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「Grubby Gabby. Bathing in milk tea Varanasi. Cremated ashes, plastic feces, impurity cleansed running through the Ganges. I had no guts ’n glory to swim like the Grubby, reminiscent in each cup of Darjeeling tea 」


- Today's GOOLIES - by Glorious Editor in Chief 

「Cerebral failure. Unusually drowsy trovatore 」 8.7

「Giappone’s already licked, General Eisenhower said. They were ready to surrender, Admiral Leahy said. The fetters of false ideas, that surprise attack on urban population center had values, desecrates conscience of man like lacerated piss-water can. Not just one but two, ballyhoo. Unjustifiable are Tokyo jingoists too, you know who. Apology’s unnecessary, though interestingly Nimitz ’n all top men in Stars’n Stripes military had also argued that the indiscriminate weapon roasting women and children was unnecessary. The Land of the Rising Phallos Festival piggybacking on it today, surely is a risible irony 」 8.6

「Nancy Pepsi a decrepit granny, Asian holiday sipping Pepsi. She hustled distributed her bottles super icy, ingredients were sugar ’n democracy almighty. Bamboo eater next door pedantic frantic than ever before, banned selling granny’s drink. Nancy Pepsi’s salacious wink」 8.5

「 “Truth is god”, said Gandhi. Thunder in Giappone is Kaminari. Rice-straw rope with white paper, on every shrine gate sacrosanct wonderworker. “Truth is god, not the other way around”. Papyrus is KAMI synonymous for animistic deity. Thunderstruck today, rain prodigious it’s time to play 」8.4

「The civilized man has built a smartphone, but has sacrificed his smartness」 8.3

「Cicada Cinderella turned upside down, grilled on asphalt purgatory clown. Car passes by, I fear for the worst lullaby, Cinderella survives the brevity of life. Another coach intrudes, the concrete jungles’ brutes, this could be it constrained both fingers crossed. She prevails once again, the rushing Prince scoops her up insane, emancipating the precious in four-clover terrain 」 8.2

「Maria the long distance swimmer, dog peddled to Tokyo from Barcelona. Descendent maybe of Henry the Navigator, she conquers the seas Miss Vasco da Gama. Sashimi than Sushi, Wasabi than Messi, the mother of Jesus beams in Zooshi. Reminiscent of Santiago de Compostela farewell I pray, the mermaid’s Cape of Good Play. Jellyfish! 」 8.1

「SUPER WAKA. Poetic like no other. Wakame 若芽 is a bud, Wakame わかめ is seaweed. Madonna’s a fledging lover, Wakadanna’s a young master. Kangaroos fornicate though Wakareroo is to differentiate. Callipygian’s buttocks make love, Wakai 和解 signifies making peace. Thrill to death! Fearless of disgrace! Wakarazya’s わからずや wicked and senseless, adolescence and senescence both blooming florescence. I’m the finest wanker indestructible SUPER WAKA. Newborn today! Newborn everyday! The Wanderlust Kama Kar-Magical SUPER WAKA! 」7.31

「Just published a book, on how they cook up rubbish English. Japan becomes Ja ‘pun’, ‘Iggy-lisu’ is an ‘English’man. Thus Planet of Apes we are called, repulsive fakes unworthy to scold. USO EIGO うそ英語」 7.30

「Cacophony of HONDA at 3a.m, another CUB engine 4a.m. The diligent men delivering news, human alarm early rising blues 」 7.29

「Two sausages a day keeps doctors away. Few mortgages a day keeps hanging tree in play. Delicious wiener, double canals Gary Cooper!」 7.28

「Bucci’s sole passion was food, fish to radish anything wolfed. Reservoir trail was where he pooed, as Andy harassed crude ’n rude. The golden canine looked down on Karine, as he was Zeus unbeatable woof. Remember the day we drove red PJ, to Stanley you swam like a dog almighty. Now you’re gone we’re again alone though drool remains Persian carpet stains 」 7.27

「5 Bachelors on British Airways, mesmerizing all passengers flying to Paradise. They impregnate men women and children, in a blink of an eye even Mrs. Biden. Bachelors Five on British Airways, subdues and molests the indiscriminate pests. Disguised as nun looking for some fun, better watch out they’re coming to town. BA5 」 7.26

