Remember Hiroshima. The Bourbon whiskey story

Today marks the 73rd year since the notorious A-bomb attack on Hiroshima.

Pandemonium took over the Americans against Japan on Aug.6, 1945.

Journalist Paul Ham mentions in his book “Hiroshima Nagasaki” as follows.

“There is not a frisson of concern or regret here at the human cost. Observation and testing of the A-boom victims, not their treatment, were the priorities of the American scientific teams. ”

It’s highly regrettable to say the least. When thousands of innocent civilians were annihilated ‘instantly’, the figure amounting to 140,000 by the end of 1945 – it is also worth noting that according to the Hiroshima city government report, 308,725 names have been registered as the victims of the ruthless attack. This means that over 160,000 people had suffered from radiation sickness in the aftermath of the bombing.

I truly recommend you read “Kuroi Ame” (Black Rain) by Ibuse Masuji to understand what this “radiation sickness” is all about. An unfathomable tragedy, a pure war crime that downplayed mankind is what you will learn there.

U.S President Barack Obama visited Hiroshima in May 2016, as the first sitting American president. The move of redemption was indeed poignant, though he did not apologize on behalf of his fellow Americans bearing in mind that the majority of Americans today still “justifies A-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki” – well that’s how they are taught in high schools of the U.S. But what they don’t know, or learn is that Japan had already been de facto well defeated prior to the inhumane bombing, which targeted thousands of men, women and children.

Americans in the mid south often enjoy the term “Remember Pearl Harbor”. But the Japanese attack then targeted military targets, and not civilians. Over two thousand U.S servicemen died. This is a crucial difference compared to over 300,000 CIVILIAN CASUALTIES in Hiroshima. And moreover, when some of my great American friends point out that the Pearl Harbor attack was “sneaky” – a term often used, I cannot help but respond by pointing out the infamous “Battle of Tonking” in Vietnam on August 2, 1964 when the U.S made a sneaky attack on the North Vietnamese by claiming that “they had been attacked by Uncle Ho” – which was later revealed by the New York Times that it was nothing but a hype. A cooked up lie.

That’s war.

And neither do I justify everything Japan did during that war.

Inevitably today marks the 73rd year that claimed the lives of thousands in Hiroshima. And as a Japanese national, I cannot help but speak out on behalf of the deceased that it is a petty nonsense to take it for granted the unsubstantiated myths – that “A-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved 1,000,000 American lives”. Truman simply used this narrative to justify his means. As Paul Ham has clearly pointed out, the Washington dropped the 2 bombs for the sake of dropping it.

As a human experiment.

Lastly, I want to wrap up the blog by revealing a shocking piece of story.

According to the book I ready recently – “The Day Man Lost” (Kodansha International Publishers/1972) , the prominent author Hando Kaztoshi writes;

“Enola Gay landed at the northern airfield of Tinian Island at 2:58 p.m on August 6th. The twelve crew members were greeted by hundreds of their fellow U.S servicemen to celebrate the success of the mission.

The club of commissioned officers was filled with buoyant laughter. That evening, a flamboyant celebration party was held on the island and by midnight, some passed out after consuming dozens of Bourbon whiskey bottles”.

Such a behavior well contradicts to the teachings of Christianity.

While men, women and children were left totally vanquished in Hiroshima, the fact that these ‘christian’ Americans were cheering like animals gives me the creeps. Racism was rampant in “White America” back in 1945 of course, and the “Japs” were considered nothing but a bunch of vulgar yellow monkeys. The Japanese were downplayed as an inferior race of Asia. Even the famous New York Times frequently used the term JAPS during the war.

I do not ask for any sort of penitence from the Americans today. But what I do demand is that they learn from the insane folly of their ancestors – who cheered and celebrated with Bourbon whiskey a couple of hours after dropping the weapon of mass destruction.

The lack of sensible humanity is extremely dangerous, given the fact that even North Korea possesses the sinister weapon today.

RIP all the victims of WW2.

