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It seems as though he has done it once again.

The incumbent U.S President, for the first time in its post war history has officially announced that he will hold a dialogue with the North Korean despot. Given the fact that no sitting U.S President has ever met Pyongyang commander in chief in post WW2 history, yesterday’s announcement was indeed historic.

When the Korean War ended in 1953, it was not the Lee Syngman’s South Korean puppet regime but the “UN Allied powers” (de facto U.S military) that signed armistice with the North. As the Japanese have never signed a peace treaty with the Russians due to the prolonged territorial dispute in the “Northern Territories” adjacent to Hokkaido – Etorofu, Kunashiri, Habomai and Shikotan islands, the same goes with the Washington and Pyongyang.

“I want a peace treaty with you, Sir Donald” – Kim Jong un shall suggest in May.

Purportedly, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his comrades are skeptical of Kim Jong un “giving up it nuclear weapons” – and fiercely oppose Trump’s move to meet Kim “without preconditions”. Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe on the other hand, almost lost face when his “golf partner” suddenly announced to the press that he’ll meet the obese dictator – but was later revealed that Trump had called Abe right after he answered “Yes” to the South Korean counterpart visiting Washington.

As a Japanese national, I must say that it is a pure shame that while the Pyongyang nuke-warheads are locked onto Tokyo and Kyoto, we are virtually left out of the talks. Our overly subservient attitude towards Washington since our obsolete post war constitution was promulgated in 1947 undoubtedly is the primary factor why things are the way they are today.

Like the British former PM James Cameron was often mocked as the “Panting Puppy” of America, Tokyo unfortunately is nothing different.

Time for a change

Personally speaking, I condone the drastic move by Trump.

Though it is simply unthinkable that Kim will actually abandon his “Toy” (Nukes, of course), there still is about a 30% possibility that “something could change” – which I think is a positive thing. Change is always good, to my understanding.

The Tokyo-Pyongyang relationship had reached a point of ‘stalemate’ since Pyongyang tested its first “nuclear bomb” in 2006. Condolezza Rice and state department official Christopher Hill made a crucial mistake back in 2008, when they were overwhelmingly “Pro-North Korean” to lift the U.S sanctions imposed on Pyongyang under the Bush administration. (Without even consulting Tokyo)

But nothing changed.

Why!? Of course, North Korea is truly a master of repudiating “deals”.

And we all know that, don’t we!?

In 1994, Hillary’s husband was also duped. The Kim dynasty is truly a master of provocation, intimidation and deception. And the West was dumb enough to repeat the mistakes.

Then now comes Donald, the “Tough Negotiator”.

Will he be duped again!? Possibly. But one thing for certain is that Trump meeting Kim vindicates tough U.N sanctions strategy imposed on the North. That’s right, its working.

Though optimistic, I am not a prophet so whether or not a “striking a DEAL” will occur is yet unclear.

The “UNPREDICTABLES” (Trump and Kim) could call the whole thing off anytime. Yet based on the current vulnerable, unstable and combustible circumstances, let me suggest that should the “dialogue” take place, TOKYO would be the ideal host.

Here are 7 reasons why.

1. Tokyo is the “safest city” among the G7 nations. We all know that. You cant buy guns for $199 at Walmart here. And of course the U.S President’s security concern. By maintaining 2000 km distance from the Korean Peninsula, he shall be safe and sound, protected by the Japanese army and the 50,000 American troops (Including Mr. USS Ronald Regan in Yokosuka) stationed in Japan.

2. Geopolitically, Tokyo lies between the Asian continent and the North American. Beijing is eager to host the dialogue as the “rising global power” of course – but Kim fears being blown up on the railway track, just like his father was.

3. Fujiya Hotel in Hakone Onsen – about an hour car ride from Tokyo by Mt.Fuji is where the historic meeting should be held. JOHN LENNON used to visit this classic hotel established in 1878 following the renowned Meiji Restoration. The two leaders can send the message of “LOVE” and “IMAGINE” as they hop into the Onsen together fully naked. As the old Japanese saying “Hadacano Tsukiai” (Naked friendship, intimate as they take bath together) goes – the two fat guys in one boiling hot Rotenburo will dominate the headlines.

Kim can fly directly to Shizuoka Mt.Fuji Airport, then a car. That way his security will be guaranteed even further.

