‘Sorry Scotland, Sorry Ireland Tour’ begins! Japan will top Group A! | World Cup Rugby 2019

Samurai Yujiro Taniyama, War Correspondent – Japan Broadcasting.net


‘Otento-Summer-Ga-Mitter-Loo’ (お天道さまがみてる)

Well,  this is an old, popular Japanese proverb that irrefutably means ‘Gods are watching’ . And surely, he is. According to Shinto(神道), our indigenous way of life, there are some 8 million Gods in the Land of the Rising Sun. The legendary Anime director Miyazaki Hayao’s Academy Awards winning mind-blowing masterpiece, ‘Spirited Away’ depicts that concept beautifully in the film, so please take a look.

And surely, our Gods will be watching the ‘Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan’, which will kick off in just less than two weeks, on the September 20th. As a war correspondent, I am more than thrilled, because Rugby is definitely a war per se, but just that they don’t use the Russian AK47 machine-guns. But instead, the 200cm monstrous field players use the very best of their minds, muscles and tactics a human nature can offer.


‘Sorry Scotland, Sorry Ireland Tour’

Held just once every four years, this ‘global event’ (but only in the West, as well as the southern hemisphere. Asians aren’t bothered, but the Japanese) must be cherished and overjoyed to our maximum capability. So I’ve decided to fly to London, Edinburgh and Dublin and ‘declare Rugby wars’ on the founders and the frontrunners of the sport.

Nevertheless, England is Japan’s amicable friend. Since they are in Group C, while Tokyo is in Group A.

Therefore, my hypothetical enemy is the mighty Scots and the Irish – both in the same group as ours. They are indisputably stronger than the host team, and the 127 million Japanese have unanimously reached the conclusion that ‘we must lead our two biggest foes to the state of drunken stupor’ prior to the kick off.

So here comes I, the ‘chosen’ war correspondent, weak as hell with Sake, wine and beer, on a divine mission to invade the pubs and streets in the United Kingdom and Ireland. And I have decided to label this secret mission, “Sorry Scotland, Sorry Ireland Tour”. Dublin is a top ranked team, Edinburgh is 9th, and Tokyo comes after that in current world rankings. However, it goes without saying that they will outclass the host unless some kind of an inexplicable fluke, or a miracle happens.

‘Miracle of Brighton’, sort of. Nobody had expected that the venerable Samurais would prevail over one of the most outstanding teams on the planet, yes, the legend Nelson Mandela’s team Springboks 34-32.

But the Gods were watching. As it happened.

JPN 23 – Scotland 19.

JPN 50 – Ireland 18.

The above are my baseless, and wishful predictions when the three parties shall clash on September 28th and October 13th.

I must confess that my biggest liability is that the Scots and the Irish are allegedly super tough drinkers when it comes to alcohol. They can gulp vodka like a beer, faster than the bloody Russians maybe. On the contrary, the fake ‘war correspondent’ is tantamount to a British junior high school 8th grader whose been consuming beer since the age of 12.

And lastly, if by any chance you find a hallucinated oriental thug swimming facedown in the background alleys of Rugby or Galway near a local pub, I’m probably the one.

Please call the ambulance, please.

Oh, should you also visit Nippon to view the exhilarating matches, please do try the brilliant local beers. Not the piss-water to say the least, sir.

Good rugby, good life.

Arigato Gozaim-Ass.


7 Reasons why Trump should meet Kim in Tokyo | Japan Broadcasting

It seems as though he has done it once again.

The incumbent U.S President, for the first time in its post war history has officially announced that he will hold a dialogue with the North Korean despot. Given the fact that no sitting U.S President has ever met Pyongyang commander in chief in post WW2 history, yesterday’s announcement was indeed historic.

When the Korean War ended in 1953, it was not the Lee Syngman’s South Korean puppet regime but the “UN Allied powers” (de facto U.S military) that signed armistice with the North. As the Japanese have never signed a peace treaty with the Russians due to the prolonged territorial dispute in the “Northern Territories” adjacent to Hokkaido – Etorofu, Kunashiri, Habomai and Shikotan islands, the same goes with the Washington and Pyongyang.

“I want a peace treaty with you, Sir Donald” – Kim Jong un shall suggest in May.

