Long live Liu Xia! Freedom-fighter Germany has done it once again

Yujiro Taniyama, CEO, Japan Broadcasting.net, Inc.【JB】



Her husband “incited subversion”.

Her husband was a criminal because he demanded the basic rights any human being are entitled to; free speech, human rights and the rule of law.

Her husband was imprisoned for 11 years in 2009.

Her husband took part in 1989 Tiananmen massacre that slaughtered thousands of its own innocent people.

Her husband was diagnosed with liver cancer while held custody in prison and died soon after on July 13, 2017.


The “husband” mentioned above was a prominent Nobel prize laureate, Liu Xiaobo. And “her” refers to his widow Liu Xia.


What a country, China.



Because these two Samurais were both “former” Chinese citizens. I use the term because the husband has already passed away, while his adoring soulmate and wife finally arrived in Germany today (Jul. 10th, local time) after eight gruesome years of house arrest by the ruthless Beijing authorities.


Undeniably it was conducive to German-Sino relations that Mrs. Angela Markell and her mighty friends purportedly put enormous pressure on the suppressors of basic human rights in CCP – or China Communist Party. It also taught the world today how inexplicably malice and spite this authoritarian regime of 1.5 billion people is.
I have always been incredulous on how CCP downplays its people as well as the rule of law.


Look at the ongoing “South China sea dispute” for example. Their arrogance is beyond belief.
And as an imperfect Samurai, I am unequivocally adamant that Japan should and must remain vigilant on the procedures on how the CCP inflicts violence on truly brave men, including Nobel peace prize winner His Holiness the Dalian Lama 14th of Tibet but also its neighbors of Asia by using its rising economic power as the leverage.



Tokyo must prove that it has the balls, instead of behaving in a nonchalant manner when it comes to blatant human rights abuses such as this Liu Xiaobo, Liu Xia case. Just because the Dalai Lama was welcomed by Mongolia back in 2016, CCP started bullying Ulanbaator soon after freezing its $4 billion loan as well as imposing higher ‘commodity tax’.
This shows how frivolous and brash Beijing’s assertion is, whenever they claim “We intend to pursue dialogue through peaceful means. China is a country based on rule of law” – whatever that means. It’s nothing but a hype considering how they de facto use human rights issues (like Liu Xia case) for its political gains.




When Merkel visited Beijing this May, Chinese premier Li Keqiang argued that “China’s constitution protects human rights” , which is of course nothing but a petty nonsense.
And here he is today, right at this very moment in Berlin signing a commercial deal said to worth over $23 billion USD.



I fully thank the defiant courage of the German lawmakers, activists and all those involved in rescuing Mrs.Lu Xia from a folly nation that imprisons not only those who cherish freedom as a human being, but also their partners. Communism indeed has historically proven its failure when the wall of Berlin went down in 1989 and the Soviet Union collapsing in 1991. Communism labels materialism above the rights of its people. Communism is also a practice that allows the ruling party CCP to behave as the GOD.



Preposterous as it may be, its how things work in that country.
Tokyo enjoys over $330 billion USD trade with Beijing today.
But that does not mean it should turn a blind eye to opaque motives that brings vertigo among the civilized due to its unilateral self-righteous behavior. Not only the incumbent but also the post-Abe administration must have the balls and the guts to raise acrimonious debate over CCP’s relentless actions whenever needed.



Because it is only Japan that can balance them, both economically and militarily.
Diplomacy is not only about acting as a pawn of Washington or Beijing to gain economic surplus. That’s what you call a slave of capitalism.



As I condone the spirit of free-trade, I do not fully agree with the Trump administration’s policies. But still, I must admit that it would be counterproductive for mankind and the region, for a communist-insidious-bully to become the hegemon of Asia in the 21st century.


My understanding is that Liu Xiaobo should never have been incarcerated in the first place, if it actually the “Chinese constitution protects human rights” as claimed by Mr Li. With Kim Jong Un with his new “toy” called the nukes, the Japanese should wake up from its longtime sleep since 1945 if it longs to decide its own fate.
And in order to do so, its national security strategy must change.

