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China today calls Japan's Senkaku islands as "Diaoyu".
However, it is hardly know that Beijing started claiming sovereignty over the Senkaku islands for the first time in 1971 - after natural resources were found in the areas surrounding the Senkakus in 1969 research.

Even the Washington Times reported on September 15, 2010 that "China's official 1969 map claimed the islands as Japanese territory SENKAKU".

The world has the right to know the truth. Unfortunately, the Communist's fallacy and farce is indefensible.

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Visit theLinkIcon"Senkaku Islands Page" for further details.

Visit the LinkIcon"Senkaku Islands Page" to learn more!

Japan's Takeshima Island first appeared in Japanese annals in 1667 on "Inshu Shicho Gakki." On the other hand, it was not until March 5th, 1906 that the word "Dokdo" ever appeared in Korean official history. Does this island belong to Japan or Korea? We broadcast, you decide.

JB's Yujiro Taniyama delivers his views in front of South Korea's MBC TV camera. 谷山雄二朗 @ 憲政記念館

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Visit theLinkIcon"Takeshima Islands Page" to learn more!

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U.S Embassy, Tokyo. With Deputy Chief of Mission His honorable James P. Zumwalt
米国大使館 ジム・ズムワルト主席公使と共に

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The New York Times never reports this, but Yasukuni shrine today is a major "tourist attraction" for the Chinese tourists. Then why do they visit? Here's a short documentary by JB, interviewing a brave American national.

70 years after WW2, JB crew visited the Peleliu Island in the Pacific, which was a devastating battlefield between Japan and the U.S in 1944. On the island, we met the Americans, Australians as well as the British tourists visiting the Peleliu to mourn the heroes who dedicated their lives for their beloved nation.

Now, our aim is not to inflict our beliefs on anyone. We all have different views and tastes, just like the Wasabi and Ketchup. Then here's a question - Is Yasukuni actually "Hitler's grave" ? Purpotedly, it surely sounds like it.

Western corporate medias as well as Beijing Communist Party mouthpiece China Daily and Xinhua today enjoy demonizing the Yasukuni - claiming that it is an evil spirited "Haunted mansion" where the so called the war criminals are "buried".

Let us emphatically refute this claim.

1. In Shintoism, you do not "bury" the dead. Instead their souls are ENSHRINED. Tombs do not exist. Foreign correspondents never do their homework unfortunately, and tries to see things from a western stereotype which is pretty much misleading.

2. Why would over five million people (5 million) visit the Yasukuni annually, if the place is "evil" ?! It simply does not make sense. We've got to bear in mind that the Kamikaze fighters were merely 20 years of age during WW2, and that we the Japanese as well as foreign visitors go to the Yasukuni to pay respect for his courage and dedication.

3. Established in 1869, the Yasukuni enshrines the souls of the 2.46 million Japanese, including women who died while serving for the military-volunteer corps (in places such as the bloody battlefield of Okinawa). Heroes of Sino-Japanese war (1894 - 95), Russo - Japanese war (1904), World War 1 (1914 - 1918) as well as WW2 - "Battle of Peleliu" (1944)sleep in peace in the Yasukuni.

It is a universal right for any citizen worldwide to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives for their country. Americans visit the Arlington, the Australians visit the "Australian War Memorial" and the Japanese visit the Yasukuni. And just as a reminder, the shrine is nowhere near a "Dark Evil Voldemort Shrine" often depicted by Chinese state run media- propagandas, but in fact also a jolly place. Yasukuni Shrine Mitama Festival - Way of enjoying guide will tell you why.

We the Japanese are peace loving people who's never fired a single bullet since the end of WW2.

A Japanese schoolgirl goes to the Yasukuni on a Tozai line subway, Kudanshita station to pray for world peace. And so do the others.

Seeing is believing. Don't be duped by Mr Trumps and Mr Lance Armstrongs.

Thank you very much.

Team JB


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