Korea’s Mun Jae in is a Big Fat Liar – 韓国の文大統領は真っ赤な嘘つき

This newly elect is a dangerous man.

First of all, he seems quite comfortable making blatant lies.

Ultra leftist South Korean president Mun Jae in made a baseless, repugnant statement on  Washington Post Lally Weymouth interview 2 days ago. 

Just as a reminder, I’d like to underscore the fact that Mun (not Mum) is such an ultra left extremist that he’s now proposing CO-HOSTING THE 2018 WINTER OLYMPICS WITH NORTH KOREA. 

This is a ridiculous claim, given the fact Pyongyang is a notorious, barbaric state run by a human scum Kim Jong un. An innocent 22 year old American Otto Warmbier was de facto murdered by the fat turd regime for “subversion”; as you may already heard of recently. 

Demagoguery Mun Jae in


When interviewed by Ms Weymouth  two days ago on his plan to “reexamine the 2015 comfort women agreement” that was signed by Mun’s predecessor Pak Geun bye and Japan’s PM Abe, this is what he said. 

A: The comfort-women agreement that we made with Japan during the last administration is not accepted by the people of Korea, particularly by the victims. They are against this agreement. The core to resolving the issue is for Japan to take legal responsibility for its actions and to make an official [government] apology. But we should not block the advancement of Korea-Japan bilateral relations just because of this one issue.

Boy, what an unthinking man he is, enjoying the so called “victimhood” on a controversy based on unsubstantiated claims by the former Comfort Women.

But we won’t go into debating the issue itself on this blog. On the other hand, it is my sincere duty to notify and prove to each and every one of you how discredited this pro Pyongyang man is. 

To my understanding, this is in a way a crime perpetrated with words.
Mun argues that “the agreement is not accepted by the Koreans, PARTICULARY BY THE FMR COMFORT WOMEN”;  which is an untrue, baseless claim. 


Because out of the 46 fmr Comfort Women, 34 have accepted and received $97,000 each. Furthermore, Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported on Dec.23,2016 article that 35 families of the bereaved fmr Comfort Women also had been paid $20,000 each. 

This is a huge sum especially when considering the fact that 61 former Korean Comfort Women had already received $50,000 each through the Asian Women’s Fund that was established in 1995. 

Taking these irrefutable facts into account, we, the people of the civilized modern world must not dare hesitate to defy Mun’s absurd lie that “especially the fmr Comfort Women do not accept the 2015 agreement”; when majority of them have accepted the money. 

Therefore, we should not take Mun’s statement at face value, nor be duped by this pro Pyongyang demagoguery. 

Lastly, let me also refute his claim that Abe ought to “apologize”. 
Beg your pardon?

The Japanese PM’s have repeatedly “apologized” since PM Miyazawa Kiichi in 1992. To my understanding, it’s been apparently overdone. 

I lastly would like to underscore the fact that Korean politicians and their hyper hysterical media use this contentious issue to meet their political ends. 

For them, and their hypocritical “human rights activists” – those unfortunate elderly ladies are nothing but a toy to gain subsidies and votes, or a political tool to say the least. 

Good Rising!

Yujiro Taniyama
– Japan Broadcasting Editor in chief 












“MOAB” = Mother Of Analysis Bombs” (解析学の言論爆弾)、とでも呼んでおきましょうか。 僭越ながら、この “MOAB”は、日本の報道ならぬ「言論の自由」のレヴェルが国際基準に達しているか、の一つのバロメータになると、うるさい日本人は考えています。




Public Figure 


ご覧になった方も多々いると思いますが、あの中で、マイケル・ムーア監督は、George W.Bush 大統領の選挙演説、プロモーション映像、集会での発言映像を多数インサートしています。




それは、欧米先進国では政治家などの公人は “Public Figure” とされ、その写真も映像も「公的なもの」として考えられているからに他なりません。


英国の Theresa May首相も、アメリカ合衆国のDonald Trump大統領も、完全に「使われ放題」。プライヴァシーというものは、”Public Figure”には存在しないからです。



よって今回、ぼくが愉快な仲間たちと共に投下する予定の “MOAB”。



まあ、ジャンルは「コメディー」なので、一億二千万人の日本国民に気軽に、please enjoy!


まずは、”Outspoken Samurai”の読者のあなたに、ふとお伝えしたく。





Good Rising!


Thank you.



Good morning Taiwan! The world loves you

Dear HRH Ms Tsai Ying wen
Hello ma’am. 

My name is Yujiro Taniyama, and I am an Outspoken Samurai of the 21st century. 
And I do not work for the lavish, corrupt Panda communists in your neighborhood.

Yes ma’am, the so called “PRC” stands for “Panda Republic of Corruption”; as we know the people of the modern world are well aware of the fact Beijing downplays its own citizens, crackdown and kidnapping of human rights lawyers is rampant – meaning the notion “PEOPLE” simply doesn’t exist in PRC. 
I emphatically condemn the repugnant statement that was made 2 days ago by the enslaved Panama government.