Constitutional wise and military wise.
 Vietnam, the Phillippines and Taiwan surely counts on Tokyo to play a decisive role to maintain freedom and rule of law.


Asia is not a Disneyland.






Long live Liu Xia!




Thank you.


By Yujiro san

サッカーW杯 ベルギー敗戦と、中国の意外な関係 – 谷山雄二朗






ぼくが穿いているUNIQLOパンツも、中国製だ。iPhoneもスマートフォンも中国製。Appleの見苦しいところは、その製品の目立たないところに苦し紛れに “Designed in California, Assembled in China” と、なるべく”Made in China”とのイメージを払拭しようとしていること。


“Made in USA”と堂々と表示したいなら、トランプ米国大統領の言う通り国内ですべて作ればいいのに出来ない。





赤い津波が、BLOODY=血なまぐさい ことなどそっちのけ。




ブラッディーといえば、中国はそれらチベット、ウイグル、モンゴルの人びとの人権を奪い、漢民族に同化させんと”Cultural Genocide”すなわち文化的虐殺を1949年の中華人民共和国誕生以来、継続中だ。さらには、南シナ海を武力で飲み込み、東シナ海では日中中間線を一方的に無視して天然ガスを掘削している。


ダライ・ラマ法王は、自著「FREEDOM IN EXILE」(文春文庫)のなかで、こう述べている。

「中国は脅しで人びとの心を変えることができるという思想に貫かれていたのだ。これは誤った考え方だが、これまでの中国指導者との体験からして、どこか信用ならないものを感じさせた。彼らは嘘をつくだけでなく、もっと悪いことに嘘がばれても全然恥ずかしいとすら思わないのである」 (P.189, 351)




そしてここで極めて重要なことは、この非健康的かつ有害な「赤い津波」に唯一対等に対峙できるアジアの国は、JAPAN しかないということに他ならない。








“Being a friend”(友達になる)と、”like a friend”(友達みたい)の意味はまったく異なる。

















まったく驚きでもなんでもない。もともと “AMERICA FIRST!” で当選した同氏なのだから。






NY, LA、ワシントンDCに容易に届く核攻撃を示唆されたホワイトハウスが、「いざ」という時に自国から一万キロほど離れている尖閣や那覇空港や普天間基地を守るために真っ赤な津波ならぬ米兵の血を流すとは、到底考えられない。





JAPANは、ソフト・パワーのみならずハード・パワーとしても “SUPERPOWER”=大国にならねばならない、ということだ。憲法9条の改正は言うまでもなく軍事力を大幅に増強し、日本海が、瀬戸内海が、西郷どんがいた奄美大島が、そして太平洋が真っ赤な津波に飲まれぬよう備えねばならないのではないか。










先のサッカー・ワールドカップのベルギー戦のように。覆水盆に返らずとはいえ、2-2になった段階で延長に持ち込む戦術をとっていれば、勝てたかもしれない。少なくともPKまでは、持ち込めただろう。それでも、西野朗監督は三点目を取りに行ったという。もちろん単純比較できるわけではないし、サッカー日本代表を攻めるつもりなど毛頭ないが、あの結末は結局 TEAM JAPANが「自分たちの本当の実力を知らなかった」ために起きたことではないだろうか。底力ではベルギーが一枚も二枚も上手だったことは、最初からわかっていた。なにせ世界ランキング3位だ。






ベルギー代表は、別名 “Red Devils” という。赤い悪魔だ。



西野朗監督が、TEAM JAPANの実際の力をあの時見誤ったように、我々日本人も、NATION JAPANの実際の軍事力を知らない。自衛隊員数が、郵便局員数よりも少ないことも学んでいない。だから、ベルギー戦のように実際は相当劣勢であるにもかかわらず、三点目を取りにいってしまう。





果たしてそれであなたはいいのですか? 物質的発展に傾斜するあまり、なにか大切な忘れ物をしていないだろうか?