「Out of a clear sky cherubic sound god knows why. Tone unfamiliar yet spectacular, the bitter gourd snapped rose too high 」 7.25

「Idle Sunday rising sun, Susie decided to get some tan. But nudist shore unspottable in Giapan, the loony girlie trimmed to none. Off she hopped to Wasabi Beach, infectious corporal in Sumo T-strings. Slavishly discreet locals meanwhile, chaste and armed even face-masked. Idol Susie browny by three, but the rest were snowy nose to cheek 」 7.24

「Tai means die in Thai, the land of the Corruptibles as smooth as milk. Korupshon, as laities say in Thai, a pervading virus counterfeit silk. Still I’m fond of the pachyderms of Siam, sweet ’n inimitable scrumptious somtum. Wat Arun wait for me! Chaophraya jubilee! Incorruptible impermanence, Theravada Buddhism 」 7.23

「A trade-in was fat old ugly, but a new one was a cordless beauty. Reusable bin, feather-light feminine, paper filter no longer necessity. She cleans the floor like a Phoenician whore, never misses a pube insanitary cube. Juju broom for repugnant room, divorce the rusty! Felicitous groom! 」 7.22

「Corona ain’t the only malady, so undo your knickers kill the cowardly. Corona ain’t the only pathology, so loosen your zippers as zip’s the remedy. Luxury come Lakshmi! 」 7.21

「Skimp on fuel! Disruptive Russian fool! Bakanov was a Baka, sacked obtuse traitor. Skimp on food! The fittest are the lewd! Costs are surging, but complimentary is mating. Molly you moll! Shut up and roll! Conscripted soldier on wifely duty! 」 7.20

「Pain in Spain, 50℃ pensive pensioners roasting in vain. Bold was Thomas Paine, calling it a fraud of the Christian system to call the sciences human invention. Global warming is however, a man-made sensation 」 7.19

「Bitter gourd elevating to new heights, stupendous growth each day and night. Better world descending to new lows, the two legged mammals’ man made flaws. Indestructible are Cosmic Laws 」 7.18

「 Scabrous Sally with ox-like placidity, bitten by a fox whimsical serendipity. From the wound gushed pelf and diamonds, foxy spree capricious Almighty. Privation of exercise triggered ox-like obesity, as spinster drunkard was now called fatty. She died suddenly choking a chunk of wasabi, greatly missed Miss Never Hoity-Toity. Scabrous Sally 」 7.17

「Snack or sunak, pretty or priti. Misspellings of nouns and adjectives conclusively out of the ordinary. Despite the exquisite diversity of the mighty marmite society, will the Protestants consecrate Hindoo gods of the former colony? Gobble down your sunak with beer, golly you priti let’s wait and see! 」7.16

「There’s magic in you. Far greater than any ballyhoo. There’s power in you. Far stronger than grandma Sue. Sue for peace, and preach the geese, with your juju unmellowed hoodoo! Transience. Obliterate egotistic patience! 」 7.15

「Every breath you take, closer approaches death. Every death you face, faster the train of impertinence. Unconscioused respiration! Consequential constipation! We let it in, we let it out. Copulation 」 7.14

「Goolies cleanses, the power that corrupts. Equanimity, poetic weaponry, Colombo ousts Rajapaksa butts. Word unworldly generates harmony, so think not panic before goin' phallic. Resplendent! 」 7.13

「Long fin swimming, Knightrider’s turbo boost lightening. Conquered the beach in a blink of an eye, Season of the Sun Shintaro lullaby. Father and son above the creamy sky 」 7.12

「 Bogus cops are to blame, unprofessional idle shame. Savable life, eliminated twice, first by assassin next policemen. Poor Shinzo ain’t to blame, victim of negligence by ducks so lame. Dive! Dive! Dive! Thump the target ’n strive! But the dogs all jumped on killer, wrong way. Pioneers of lethargy, gadget addicted ‘Moshi Moshi’. We’ve paid a price, a priceless life 」 7.11

「Sumo day. Mongolian landslide anyway 」 7.10

「Abe was shot in ’65, Booth the crook still at large. Abe was shot once again, Illinois to Choshoo funeral train. Tragic blow blood on snow, flag of the Rising, son still bleeding. Fetters of free intelligence! By whores of apes ’n ignorance! Shinzo means ‘heart’, surely was a Braveheart. Safe no more! Botched security corps! Hanging tree Sakura, the land of the fleeting Buddha 」 7.9