 Cutting Official diplomatic ties?!

Big deal ma’am. 

Forget it. 

The term “Official” don’t mean a thing in this tumultuous world of hypocrisy we live in. 
PRC is a menace of Asia, to say the least. 

I know that, you know that, Japan coastguard guys know that. Even the famous loose cannon Trump is probably aware too. 

The latest callous behavior by the PRC, or the Panda Republic to undermine the sovereign democratic state of Taiwan by  pressuring the owner of the Panama Canal is nothing but a ruthless bully. 
The remorseless communist nation may be the world’s No.2 economy flexing its rapidly growing military muscles, intimidating its neighbors perpetually over territorial issues. 

However, you’ve got to bear in mind that the majority of the people of the free world absolutely loathe the PRC and it’s oppressive system, hugely arrogant and deploringly abrasive in its character. 

On the other hand, the people of Taiwan has definitely won empathy globally, for what it’s made of; rule of law, democracy, human rights and the benevolent morality. 

At least that is what the Japanese think. 

Term “Official diplomacy” is dead

Purportedly there are just 20 nations left in which you enjoy “official diplomatic ties”. 

So what?!

Before I move on, let me please respectfully apologize to you on behalf of our people – for abandoning Tokyo-Taipei “official diplomatic relationship” back in September 1972 under the Tanaka Kakuei administration. 

Ms Tsai, Taiwan was the member of the P5; or the permanent member of the UN Security Council as “CHINA” until the hypocritical United Nations ousted your ancestors in 1971; handing over the prerogative to Mao Tse Tung’s PRC. 

Till then, “China” was synonymous for Taiwan. Taiwan was China. And it is well proven by the fact that your national flag carrier is called “CHINA AIRLINES”.

The PRC wants that crucial “naming”  back, and that desperately deep inside  I presume. 

I disavow any sort of crackdown on human rights activists and lawyers seeking freedom and prosperity. PRC does that ma’am, as you may be well aware. Kidnapping of Hong Kong Bookkeepers was a horrendous act, indeed. 
Taiwan “isolation” won’t happen 

That being said, I would like you and your great Taiwanese people to know that the usage of the term  “official diplomatic ties” (ODT) is totally obsolete. Though Japan’s PM Abe may not have ODT with you, it’s a well known fact that you two have amicable ties. 

Over 4 million Taiwanese nationals visited Japan in 2016. 
That’s huge. 

Taiwan is also a common destination for us the Nippon Gin too. I’ve enjoyed a round trip across Taiwan in the past ; from Taipei, Jiufen, Hualien, Kaohsiung and more! 

Breathtaking landscape, amazing food and the people. 

Tokyo – Taipei relationship is unshakable, unbreakable. 
You know that, and so do I. 

Both our people share the same basic principles of a civilized modern world. Freedom of speech is guaranteed. 

Btw, a baby Panda was born recently at the Tokyo Ueno zoo; but remember ma’am, that Pandas do not “speak” – meaning free speech is nothing more than a dream over there in the “land of Corruption”. 

That being said, I unequivocally convey to you that “official diplomacy” no longer has a meaning, and that the Japanese people unconditionally support your defiance towards the despicable Panda bully. 

The term “Taiwan isolation” does not exist in Global dictionary. 
But if by any chance it does, make sure to first put a blame on untrustworthy phoney – the double standard United Nations and its “allies”. 
Those people only preach, but do not practice. 

Probably even the Loose cannon Trump may be more credible than those fake opportunistic hypocrites. 

As long as you and I, the people of Taiwan has the psychological strength to fight tenaciously along with we the Japanese, there is no way we could succumb to the Panda attacks. 

Their vicious, primitive and barbaric greed has no place in human society today. 

Our strength shall prevail, as the “undemocratically elected PRC” will drown in the super sticky “Natto Onsen”. 

Please try it next time you come to Tokyo, Ms Tsai. 
I will be honored to pick you up at the Handa Airport, if your “unofficial route” doesn’t work. 
Please don’t hesitate to call me. 

Thank you, and talk to you soon. 

Good Rising!