Thank you.























Gaijin Friendly Superpower – GFS must be Japan’s goal for 2050. Immigrants welcome!

Yujiro Taniyama, Japan Broadcasting . net CEO



Japan is an obsolete nation.

Not industry-wise, but diversity-wise.

This island nation of 127 million is Gaijin-phobic; meaning it unfortunately resents foreign nationals to the bone. Shame, of course but an extremely conservative and homogeneous society as it is, its just the way it goes.

I know this little business hotel near Shinjuku Gyoen station that emphatically denies Gaijins, or foreigners. That’s right, there are lots of “Mr.Trumps” in the land of Sushi.


However, Tokyo better start changing its mind.

The Japanese in general, that is. Because the ‘land of the rising sun’ now faces an imminent demographic trap as the world’s fastest aging nation. Our population is said to be shrinking by roughly 270,000 annually, while over 25% of the Japanese are now aged over 65.

By 2040, it is plausible that Japan’s population will decrease down to merely 111 million, which is undeniably an entrance to perpetual pandemonium.

To begin with, our economy won’t survive. Unsustainable.


This is a crucial factor especially when considering the recent rise of China. 

The authoritarian state defies human rights as you may already know, and imposes strict censorship nationwide. “Sensitive issues” such as Tibet, Taiwan and Uighur must be overlooked in order to justify their political means.

Beijing today uses its economic leverage to downplay Taiwan, successfully pressuring western corporate airlines such as Qantas, Canadian Airlines and the British Airways to label Taiwan as “part of China” on their websites.


Furthermore, we all know that international law don’t mean a thing to the Chinese authorities. When the International Court of Arbitration, or the Hague concluded that China’s so called the “9 dotted line” claim in the contentious South China Sea is baseless, both historically and legally, Beijing responded by merely uttering “The ruling is nothing but a rubbish” – whatever that means.

And instead, what China does is to flex its military muscles intimidating the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia needless to say Taiwan.

I mean, that’s not very healthy fellas.

We all know that deep inside, don’t we?!


That being said, Japan has a crucial role to play now in this 21st century.

To become a exuberant nation not only soft-power-wise, but also militarily too. It is only Japan that can actually contain China after all. In Asia, that is. And I’d like to underscore the fact that it is nothing but utterly ridiculous and hilarious when Beijing mumbles “Militaristic Japan once again? That’s a true threat to the region. We can’t acknowledge that” – whenever Tokyo beefs up its military strength to encounter Beijing’s recent military buildup.


Unless you are smoking pot, or really dumb, it is unthinkable that Japan will become a military superpower as we did back in the 1940s. It is China that is a pure, irrefutable threat today in Asia.

Go ask any Vietnamese or Taiwanese and you’ll get just one simple answer.


However, the biggest issue here is that the Japanese themselves no longer have the “balls” to contribute to the peace and stability of the region. Or at least to me that’s how it looks to my eyes.

Seriously, the Japanese’s post war infatuation with Americanism and capitalism has exceeded a decent level. Samurais are all dead today. If there are any, I’m pretty sure they are all fakes. In that sense, Trump’s petulant snub on Japan back in March 23, 2016 during the U.S election (CNN interview) that “The Japanese should defend itself against N.Korea” actually makes perfect sense.

“NATO is obsolete”, Ivanka’s father said some time ago.

“Japan’s constitution article 9 is obsolete”. I’ve reiterated this simple fact thousands of times already, but the polls still show that the descendants of the Samurais are nothing but an emasculated flock of sheep.


“We don’t want war!” screams the liberal women in their 60’s and the 70’s.

Of course nobody wants war. But Mr Hitler and Mr Stalin. The problem with the leftists in Tokyo today is that they have this inexplicable symptom to turn a blind eye to the recent Chinese military aggression, but instead assert “Defend article 9 of the constitution! Yah!” – wholeheartedly body and soul.