Trump on the other hand must use Tokyo Haneda Airport, and not Yokota as he had previously done. His entrance thorough a monstrous U.S base ( size equivalent to 157 Tokyo Domes!) will not only prove provocative to Kim, but a sitting U.S President entering Japan through the backdoor (defying the official, legal procedures) will only humiliate Tokyo as the ‘Colony of America’. (Remember, that any CIA spies or U.S government officials can enter and leave Japan through Yokota without leaving any legal record, which I believe is a concrete proof that my country is far from being defined as a sovereign nation. Sad!)

4. North Korean nukes are locked on to Tokyo. Therefore, Kim should show his credibility to “abandon Nukes” at least by setting his foot on the “targeted soil”. He’s got to impress the world that he’s got the balls.

5. DMZ is by far too risky. We’ve got to bear in mind that there are over 1,000,000 troops on stand-by across the border on the other side. Should some sort of “accident” occur, Mr Trump will be a dead meat. No escape.

6. Trump wants to ‘strike a deal’ ahead of November’s U.S midterm election. And that could mean enforcing Kim to abandon ICBMs that can reach the U.S mainland (N.Y Trump Tower, his home), but on the other hand acknowledging Pyongyang’s short-range missiles that is capable of striking Shibuya’s Hachico Dog in merely 8 minutes.

That’s unacceptable to say the least, and surely undermine the “top notch relationship” among the allies. And in order to avoid such a unilateral move by Donald, Tokyo must put strong pressure on the “Wig Man”.

7. The Japanese today are nothing but a flock of sheep these days. By holding direct talks in its capitol, it may work as a remedy to wake up the emasculated nation unaware of the imminent threats not only from the North but by far more powerful neighbors Xi Jinping the ‘indefinite ruler Pooh” and Vladimir “Machoman” Putin.

In order to maintain peace and balance within the region, it would be crucial for the descendants of the proud Samurais to have concerns over global issues by abandoning its insular mindedness. Remember fellas, all our neighbors possess nukes, whether as we do not. Where’s our ‘nuclear deterrent’ ? Oh, Mr. Flip-flop?

To be blunt, that is pretty risky.

Should any contingency occur on the peninsula, S.China sea or Senkaku – WW3 could break out. Who knows!?

Yujiro Taniyama – Japan Broadcasting . net Editor in Chief


The 5 reasons why Trump should meet Kim in Tokyo.



ホワイトハウスは、「Trump’s meeting with Kim would take place “at a place and time to be determined”. 」との声明を発表。両氏の会談の場所、日時はいずれ決定するということだ。

当の「虎ンプ」大統領は、”Kim Jong Un talked about denuclearization with the South Korean Representatives, not just a freeze” 「金正恩は朝鮮半島の非核化を、韓国代表団と話し合った。凍結だけじゃなく」と自慢げにツイートしたが、11月に中間選挙を控える同氏が国内向けにポイントを稼ぎたいとの思惑も透けて見えてくる。


  1. 日本は、当事国だ。北の核兵器が照準を合わせているターゲットは、他ならぬ我が国であり、だからこそ主体的立場で朝鮮半島非核化をリードすべきだ。しかも金正恩は、一昨日韓国代表団と平壌で会った際、「同じ朝鮮民族に核を落とすことはしない」と約束したと一部のメディアでは報じられている。とすれば、やはり現実的な仮想敵国は米国よりも、Japanとなる。
  2. 地政学的に、ワシントンと平壌の間に東京はある。韓国政府は当然ながらすでに水面下では、同国で行うよう働きかけているだろうが(中国も北京開催を狙っている)、北朝鮮からソウルは最短距離で30kmしか離れておらずアメリカ合衆国大統領自らが出向くには、リスクが大きすぎる。金正恩の意思とは関係なく、徹底した反米帝国教育で洗脳されてきた北朝鮮軍部の一部の将校らが「暴発」しないとも限らず、となれば国境沿いに配置されているとされる100万人の北の兵士は、瞬く間にトランプを包囲しかねない。
  3. 箱根にある「富士屋ホテル」が、会談場所にふさわしい。東京から車でわずか1時間。ロマンチストと言われてしまえばそれまでだが、同ホテルは”Imagine”で名高い「ジョン・ウン」ならぬ「ジョン・レノン」が来日するたびに小野洋子夫人と共に宿泊。平和および半島の非核化を話し合うのに、絶好の場所として世界に強いメッセージを発信できる。「トラ金」が、一緒に貸し切り露天風呂に入った暁には、Japan外交の大勝利だ。
  4. 治安面で、TOKYOに勝る大都市はない。なにせ様々な媒体で「世界一安全な大都市」に毎年選ばれているぐらいだ。また、それが箱根ともなれば、ますますテロリストらは急襲しにくくなる。金正恩は、静岡空港から箱根入りするという選択肢もある。ただし、トランプには前回のような「横田基地」からの入国に対して日本政府は事前にNOを突きつけておく。あの手法では、正規の日本入国の法的手続きを取ることなく「米国の政府関係者やCIAは誰でも勝手に出入国できる植民地ジャパーン」という恥ずべき実態を世界に露わにするだけ。
  5. 中国に半島非核化の主導権を渡してはならない。発表されているだけでも、同国の最新の軍事費統計は18兆円。南シナ海および尖閣における慇懃無礼な軍事行動は、ご存知の通りだ。ここでさらにポイントを稼がせてはならない。