Yujiro Taniyama 
Japan Broadcasting Editor in Chief 




マスクをしている女性がいた。気温33度の6月の香港で、何故それが必要なのか理解に苦しんだので「風邪ですか」と聞いてみると、そうだという。しかし話しているうちに実は真相はまったく違うことが分かった。ここは、世界で唯一の「6.4天安門記念館」(現地の人々は、天安門虐殺記念館とか歴史館と呼ぶ)の 薄暗い館内。クーラーが効いている。三十前後と思われる彼女の名前を、とりあえずここでは陳さんとしておこう。彼女の告白を要約すると、次のようになる。

「一年半前、2014年に香港の民主化を求める “Umbrella Movement” があったでしょう。あの時、多くの大学生がデモに参加したわ。ところがなんとデモの最中にじつは意外な場所で、ありえないことが起こってたのよ – そう、中国本土で働いている彼ら学生の “親” の携帯に次々と中国政府関係者から電話がかかってくるようになった。つまり “アンタの息子・娘が香港で反政府デモに参加している。このままでは大変なことになるぞ。なんとかしろ” – という脅迫コールが、次々とかかってくる。ではなぜ、どうやって”身元が割れた” のか、不思議よね。何故だと思う? そう、香港市内のいたるところにじつは監視カメラが設置されていて、中共政府の圧力を受けた当局(香港政府)は民主化デモに参加している大学生たちの顔を一つ一つスキャンし、その個人を特定し、名前・住所・電話番号などの個人データーを割り出していったわけ。その流れで親に脅迫電話をする。うん、私がなぜ今日マスクをしているか分かったでしょう?」



言論の自由を弾圧する中共の独裁統治体制は、最悪だ。それは名古屋や東京にいては到底わかるものではない。しかし彼女に会ったこの日、つまり天安門虐殺事件の27周年にあたる2016年6月4日 –  ぼくは中共の秘密警察による「自由の弾圧」というものを、直に肌で感じた。それもここ香港・九龍半島のオフィスビルが並ぶ繁華街で。

冒頭に挙げた陳氏の告白。事実だとすれば、怖ろしいことではないか。完全な恐怖政治が世界的金融ハブ・香港の喉元に、そう、まるでがん細胞のごとく今、侵蝕しつつある。1997年、香港は「屈辱の100年リース」から中国に返還された。その際、したたかな英国政府は “今後50年間は一国二制度:HKのデモクラシーは保証する” との条件をつけた。当時の中共江沢民は、それを受諾。つまり少なくとも2047年までは、”Hong Kong Democracy” は保証される「はず」なわけだ。しかしながら2016年現在、すでにその約束は反故にされつつあることは、陳氏の言葉に耳を傾ければ一目瞭然だ。彼女の瞳には曇り一つなかった。ぼくはその言葉を、信じる者である。




それを裏付けるかのように、繁華街 JORDAN駅 D出口徒歩8分に位置するこの世界で一つしかない「6.4 天安門虐殺記念館」があるオフィスビルの1F・エレベーター前には”監視員” が一名常駐しており、入館者に名前、ID番号、パスポート番号、入館の目的など数項目を記入することを強制される。ここ”自由とデモクラシーの街” 、香港で、だ。(ぼくは テキトーな偽名を記入しておいたが。笑)

入館者が監視カメラで撮影されていることも、言うまでもない。現に、古びた建物の入口に入るとそれが見えた。その映像は当局により”分析” され、中共の恐怖政治を強化するための道具として利用される。陳氏によると、香港において民主化デモに参加し「顔をスキャンされ身元を特定された人物」に対しては、大抵の場合中国本土への入国禁止措置が課されるという。現に本土から香港特別行政区へ “留学” している生徒も多いらしく、彼らが ”ブラックリスト” に載った暁には故郷へ帰省できないことになる。また香港出身者と呼ばれる人々にしても、その大半のルーツは当然ながら本土にあるわけで、祖先を敬う中国文化:お盆やお墓参りも当然ながら不可能になる。中共当局はそうした香港市民の自由を巧みに奪いながら、締め付けを強化しつつあるわけだ。




天安門虐殺6.4 を学校で教えない茶番


これは、1989年6月4日に世界に衝撃を与えた天安門虐殺事件を、中共が教科書に掲載させない言論統制措置一つみても明らかだ。館内で会ったある中国人男性は「小学校でも、中学校でも教えないので知らなかった。でも、高校生の時にインターネットの ”裏サイト” を通じて事件のことを知った。衝撃だった」と教えてくれた。つまり、人口14億人、GDP57兆元の世界第2位の経済大国では、天安門事件は「なかった」ことになっているわけだ。ぼくも記念館に来て学んだのだが、展示内容やドキュメンタリー映像などの証言によると「中共軍兵士は、家のベランダから天安門の弾圧の模様をみていた一般市民も次々と射殺」したらしい。「台所にいた主婦も、流れ弾に当たって殺された」と。ある証言者の中年男性は「果たして目の前で起きている中国人に対する虐殺が、同じ中国人によって行われているのか:信じ難かった」と述べていた。


館内展示の “It is worth notice that the China Red Cross had made a public announcement that there were 2,600 to 3,000 died in the event” (中国赤十字の発表では、犠牲者数は二千六百名から三千名。ただ、実際の人数は不明であり学者により大きな開きがある)という発表も、中共の手にかかれば「存在しない嘘」になるわけだ! 滑稽というか、単なる下品なジョークにしか思えないが、こんな茶番国家がBBCによると十年後には世界一の経済大国になるというのだから、これまた恐ろしい。しかも、中国のWang Yi 外相にいたっては海外メディア向けに「日本は歴史を直視し、反省せよ」とオウムの如く反復するのに余念がない。もう茶番もここまできたら精神病。「天安門虐殺」という自国の歴史ただ一つさえ直視できない中共が、日本に対して文句を言うなど厚顔無恥の極致。




