless claims over Japan's Senkaku islands. However, their sudden announcement of its air-defense zone was undoubtedly a "Great leap backward", once again.

And lastly, let me stress that it is not only Tokyo that is dealing with a provocative neighbour. ASEAN nations - Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia as well as Taiwan is also currently facing Chinese military agression in the "ASEAN SEA" - (sounds better than South China Sea, I suppose!) . Beijing is claiming everything they see like a Panda in search of bloody bamboo trees undermining the UNCLOS - United Nations's Convention on the Law Of the Sea) 1982. We, the people of the democratic free world cannot allow that ladies and gentlemen. Freedom of speech, we enjoy today on YouTube and all the other medias. However, the "Freedom of navigation and aviation" is under imminent threat in ASEAN region as well as east asia.

Please be careful. Mr.Santa claus might be shot down with Rudolph the reindeer in the ASEAN skies while delivering the presents on Christmas eve!


Thank you.




Japan-ASEAN 40 year anniversary.jpgウォールストリート・ジャーナルは、日本が "Japan-ASEAN Summit" を主催していることに対する中国外務省報道官の次のコメントを早くも載せている。

At a news briefing Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Beijing had been monitoring Mr. Abe's diplomatic efforts.
"We hope that when [countries] develop relationships with other relevant countries, they shouldn't target a third country and shouldn't damage third-party interests," he said. "They should make due contributions to uphold regional peace and stability."
(関係諸国と友好関係を築くプロセスにおいて、それは第三国をターゲットにすべきではないし、その第三者の利益を侵害すべきでもない。彼らはみな地域の平和と安定に寄与すべきである- ホンレイ報道官)

あいかわらずクスリをやっているとしか思えない、中国外務省節全開といったところである。尖閣諸島上空を一方的に防空圏に設定し「地域の平和を乱している」のは、いったいどこの誰なのか。ぼくは、10月にインドネシア、そして先月はマレーシアを訪問したのだが、ホテルのTVで流れるCCTV (新華社通信)チャンネルからは、"日本の軍事大国化を国際社会にアピール" せんとする報道姿勢は相変わらずであった。そして自らはいつも棚上げして得意の「パンダ・アタック」。

先ほどの「タメ」に続いて、もう一つ"偶然"ながら、谷山雄二朗はハイスクール時代をASEANを代表する国の一つ、タイで過ごしたことも折角の機会なので申し上げておきたい。第75代アメリカ合衆国財務長官だったティム・ガイスナー氏は、これまた偶然ながらぼくの"先輩”にあたるのである。そう、International School of Bangkok (ISB) という、タイで最も古いインターナショナルスクールの日々は、恐ろしくアジア特有の35℃の熱気に包まれていた。ところが不思議なことに、教室に入るたびそこは南極であった。最近のタイの高級デパート "Paragon"内から、プロンポン駅前の "Emporium" がそうであるように、このASEANの国の室内はクーラーが異常に効いているからに他ならない。

今、このブログを書いている場所からわずか徒歩15分の赤坂迎賓館にて、我が国の安倍晋三総理とASEANの首脳たちが "Japan- Asean Summit" に出席している。まさに現在、会議は「進行中」にちがいない。ドバイの高級ホテルのお兄ちゃんの指示に振り回され、国内情勢が一瞬即発状態の美人PMインラック氏が不在なのを残念がっているのは、おそらく総理も同じにちがいない。とはいえ、2014年の2/2に再び総選挙を行ったとして、勝つのは与党なのである。タクシン兄ちゃんが、タイの首相だったのは2006年の夏までだったが(クーデターで追放されるまで)、それまでの間彼はタイ東北部のイサーン県などの決して豊かでない地方にお金をバラまいた。現金を手渡したのかどうかは、ぼくはその頃は灼熱のプーケット国際マラソンを走っていたかもしれないので定かではない。ただ、「一ヶ月90円で、医療費受け放題」という鼻血大出血サービス政策を行うなど、クスリは必要だがお金がなくて入手できないといった大多数の比較的貧しい地方の人々に歓喜のバック転をさせてきたことは、ぼくが知る限り事実である。よって、タイで総選挙が行われればBKKに出稼ぎに来ているタクシー運転手やマッサージ娘、および地方で仕送りを受けている両親や親戚たちは「赤T」=タクシン派=美人のインラックに一票を今でも必ず投じるのである。人間感情として、やむしかたないところだろう。ただ、問題の核心は「ではその"お兄ちゃんがバラまいたお金" はどこからでてきたのか!?」という点なのである。中国共産党の温家宝元首相一族が、2500億円レヴェルの"不正蓄財" を行っていると去年、New York Timesがすっぱ抜いたが、"お兄ちゃん"も不正にかき集めたお金でそれを地方や貧しい人々にバラまいた、というのがアビシット元首相率いるタイ民主党側の言い分である。

いずれにせよ、在バンコクのタイ人のおよそ六割が中華系ともいわれることもあり(タクシン元首相も中華系)、微笑みの国タイランドも残念ながら現地の友達や有識者に聞くたびに "corruption is very bad here, still" 、と汚職がひどいことを嘆いているのも事実。もちろん、北京や上海と比べたら屁みたいなものだろうが、我が日本丸がこれからASEAN諸国と上手に、かつ合理的に付き合って行くためにはこうした賄賂なり、領収書のいらない(とでも言っておこう)お金なりと、どう「お友達」になるかも影響してこよう。この夏、ミャンマーをビジネスで訪れたぼくの知人も次のように言っていたぐらいだ。