言うまでもなく、平壌から陸路でいけるという利点は北京にある。金正恩もその肥満体を飛行機に載せることは、それなりに抵抗があろう。墜落したらお終いだからだ。とはいえ、逆にだからこそ日本政府がトランプに「TOKYOでなければ会わない」と言わせられるか否かが勝敗の分かれ目となろう。いや、そこは何としてでもアメリカ合衆国政府を説得すべきではないか。自衛隊および47,000名の在日米軍が「トラ金会談」の安全性を担保する – ことを武器に、そして「同盟国」として今こそ安倍首相にはその外交手腕を発揮していただきたい。



Donald the Golfer & Shinzo the Caddie

His daughter is “As dumb as a brick” – according to his “sloppy” former aide Steve Bannon. (Book: “Fire and Fury”)

Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch purpotedly labelled him as “A charlatan and a fool”.

But still, he is the kingmaker of our world today.

And of course, his name is Donald……..not the duck but Trump.

While “Winnie the Pooh” Xi Jinping has successfully hypnotised his fellow Communist comrades to allow him to rule China indefinitely, the notorious censorship of the authoritarian regime has forbidden its citizens from even searching the word “Pooh” on the internet.

What a creepy nation.

I am honestly happy that I wasn’t born in Shanghai.

The crackdown on the Tibetans, Uighurs and the Mongolians by the Beijing despot is also nothing new. Cultural genocides, the massive surveillance operations using thousands of CCTV cameras and the assimilation policy (forcing Chinese education system on the ‘aliens’) is no doubt killing the ethnicity of all the tribes.

If you don’t believe me, just go ask His Holiness the Dalai Lama the 14th.

Who cares on whether Ivanka is dumb or not!?

To be blunt, she is strikingly beautiful. Especially compared to her brother – who looks nothing but a hairy gorilla from Ueno zoo. Probably he’s biologically half Russian.

Btw, I had attended the “Pyonyang Olympics” 2018, which ended last week. The Outspoken Samurai had prepared for the worst, yes a nuclear war during the games (though forgot to purchase a gas mask made in China in advance), but fortunately it did not happen. But as Donald’s little man Mike Pence had warned, the Pyeongchang was truly a “political olympics” – used as a propaganda tool by the super fatty Kim Jong un and his friends.

As the world continued to give (during the games) an incredulous look towards the late Kim Jong Il’s youngest son who assasinated his half brother over a year ago in KL, the Seoul government’s Mun Jae in was extremely passionate to develop a close rapport with the fatty.

The ultra-left Mun government is so pro-North Korean Donald the Trump and his republican comrades must all be agitated banging their heads against the walls of the Whitehouse every morning.




‘Nuked Pyongyang’


A “Nuclear Pyongyang” is truly a nightmare, especially when Mr Kim has already developed an ICBM that can reach Tokyo is just 7 minutes or so. The famous Tsukiji’s sashimis and sushis as well as Tokyo Disneyland’s Donald the Duck will all be annihilated a way before we know that we’re all dead.

That being said, my understanding is that Japan needs to beef up its military capacity and that fast. History has proven that a war could be easily triggered by trivial matters, be it the assasination of Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his sweetheart Sophie on 28th June, 1914.

I went to a golf hitting range this morning, and struck 90 balls.

If you want to challenge me fellas, send me an invitation via JB’s website. Some people say that I’m a hell of a golfer with monstrous power of Zeus – that can hit 300 yards with 3 wood. But you see, due to the fact my political stance tilts to the right rather than to the left, often does the ball too.