にもかかわらず、我が国のプードル政府は毅然と反論一つせず、へらへらするのみ。なぜ日本政府は「中国は歴史を直視し、天安門虐殺を認め、自国民を奴隷状態から解放せよ」と欧米メディア前で言えないのか。真実を軽視し、事なかれ主義に甘んじているから日本は舐められるのだ。先日の米オバマ大統領の広島訪問の ”見返りに” 囁かれている「安倍総理の真珠湾訪問議論」に対しても、毅然と打ち消す姿勢が政府内からまったく聞こえてこないというのはいったいどういうことなのか。








編集部注2:2017年6月4日本日、一年前の記念館訪問を記録したショート・ドキュメンタリーが発表されます。題名は “Tiananmen Didn’t Happen”。Googleって頂きインターネット上で、3時のおやつにぜひお召し上がり下さい


Dog Eating Alliance – China, Nuclear Korea and Grass eater Japan 「犬食同盟」



Soviet’s death

When the Berlin Wall was torn down in November 1989, U.S.S.R de facto died.

‘Ronald’ prevailed, ‘Nancy’ cheered, ‘Mikhail’ vanquished and ‘Donald’ was merely a flamboyant real-estate celebrity.

Just 3 months prior to this “end of East-Germany”, thousands of Chinese students and innocent protesters were massacred in Tiananmen.

The date was June 4th.

Communist autocrat Deng Xiao ping’s tanks ruthlessly ran over his ‘worthless traitors’ demanding democracy.


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the U.S realized that it had lost its longstanding menace since September 1945. Washington was simultaneously deprived of its crucial objective during the cold war – to “crush the Russians”.

That left the U.S to give priority and focus on the domestic issues, such as racism, gun violence, teenage pregnancy and “creating jobs” for the Americans.

The end of the cold war meant the beginning of American isolationism.

Therefore, it is natural to think that Donald Trump’s protectionism and “America First” policy in fact has its basic roots back then, nearly three decades ago. And that may be why the incumbent 45th Mr President is keen on maintaining amicable relationship with Kremlin.

Or am I digging in too far?! Too hypothetical?

Anyways, one thing for certain and unshakable is that the fall of the Soviet Union automatically left the U.S as the sole superpower.




Dog steak in Beijing

But now in 2017, a brand new ‘superpower’ is on the rise.

Eating dogs is ubiquitous in this authoritarian state, where Google, YouTube and Facebook are banned. And what’s worse, this rising power is eating up all the “islands” in South China sea, reclaiming it, then renovating them to artificial military bases.

Some call them ‘man-made islands’.

7 of them purportedly have been built so far.




Does VP Mike Pence eat dog steak with some mash potato and ketchup? I doubt it. For the Americans, dogs are not edible, but “walkable”….. I mean, Californians love walking dogs along the beaches of Santa Monica.

That goes the same from Tokyo, Milano to San Francisco, worldwide.

So, what do we make out of it?!



Dog Meat Festival

According to Clair Huot, the Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, “dog meat was three times cheaper than a pig by the Eastern Han dynasty”.

Dog eating and killing is widely practiced even today, and the Chinese often eat them as a hotpot. Dog head, dog brain, dog tongue, puppies are a lavish meal.

“Dog Meat Festival” began in the province of Jiangsu in 2007.

Ms Huot has also pointed out that on January 10, 2016, Nanjing local news reported a gruesome scene of a 60 year old man skinning the dog alive on Dachang street.

I may be a vulgar, abrasive man, but still regard myself as a catalyst for peace. Furthermore, I do not club dogs to death like the Chinese butchers do today. That’s blatantly barbaric.

And I sincerely would like to notify you great readers that if we don’t remain vigilant, the corrupt, sneaky Beijing officials will start treating you and I like a Saint Bernard or a local street dog sent to the the famous Dog Meat Festival.



International law is “rubbish”

Last year in 2016, the Permanent Court of Arbitration in Hague ruled that the so called the “9 dash line” claimed by China is baseless and illicit under the international law. While Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan claim sovereignty over the scattered islands in South China Sea where $5 trillion worth world trade passes through, Beijing somehow defiantly argues “90% of the sea ‘historically’ belongs to China” – whatever that means.


Whats’ s even more ludicrous, Beijing downplayed last year’s historic, decisive ruling by The Hague calling it a “rubbish”.

Boy, what an inhumane response, just like butchering dogs.

And of course, I emphatically refute Beijing’s inexplicable, unsubstantiated claims that hilariously undermines the international law.


