Japan to beat U.S.A and win the 3rd World Baseball Classic!

Team Japan won the inaugural ‘World Baseball Classic’ (WBC) in 2006. Just four years later, the defending champs prevailed once gain, with the ‘classic’ plays by big names such as Ichiro and Yu Darvish.

Just as for a quick notice, Darvish is a Japanese super hurler that plays for Major League Baseball (MLB)’s Texas Rangers. However,  since his dad is Iranian, some anticipate that ‘daddy’ may be perpetually blocked from entering not only the ball park, but the United States.

Thank you, Mr President. I still love your wig sir.


Now, where were we?!

That’s right, the WBC. In 2013 tournament, the defending champion Team Japan succumbed to Puerto Rico in the Semi final, or the ‘Championship Round’.

And here we are now in 2017, only four teams left! (See below)


Baseball prohibited in North Korea by Mr Kim!?

Japan, Puerto Rico, Netherlands and the U.S.A. The ‘Big 4’. South Korea by the way (not North, Dear leader Mr Kim allegedly prohibits its 22 million citizens from playing the sport founded by ‘Imperial Americans’) was initially seen as the rival of Japan as had been in previous tournaments, but they have already been marginalized in this tournament, just like the impeached beauty(and the FMR President) Ms.Pak Geun hye and its politics. They couldn’t make it the 2nd round.

Puerto Rico is playing the Netherlands right now (as I write this article. 3-3! Super tight game) in the first semi final match. But what interests me more than the game is their ‘political status’.

According to the Wikipedia, this small island nation of 3 million is ‘not a U.S state’ , but the “Puerto Ricans were collectively made U.S citizens” in 1917 by the Jones-Shafroth Act. This article argues that ‘U.S imposed citizenship in order to draft Puerto Rican men into the army as American entry to WW1 became likely’.

It is a feasible assumption regarding the fact colonial imperialism was rampant in those days. And whats more striking, the Puerto Ricans today are deprived of their rights to vote for the congress or Presidential election despite the fact they are ostensibly ‘U.S citizens’. I’ve heard a chubby woman from Guam make the same complaint in Tokyo Narita Airport in January this year. That’s right, these two ‘nations’ are not even a sovereign state.

When the United States of America’s founding principles are ‘Democracy’, ‘Equality’ and ‘Human Rights’, their current double-standard in these two ‘pawns’ is difficult to comprehend and simply indefensible. Of course, I understand that the $70 billion debt by the Puerto Rican government was an issue in last year’s U.S Presidential election.

The reality that San Juan is unsustainable without Washington’s financial aid is not to be argued. However, amid the recent rise of nationalism and Brexit movement (Scotland’s proposal of its 2nd referendum on independence has been rejected by Mrs May), the outcome of Puerto Rico’s upcoming referendum on June 11, 2017 on whether to choose between a statehood and independence is surely something we should all focus upon as advocates of fundamental rights.

Oops! Please remember I’m no anti-Trump or anti-American. I’m nothing but an Outspoken Samurai of the 21st century thirsty for truth and fairness, just like the famous Fox News.

“Japan to beat U.S.A and win the 3rd World Baseball Classic!” の続きを読む

‘石原小池戦争’ は、単なる「都民バースト」


この問題、今さら責任を擦りつけあおうともまったく意味がないんじゃないか。いくら小池百合子氏が’戦うポーズ’ パフォーマンスをしたところで、何の解決にもならないし、そもそも10年以上昔のこと。

かと言って石原氏が「正しい」訳でもない。だいいち、週2しか都庁に出勤していなかった同氏にいかなる「証言」を求めようと、しかも脳梗塞を患った高齢者であることを考えれば、’見逃しの三振’ で終始するに違いない。

6000億円という巨額を投じ、進められた豊洲移転プロジェクト。うるさい日本人も、先の東京都知事選に出馬した際に豊洲エリアで何度か街頭演説を行ったけど「今年の秋には、築地がここトヨスに移転・デビューします!世界のTOYOTAに並んで世界のTOYOSU Fish Marketがオープンするのです。新しいTokyoの顔として、ビッグな可能性がここから始まろうとしています!」とうるさく吠えたわけだ。

