Tatsushiro Koga and his fellow men on Senkaku. End of the 1800's.China's1969 map lables the islands as "SENKAKU" in Japanese - Washington Times 9/15/2010Japanese constructed a "Senkaku Port" on the islands. 1890's. China's 1969 map labels the islands as "Japanese Terrirtory". Sorry dude1896 A.D. Tatsushiro Koga & his Japanese counterparts on Senkaku Islands.. Sorry China, you lose. Fallacy is over. We broadcast, you decide

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「1969年中国地図に '尖閣は日本領’と明記されている」- ワシントンタイムズ紙

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Stay vigilant.
China's military budget has soared by double digits for the past 25 years. Why? The answer is simple. Their strategic aim is to build up military strength, invade international waters like the Philippine's Spratley islands, Vietnam's Parcel islands in order to expand their territory to feed its people.

PRC - Communist China's central defense budget rose by 10.7 percent to 720.2 billion yuan (114.3 billion U.S. dollars) in 2013,
We, the people of the democratic world must keep our eyes wide open, and be prepared.
"Panda Attack" is just around the corner.

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Japan is a democratic nation of free speech. We speak out what the international community needs to know. This film provides datas indispensable to understand the history of Japan's Senkaku islands. We must never overlook the fact that the Communist Beijing government is a master of propaganda and exaggerating their blatant lies.

Free speech and human rights does not exsit in China. According to his holiness the Dalai Lama the 14th, "Tibet had never been part of China" - although Beijing refuted his claim and announced "Welcome back to its motherland" when they invaded and conquered Lhasa in 1950.

And now in this 21st century, the communists are preparing to do the same to Japan's Senkaku. Totally despicable.


Senkaku is an indigenous territory of Japan. It was incorporated to Japan in 1895 under the international law, and was legally approved by the international community.


San Francisco Peace Treaty (1951) legally defines Japan's territory after World War 2. And on the Article 2 of this treaty, the Senkaku Islands were NOT included. Therefore, China's assertion is unfortunately invalid.