Beijing's relentless propaganda on Japan's "past" is a pathetic "Manga". Hilarious.
Jan. 30th, 2015

Last month, I went on a business trip to Singapore on Air Asia via Bangkok.
On my return flight, which was also on a same Malaysia based airline, something inexplicable occurred. Thank god the plane landed safely at Don Muang Airport at around 5 p.m local time - but to my amazement some passengers, about 10 of them suddenly stood up from their seats and opened the cabin above WHILE THE PLANE WAS STILL MOVING ON THE RUNWAY.

Immediately, the cabin crews furiously shouted "Excuse me! Please remain seated until the seat belt sign goes off!! Excuse me, sir, please sit down........... NOW!"

A Thai woman sitting next to me murmured by my ears, "OMG.... I love Chinese tourists.... that's why we Thais don't like them very much, y'know" I grinned and nodded, "Yes, I understand. It would be so beautiful if they could only stop yelling at the corridors of a 4 star hotel at 3 a.m every night..... and also flush the toilet every time after a POO POO".

Of course, since I'm no racist, I have no personal grudge or any sort of hard feelings towards the Chinese. I have some good friends from the "Good earth" (Pearl Buck) too. However, when it comes to "Communist China/Chinese as a whole" , the story becomes quite different.

Beijing tourists for example tend to apply "their own domestic rules" abroad as well, without a second thought. As mentioned above, shouting in a hotel lobby to a friend 33 cm away from you, ignore people lining up to order at McDonald's and instead barge in like savages, family of 5 people reserving and staying at a hotel room for a price of two. Even a wife of my friend in Singapore told me while we were at Sentosa island - "I couldn't believe what I just saw. All the Chinese tourists were taking a leak WITH DOORS OPEN".

It is a true story. I guess you've confronted such horrific cases in your life too.

Ridiculous "self righteousness"

Unfortunately, the Chinese implement "their ways" based on their self-rightenousness. That's right, whatever they do is right and just, because they come from the "center of the world" - which is of course nothing but a blatant nonsense.

Or else, how can we explain mothers and children "taking a shit" doors wide open at a toilet in Universal Studios in Singapore?! Please excuse my language, but seriously, give me a break ladies.

And this "bullshit" or a mere joke reaches its maximum height when the communist authorities intervene.

2 days ago, Chinese communist party's mouthpiece newspaper "China Daily" posted another hype, a hilarious article "China concerned about Japan's wording on history", whatever that means.

I enjoyed reading this anti-Japanese article as always, since its based on China's "self righteousness" once again. It's no different from some Chinese tourists screaming at Ritz Carlton's poshy, flamboyant jazz bar at 11p.m. Beijing's relentless propaganda on Japan's past and history is nothing new, of course. They are just beefing up stirring up anti-Japanese sentiment due to the fact this year marks 70 years after WW2.

But we, the international community ought to bear in mind that this Chinese-oriented communist propaganda is totally outdated, totally baseless, misleading and counter-productive to the better understanding of the world.
Let me tell you why.


"China Daily" is a Manga

Of course since we do not live in Beijing, we are given the privilege to breath "fresh air" everyday in a democratic free world. And it is a duty for the international community to contemplate what's behind the communist hype. Otherwise, you surely will make a fool out of yourselves.

The Beijing mouthpiece article is composed of 3 "Manga" - or comic scenes. I'm sure that you are too smart to be duped, but just in case lets take a closer look into these pure Chinese jokes.

[MANGA 1]. First, this article defiantly asserts : "This year marks the 70th anniversary of the victory in the World Anti-Fascist War and the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, which is an important moment to review the history and map out the future, said Hua at a routine press briefing"

The jubilant state run newspaper continues.

[MANGA 2]. "It remains to be seen whether Japan will downplay its history of aggression and carry on with its negative equity, or move on by reflecting on its militaristic past, she added".

[3]. Manga accelerates all the way to the finish line.