Tokyo’s PM Shinzo Abe is an avid golfer unlike myself, who’s probably a fake. And Abe occasinally enjoys playing 18 holes with Donald the Golfer.

“Make the alliance even greater!” – was the original golf cap Shinzo made for Donald about 5 months ago when the latter visited Tokyo on his Asia tour. The slogan certainly did not impress me, because I could easily acknowledge how Shinzo was trying to cajole Donald on Pyongyang. But it just didn’t look cool, and from that point on (the moment the U.S President wore the cap and fled off to the golf course in suburban Tokyo), the Prime Minister of Japan had turned into a mere caddie of Donald the golfer.

In reality, we need Pentagon’s military support to maintain our sovereignty. There’s no doubt about that. Japan-U.S defence treaty is unshakable, as far as I am concerned. However at the same time, I find it absolutly shameful how the country I was born must rely on a third party (Ally – is such a pretty sounding word!) to defend itself. And it is undeniable that’s the sole reason why Shinzo must play the role of a “Pierrot” caddie.

Don’t take me wrong.

I do cherish the 7 decades old “Tomodachi friendship” with Washington.

Seven years ago, when a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck northeastern part of Japan on March 11, subsequently leading to that devastating Tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster – USS Ronald Regan and my fellow American servicemen stationed in Japan (approx.47,000) immidiately headed to the Tsunami hit areas in the face of radioactive risks.

Only a true ally ( not fake) could take such an action.


And while Japan today is surely in a predicament over North Korea’s nuclear threat as well as the emerging Chinese military aggression in the region, the “caddie” in reality has no choice other than to count on the “golfer”.





But in conclusion, I cannot but help argue that its about time the habitants of the Japan archipelago get up on its own feet, and start proving that they are actually the proud descendents of the Samurais who had never succumbed to external force be it Ginghis Khan or the Russians. To my understanding, the “True Samurais” led by the famous Admiral Togo de facto perished in 1905 as the Empire of Japan prevailed over the Russian Empire.

The rest is history.

More than a hundred years on since the victorious Battle of Tsushima, the Samurais are dead. The Japanese today are emasculated, overwhelmingly timid like a flock of Aussie lambs.

If Kevin Spacey actually, and forcefully grabbed the crotch of young boys, “Winnie the Pooh” is also preparing to do the same on “Tokyo boys” – only to find that there are none; I mean yeah, the balls. In the latest survey of 2015, only 11% of the Japanese today have the guts and patriotism to fight for their nation in case of war – by far the lowest among the G7 nations.


Unfortunately, its we, the Japanese that are as “dumb as a brick”, not Ivanka.

Oh Donald the daddy, can I be the caddie of your daugher sir?!



Yujiro Taniyama – Japan Broadcasting.net Editor in Chief




噂の肥満型 “JOHN UN”が、江陵の潜水艦を電撃訪問 ・微笑み外交の狭間で

ピョンチャン五輪が終わり、 パラリンピック開幕へ。

そうした中、常にスマイルの新キャラクター「JOHN UN」氏は、江陵オリンピック会場そばにある “Gangneung Unification Park”を初訪問。


Dear MLB’s Rob Manfred; 3 Reasons Why ‘Slanty Eye’ Racist Gurriel should be suspended from World Series 2017

Racial insult on Asians seems to be downplayed in MLB and the U.S.

Rob Manfred, the MLB commissioner announced today that Astro’s first baseman will not be suspended for WS 2017, but instead will just serve a “5 game suspension next season” – whatever that means.

This is synonymous for MLB overlooking racial bias on Asians as a whole, and shall not be tolerated.

Gurriel deserves a meal of 100 Sushis with 100kgs of premium Wasabi (Made in Japan) stuffed inside.

Yujiro Taniyama

Editor in Chief- Japan Broadcasting.net -JB
VIDEO: 3 Reasons why he should be sacked from World Series 2017: ‘Slanty Eye’ Racist Gurriel on Asians

拝啓 石黒一雄くん

Dear  一雄くん






文学とはまったく関係のないことなんだが、じつは君はビッグな法螺吹きになってしまったんじゃないのかい? いや、別にうがった見方をしているんじゃないさ。純粋に知りたいんだ。一雄くん、君は本当は日本語ができるのにアングロ・サクソン社会に外国人扱い(今でいうシリア難民)されないため、そう、なるべく自然に溶け込むためにあたかも喋れないフリをしているんじゃないのかい?

