"Dudden fails to explain why"
Al Jazeera TV debate
Blog. August 21, 2016

Yujiro Taniyama - JB’s Editor in Chief

For quite a few American intellectuals, rather than a meretrading partner” - China is a relentless foe.
The communist nation downplay the rule of law, notwithstanding the recent landmark ruling in the Hague on July 12 that denied Beijing’s sovereignty over the South China sea. Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan welcomes the decision by the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

When China antagonizes its neighbors in Asia, including Japan’s Senkaku islands also facing daily intimidation from Beijing - we have an erratic lady from Connecticut University that turns a blind eye to these imminent Chinese military assertiveness in the region. Her name is Alexis Dudden.

She pretends to be a specialist on Japan, which is nothing but a myth.
Please watch this Al Jazeera TV debate - and the way she reacts to my assertions.

This is a dangerous lady folks. Not only is she self-righteous (like a high-rank Chinese communist), but Dudden is flat out wrong on Article 9 of the Japanese constitution. I guess many of you readers have never read it before, so let me give you a quick tip to understand the “contentious” part of it.

It is no secret that the post war constitution of Japan was written by the U.S occupying forces back in 1946 - and came into effect the following year. And on Article 9.2, it surprisingly mentions as follows.

“Land, sea and air forces, as well as any other war potential will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized” (9:2)

Written 71 years ago, even an elementary school kid today can easily comprehend this is not only absurd, but a complete farce totally incompatible with political reality now in this 21st century we live in. When the Russians invade Crimea, Pyongyang fires ballistic missiles Tepodong and Nodong into the Sea of Japan, and the Chinese reclaiming vast areas of coral reefs in the S.China sea (covers $5 trillion of annual world trade) and turning them into artificial military bases - how on earth would you imagine to live in a nation where “it’s illegal to maintain land, sea and air forces and belligerency of state is denied?!”

What a pragmatic" constitution we have here ladies and gents.
But to my pure astonishment, this unthinking Connecticut university scholar asserts “The constitution of Japan provides for the defense of Japan” (Dudden, 8.15, 2016) . What an irresponsible remark we’ve got here. She just doesn’t have the guts to face the political reality, the farce of the wording of this American woven 1946 constitution.

Tokyo needs to revise this unrealistic article 9:2 American joke made by the U.S occupying forces simply to live up to the reality Asia faces today. When the U.S is no longer the sole superpower of the world, Vietnam, Philippines and Taiwan are counting on Japan to beef up its military presence in the Asian waters.

Shallow minded individuals like Ms Dudden turn a blind eye to the political turmoil surrounding Asian waters today, and ridiculously enjoy bringing up the “past” to stigmatize PM Shinzo Abe as “the grandson of class A war criminal” - which is a tactic often used by the liberal western corporate media like the New York Times and the BBC. These people can’t let it go, obsessed with this notion that they are “perfect human beings”.

Dudden’s actual profession I believe is an expert on“undermining Japan”.
That’s what I have learned from this Al Jazeera debate, in which I myself took part in. She fails to explain why revision of article 9:2 is NOT indispensable. She claims Abe is a dangerous hawkish militarist, while on the other hand dares to refer to assertive China. To my disbelief,“Brutal Japanese army”- is all she reiterates (though she may not use that actual word - it is obvious how Dudden aims to portrait Japan to the viewers = Voldemort).

I find her stance extremely hypocritical and flawed.

Japan needs to revise its constitution article 9:2 in order to defend not only the nation itself, but also the rule of law and the anguished people of Asia suffering from PRC military aggression today.

What Ms Dudden? Revision will make it possible for "Tokyo to wage war?” - OMG, you got to be out of your mind. Haven’t you ever visited the land of the rising sun before!? If you already have, what have you learned my dear?! The Japanese are the most politest people on the face of the earth. And here you are, still obsessed with the “past” keen on lobbying to ensure that Tokyo remains a panty puppy of Washington D.C.


Double standard personnel such as yourself is a pure threat to the international law. You only know America ma’am.

Maybe you are another Mr Trump.

Yujiro Taniyama - JB’s Editor in Chief

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