For the PRC, all its surrounding waters and territories as well as its Asian neighbors are de facto ‘dogs’ – edible to say the least. Credit Suisse think tank report ranks Beijing as the world’s 3rd largest military, just behind U.S and Russia with annual budget of $215 billion (2016).

That’s far larger than that of all the Asian nations combined.




Nuked Pyongyang

Then comes the famous fat turd, Mr Kim Jong un.

The hugely overweight totalitarian ruler has already made irretrievable damages in its foreign relations by conducting ICBM tests almost “weekly”, while his people are eating shoes.


From east to west, the world today faces tumultuous catastrophes and political turmoil more than ever before, and that especially in east Asia.

Nuked Pyongyang has already become a irrefutable reality, while the troublesome former Seoul president is behind bars. I am a big fan of the classic novel “Moon and the Six pence” by Maugham, but the new ‘MOON’ in the Blue house (Seoul presidential HQ) seems to be nothing but a pro-North Korean populist and a successor of the late disgraced ultra -left president Roh Moohyung.

I do anticipate that the Tokyo-Seoul relationship will be crucially undermined under this Moon presidency that’s just took off.



Dog Eating Alliance

We the Japanese eat Whale meat, both raw and cooked. I must admit that it’s awfully smelly, but at the same time its finger lickin’ good, so give it a try when you visit Tokyo on your next trip.

Just a 90 minute train ride from the Tokyo station will carry you to this coastal town of Tateyama in Chiba (not China) prefecture. Yes, please hop off at the Tateyama station. Why? Because you can enjoy the yummy cuisine unavailable in London, Hong kong or San Paulo. Yes, the famous whale meat lunch box is available for just 900 yen, so give it a shot of your lifetime!


But we don’t eat dogs.

Koreans are no different from the Chinese when it comes to Saint Bernards. Though it may be not on a menu, go ask for a ‘dog’ at a Korean restaurant and they should offer you a ‘plan B’.



Ostensibly, Dog eating Beijing has implemented “tough sanctions” on Pyongyang by suspending the purchase of North Korean coal until the end of 2017. But still, the recent media reports suggest that China – North Korea trade grew by 37.4 % in the first quarter of this year compared to that of 2016.

This means that the “Dog Eating Alliance” (D.E.A) is still solid and robust behind the curtain.

We’ve all got to bear in mind that both countries have infatuation with dogs. And that not as pets, but as their evening buffet.

That, they have in common.

It pretty much stands out, since probably no other country does the same in a modern world these days. And my argument is that this DOG EATING ALLIANCE is unshakable, and unbreakable, just like dogs mate daily across the globe.

That being said, I’d like to conclude this article by contemplating Tokyo’s role in facing this hugely disruptive alliance.




Shameful Grass eaters

Let me make it crystal clear. Don’t count on us.


The answer is quite simple.

The Japanese don’t eat dogs. But instead, we are “Grass eaters”. I don’t mean cannabis, but just a plain grass in the countryside.

To make a long story short, the Japanese today has got no balls like Mr Trump. You may point out that his predecessor also had no balls, unable to intervene militarily in Syria or halt PRC’s military invasion in the South China sea.

But still, its just incomparable to the complacency and irresponsibility of the “diligent” Japanese regarding not only the national security, but peace and stability in the region.

Humans are apt to become belligerent by eating MEAT.

Your muscle becomes larger, with nutritious oily protein while the sexual desires soar also by consuming beef and pork, without a doubt DOGS for some people.

Though not public displayed, Koreans and the Chinese for a long time believed (and still do) that DOG STEW empowers you with resilience and stamina. Ancient Chinese also believed dog eating ward off evil spirit.


On the other hand, the Japanese were banned from eating “4 legged animals” until the Meiji Restoration that began in 1868. Therefore, the world famous “Sukiyaki” wasn’t even on our menu till Commodore Perry knocked Japan Shogunate’s door in 1853.

Instead, we eat fish.

You know that, and so do I.


However, what’s critical is that the modern Japanese are “Grass eaters” – not dogs, not fish, but GRASS.

Lambs eat grass.

While they eat all day, they don’t speak a word. They are horrendously quiet, polite and ‘enslaved’ by their master. All they care about is fulfilling its voracious appetite in a small world they live in.

That’s right. Flock of sheep – that’s what we are today, ladies and gentlemen.


If the American isolationism is said to have begun in the early 1990’s after the fall of the Soviet Union, well the Japanese isolationism is an ongoing issue. You may obviously point out “What the heck! The McDonalds in Shibuya and Shinjuku is packed with millennials and schoolgirls eating cheeseburger with coke” ;

Well, that is factually correct.

Our diet deeply relies on meat today, as well as fish. Bread than rice. Obesity has become a huge issue just like any other G7 nations.