This is not only unthinking, but merely stupid.


And whats even more preposterous, the same people claim “Get out filthy Gaijins! No immigrants! No hairy white beasts and monsters from the third world!”


So the conclusion here is, that 127 million Nippon-Gin today are abnormally complacent that they don’t demand any fundamental changes in social structure. They may want raise in wages or course, but not Gaijins, or immigrants. This homogeneous, insular mindedness will prove costly in the long run, given the fact the current ruling Abe administration’s “Immigrant policy” is nothing but a sham reform.

The government don’t even refer to the immigrants as such, but calls them “guest workers”. What a dumb, euphemistic term that is, just like the ‘Comfort Women’. Whats even worse, though the Japanese government recently announced in June that by 2025, it will accept five hundred thousand “guest workers”, they will all have to go home after five goddam years. And they can’t bring their family members with them either. It’s banned. WTF!

Smart MP’s including Abe knows that the land of the rising sun desperately needs immigrants to sustain its strong economy. But at the same time, they are also well aware of the fact should there be any general election, the ruling LDP will lose as soon as they announce acknowledging “Immigrants”. 

So in that sense, Abe is stuck in a dilemma urging him to speak from both sides of his mouth like his golf boss Donald. Japan needs a leader with lucid thoughts, to explain our current situation demographically as well as the threat of the disruptive Chinese.

There’s never been any coherent policy by the lawmakers in this country regarding immigrants nor boosting its low birthrate.

Bravado is all they have. No crotch.

Besides, the complacency of Japan also roots from the dominance of politics by ‘political elites’ from ‘political families’. Just because their father or grandfather was a MP, they become one. No matter how stupid you are, you get elected. Because the constituents are even dummer.

The current minister of finance Taro Aso’s grandpa was Yoshida Shigeru that rebuilt post war Japan under the “McArthur Umbrella”. The ‘rising star’ Ishiba Shigeroo’s father was a well known politician. Then comes Koizumi Shinjiro, an eloquent speaker but all he does is repeat what his daddy Koizumi Junichiro says – like “abandon nuclear energy! wow!”. This is a total farce given the fact LDP endorses nuclear energy as core energy supply of Japan.

What’s even more hilarious, the former PM Koizumi is now teaming up with Japan Communist Party (JCP) the former foe – calling Abe to abandon TEPCO and all the remaining nuclear plants nationwide, which is far from feasible.


So you see ladies and gentlemen, as the emasculated Japanese today repudiate war and military build up to confront China, they also resent the Gaijins, Immigrants or whaterver you call it.

And unless Kim Jong un or Mr Xi attacks Hokkaido or the Senkaku islands, the current murky system governing this ‘Sushi nation’ will never renovate.

GFS – Gaijin Friendly Superpower Japan by 2050 will never be achieved either.


It’s a shame indeed.



Good Gaijin, Good life!



Thank you.





Japan vs Belgium – FIFA Pierluigi Collina’s flawed decision to appoint a Senegalese referee is synonymous for sending an “Argentine referee after the Falklands“ against the British

A blatant farce I must say.

Oops, I’m not talking about Harley Davidson’s “rebel with a cause” against Trump. It’s FIFA referee chairman Pierluigi Collina’s ridiculously rigged and biased decision I’m referring to.

Japan will play Belgium within about 36 hours from now, on a knockout stage of FIFA World Cup 2018. And the Italian man who in a way resembles E.T has made an utterly most unthinking choice possible.

That’s right, to appoint a Senegalese referee for this crucial match. He must be truly out of his mind.

What’s worse not only the main referee Malang Diedhou, but also Djibril Camara and El Hadji Samba as the 2nd and 3rd referee all from Senegal.

Undoubtedly this is pouring oil on trouble waters.

Let me explain why.



The Samurai Blue just played to win under the FIFA rules

Just 3 days ago, Japan played Poland in the group stage match – while Senegal battled against the Colombians. While Japan and Senegal needed a mere draw to advance to the knockout stage of round 16, it was the Poles that shook the goal net first to lead 1-0 in the early second half.