テレビ朝日の単独インタヴュー(10/5) 一つとっても、君は日本語で「日本のみなさん、こんにちは」さえ言わなかった。全部、英語だった。うるさい日本人としては、あの一雄くんの振る舞いは大いに傲慢かつ慇懃無礼に感じたよ。生まれた祖国に対する冒涜であり、また軽視以外のなにものでもない。




だって君はWikipediaによると 1954年11月8日に、被爆地である長崎県長崎市で生まれたということになっている。写真をみても、YouTubeをみてもどうみても長崎区役所の福祉課在勤と言っても十分に通用する日本人の顔立ちだ。というか、当たり前だよね、だって君のご両親は石黒鎮雄氏と静子氏、そう、完全な日本人なのだから。市内の幼稚園にも通ってたらしいね。


つまり何を言いたいかと言うと、一雄くん、四捨五入して君が日本に6年住んでいたとしたならば、日本語ができないことは100%ありえないということなんだ。だってそもそも君のご両親は日本人なのだから家では、絶対に日本語を喋っていたはずだ。小学校一年生 (現地のPrimary School Grade 1) から現地校で日常言語は英語になったとはいえ、家に帰れば日本語だったはずだ。つまり一日24時間のうち、7時間は英語、残りの17時間は日本語圏にいたということに他ならない。そうした生活が、Primary School Grade 7、つまり小学生の間、12歳ぐらいまで続いたはずだ。





とそれはさておき、ぼくも君のように(おそらく)英語がまったく喋れないのに山の麓にある現地校に通うことになった。兄も姉もそうだったさ。つまり上記のように「英語現地校7時間」そして残りは日本語の生活になった。家では100%日本語だった。そりゃそうだよね、君のご両親鎮雄氏、静子氏の母国語が日本語だったようにぼくの両親もそうだったから家に帰ったら「ただいま!」さ。間違えても、映画 “Back to the Future”のマーティのように “Daddy, I’m home!” なんて言うものなら冷凍Aussie Beefの塊でぶん殴られてたっての。(そういう、「日本語がろくに喋れない者は、日本人として失格だ」との哲学を持つ厳粛な大和魂の父だった)

君が渡英したのがほぼ6歳、ぼくが8歳になって三ヶ月後ほどだから、その差は二年しかない。ほとんど変わらない。そうした自らの経験上、君が日本語を喋れないなどということは到底考えられないんだ。Waikiki在住の日系5世 Johnny Yamadaさんや、Cathy Naramotoさんならば英語しか喋れないのは十二分に分かるけど、繰り返すが君は3世でも5世でもなければ「お父さんとお母さんも100%日本人」なんだぜ。どう考えても、欧米メデイアに蔓延している「彼は日本で生まれましたが、日本語はしゃべれません」という空気は、真っ赤な嘘としか思えない。


少なくとも、うるさい日本人はそう考える者だ。つまり、君は本当は日常的な日本語を喋れる石黒一雄なのに、あたかも殆どないしは全くしゃべれない「カズオ・イシグロ」を演じているってわけさ。うがった見方かもしれないが。現に、Chu-chueh Cheng氏の著作 “The Margin Without Centre – Kazuo Ishiguro” (PETER LANG International 社 / Bern, Switzerland 2010)の30ページに、こういう記述がある。

“In a conversation with Gregory Mason, the novelist also candidly admits that his Japanese is like ‘ a five-year old’s Japanese’ (メーソン氏との会話の中で、イシグロ氏は率直に自身の日本語が “五歳児の日本語レヴェルだ” と認めた) 

これはどういうことかと言うと、一雄くんが日本語を喋れるということじゃないか。にもかかわらず、欧米社会に「移民としてみられたくない」がために人工的に溶け込まんと、意図的に「わたしの日本語は幼稚園児みたいなので」と異常なへりくだり方をしている。(余談だが、この本では著者は君が6歳の時に渡英した、と書いてある) ただ、前述したようにご両親が日系3世とかではなくれきっとした日本人である以上、そして少なくとも高校生までは親と同居したであろうことを考えれば君の日本語が「五歳児レヴェル」であることなど、到底考えられない。そう、やっぱりぼくはそこに一雄くんの嘘をみる。