That’s right. My “Grass eaters” narrative is all about our mentality, psychological-wise. Playing Playstation and Nintendo on Friday nights instead of asking a girl out for a pint of beer is nothing new these days, in Tokyo. The recent surveys discloses some deplorable reality that a common “DREAM” for elementary school kids and the millennials is to ‘become a bureaucrat at a local town office’ –


Only 23.5% of the Japanese possesses passport today.

While over 300,000 Chinese students study in the U.S today, you rarely see a Japanese honor student at Harvard.


Insular thinking roots deep in our society, undermining its resilience as a nation.


What’s worse, having eaten too much grass, the Japanese are now ‘brain dead’. Instead of revising our ‘Pussy-Cat constitution’ and building a truly sovereign state that has the capability to defend on its own, we are overly subservient in our relationship with Washington and count too heavily on Mr Trump’s military muscles.

Tokyo is a concubine of Washington.

And I don’t blame the Americans. They take measures based on their own national interest, and thats how politics work. The assertion Trump made during his presidential campaign last year in March, that “Japan should start thinking how to defend itself against North Korean threat. Pay more, or U.S forces will withdraw” perfectly makes sense.

It’s an irrefutable truth.


In order to sustain peace, stability in the region as well as the international law, Tokyo has a role to play – which is to beef up its military strength and at the same time revise article 9.2 of our constitution which stipulates “Land, Sea and Air forces will never be maintained. The right of the belligerency of the state will not be acknowledged” ; made by the U.S occupying forces in 1946 in just 7 days.


Not a dog meat, but a powerful North Korean nuclear missiles are hanging precariously in Mr Kim’s house, targeted at Tokyo and Kyoto. This may sound hilarious, but for the Japan-U.S alliance to prevail over the Dog Eating Alliance, we’ve got to get up on our own feet instead of being breast fed by mother Trump.

With over $20 trillion government debt, the “MILK” bottle is already empty. The ruling Liberal Democratic Party is pathetically sluggish in its reforms, from the constitution, de-regulation to childcare.


While Trump is highly likely to exit from the Paris climate deal, American protectionism and isolationism will inevitably accelerate. And it is truly a shame that I am a resident of a frail country that must be “protected” by this untrustworthy, unthinking property tycoon.

We’ve got no balls anymore.

Only Ichiro has.


Thank you.


Good Rising!




Yujiro Taniyama – Japan Broadcasting Editor in Chief

















ここまでNHKがAHOだとは! 北朝鮮の「コールド ランチ」報道





それを聞いた瞬間、うるさい日本人は「こーるどらんち?!」 ….ちょっと待てよ…. 冷たい昼食?、と疑った。

案の定、それは Cold launch のことであった。それを、正しく“コールド ローンチ” と読めないNHK番組制作班の英語力欠如の露呈。



英語教育を小5から「科目化」する動きが決まり、小学校英語強化シフトが加速しているものの、小学生ならぬNHK職員こそ、今一度駅前留学ないしは名門校 ‘STUPID ENGLISH SCHOOL’ にでも通ったほうがよい。

しかも恐ろしいことに、NHKのウエブサイトまでが堂々と「コールド ランチ」報道という自爆テロを連発しているではないか。




かつて Beatlesの John Lennon は “Cold Turkey” という名曲を書いたが、直訳すれば冷たい七面鳥。NHKは、”Cold launch” を “Cold lunch” と日本国民に紹介した。些細なことではあるが、我が国の国際競争力の低下は、国営放送局の英語力の欠如がもたらしたものでもあったのではないだろうか。こういう小さな読み方一つ一つが、外国語教育にとって極めて重要であることを強調しすぎることはない。










受信料boycott やりますか、マジで。



Good Rising!

Thank you







我ながら、なかなかのBig hitだと思う。

「2020年に自衛隊は合法です、との一行を憲法に加える」: 安倍晋三首相の先の意思表明は、気の抜けたスーパードライの如く極めて物足りないものであった。

なぜならば、”陸海空軍を認めない。交戦権も駄目” と定めた9条第二項(小学生が考えてもコメディーな条項)を残したまま、「それでも自衛隊は合法です」と定めるというのだから。いわゆる「加憲」なるこの曖昧な手法を、うるさい日本人は純粋なる憲法改正とは呼ばない。

とはいえ、安倍首相としては改憲国民投票は原発と同じで一度たりとも失敗してはいけない。それは絶対に許されない。130%成功する必要がある。でなければ、チャンスは二度と巡ってこないからだ。そうした「改憲・護憲 ほぼ50 – 50」の現状なかで編み出された苦肉の策こそが、この ‘Plan Q3’だったのではないか。

Q3 = 9条に第3項を加えることの省略形である。


海外のAP通信、CNN, NY Times, BBC, Al Jazeeraを始めとする主要メディアは、そもそも自衛隊のことを”Japanese military” = 日本の軍事力・日本軍と形容する。それもそのはず、自衛隊はれきっとした軍隊だからだ。海上自衛隊は、同じく “Japanese Navy” = 日本海軍。つまり国際常識として、Self Defence Forcesすなわち自衛隊は、当然ながら国際法上合法な世界第四位の力を誇る軍隊なのである。