At this point, Senegal and Colombia were to advance to round 16. The Samurai Blue needed to score a goal back to avoid elimination. So Japan’s coach Nishino sent in attacker Inui onto the field. However about fifteen minutes or so later, Colombia also scored with a brilliant header which then consequently leveled Japan and Senegal in every statistical point.

I’m sure those of you following the World Cup know the whole story, but to make the long story short the Samurai Blue no longer needed an equalizer due to the fact they were ahead of Senegal by FIFA’s new rule of “Fair play points” – meaning the number of yellow and red cards given by the referee.

Japan had 4, while the rival had 6.

That being said, the odds were against the Senegalese as all Japan had to do was to “lose fair and square 1-0 against the Poles” to qualify for the best 16.

So Nishino clandestinely gave orders to his boys to just keep the ball for the remaining 10 minutes or so, by introducing defender Hasebe onto the field.

The crowd BOOed, of course. They have every right and reason to do so. But at the same time Nishino’s move was more than risky – since had Senegal scored an equalizer 400 km away, then Japan were to be eliminated.

It was a gamble, and Nishino prevailed. Nothing less, nothing more.

And to those of you who blame Japan’s tactics as unfair or cowardly or a pussy, let me emphatically refute your claims by saying this.

Don’t cry over spilled milk. Period.

Because the Samurai Blue did not cheat or use hands like Maradona did in 1986, but instead they humbly abide by the great FIFA rules. Let me make one thing crystal clear once again.

Japan could have lost.

No different from a game of Poker, Nishino took the risks, and won.

Nevertheless, the pundits put a total blame on Japan’s side as sneaky or cheesy which to my understanding your one sided antipathy simply don’t make sense. Well, then fine, sneaky, absolutely. The Samurai Blue was indeed sneaky fellas, and in a remarkable way. And let me also tell you this; I saw Colombia’s “El Tigre”(Tiger) Falcao’s NHK interview before this FIFA World Cup 2018, and was quite impressed when he mumbled “Soccer is about deceiving the opponent, especially in the penalty area”.

That’s the irrefutable truth ladies and gentlemen.

And it is indeed not an overstatement to say that the Samurai Blue did not deceive anybody in the ‘contentious game’ against Poland. It was a pure math. It was the Samurai’s bloodthirsty aspiration to win the game that proved decisive.

Therefore, there isn’t a slightest reason for the Japanese squad to feel guilty or apologize. Instead they should be proud for being the only Asian representative to advance to the knockout stage.

Senegal’s handsome 42 year old manager Cisse is truly a good sport and I like him. He’s funny and entertaining too. And I humbly hope that nor he or any other Senegalese fans do not bear a grudge because Japan advanced to round 16 instead of them.

But still, I must admit that FIFA’s Collina’s decision to appoint 3 Senegalese referees for the crucial match between the Samurai Blue and the Belgians is nothing more than an inexplicable parody.

As a matter of fact, such a choice should have been a last resort.

When there are dozens of FIFA referees registered from over 200 countries, why did it have to be Senegal? If FIFA was and is indisputably a “FAIR” organization, it should reject the Italian E.T’s biased choice and act accordingly. Because having 3 decisive referees from a country where some may be thinking “Japan cheated its way to round 16 at the cost of Senegal” is extremely UNFAIR, to my knowledge. I mean, it’s like bringing in an Argentine referee right after 1982 Falklands war – in a game between the Brits and the Argentines.

It’s that ridiculous.

It’s synonymous for Belgium having 14 men on the field.

So FIFA, please reconsider the E.T’s unbelievably shallow minded hypocritical choice if you actually value fairness.

As the old saying goes, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”.

Thank you very much.