ところが2020年TOKYOオリンピックの準備が遅延しているのと同じで、豊洲移転もパソコンでいうフリーズ状態。報道によれば、‘毎日1000万円ほどの損失’ が生じているそうじゃないか。Yeah, every single fxxx’in day! つまり、移転が10日遅れるだけで1億円もの血税がドブに捨てられていることになる。

これは明らかに東京都側の犯罪的な失政以外のなにものでもないと思うのだが、どうだろう?! しかもコイケ氏はこの問題をどう「解決」するのか、まったく明示していない。’都民ファースト’ と威勢良くリップスティックを塗りながら、6000億円➕毎日1000万円税金垂れ流しじゃあ、これはもう単なる「都民バースト」。

‘バルセロナFCのベンゼマ(背番号9)ならぬ、ベンゼンが基準値の100倍もトヨスの地下から出たのでヤーメヨーカナ!’ – というコイケ氏の姿勢は無責任千万。惜しくもTokyoのトップを自任しているのならば、これまでのモンスター巨額を投じている豊洲移転プロジェクトを、それら問題を乗り越えていかに’完成’ させねば都知事としては失格なのではないだろうか。

築地と豊洲の板挟みにあっている無数の業者も「都民バースト」モロの当事者で、気が気でないだろうし、何と言っても’TOUOSU IS DIRTY’ – トヨスは汚れている、という負のイメージを国際社会がすでに抱き始めていることは最悪。今年外国人観光客3000万人を目指す日本の「おもてなし」としても、アマチュアレヴェル。

僭越ながら、先の東京都知事選の時からうるさい日本人は’コイケ氏にはTokyoをこうしたい、という具体案はゼロです’ と警告を鳴らしてきた。現に’マニフェスト’ なるものも、具体案はまったくなかった。それが今回、不毛かつ都民にとって不幸な形で的中してしまった。移転するのか、しないのかも分からない。


もう桜の季節だぜ、みんな! 初の美しい女性知事だからってチヤホヤしている余裕などない。税金無駄遣いは、そう、’出血’ をまったく止められない人が今、東京のトップに立っている。

太陽の季節やら、都民ファーストの季節やら過去の話はゴミ箱にドラッグ&ドロップし、21世紀のジャパーンのお魚さんの台所 TOYOSU FISH MARKET デビューに向けて一つ一つ’解決’ していくしかない。

え?! 移転しないって?!



Good Rising!


JAPAN BROADCASTING Editorial「Outspoken Samurai」 by Yujiro Taniyama 

Irasshaimase!  いらっしゃいませ   (‘Welcome’ in Japanese)

And welcome to the ‘Land of the Rising FUN’.

Good Sushi, Good life. Good Sake, Good life. And Good Tokyo, Good Tomorrow.

Escape from the cul-de-sac of flooding ‘fake news’ and tumultuous daily routine, but instead grab a can of beer and your passport ‘n cheap LCC ticket ‘n come ‘n hop into the Hakone onsen just an hour or so train ride from Haneda airport or Shinjuku or Yokohama!

Ohayo Gozaimass!

Just as for a quick introduction, my name is Yujiro Taniyama. Though some ignorant phony may mistaken me for an illegal immigrant from Chongqing, China – let me warn you folks, I am a proud Japanese national with a bloody red 10 year Japanese passport! If Mr Donald J. Trump is the 45th US President, then I am the ‘Outspoken Samurai’.


Outspoken Samurai of the 21st century. Sushi Fighter.

And today I am honored to announce the launch of 「OUTSPOKEN SAMURAI 」、a challenging editorial that discloses my daily clandestine thoughts on world affairs, from entertainment, Anime to Melania Trump.

It will be in both English & Japanese, and written back and forth in these two languages.



8,346,969 foreign tourists, or Gaijins (means foreign national in Japanese. To avoid misunderstanding, this term is NOT a pejorative – all my Gaijin friends in Tokyo loves calling themselves ‘Tokyo Gaijin’) visited Japan back 10 years ago, in 2007.