"Hua said China hopes Japan will abie by its commitments to recognize and reflect on its aggression history, follow the path of peaceful development, win trust from the international society through concrete actions and play a constructive role in safeguarding peace and stability in the region".

OMG, what a damn farce is this bullshit!? Are these guys writing this article smoking pot or somethin'?! Or sipping "milk" or Propofol!? Needless to say, I unequivocally refute these pathetic propagandas.

My eternal love Ingrid Bergman whispers "You used to be a better liar Sam..." in the invincible Hollywood classic "Casablanca". And on this special occasion, I'd like to stress the same. " You used to be a better liar, China".

Now, the [MANGAS 1 & 2] are the examples of a typical history propaganda that was strengthened in the mid 1990's under the ultra anti-Japanese Zeming administration. This fat bastard whose face resembles a Chinese frog ( Pls Google and you'll see why) was a master of fabricating history, and viciously decided to use it to meet its domestic ends.

For example, according to a distinguished Japanese journalist Yoshiko Sakurai, when WW2 ended in 1945, then Chinese government led by Chiang Kai shek of the Kuonmintang army estimated that the Chinese casualties of the Sino-Japanese war was 3 million. However, believe it or not, after the notorious communists took over in 1949, they first double the figures to 5.79 million, then quadrupled it to 21.68 million. And finally the despicable Zeming commie government finally "upgraded" the figure to 35 million!!! Hurray.......... it's so funny, a Doraemon comic, don't you think!?

Honestly, I am totally speechless.

In a world of democracy and free speech like China, this is what happens ladies and gentlemen. "1989 Tiannamen massacre" is deleted from its history, invasion of Tibet is described as "liberation", the ongoing cultural genocide inflicted upon the followers of His Holiness the Dalai Lama 14th is never reported on the "great" CHINA DAILY.

Therefore, whenever you see state run mouthpiece such as the CCTV or XINHUA NEWS AGENCY or South China Morning Post article depicting "Japan's past" or history, please bear in mind that it is nothing but an over exaggerated "Manga", or a hilarious farce.

China's history of aggression & lies is inexcusable

Lastly, the [MANGA 3].

Oh my god, how can they be so ignorant and shameless!? Let me warn you Hua or China or whoever Panda you are - that it is none of your goddam business whether the Japanese administration chooses to announce a brand new statement for peace marking 70 years after WW2, on August 15th this year. Besides, who the hell you think you are!? My high school P.E or Algebra teacher!?

We simply do not need your arrogant, inexplicable warnings regarding "peaceful development" for gods sake. Because Japan has been, and still is a peace loving nation till this very day. Of course during World War 2, Japan fought war. There may have been some unfortunate consequences, but back then the whole world was in a state of war. The British, the Dutch, the French and other white powers "dominated" the world under the name of colonialism, imperialism and "white supremacy". If you don't believe me, please just go to Amazon and get a high school textbook.

A prominent columnist for the New York Times Pankaj Mishra has asserted in his book "From the ruins of empire - The revolt against the west and the remaking of Asia" (Penguin books 2013) that "Liberation for many Asians would be synonymous with turning the tables and subjecting their Western masters to extreme humiliation. And Japan would be its principal agent". In other words, this NYT intellectual acknowledges Tokyo's decisive role in liberating Asia. I totally agree.

I visited Singapore's war cemetery last month, in order to commemorate the souls of the Japanese, British and Malay-Chinese-Indian war dead.Undoubtedly, I was also convinced Singapore would never have become an independent state if it weren't for its liberation by the Japanese in February 1942. That's history. That's the reality.

Please don't forget the fact Hong Kong was "owned" by the British for 100 bloody years, until 1997. Yes, the smart white men obviously ruled the world. Tokyo challenged that dominance, and subsequently succeeded in liberating Asia as NYT's Mishra has claimed.

Therefore, it is nothing but a narrow minded, biased farce to put a total blame on Japan alone for "atrocities during WW2". This year marks 70 years after the war guys, its about time we wake up and face the truth of history instead of just bullying us.