コロンビア戦と同じく先制点さえ取れば、日本はベルギーにも勝てる | 谷山雄二朗 BLOG




つまり、INUIかOSACOかダブルSHIN-G (香川か岡崎のシンジ)が先制点さえ挙げてくれれば、世界3位だろうが300位だろうが知らないがベルギーはパニックに陥り空中分解すると読む。FIFAランキングなど屁もクソもない。現に、ランキング「世界1位」というドイツが、同57位の韓国に屈したではないか。




そう、コロンビア戦と同じく日本はゲーム開始早々から積極的に先制攻撃を仕掛けねばならない。ハングリー精神剥き出しで、飢えた野良犬の如く優等生ベルギーに襲いかかるのだ。攻めて攻めて攻めまくる。底力では若干劣る”Lucky Japan” (今大会、日本はかなりツイテイルので、勝手にそう呼んでいる)かもしれないが、日本時間7月3日の試合は何が何でも先制点が必要だ。




余談だが58年前の今日、金剛ならぬアフリカのコンゴ共和国が独立を果たした。何を隠そう1960年6月30日に旧宗主国ベルギーから自由を奪い取ったのだ。1879年に植民地になったCONGOだが、独立後の同国に生まれた名選手こそ Roger Lukaku. 現ベルギー代表のモンスター・ストライカーことルカク選手のパパだ。


奴隷ないしは畜生同然の扱いを受けていた原住民(当時のヨーロッパ人は、勝手に地図に線を引いてアフリカを分割した)の子孫こそ、現 Manchester Unitedが誇るロメル・ルカク。即ちフランス代表(半分はアフリカ系)やイギリス代表同様、サッカーワールドカップのベルギー代表も、アフリカ大陸の旧植民地の流れをくむ「人材」をフルに活用している意味で、本当の「フル代表」といえる。









FIFA World Cup. それは四年に一回のビッグチャンス。




日の丸の “Lucky Japan”、頼んだぞ!

Thank you.

8 reasons why Japan will crush Colombia at the 2018 FIFA World Cup – The Power of YaTa Garass 八咫烏で日本がコロンビアに勝つ

Today, Japan’s invincible “Samurai Blue” will play Colombia at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. First stage, first match, Group H.

You can follow the game LIVE on the FIFA official website.

And I would humbly like to assert that you have every reason to believe in Japan’s victory today at the Moldavia Arena in Saransk.

Here are 8 solid reasons why.


  1. Kagawa Shinji is back. The Borussia Dortmund striker, who also played for Mr Fergusson’s Manchester United is now in perfect shape, having overcome  a tendon injury he suffered in January. Japan’s No.10 proved it when Japan slashed Paraguay 4-2 at a friendly test match 6 days ago. And I believe that he is ready to make a huge difference today.
  2. James Rodriguez is no longer what he used to be. That’s why he was transferred form Real Madrid to Bayern Munich. As the Sports Illustrated reports, the Colombian star has failed to prove what he is worth after the stunning World Cup debut in Brazil 2014. Of course there’s no denying the fact that Colombia’s No.10 is still an unreal technician, having scored 6 times in 19 appearances at the Bundesliga – but still, he is too handsome a man to  be a top scorer in Russia like he did four years ago.
  3. Colombia elected a new president just 3 days ago. Ivan Duque, a U.S educated conservative could not only destabilize his country but his soccer team. Ludicrous as it may sound, the Washington Times has reported “Peace may be the loser” – and the de-stability in Bogota’s internal affairs could subconsciously downplay its national squad. We’ve also got to bear in mind that a former Colombian star player Andres Escobar was assassinated by his own fellow citizens after his devastating own goal at the 1994 FIFA world cup. The tragedy underscores the fact the enormous pressure Colombian players face till this very day – which may lead to underperformance.
  4. The Samurai Blue has a brand new lethal weapon, Inui Takashi. Spain’s La liga footballer scored two goals against Paraguay a week ago, and is in a super fit shape. Many of you may have never even heard of him, but Eibar’s attacking midfielder who will play for Real Betis next season was often referred to by Japan’s sacked manger Vahid Halilhodzic as “Maradona of Japan”.
  5. Radamel Falcao is too good. “El Tigre” (Tiger in Spanish) as he is often referred to by the mighty Colombians is definitely a brilliant attacker who has overcome a tragic injury right before the FIFA World Cup 2014. The Monaco striker is an absolute monster, a pretty dangerous one. But the fact that he is “too great” may ironically isolate him in today’s match.
  6. Southampton’s defender Yoshida Maya is ready. The 189cm Samurai will surely play a pivotal role in blocking Rodriguez and Falcao, and he knows how to do it.
  7. Japan’s new coach Nishino Akira is a lucky bastard. Obscure as he may be, Nishino created history by managing Japan’s magical victory over Brazil in 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Boy, is he gonna do it again fellas.
  8. The Power of YaTa Garass.   If you look closely at the official uniform of the Samurai Blue, you will see a black bird on the chest – which is an absolute, irreplaceable emblem for Japan soccer. 八咫烏, or YaTa Garass – as it is called is a legendary bird in Japanese mythology that is known for leading Japan’s first Emperor Jimmu (660B.C〜) to the right path to success back in the olden times. It is indeed an interesting bird with just 3 legs (please look carefully!) – so do not mistaken it for a mere crow. YaTa Garass is also enshrined as a Guardian Angel in 3 Shinto shrines; Kumanonachitaisha Shrine, Kumanohongutaisha Shrine as well as the Kumanohayatamataisha Shrine which is located in Kumano, also a profound UNESCO World Heritage sight. When Japan’s Women Soccer Team won the Women’s FIFA World cup 2011, it was of course the YaTa Garass that led the girls led by the living legend Sawa Homare to stunning the world.    And now, it is the mythical bird that will create an unforgettable miracle once again. Get ready ladies and gentlemen!  