にもかかわらず、なぜぼくが敢えて君がある種の欺瞞チックなキャラクターなのではないかと疑問符を投げかける理由、それは一雄くんが今回の受賞後のインタビューで “Japanese identity was helpful as a writer” (10.6) と発言するなど「日本人としてのルーツおよびアイデンティティを絶え間なくアッピール」しているからさ。まあ、おそらくビッグな市場である日本国内での本の売れ行きを伸ばすためだろうけど。


10月6日のBBC記事をみてみよう。” Ishiguro- who has written two books linked to Japan – has talked about the importance of his Japanese identity” (石黒は日本と関連性のある本を二冊書いているが、そこで彼は日本人アイデンティティの重要性を語っている)、とある。







一雄くん、君はそこまで西洋かぶれの日本人オーディエンスを意識していながら、そして作品の中で日本を幾度となく取り上げながらも、先のANN単独を含め日本メディアへのインタビューで和語で「こんにちは」一つ言わない。表向きな態度とは裏腹に、逆に「日本人としての自分を殺している」わけさ。そして最初から最後まで、英語で答える。繰り返すが、日本人向けのインタヴューで一言も和語を語らないのは、やはりおかしいよ。そして、それをまったく指摘しない日本のテレビ局の連中も意気地なしだね。つまり、だ。君は “Japanese identity and roots” を戦略的に利用し、美味しいところだけを食い逃げしているような気がしてならないのさ。ちょっと狡くないかい?







8 Reasons why Japan must obtain Nuclear Weapons. This is no MANGA, fellas


This is not a new episode of NARUTO, DORAEMON or YOUR NAME IS.

That’s right, it’s real.

North Korea’s autocratic regime “successfully” tested their latest ‘Hydrogen Bomb’ yesterday (Sept. 3). Congratulations Mr Kim, I think you have done it once again.

You are indeed fat, inexplicable and brave.

North Korea can now inflict violence on Japan using the world’s deadliest weapon.

If you live in Europe or North America I assume that you do not feel their repugnant provocation directly through your skin. 6 days ago the North launched its proud Hwasong-12 missile (meaning Mars) ‘over our mainland’, freaking us out.

The peace loving, unthinking flock of sheep in Tokyo and across the whole nation had their diapers all wet in despair. (Including myself, shame)

The situation in East Asia is escalating rapidly to a crucial level, starring the ruthless barbarian (Mr Kim). I am currently based in Tokyo, which is one of the ‘main targets’ for his men since the world’s largest mega-city is also a ‘home’ for over 130 U.S bases and military facilities, which is of course by far too many to my understanding. (You may be surprised by this hilarious fact already)


“All options are on the table” for Washington. Trump tweeted “North Korea is dangerous”, as always. But personally I do play down the ‘pre-emtive strike’ narrative by the U.S, since it is synonymous for the annihilation of Seoul – a city of 10 million.

But of course, it could happen. Hiroshima did happen, and so did Nagasaki.

That being said, probably learning from history means that we have to imagine the unimaginable.

Predict the unpredictable.

I repeat. Pyongyang is an imminent threat. Albeit being the most peaceful man on the face of the earth and also as a timid, shy Japanese national, my argument is that Tokyo should, and must posess its own nuclear weapons.

What? To wage war on China? Well, to be honest we are too ‘old’ for that. Please bear in mind that one out of every four Japanese are now aged over 65.

As the taste of Ramen changes frequently, so should the security stategy. An ‘accidental’ war could be trigerred at any moment in the areas surrounding the Sea of Japan. This is neither a Manga, ONE PIECE or an Anime, meaning that to obtain a new ‘Samurai Sword’ has now become Tokyo’s ultimate priority.

Here are 8 reasons why.



1. ‘U.S nuclear deterrent’ is unfortunately not working. This fact has been proven by the fact North Korea has already gone nuclear. As a big fan of MLB (and Ichiro), I do count on the world’s most powerful military with a stunning $600 billion annual budget. But even their super pricy ‘nuclear umbrella’ could not prevent Pyongyang going nuclear. Let’s face it.



2. Absolute deterrent against Pyongyang.  Tokyo desperately needs a feasible deterrent in order to SURVIVE. If NK’s nukes become eligible (in a couple of months) to strike L.A or N.Y, it is highly likely Trump will ‘strike a deal’ with Kim allowing the posession of SRBMs such as Nodong and Tepodong missiles, on the condition they abandon ICBMs – meaning the end of U.S nuclear deterrence for Japan.