In 2010, the figure was still 8,611,175. Then in 2013, for the first time in Japan’s long winding history since Emperor Jinmu 660 B.C, the Gaijin tourists hit the 10 million benchmark! And what’s astonishing, the figure skyrocketed tremendously onwards. 13,413,467 (2014) , 19,737,409 (2015. Source: JNTO) , and last year finally surpassed 24 million! OMG

As the wave of protectionism and anti-immigration spreads across the globe thanks to Mr Donald and friends (including the mighty smart Brits), my narrow path to victory and diversity goes quite the opposite.

I embrace internationalism and globalization.

Having grown up in Adelaide and Bangkok myself, I refute any sort of racism having been bullied and downplayed due to my ‘flat face’ and the color of my skin in ‘white Australia back in the ’80s when my heros MJ, Madonna and George Michael had began to dominate the MTV!

Anyways, one of my secret mission of this 「OUTSPOKEN SAMURAI 」is to connect the dots, connect the people for a better understanding of the world we live in. Prudence and benevolence.

But at the same I am the obnoxious Outspoken Samurai fellas, ready to become a smelly villain by my adversaries if needed. We’ve got to speak out in what you believe in!

Conformity is definitely a huge problem within the Japanese society and mentality, and it hampers innovation. U.S.A is definitely not the ‘Greatest Nation in the World’ (lol) as was often quoted by Obama and still is by Trump – but I must admit one greatness of America is its potential for self innovation. When J.F.K was assassinated more than half a century a go, blacks were openly referred to as ‘Stinking Niggers’ and were prohibited from attending same schools and movie theaters as the whites. But 50 years on, you have a half-black-President.

That sort of drastic change would never take place in Tokyo, unfortunately. Innovation man, I say it again, innovation! And that’s exactly why we need the damn Gaijins!

SONY is dead, SHARP is dead ( it’s Taiwanese owned now to say the least), and now TOSHIBA is gone. Thank you Mr Westinghouse. The ‘smart’ Japanese elites were duped by our fellow Americans once again)


Who’s next?!

Good Rising!
Not good morning, ‘coz I’m standing on the  land of the Rising Sun!


Yujiro Taniyama
Editor in Chief – Japan Broadcasting

Editor in Chief. Japan Broadcasting.net 「JB」


谷山雄二朗が書く二刀流の社説「OUTSPOKEN SAMURAI」Japan Broadcasting



その名もズバリ、「JB」。別名 「OUTSPOKEN SAMURAI 」。

何を隠そう、格好良く言うならば、JAPAN BROADCASTING . NET – JB の社説のようなものです。

Editorial, Column, Blog, Essay, 書き物。

Global Digital Entertainment.

ちなみに、この「JB」に関しては、次のacronym, すなわち頭字語を意味している。

J = Japan、Jump(跳ぶ)、Join(合体する、つなぐ)、Joke(ユーモア、滑稽、じょうだん、おどけ)、Jubilant(歓喜と熱狂あふれる)、Journey、Journalism、地侍、熟慮、自立国家、自尊独立、神社、JoyJump

B=Broadcast, Bushido, 冒険、Boundless(無限の)、Borderless(国境なき)、文章、Bold(大胆)、Blog、ばか者たれ、Bilingual、Buddhism(仏教)、爆発力、Bilateral(相互の)、Benevolence(寛容の精神), Battle (戦い)、Ballistic(弾道の)、Beautiful, Beer, Beginning(はじまり)、Biscuit, Brave(勇敢な)、Bravo(ブラボー)、Brightly(明るく!)

「英国にhumorあり、米国にjokeあり、そしてフランスにwitあり」とはよく言われるが、では日本人の国民性とは何ぞや。勤勉は確かに美徳なのかもしれないが、それも一昔前のこと。過労死が社会問題しているこの頃だが、自分の仕事は終わっているのに「先輩がまだ帰宅しないから」とかいう理由で、夜10時まで社内に残ることはもはや “勤勉” でも何でもなく、思考停止以外の何ものでもない。


よってこれから始めるこの「JB」では、あえてその真面目の真逆を行き、あえて「不真面目さ & ゆるさ」をも重視しつつアップデートしていこうと思う。そう、最も軽いとされる元素ヘリウムよりも軽く、気張らずに。

“OUTSPOKEN SAMURAI” は、なんせ我が社の「社説」。


“谷山雄二朗が書く二刀流の社説「OUTSPOKEN SAMURAI」Japan Broadcasting” の続きを読む