Arigato Gozaimass for reading!


FIFA Fair Play. Good luck to both teams.


最新刊! 童話「デブとファットマン」2匹の家畜の物語 | 谷山雄二朗著

Japan Broadcasting Books ニュース!


待望の童話「デブとファットマン」が、満を持して弊社から出版されました! 谷山雄二朗ワールドを、思う存分お楽しみください。





谷山雄二朗のちちんぷいぷい 「痛いの痛いの飛んでゆけ」 Powered by Japan Broadcasting

春一番!Happy New Spring!


今日のTOKYOは唐突な雪ですが、唐突ながら季節の変わり目となる本日春分の日、本JB社説のタイトルを「谷山雄二朗のちちんぷいぷい – 痛いの痛いの飛んでゆけ」に心機一転リニューアルしました!




ちなみに来年は新元号になりますが、それこそ「ちちんぷいぷい – 痛いの痛いの飛んでゆけ!」が生活に溶け込んでいたあの頃 – 昭和五十年代頃の「和」というのか、人間的な温もりそして繋がりは今となっては ‘神がかっている’ と形容できるほど確かなものでした。「知らない人にはついていっちゃダメよ」は、今も昔も同じでしょうが、それでも登校する時は「おはようございます!」と知らないおじさんに幾らでもしたし、老若男女・人間同士がお互いを信頼する社会的雰囲気が確かにあったのです。

「人さらいにさらわれるぞ」(これもまた死語?)と脅す大人もあちこちにいたと思いますが、例えば今からちょうど一年前、千葉の松戸でヴェトナム人の小3のリンちゃんが渋谷某とかいう人間のクズ(しかも’PTA会長’)に、誘拐され虐げられた上に河川敷に捨てられる – といった変態鬼畜による悲劇は、今日のように頻発していなかった。

「口先オンナ」に気をつけるように、とも先生に言われましたが今のMONSTER PARENTS なる我が子に異常に執着し依存していきる鬼過保護な化け物連中もいませんでした。少なくとも、ぼくがオーストラリアに引っ越す8歳のときはいなかった。








そしてもちろん、読者のみなさんが心の怪我をした時は、ちちんぷいぷい 痛いの痛いの飛んでゆけ!

Thank you.