3. BALANCE OF POWER. Besides, the current S.Korean government led by Mun is ultra liberal, with an extremely soft stance on the North. Furthermore, a ‘Unified Korea’ within the next two decades shall also mean ‘Nuclear Korea’. That being said, Tokyo with nukes will neutralize the region. Japan has 46.9 metric tons of plutonium stockpiled (2016), with the capacity to build 5,000 nukes.



4. ‘9th AMENDMENT’ – About time the ‘Flock of sheep’ claim responsibility for it’s own safety, instead of acting like a panting puppy of Washington (like the U.K) –  Japan has become a ‘burden’ for America as Trump had claimed at a CNN interview in March, 2016 if my memory is correct (“They must pay more for defense, they should defend on its own against N.Korea, U.S is bankrupt with $21 trillion!”, he said, remember?). It is a well known fact that the Japanese are obsessed with ‘nuclear allergy’ due to its traumatic past of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, under the current circumstances the ‘unthinkable’ is thinkable. If the Japanese are not dumb, posessing nuclear bombs may also lead to amending the ‘Manga Constitution Article 9’ in the next general election (expected in 2018) – obtaining offensive capability which is currently prohibited under the U.S made 1946 constitution.



5. SENKAKU ISLANDS. Regional power China is flexing its military muscles daily infiltrating the territorial waters of Japan’s Senkaku Islands. Just like their military buildup in the S.China sea and the reclamation of artificial islands, Beijing is preparing for a direct invasion of the Senkakus which is highly likely to trigger WW3. Nuclear armed Tokyo shall definitely contribute to regional stability. Also remember, we of course do not kidnap human rights lawyers.


6. U.S WILL NOT ‘DEFEND’ JAPAN RISKING IT’s MAINLAND. Machiavellism. National interest. That’s how politics work. Don’t get me wrong, I am no anti-American. It’s all the Japanese’s fault that we have been overly dependent and subservient in its relationship with the U.S. I repeat, WE are to blame.


7. Non-Proliferation Treaty/Strategy is dead. I do condone the latest moves by 122 brave nations that signed a historic treaty to ban nuclear bombs, but  Kim’s recent nukes/missile tests have invalidated the whole process.  John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ is a true classic, but the time for hypocrisy is over. Besides, the P5 will never abandon their prerogatives.



8. Please think for yourself. You are by far smarter than me.




Btw, I saw a brilliant comedy starring Robert De Niro, Sean Penn and Demi Moore last night.


That’s right, “We’re No Angels”.


Thank you.




Yujiro Taniyama – Editor in Chief, Japan Broadcasting




「憲法改正私案 谷山雄二朗」 北の核実験を受け、抑止力としての核武装を考える

Updated: 9.18.2017


北朝鮮が六度目の核実験を強行した可能性が高い、とAP, BBC、Al Jazeera など世界の各メディアは速報している。Magnitude 6.3、深さ23Km。

核弾頭を載せた北のICBMが、今日ダルビッシュ投手が先発 (3回/5失点)したカリフォルニア州を射程圏内におさめた場合、アメリカ合衆国トランプ政権が「同盟国」日本の頭越しに金正恩政権と’直談判’する可能性も現実味を帯びてきた。

つまり、Hwasong (火星) 12号など長距離大陸間弾道ミサイル/ICBMを放棄する代わりに、Rodong(ノドン)など短距離・準中距離弾道ミサイル/SRBM を、ワシントンが認めるというものだ。後者は、日本全土が北の核弾頭の射程圏内にさらされることを意味する。





1. Aspiring sincerely to international disputes based on military provocations by nuclear armed nations, the Japanese people pledge allegiance to the new world order free from military expansionism and atomic weapons.



2. In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, the land, sea and air forces will be maintained. The use of force will be acknowledged to defend our beloved nation, on our own.



3. And as the world’s sole nuclear-hit state, we therefore possess the sovereign right of the nation to defend ourselves by any means necessary, including the nuclear weapons unless all other nuclear armed states abandon its own indiscriminate arsenals.











今年の終戦日、8月15日に発表した “Nuclear War & Japan 憲法改正私案” 全文は、こちらにある。なぜ今、改憲が必要なのかを説明しているので、3時のおやつにでもぜひご参照あれ。








Think Peace. Act real.