Your Obedient Servant,







北朝鮮がミサイルを今日、再び発射し北海道上空を通過したが日本政府は自衛隊に迎撃を命令しなかった。中距離弾道ミサイル「Hwasong 12」(H-12)と思われる、と多数のメディアは報じている。

やはり平壌は、強靭な軍事力を保持するアメリカ合衆国の虎のしっぽを踏まなかった。表向きは東京から南2,500kmの”グアムが標的” といいながら、結局はやはり「自分で自分を守れない国」の上空を、2,700kmミサイル飛行させる’安全策’を選んだ。日本のEEZ外に着弾したとはいえ、明らかに北が我が国を見くびっている行為と断言できよう。












そこで、うるさい日本人はアメリカ人プログラマー Alex Wellerstein氏の傑作「原爆地図」- Nuke Map を使って、我がTOKYOに北の原爆が投下されたシュミレーションを行ってみた。「2013年に北朝鮮が核実験した10キロトン原爆」という、極めてリアルな状況設定にセット。






しかも、”Fallout effects are ignored” と表示されていることから、放射性粒子による影響・被害・後遺症はこの際、まったく考慮されていない。即ち、井伏鱒二の名作「黒い雨」に登場する被爆者たちのように「徐々に髪の毛が抜け、白血病に犯され亡くなっていく」TOKYO都民をも含めれば、総被害者数はまさに天文学的になるのではないか。





それは同時に、日本国家の終焉の始まりをも意味しよう。そして、極めて悲観的な見方で恐縮だが、中華人民共和国を率いる共産党、韓国、ロシアは表面上は喪に服すも、みな我が国の没落・消滅を内心、喜ぶであろう。そして首都圏の在日アメリカ軍は放射能被害を恐れ、急遽本国に撤退するのではないか。横田基地も、横須賀も、厚木も、座間も、相模原も、池子も、本牧も、天現寺のNew Sanno基地もみな空っぽになる姿を、うるさい日本人は勝手に想像している。






最近のアメリカ合衆国のメディアを見聞していると、識者たちが「THAAD(ミサイル防衛システム)による防御が仮に失敗した場合、わたしたち米国は世界の笑いものになろう。そしてそれは、同盟国日本および韓国が独自に核武装せんとする発端となろう」– といった論調が、決して少なくない。


これが、自分で自分を守る気概のある当たり前の国の、当たり前の考え方である。つまり、”Common sense”. 常識的な思考。戦後72年の今、北の核の脅威を前に、米国内の世論でさえ上記のように日本の核保有さえ認める方向に変化しつつある。少なくとも、そうした声(以前は考えられなかった)が確実にでてきている。




戦争反対? あたりまえである。

うるさい日本人も、Michael Jackson & John Lennon のビッグ・ファンとして世界の平和を祈念する端くれだ。戦争を阻止するために、我が国の軍事力を当たり前のレヴェルに引き上げねばならない、と述べているにすぎない。インドと中国は、昨日まで国境のドクラム地帯で軍事衝突する可能性があった。ひとまず落ち着いたようだが、いつまた一瞬即発の状態になるか分からない。ロシアは、武力で2014年に併合したクリミア半島と同国を結ぶ長さ19キロの鉄橋に、6,000トンのアーチを建設するプロジェクトを先日、始めたばかりだ。来年度末には、完成するとBBCは8月28日付けで報道している。







最後に、核保有国とそうでない国々との間の軋轢が、国連の場において激化している。Hwasong 12をはじめとする北朝鮮の脅威が増大するなか、僭越ながら今年の終戦日に 「Japan & Nukes – 憲法改正私案」 を発表させて頂いた。




Good Rising!


Imagine there’s no Nukes.



Thank you.












North Korea’s Kim Jong un should fight SUMO champ Kisenosato

Mt.Fuji is the most classic, aesthetic and symmetric mountain in the world as far as I know. And it is proven by the mere fact that it’s beauty is renowned not only domestically, but also internationally.

“Harumafuji” and “Terunofuji” are both distinguished Mongolian SUMO wrestlers, though their name includes the word ‘FUJI’.

And yesterday, the new Yokozuna or Grand Champion Kisenosato crushed Terunofuji twice to win the Spring SUMO tournament, according to the Associated Press. Its’ truly a little surprise that AP has posted this article on Japan’s indigenous  ‘sport’ – which I must say is in a way an incorrect term, since SUMO is NOT precisely a sport but a Shinto ritual that roots back 1500 years ago.

If you are a foreigner, you may wonder “Boy, aren’t these FATTYS obese! Eating too much rice bowls and ramens?”.

Well, I do not deny that. But remember, these boys are not just a fatty like Mr Michael Moore, but DO have huge muscles and they also train their body (especially the hip-joint between the legs) to make it extremely soft in order to prevent serious injuries.




People in North Korea are purportedly eating shoes.

ASICS? NIKE? Onizuka Tiger?! Adidas?!  Who knows. Malnutrition seems rampant, since their authoritarian regime is keen on flooding 90% of its annual budget into its nuclear missile program. Not enough food on the table, and its citizens are skin and bones.

But there’s just one exception. Yes, the “Fatty” Sumo-wrestler-like guy, Kim Jong un.