Please visit the "Great Japan" NOW!
Best Sushis, Anime, Washlets, Onsens, Shrines and Cawaiis are waiting for you.

Yes, we will surely welcome you with "Omotenasino Cocoro"
Our traditional spirit of humble service.


Burn your fat in the land of the rising sun. Have some fun!

Japan (JB) is proud to present you the No.1 comedian in U.K, yes, Mr.Keith Lemon!

It seems like he has done it once again. (From the British ITV channel)

Hello Thai friends! Good news! Thai Airways will fly daily from BKK- Sapporo starting on the 27th.October 2013! Come visit Japan ^ ^ / タイ語の翻訳:「親愛なるタイのみなさん、こんにちは! 今年の十月二十七日から、なんとタイ航空が毎日バンコックと札幌間を飛ぶようになります。日本に遊びにきてね!」


OMG! Look guys.... we have found a "Geisha" in the streets of Harajuku, Tokyo.


Mt.Fuji. World Heritage since 2013!
And the smartest British comedian attempts to see it with his "naked" eyes.