"Hypocrisy of the Korean activist group unveiled by the KINGPIN Lee Yong su"
July. 4th, 2015

It does say on the Bible, chapter 8 John; Verse 32 as follows.

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free".

Telling the truth is something I take very seriously. Therefore, in this blog I would like to uncover the distortion of the truth, the fabrication of history which is blatantly hypocritical.

Regarding the so called the "Comfort Women" issue, I have reiterated that the widespread "sex slavery" narrative is highly questionable. One hard proof is pointed out in the TRAILER VIDEO of the latest documentary "Scottsboro Girls" . Here, I have emphatically repudiated, and discredited the testimonies made by the comfort woman, Ms Lee Yong su. It is obvious that she's been cooking up blatant lies.

And I was right! Totally correct.

Japan's conservative Sankei newspaper reported this morning that Ms Lee, 86, who is also the "kingpin" of this controversial issue has finally rebuked Korea's most influential "Human Rights" organization Chong-Dae-Hyup, also known as Korean council. According to this July 4th article, it clearly points out how this Comfort Woman condemned Chong-Dae-Hyup in an interview by the latest edition of Korea's weekly magazine - "Future Korea" (「未来韓国」誌)

According to this Sankei article, Ms Lee Yong su had asserted - " While Japan has approached Korea, expressing the need to solve this contentious issue, Chong-Dae-Hyup has continually rejected Tokyo's offer for talks. Furthermore, this activist group turns a deaf ear to what former Comfort Women are truly asking for. How on earth can this controversy be solved when Korean side keeps on turning down Japan's offer for a dialogue?! "

Ms Lee also questions the "anti-Japan Comfort Women rally" held every wednesday from noon, in front of the Japanese embassy as follows ; "I don't know for what purpose the rally is for. Activists shout out "apologize!" and "compensate!" every week, but just doing so will get you nowhere". If you are interested in this "rally", you can get a tip of it in a talk show hosted by Japan's prodigious journalist Yoshiko Sakurai.

To be honest guys, I am totally surprised by the above confessions by Ms Lee Yong su since she "has" been the mouthpiece for the evangelical Korean feminist group Chong-Dae-Hyup for nearly two decades, bashing Tokyo for "sexual slavery" during WW2. When I visited Seattle recently to deliver a speech, "they" were the people who rallied against the screening of my movie in the U.S.

And what's appalling, her criticism continues.

"My testimony is my life. Despite the fact, Chong-Dae-Hyup has published booklets introducing "my testimony" which contradicts the truth. When you do a hearing, it must be done in a quiet place. (to gather precise details) However, I was interviewed while eating (at a restaurant) , and most of my "testimonies" were derived from there. (while chatting) That explains why so much of "my testimonies" don't make sense". - (words in brackets are my explanations)

And lastly, Ms Lee also refers to the Japan-Korea 1965 peace treaty, which according to Chicago university professor Bruce Cummings ; " Korea received from Japan a direct grant of $300 million (in 1965 USD), $200 million loan, and another $300 million as an investment from private sectors. This agreement ended the possibility of Korea's further claims against Japan". ("Korea's Place in the Sun" by Cummings)

The Japanese government's official stance that this issue has been solved stem back to this 1965 peace treaty between Tokyo and Seoul. Even a prominent Chicago university professor virtually sides with Japan on this point. However, since the South Korean government has been "controlled" by the feminist-extremists Chong-Dae-Hyup since August 14th 1991 when the first Comfort Women by the name of Kim Hak sun came out, Korea has been using this issue to meet its political ends. They just can' t let it go.

And that is exactly why Tokyo has offered to say "Okay. Lets talk then" in a gentleman's manner.

According to this article, Lee Yong su is said to have concluded the interview with "Future Korea" magazine by making following remarks ; "It was a good thing that the 1965 peace treaty enabled Korea to receive financial aid from Japan, and built Pohang Steel Company(now the largest steel firm in the world) as well as Seoul-Busan highway. If South Korea had accomplished economic development with funding from Japan, then now it is time for the Korean government to tackle this contentious issue and compensate to us the Comfort Women prior to Japan".

This year marks the 70th year since the end of WW2.

U.S President Obama may assert that the whole issue was an "egregious violation of human rights". But I asserted unequivocally on Al Jazeera TV debate program recently that to define this controversy merely as a "sexual slavery" is not only misleading, but utterly false.

I deeply thank Ms Lee Yong su for coming out finally and for all, to speak out the "uncomfortable truth" of the Comfort women. She must have read the Chapter 8 ; Verse 32 of the Bible recently for the first time.

Thank god. Thank you.

YT (JB's Editor in Chief)


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同氏は「未来韓国」なる週刊誌に "真相の歪曲" とも言える実態を吐露したとのことだが、ぼくは "SCOTTSBORO GIRLS" の中で元慰安婦の方々の証言の"欺瞞性" を指摘してきた。今回 "カミングアウト" したリー・ヨンス氏も、その一人であり、「予告編」にてその捏造を垣間みて頂くこともできる。面白いことに、リー氏は毎週水曜日にソウル日本大使館前で行われている「反日デモ」についても、その偽善を説いたという。僭越ながら筆者が、ジャーナリストの櫻井よしこ氏にお招き頂いた対談のパイロット版でも、一部その「挺対協 水曜デモ」の映像が流れる場面があるので、興味のある方はご覧いただきたい。 ぼく自身は、撮影のためにカメラクルーと現地に出向いたのだが、大きな声でスピーカーは鳴らすわ、かなりかっこ良くないダンスはするわで、本来の目的であるべき「解決」のことなど度外視した「似非人権団体」にしか見えなかった。

"人権" 団体といえば、最近渡米した際も、アメリカのフェミニスト団体からスコッツボロー・ガールズの上映中止を求める動きがあった。その背後に、韓国挺身隊問題対策協議会がいたことは想像に難くない。ぼくはワシントン州で「イアンフは、人種差別と事実の歪曲が根底にある」ということを米国人オーディエンスに訴えたわけだが、今回のリー・ヨンス氏の「未来韓国誌」発言が事実だとすれば、筆者がこれまで映画で世界に伝えようとしてきたことは、決して間違っていなかったことになる。



中国と韓国のプロパガンダ戦略は、確実にこれまで我が国の名誉を傷つけてきた。残念ながら彼らは今、情報という名の武器を最大限駆使しながら「勝ち戦」を戦っている。だいいち、日本人は大人し過ぎる。いい人すぎる。私事で恐縮だが、最近、世界同時中継生放送された「アルジャジーラ TV 慰安婦討論番組」において、ぼくは米国グレンデールで慰安婦像設立に関わったとされるフェリックス・キム氏とディベートをかわした。彼女は北米におり、当時ぼくは東南アジアにいたこともあり、会話は決してスムーズではなかった。というよりも、それ以前に成り立たなかったともいえよう。それはキム氏が「真相になるべく触れない」ストラテジーを徹底していたからである。「リー・ヨンス氏の最初の証言をご存知ですか? その後、それが正反対に変わったことも」とぼくが指摘しても、その韓国系米国人ははぐらかした。



憲法第九条 第2項にある「陸海空軍を保持しない。交戦権はもたない」という、通常ではありえない憲法の条項が存続する限り、中韓は我が国を卑下し続けるにちがいない。主権国家になるために、平和的抑止力になるために、今こそ憲法改正が必要だ。断っておくが、ぼくは自民党員でもなければ、安倍総理の靴磨きでもない。生粋の1人の日本人として、申し上げている次第である。戦争を起こさないための、revisionが急務なのだ。


谷山雄二朗 (JB's Editor in Chief / うるさい日本人)


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