にもかかわらず、それを非合法だとか “違憲” だと糾弾する頭のおかしい憲法学者や禿げた大学教授の群れが溢れる不思議な国がアジアの片隅にあるという。






そう安倍氏に反旗を翻し、まず “2020年憲法” に対し改憲反対の立場を表明したのは、思想も鼻も左に傾斜している学者やメディアではなく、自民党の船田元なる政治家であった。しかもこの小太り世襲議員は、韓国の新大統領ムン・ジェイン氏にクリソツであるのみならず、”自民党憲法改正推進本部長代行” なる肩書を持つという。

驚いたことにこの船田氏のみならず、報道によると岸田文雄外務大臣までもが、今回の安倍首相のアイデアに反対を表明している。後者に至っては”次期首相候補” だとか。自民党の思考停止も、ここまでくれば絶望的だ。

というのも、そもそも自由民主党は、9条を改正するために1955年に設立された政党だからだ。にもかかわらず、この62年間まったく改憲論議を進められないできた。それは、同党内に船田氏や岸田氏のような共産党員のような方々が少なくないからに他ならない。彼らの今回の発言は、「自衛隊は違憲でもOK. 日本は自分で自分を守れない国のままでOK. 北朝鮮のヘンな髪型の肥満児に対し無防備でもOK」と言っているに等しい。


そう、彼らはウルトラマッチョだからだ。ところが、今の1946年憲法(今の日本国憲法が作られたのは、昭和二十一年)には、「陸海空軍を持ちません」というウソが情けないことに堂々と明記されている。つまり、我が国はオオカミ少年そのものの “狼ジャパン”なわけだ。


自 = 自慰思考で、結局は国でなく自分のことしか考えていない

民 = 民主党(今の最大野党)と同じ。民衆に擦り寄るだけ

隊 = 関越トンネル(隊道)のような、暗い迷路日本へ導く











憲法改正の本丸である9条を「リフォーム」したいのであれば、まずその一項、二項を風俗嬢にもわかる形で解説し、なぜ Plan Q3(第三項)が必要なのかを明確にかつ執拗に国民に語りかけるべきだ。



余談だがドナルド・トランプが自民党総裁だったならば、東京都知事の小池氏に “You are fired bitch!  貴様はクビだ” と平気で言うかもしれない。なぜならば、これから行われる東京都議選において小池氏は公明党とタッグを組むことが明らかになっているからに他ならない。

ご存知の通り、信濃町を本拠にする同党にいたっても前出の船田氏と同じく”Plan Q3″に対し消極的である。「平和!平和!」なる単純用語さえ繰り返していれば、ファッティ金正恩は大人しくなるとでも履き違えている感も拭えない。



“2020年憲法に反対する「自民隊」に告ぐ!” の続きを読む

“Super Wasabi Sushi” for the New French President Macron!

Dear Mr Emanuel Macron Ph.D

Good morning sir.

And congratulations for your decisive victory this morning. I think you have done it once again, crushing the mother of all bombs (MOAB)…….., no, I mean the mother of 3, Mrs Marine Le Pen.

Sir, I knew you were going to win.

Well, to be honest that’s a big fat lie. I’d never imagined you would actually prevail, under the recent circumstances of ruthless terrorism and immigrant crisis across Europe. Of course I remember back in November 2015, 130 innocent people in Paris fell victim to those despicable Muslim extremists.

I was shocked and terrified, totally speechless in utter grief.

Outrageous acts of violence continued across the European continent even after that as you are well aware of.  Nice (pronounced Nee-ce), Belgium, Germany suicide bombers  subsequently led to my conclusion, or prediction – “The mighty French people must be feeling precarious like a pussy cat living under dictator Stalin. They must be thirsty for safety and freedom! So anti-immigrants fighter Le Pen shall prevail!”


““Super Wasabi Sushi” for the New French President Macron!” の続きを読む

‘赤旗少女’と、9条を考える憲法 「記念日」!


二日前、渋谷のR246と明治通りの交差点で、赤信号にぶつかった。小雨が降る中、うるさい日本人が愛車 ‘FATTY’ (タイヤが極度に肥満化した米国アラスカ発の太った自転車。雪専用)から一旦降りると、「九条改悪はんたーい!共謀罪はんたーい!」との横断幕をはためかせながら明治通りを行進していく大勢の人々がいる。




「なるほど。メーデーといえば、あそこのノボリにも書いてあるけど’労働者の環境改善’ですね。非正規雇用の賃金UP、意味不明の’正社員崇拝’ の打破など、やるべきことは多々あるね」




なるほど。どうりでホッペが真っ赤っ赤なわけだ。本稿では、とりあえず ‘マッカーサー’ とのコードネームで呼ぶことにする。

「長靴売れた大臣やら、津波は東北でよかった大臣やら、森友学園やら確かに安倍政権は相当タルンでいる。緊張感はゼロに近い。ただ、キミらの掲げる ‘九条改悪はんたーい’には、反対だな」








“‘赤旗少女’と、9条を考える憲法 「記念日」!” の続きを読む

‘Fat Turd’ Kim Jong un’s mother was ‘Made in Osaka’

130 kg.