Thank you.







北朝鮮がミサイルを今日、再び発射し北海道上空を通過したが日本政府は自衛隊に迎撃を命令しなかった。中距離弾道ミサイル「Hwasong 12」(H-12)と思われる、と多数のメディアは報じている。

やはり平壌は、強靭な軍事力を保持するアメリカ合衆国の虎のしっぽを踏まなかった。表向きは東京から南2,500kmの”グアムが標的” といいながら、結局はやはり「自分で自分を守れない国」の上空を、2,700kmミサイル飛行させる’安全策’を選んだ。日本のEEZ外に着弾したとはいえ、明らかに北が我が国を見くびっている行為と断言できよう。












そこで、うるさい日本人はアメリカ人プログラマー Alex Wellerstein氏の傑作「原爆地図」- Nuke Map を使って、我がTOKYOに北の原爆が投下されたシュミレーションを行ってみた。「2013年に北朝鮮が核実験した10キロトン原爆」という、極めてリアルな状況設定にセット。






しかも、”Fallout effects are ignored” と表示されていることから、放射性粒子による影響・被害・後遺症はこの際、まったく考慮されていない。即ち、井伏鱒二の名作「黒い雨」に登場する被爆者たちのように「徐々に髪の毛が抜け、白血病に犯され亡くなっていく」TOKYO都民をも含めれば、総被害者数はまさに天文学的になるのではないか。





それは同時に、日本国家の終焉の始まりをも意味しよう。そして、極めて悲観的な見方で恐縮だが、中華人民共和国を率いる共産党、韓国、ロシアは表面上は喪に服すも、みな我が国の没落・消滅を内心、喜ぶであろう。そして首都圏の在日アメリカ軍は放射能被害を恐れ、急遽本国に撤退するのではないか。横田基地も、横須賀も、厚木も、座間も、相模原も、池子も、本牧も、天現寺のNew Sanno基地もみな空っぽになる姿を、うるさい日本人は勝手に想像している。






最近のアメリカ合衆国のメディアを見聞していると、識者たちが「THAAD(ミサイル防衛システム)による防御が仮に失敗した場合、わたしたち米国は世界の笑いものになろう。そしてそれは、同盟国日本および韓国が独自に核武装せんとする発端となろう」– といった論調が、決して少なくない。


これが、自分で自分を守る気概のある当たり前の国の、当たり前の考え方である。つまり、”Common sense”. 常識的な思考。戦後72年の今、北の核の脅威を前に、米国内の世論でさえ上記のように日本の核保有さえ認める方向に変化しつつある。少なくとも、そうした声(以前は考えられなかった)が確実にでてきている。




戦争反対? あたりまえである。

うるさい日本人も、Michael Jackson & John Lennon のビッグ・ファンとして世界の平和を祈念する端くれだ。戦争を阻止するために、我が国の軍事力を当たり前のレヴェルに引き上げねばならない、と述べているにすぎない。インドと中国は、昨日まで国境のドクラム地帯で軍事衝突する可能性があった。ひとまず落ち着いたようだが、いつまた一瞬即発の状態になるか分からない。ロシアは、武力で2014年に併合したクリミア半島と同国を結ぶ長さ19キロの鉄橋に、6,000トンのアーチを建設するプロジェクトを先日、始めたばかりだ。来年度末には、完成するとBBCは8月28日付けで報道している。







最後に、核保有国とそうでない国々との間の軋轢が、国連の場において激化している。Hwasong 12をはじめとする北朝鮮の脅威が増大するなか、僭越ながら今年の終戦日に 「Japan & Nukes – 憲法改正私案」 を発表させて頂いた。




Good Rising!


Imagine there’s no Nukes.



Thank you.












UK Edition | SENTAKU ISLANDS and the Secrets of the Laundry Machine

One ENGLISHMAN can beat three Frenchmen ー 1599, Shakespeare.

Then can one PANDALANDER beat three Sushilanders?!

The answer is in my latest adventure-fantasy fiction SENTAKU ISLANDS and the Secrets of the Laundry Machine.

A 14 year old Qyunkyun faces unprecedented challenges from dangerous neighbors like the ‘FAT TURD’ of KIMCHILAND, that possesses weapons of mass destruction. 

Can one little girl make a difference?!  

I also thank Andy Bucci for the great editing, a pure professional. 
Hope you are thrilled with the book!