Malaysian Airlines is not to be blamed for its "sole responsibility"
- MH370 was CHINA SOUTHERN AIRLINES code-shared flight

Japan's Self Defense Air Force has dispatched two C-130 transport aircrafts to join the international search for the missing aircraft.

A sudden catastrophe, an unspeakable tragedy.
I do pray for the "miracle" to happen, but since over 72 hours has passed since the flight take off, it is highly unlikely that the 239 people aboard MH370 are still alive. My deepest sympathy goes with those devastated, the families currently under the state of unimaginable shock.

To begin with, I would make it crystal clear that it is simply ludicrous for the Communist Chinese government to put a blame on the Malaysian government for not providing "enough information" of the missing airplane. KL has nothing to hide, as they've reiterated.

When I first heard the news of the "disappearance" of MH370-China Southern Airlines co-shared flight, what immediately came up to my mind was the Uighur separatist's terror bomb plot. And as the Australian Professor and a terrorism expert Greg Barton has put it, it is highly likely that "Since majority of the passengers on MH370 were Chinese, it is most likely that a bomb exploded 10000 feet up in the air".
Professor Barton asserted his above hypothesis at an interview on March 10th, 2014 with Radio New Zealand as well.

Communist China's invasion and crackdown on Uighurs

Uighur, or East Turkestan was invaded by Beijing in 1949. And has been under the Communist's military occupation ever since for the past 65 years. As an advocate for Democracy and Human Rights myself, I strongly rebuke China's military expansionism and the on going genocide of not only Uighur, but also its neighboring Tibet and Mongolia. Just 3 months ago, I participated in "His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Tokyo 2013 Forum" held in Tokyo. Indeed, Tibet was invaded by Mao Tse Tung the following year after Uighur invasion, in 1950.

And today, as seen on the photo below, the Muslim people of Uighur (East Turkestan) is being suppressed by Beijing's military authoritarian rule.

Communist China occupation of Uighur.jpg

Beijing's intention is to dilute the influence of the Muslims, by encouraging the Chinese hans to immigrate to East Turkestan. Ethnic cleansing is China's ongoing political strategy also in Tibet and Mongolia.

I am no racist guys, believe me.
The UNIQLO underpants I wear daily is surely nice and comfy, "Made in China". All I'm asking for is fairness, and a challenge for Democracy and basic human rights.

And to look into the MH370 -China Southern Airlines co-shared flight catastrophe in a fair and a balanced manner, we ought to understand what is behind the story. That's right, we've got to see the BIG PICTURE.

Unfortunately, China is not a normal country. You can't even view YouTube. Japan's NHK, the British BBC, American CNN, Australian ABC - all the foreign media is highly censored from Beijing to Tibet, and any broadcast which happens to be "anti-government" is automatically shut down, not to be argued news related to Tiannamen square massacre and Dalai Lama. On the other hand, the Communist authorities simply LOVE to air "anti-Japanese soap dramas" every night on CCTV brainwashing its citizens with biased, fabricated and exaggerated information.

Beijing's "hobby" is to demonize Japan, Dalai Lama & the Tibetans, the Mongolians and the Uighurs to meet its domestic ends, while the spoiled kids of the Communist authorities enjoy the latest Ferrari without car license. To reform social injustice and corruption is their least priority.

In conclusion, dear my Malaysian friends and Malaysian Airlines, please do not feel over stressed being bullied by the irresponsible Communists. Of course, my heart goes with the victims and the families of this horrific event, but at the same time we all ought to understand Beijing's politically motivated move to put total blame on Kuala Lumpur and the Malaysian Airlines is nothing but deplorable.

Pray for MH370.

YT - Editor in Chief

p.s "The map of Uigur, Tibet and Mongolia"

Tibet, Mongolia and East Turkestan Independence now.jpg