美人インラックからお兄ちゃん、そしてアウンサン・スーチーさんの地元などポンポン話題がチェンジしてしまった。とそれはさておき、ASEAN. 本題に戻ろう。

多くのメディアがすでに報じているように、我が国政府は今後五年間で二兆円というビッグマネーを、ASEANに投じることを決定した。国防費の半分近い金額になるので、いかに安倍晋三総理が "パンダ包囲網" を築こうとしているかがわかる。ただ、先述したとおりこの2,000,000,000,000円という、ぼくの年収の五年分に当たるモンスター・キャッシュの大半が、東南アジアの有力者の「お小遣い」として消えぬよう監視・フォローしていくシステム構築も不可欠だとぼくは考える。フィリピンで先月起きた台風Haiyan直後に、世界各国から義援金がマニラに集まったが、その時でさえ欧米メディアの多くは「フィリピン政府の高級幹部のカジノ代に多くが消えて、支援が被災した人々に届かないんじゃないのか?」という論調が目立った。それが現実なのである。

ところで、被災者数が四百万人とも言われる今回、レイテ島を襲った台風だが、官邸は結局日本円にして50億円という圧倒的な支援を秋野、いやアキノ大統領に表明。それに対し、お隣りのパンダさんは当初「千万円の義援金をマニラに送ります」という、侮辱以外の何でもない "クスリ発言" を行い国際社会から軽蔑の目で観られたことも、記憶に新しい。世界第二位の「大国」とあろうものが、おフェラーリの中古車でさえも購入できないスズメの涙の寄付金しか出さないというのだから、これはもう野比のび太さんの思考回路を遥かに下回る低能ぶりと言えよう。


先月から今月の頭にかけて、ぼくはJAL723便に飛び乗って中国が最近設定したADIZ (Air Defence Identification Zone) - 防空識別圏の "スレスレ” を飛んで来た。その時にことはすでに書いたとおりだが(英文)、アジアの空を飛んでいてあれほど「ある種の不可解な不安」に襲われたことも、それまではなかった。よって高度一万フィートで通常、ぼくはスーパードライを一杯飲み干せば窓の向こうの真っ白い雲の上でジャイアンやドラえもんさんがバレーボールを大林素子さんとしている光景がぽーっと浮かんでくるのだが、二週間前のフライトではそれがまったくなかった。「もしかしたら中国人民解放軍のスホイ27が突然現れるんじゃないか」、とか威嚇ミサイルを発射してくるのではないだろうか、といった "根拠ゼロではない" 脅威に煽られ、なんとJALのCAに「スイマセン、レッドを一つ」とボトルを一本(といっても300ML程度だが)追加発注してしまったのだから。


そんな恐るべき空に、我らがアジアのSKYがなろうとしている。この現実。この機内食。これまでは美味しくてしょうがなかったのに、前回のフライトでは味がしなかった。ASEANの国々も、日本が尖閣諸島でパンダ・アタックの軍事的圧力に直面しているように、南沙諸島で同じ現実に頭を悩ましている。だからこそ、真の独立国家としてアジアの平和のリーダーシップを取るJapanとして、ぼくらは侍の誇りを胸にテイクオフせねばならない。パンダはもともとは、チベットの動物だそうだ。先月、両国国技館にてダライ・ラマ法王様の説法を聞いた。枡席だったので、足を伸ばすことは出来たが、法王様の朗らかなスマイルと淡々とした英語スピーチの一言一言の裏には、愛する祖国を、親愛なる郷土を奪われた哀しみが密かににじみ出ているようにも感じた。そして、その時、ぼくはふと思った。偶然にも、法王様が説法されたステージは、大横綱白鳳が日頃から豪快な押し出しを連発している聖なる土俵ではないか。白鳳の故郷モンゴルの三分の一にあたる内モンゴルは、すでに中国語教育が義務化されている。「漢民族による強制的な入植が、このまま続けば残りの三分の二も危ういの。本当に心配だわ。どうしたらいいの!?」 - というメッセージをぼくはこの夏、FBを通じてモンゴルの女の子から受け取った。しかし、明確な説得力のある返信ができないまま彼女を失望させてしまった。


独立国家のことを、"Sovereign nation" という。果たして今のニッポンは 「ソヴェレン」だろうか!? 憲法第9条の二項の「陸海空軍を保持しない」と明記している時点で、答えはNOである。戦争するためでなく、戦争をしないために、アジアおよび世界の平和と安定に貢献するために今ほど憲法改正が求められている時代もなかろう。官邸の集団的自衛権の容認へ向けた動きを、アメリカのみならずオーストラリアのアボット政権、フィリピンのアキノ政権をはじめとるする国々が歓迎しているのをみれば一目瞭然である。

安倍総理の「いとこ」 = アンクル・ジローでもない。もう一つの狂犬病、いや狂犬国ではその" アンクル・チャン" がルーマニアの故チャウシェスク大統領ばりに銃殺されたそうだが、そうしたJR北海道はともかく、憲法改正を遅くともTOKYO OLYMPICS 2020 までに実現し、ニッポンの空を、そしてアジアの空を、ASEANの空をオムツのパンパースないしはウルトラムーニーなしで飛べる「酔えるドラえもんのSKY」にするためにも、これから猪突猛進していこうと考えている。

今年の日本周辺の空は、下手に尖閣の上空などをトナカイさんのルドルフ君と一緒にソリで通貨しちゃったら撃ち落とされちゃうかもしれませんよ?!?!  気をつけてくださいね m( __)m


そうだ、東南アジアのみなさん、今の「南シナ海」の名称を、21世紀から "ASEAN SEA" に改称するのはどうでしょう!?

Good Santa, good christmas.