That’s how much he allegedly weighs.

Pretty heavy, to be honest.

1300 km.

That’s the distance from Pyongyang to Tokyo.

Pretty close, to be honest. ICBM shall strike the world’s largest capital of 38 million in less than ten minutes.

Whether the ‘Fat Turd’ (FT) is a smart-cookie or not as hailed by Trump, he indisputably is a huge menace to Japan as well as Asia as a whole.

Of course, we are referring to the ruthless, reckless Pyongyang dictator Kim Jong un.

FT never goes to the gym.

All he does is eat, drink, kill and excrete.

But still, the international media is totally dominated by this Fatty. Not a day goes by without the rockstars ‘FT & Donald’.

Should North Korea be obliterated, he won’t dare take the risks to continue the nuke tests, pundits say.

I don’t believe so.

FT is an enigma.

His mother Ko yong hee’s birthplace is a state secret, to begin with. The AERA magazine, published by Japan’s liberal Asahi newspaper reported back in 2012 that FT (not the Financial Times) ‘s mother was born in Tsiruhashi, Osaka in 1952. Ethnically Korean, she was purportedly a “Zainichi Nisei” (2nd generation Korean residing in Japan) according to quite a few Japanese medias.

As the third wife of the late Kim Jong il, she had three children, and the notorious FT was the second son.

The other Fatty gentleman that was murdered at KLIA recently was FT’s half brother. They had a different mom.

‘Donald Kim’ alliance

While the famously unpopular U.S president’s polls suggest only three out of ten Americans support the man, FT has the backing of 100% of its citizens.

I mean, the North Koreans are deprived of their basic voting rights. Therefore, ostensibly FT enjoys full support from its 25 million citizens.

That’s a stark contrast, isn’t it?!

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro is adamant when he rebukes Trump as a ‘stupid dog’. His coherent stance is pretty much remarkable compared to Mitt Romney for example, who called Trump a ‘phoney’ during the election but later became a panting puppy after Hillary was ousted.

Others in the business seem to have no guts to mock the 45th president the way De Niro does, and I adore the ‘Taxi driver’ for that.

‘Fat Turd’ Kim Jong un is by no means a ‘smart cookie’ as depicted by Trump. I firmly believe he is nothing but an inexplicable, spoiled 130kg dumbass who’s serious only about how to alleviate his feeling of hunger when his people are eating shoes.

Hilariously, Tokyo is a puppet of Trump. The complacency of we the Japanese is staggering, without a single thought on ‘how to face the grave military aggression of not only FT, but also Beijing and Moscow’ in the years to come.

Today is the national constitution day. May 3. It marks the 70th anniversary since our current constitution ‘Made by USA’ made a debut in the ruins of over 66 heavily bombed Japanese cities, leaving two million without a home.

I will not celebrate this day like other flock of sheep without balls, nor raise the Japanese flag.

The highly hypocritical ruling party LDP is yet to accomplish the revision of the contentious ‘article 9’ of the 1946 constitution in which they promised back in 1955. PM Abe and his comrades argue the need to do so ostensibly, but are not really serious about it, since it is by far easier and less risky to remain as the ‘dog on a leash’ – Trump Doggy , that is.

It is proven by the fact you hardly see LDP MP’s addressing the need to amend article 9 out in the open public, like Shibuya and Shinjuku.

I repeat.

LDP is not serious about it, nor are its citizens. So if you work for PLA or the Chinese Communist Party, don’t miss the chance, or you’ll regret it.

Dear readers, I’m by no means downplaying the Whitehorse. All I’m stressing is the need for Tokyo to beef up its sovereignty and military capability to face FT and its communist allies.

Because if we continue our ridiculous subservient attitude towards the US (since the present constitution came to effect on this very day, 70 years ago) , it will endanger not only the land of the rising sun but the ‘bankrupt’ United States of America itself.

‘Please defend us American mommy!’ – that’s been the orthodox, shameful attitude of the Japanese after WW2.

Boy, do we ever grow up.

Fat turd Kim Jong un’s mother was born in Osaka.

Bruce Springsteen was born in America.

The moment Trump or Kim launches a pre-emptive strike on its adversary, some serious consequences will occur. All Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios Osaka and Ko Young hee’s birthplace may be obliterated.

But probably that’s only when Tokyo will retain its genuine independence.

Or is post war Japan itself an American joke fellas?!

Let’s wait and see.

Good Rising!

Yujiro Taniyama

Japan Broadcasting – Editor in Chief