Furthermore, Tokyo has never fired a single bullet after 1945 whereas the Chinese have been pretty keen slaughtering thousands of civilians after WW2, including not only the Tibetans, but the communist authoritarian government slaughtered over 20 million of its own people during the cultural revolution. You guys waged war on Korea in 1950, Tibet 1950 -1959. China initiated nuclear bomb experiments from 1964 to 1967 not on its own soil but on the soil of Muslim Uigurs (Xinjiang), detonated A-bombs more than 50 times resulting in deaths of 190,000 Uigurs and 1.29 million casualties in total according to Professor Jun Takada of Sapporo Medical University.

Chinese expansionism continues. Killing and sinking Vietnamese navy boats in 1974 invading and taking over the Parcel islands. In the early 1990's, as soon as the US military retreated from Subic bay you Beijing immediately invaded Philippine's Spratley islands. In 2009, you officially gave permission to a "Chinese fishing boat'" to launch a reprehensible attack on a Japanese coast guard ship by violating Japanese territorial waters surrounding our Senkaku islands,

I condemn China for its relentless military aggression in the territorial waters of Asia to this very day. Last year you unilaterally completed an upgraded military airstrip on the disputed Parcel islands, infuriating the Vietnamese. You are beefing up military muscles in the Spratleys, the Scarborough shoal angering the Filipinos.
Japan's Senkaku islands face daily threats by your "Panda attack" - defiantly violating our territorial waters and international laws. That's right, China is acting like a spoiled kid.

That is simply why, on when you bring up phrases like "Japan should work to gain trust from the international society" on [MANGA 3] above, it is unimaginably laughable because it is simply you, the shameless communist leaders that are bullshitting the international community. It is you that is misleading the world in a way a vulgar crook does, it is you that is deceiving the people across the globe.

Otherwise, Manila would never have rebuked Beijing as "HITLER of ASIA".

I am writing this blog in a humid ASEAN city at the moment, but let me remind you sir. ASEAN nations are desperate to remain vigilant, because of your counterproductive military aggression in the region now in this 21st century. The so called the"9 dotted U LINE" you claim is also totally baseless and makes China look stupid. That's right, you are "taking a leak doors wide open" like those Chinese tourists at the toilets in Sentosa in Singapore.

In conclusion, let me be crystal clear that your abnormally obsessive propagandas to stigmatize Japan for our "past" is simply nothing but an "OUTDATED MANGA". It is a pure comic, fun to read.

Lastly, let me reiterate the sentence from CHINA DAILY on January 27th, 2015.

"Hua said China hopes Japan will abie by its commitments to recognize and reflect on its aggression history, follow the path of peaceful development, win trust from the international society through concrete actions and play a constructive role in safeguarding peace and stability in the region".

So you see! It's ultra funny, isn't it guys!? I just can't helping laughing my head off, seriously. I mean, do they actually regard themselves as perfect human beings for gods sake!? Outrageous. This Hua lady must have smoked pot or opium prior to making her statement.

The Chinese government is no different from unpleasant, self righteous Chinese tourists that yell relentlessly at the tranquil lobby of Conrad.

Vatican's Pope Francis declined the offer by Dalai Lama the 14th to have a little chat over earl grey tea recently. British PM Cameron is far from assertive towards China on human rights issues. Just because Beijing's car market sells 20 million cars a year, it is not synonymous with becoming a slave of hypocrisy and lies.
Mr Cameron, why don't you show some more guts like Mr Abe sir!? Before the coming general election at least!?

I repeat. The international community must never turn a blind eye to historical distortions and stories untrue.

War sucks. But those who bullshit defiantly on public medias shamelessly are totally inexcusable. They are criminals.

Oh, btw please visit the most peaceful land of the rising sun while the Yen is low.

Thank you.

Yujiro Taniyama - JB's Editor in Chief [Outspoken Samurai of the 21st century]