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LinkIconS.China sea
Japan, U.S, Philippines Navigation Freedom & Hague

China's claims are more than funny

JB Editorial

Battle of Peleliu
RIP Japan - U.S soldiers

LinkIcon"KIRIN Beer I found- 70 years after the war"

Who's lying?
Freedom of navigation in Asian waters NOW!

LinkIconIt's equivalent to PRC's intimidation in South China sea

Visit Japan
LinkIconOmotenashino Kokoro
Visit Japan NOW!"Omotenashi"
The Bridgeover River Pai

LinkIcon70 years after WW2, the untold story.

China's 1969 map labels the islands as"SENKAKU"
Let's face it. Enough of fallacy.
We shall all respect peace & International law.
"SECRETS" of the buses in Laos
India - Japan
New Delhi & Tokyo - Beef up ties

Narendra Modi visits Shinzo Abe in Japan. The 2 oldest Democracies in Asia rocks →LinkIconQuick read

Michael Brown
Super fragile American"Human Rights?!"

Gun control, John Wayne and John Lennon →LinkIconBlog by Editor in chief YT

Human rights
Blatant NO to Sexual Violence in War

Global summit starts in London 2014. Blog by →LinkIconEditor in Chief YT

"Panda Attack"
Japan "TOP NOTCH" with Vietnam

Beijing's military muscles' "Panda Attack" is a threat to the international communityLinkIconQuick read

Boko Haram
Michelle has done it once again.
Eradicate Boko Haram NOW

Kidnapping schoolgirls is a grave violation of human rights →LinkIconWatch

Kobe, Turkey to Rwanda. Congrats Shige Ban! "Nobel prize of Architecture"

Japan is proud to introduce you the Pritzker Prize winner 2014 →Quick Read!

Kidnapped girl Megumi's parents meet granddaughter →LinkIconQuick Read

Megumi Yokota was 13 when she was abducted by Pyongyang in 1977

Pray. MH370
Prof.G.Barton "Uighur Terrorist attack likely"

MH370 was China Southern Airlines code-share flight →LinkIconQuick Read

Peace in Asia
Philippines Noy Noy Aquino isa"Man"

Aquino rebukes Beijing as "Hitler" on N.Y TimesHuffpost Quick read!

Editor in chief
Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming's hypocrisy
All you need to know aboutYasukuni. Beijing challenging Democracy!? Quick ReadLinkIcon
Technology & Ecological efficiency

KT's assertion from Tokyo - "Balance and Harmony" →Quick Read!


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  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama - "Self immolation of Tibetan monks is a precious act" →Read