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「This is your captain speaking. The Morning Goolies Airlines will be proudly suspended starting today, due to unspecified motivation. Refunds are negotiable and we hope you’ll fly with us again for an unspecified vacation. Hope to you. Thank you 」


- Today's GOOLIES - by Glorious Editor in Chief 

「‘Resurrection’ reiterated so many times, solemn preaches ununderstandable unchristian whine. ‘Compassion’ also stated once or twice, now that’s conceivable simple and nice 」 9.20

「Typhoon Elizabeth smashing Tokyo tonight, when Westminster Abbey grieves Mary Alexander’s departure flight. Kaminari-lightening, deity Canterbury beaming, rain ‘o rain! Bucket of tears thundering Mother Thames! 」 9.19

「Birth of felicity, voluptuous tragedy. Strictly unrehearsed, we’re oscillating cacophony 」 9.18

「Surpassing a kiddy going to school, “Ohio” beamed the stranger clear firmament drool. Boy cracked a smile of an untarnished infantile, “iktsoo?” asked the scavenger 7 was the answer. Quick chat soon over, chatty silly waved sayonara. じゃぁまたね “Jar-mata nay!” whooped the stripling second grader, what a rhapsody ’n what a way to start a day! 」9.6

「空蟬 Utsoo-semi the cicada’s body empty, depicting transience of our form-like galaxy. 2000 days beneath the earth, 200 hours lifespan unearthly. They sing to the fullest, every breath so godly 」 9.5

「Kimpo airport became Gimpo. Kyongbok Palace became Gyeongbok. Kimchi nevertheless still spelled Kimchi. Inexplicable. Pusan city one day renamed Busan. Pohang city though maintained Pohang. Taejon then unilaterally changed to Daejon. Taegu is now Daegu. Cheju airlines is Jaeju. Kyongju masquerading as Gyeongju but Mr. Kim ain’t labelled Mr. Gim. Fantastically unscrupulous perplexing for Chosun-mongering tourists fantabulous, do please not consider one day switching Korea to Gorea. Or else the world atlas’ll catch diarrhea if not gonorrhea」 9.3

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「Oriental within. Occidental without. Wisdom within. Intellectual without. Bushido or Bible, wonderment of life indescribable. Vivacious Buddha’s self-denial 」 8.19

「Sound of raindrops hitting the leaves, morning pigeons’ cacophony autumn breeze 」8.18

「Zen is pen, pen is Zen. State of mind of a cosmic kind. Zen is poem, poem is Zen. Pensive wisdom beyond intellectual whoredom. Zen is pen」8.16

「Nancy Pepsi a decrepit granny, Asian holiday sipping Pepsi. She hustled distributed her bottles super icy, ingredients were sugar ’n democracy almighty. Bamboo eater next door pedantic frantic than ever before, banned selling granny’s drink. Nancy Pepsi’s salacious wink」 8.5

「 “Truth is god”, said Gandhi. Thunder in Giappone is Kaminari. Rice-straw rope with white paper, on every shrine gate sacrosanct wonderworker. “Truth is god, not the other way around”. Papyrus is KAMI synonymous for animistic deity. Thunderstruck today, rain prodigious it’s time to play 」8.4

「Enma sama 閻魔さま, the Great Devil awaits me in hell, for I’m no saint nor Alexander Graham Bell. Epicurean and charlatan, purgatory’s my good old home. Chirpy phallos here I come!」 4.10

「MLB - hopelessly pronounced ‘Measure’ League in Japan, in a tongue no man could understand. Docile child taught botched foreign tongue, ends up diffident in a perfect comedy of tragedy. Even Ohtani 」4.9

「100 years old widowed neighbor, flew to heaven an adorable grandma. Infectious horselaugh, amusing grin, so dearly do I already miss her」4.8

Samurai Yujiro Taniyama, Japan Broadcasting net Corporation, JB

「 Impermanence is Buddhism, natural effervescence is Hinduism. Intertwined, they infuse esoteric wisdom」4.7

「Gal from Osaka a vaccine detester, sat alongside me at a park in Hibiya. “Grilled by pestilence twice was a shocker, but still I won’t get a jab like grandma”」 4.3

「Football wonder-draw, finest group soluble. España and Deutschland be careful Samurai’s got a Sword」4.2

「Egalitarianism and militarism. The Floating World’s like a Cherry Blossom. Ebullient in excitement, in a blink of an eye fabulously despondent, havoc foolhardy’s no April Fool」4.1

「Kickboarding at Imperial Palace, a supercilious cop approaches somewhat furious. Even pushing vehicles are banned the civil servant says, as a sluggish baby car passes by. Superficial ‘deference’, perverse and facetious」 3.31

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The Morning Goolies, Japan

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