「Phlegmatic corpulence, beautifully ripened to sensual incompetence. The Ball became a hermit, ascetic monk of Lilliput. Then returned the giant soldier prurient as ever before. Sensible allegiance 」 7.8

「Heavenly river Amanogawa, crossed by the immortals just once a year. Tonight Alpha 牽牛 meets Vega 織 the weaver, amorous couple Turner-Butter. July 7, seventh heaven 」 7.7

「Why the wind blows nobody knows, the foremost Buddha sage everyone knows. Kindness and impermanence preaches the selfless, Mahayana zephyr Dalai Lama His Holiness. 87th jubilee Dharmsala breeze, cake of delight felicitate thee! 」 7.6

「Geek or Greek, she loved lubricious creep. Morning shave delectable, whisker girls’ leap. Trim! Trim! Trim! Vim! Vim! Vim! Bushy me! Shaving spree! 」7.5

「Waldo was no weirdo, like adroit hermit Thoreau. Who opposed slavery, authority ’n fallacy, ancestors from the isle of Guernsey. Four hours a day he walked and walked, fourth of July hardly cared 」 7.4

「Exquisite Saudi perambulating Akasaka-Gosho, stopped by a stranger in outmoded Samurai kimono. Expat horrified of Katana sword, hastily bows and face-masks, remorseful word. “This is your country” reiterates the innocuous, “Don’t be bothered” grins the ronin blasphemous. Unbearable humidity unthinkable in Saudi, you have my sympathy needn’t Harakiri 」 7.3

「Sogno giocare, ragazza tentare. As life’s a vapore, Buddista’ll convert to leone. Pronto! Sogno! Birthday suit erotico! 」 6.25

「Unforgettable outing to Luxor, Abu Simbel Ramses mythological floor. Lights and sounds beneath Novembre Stella, Aswan breakfast bread ’n Nutella. Pharaoh Mubarak robust as ever, unthinkable ousting intangible Spring. Only camels knew what was coming, endless excretion indelible excursion 」6.24

「HongKong tourists welcome back! You’ve nipped Nippon glorious Wanchai smack! Asakusa Akasaka Shibooya to Alaska, spank the monotonous the idle homogeneous, fresh agent mettlesome! 」 6.23

「I’m a scourge. Scourge I am. Whip you to death, life without death is mess. Spank the monk! Praise the punk! Sham intellectuals sedentary junk 」 6.22

「Giapponese never get angry, pathological flattery to authority obedient fallacy. Pekingese are the masters of animosity, short-legs and short-tempered uppity. Golden wedding of the golden pair, but gusto groucho no one care. Slavish wife inferior to dog retriever 」 6.21

「Enma sama 閻魔さま, the Great Devil awaits me in hell, for I’m no saint nor Alexander Graham Bell. Epicurean and charlatan, purgatory’s my good old home. Chirpy phallos here I come!」 4.10

「MLB - hopelessly pronounced ‘Measure’ League in Japan, in a tongue no man could understand. Docile child taught botched foreign tongue, ends up diffident in a perfect comedy of tragedy. Even Ohtani 」4.9

「100 years old widowed neighbor, flew to heaven an adorable grandma. Infectious horselaugh, amusing grin, so dearly do I already miss her」4.8

Samurai Yujiro Taniyama, Japan Broadcasting net Corporation, JB

「 Impermanence is Buddhism, natural effervescence is Hinduism. Intertwined, they infuse esoteric wisdom」4.7

「Gal from Osaka a vaccine detester, sat alongside me at a park in Hibiya. “Grilled by pestilence twice was a shocker, but still I won’t get a jab like grandma”」 4.3

「Football wonder-draw, finest group soluble. España and Deutschland be careful Samurai’s got a Sword」4.2

「Egalitarianism and militarism. The Floating World’s like a Cherry Blossom. Ebullient in excitement, in a blink of an eye fabulously despondent, havoc foolhardy’s no April Fool」4.1

「Kickboarding at Imperial Palace, a supercilious cop approaches somewhat furious. Even pushing vehicles are banned the civil servant says, as a sluggish baby car passes by. Superficial ‘deference’, perverse and facetious」 3.31

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Samurai Yujiro Taniyama, Japan Broadcasting net Corporation, JB

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