Purportedly, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his comrades are skeptical of Kim Jong un “giving up it nuclear weapons” – and fiercely oppose Trump’s move to meet Kim “without preconditions”. Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe on the other hand, almost lost face when his “golf partner” suddenly announced to the press that he’ll meet the obese dictator – but was later revealed that Trump had called Abe right after he answered “Yes” to the South Korean counterpart visiting Washington.

As a Japanese national, I must say that it is a pure shame that while the Pyongyang nuke-warheads are locked onto Tokyo and Kyoto, we are virtually left out of the talks. Our overly subservient attitude towards Washington since our obsolete post war constitution was promulgated in 1947 undoubtedly is the primary factor why things are the way they are today.

Like the British former PM James Cameron was often mocked as the “Panting Puppy” of America, Tokyo unfortunately is nothing different.

Time for a change

Personally speaking, I condone the drastic move by Trump.

Though it is simply unthinkable that Kim will actually abandon his “Toy” (Nukes, of course), there still is about a 30% possibility that “something could change” – which I think is a positive thing. Change is always good, to my understanding.

The Tokyo-Pyongyang relationship had reached a point of ‘stalemate’ since Pyongyang tested its first “nuclear bomb” in 2006. Condolezza Rice and state department official Christopher Hill made a crucial mistake back in 2008, when they were overwhelmingly “Pro-North Korean” to lift the U.S sanctions imposed on Pyongyang under the Bush administration. (Without even consulting Tokyo)

But nothing changed.

Why!? Of course, North Korea is truly a master of repudiating “deals”.

And we all know that, don’t we!?

In 1994, Hillary’s husband was also duped. The Kim dynasty is truly a master of provocation, intimidation and deception. And the West was dumb enough to repeat the mistakes.

Then now comes Donald, the “Tough Negotiator”.

Will he be duped again!? Possibly. But one thing for certain is that Trump meeting Kim vindicates tough U.N sanctions strategy imposed on the North. That’s right, its working.

Though optimistic, I am not a prophet so whether or not a “striking a DEAL” will occur is yet unclear.

The “UNPREDICTABLES” (Trump and Kim) could call the whole thing off anytime. Yet based on the current vulnerable, unstable and combustible circumstances, let me suggest that should the “dialogue” take place, TOKYO would be the ideal host.

Here are 7 reasons why.

1. Tokyo is the “safest city” among the G7 nations. We all know that. You cant buy guns for $199 at Walmart here. And of course the U.S President’s security concern. By maintaining 2000 km distance from the Korean Peninsula, he shall be safe and sound, protected by the Japanese army and the 50,000 American troops (Including Mr. USS Ronald Regan in Yokosuka) stationed in Japan.

2. Geopolitically, Tokyo lies between the Asian continent and the North American. Beijing is eager to host the dialogue as the “rising global power” of course – but Kim fears being blown up on the railway track, just like his father was.

3. Fujiya Hotel in Hakone Onsen – about an hour car ride from Tokyo by Mt.Fuji is where the historic meeting should be held. JOHN LENNON used to visit this classic hotel established in 1878 following the renowned Meiji Restoration. The two leaders can send the message of “LOVE” and “IMAGINE” as they hop into the Onsen together fully naked. As the old Japanese saying “Hadacano Tsukiai” (Naked friendship, intimate as they take bath together) goes – the two fat guys in one boiling hot Rotenburo will dominate the headlines.

Kim can fly directly to Shizuoka Mt.Fuji Airport, then a car. That way his security will be guaranteed even further.

Trump on the other hand must use Tokyo Haneda Airport, and not Yokota as he had previously done. His entrance thorough a monstrous U.S base ( size equivalent to 157 Tokyo Domes!) will not only prove provocative to Kim, but a sitting U.S President entering Japan through the backdoor (defying the official, legal procedures) will only humiliate Tokyo as the ‘Colony of America’. (Remember, that any CIA spies or U.S government officials can enter and leave Japan through Yokota without leaving any legal record, which I believe is a concrete proof that my country is far from being defined as a sovereign nation. Sad!)

4. North Korean nukes are locked on to Tokyo. Therefore, Kim should show his credibility to “abandon Nukes” at least by setting his foot on the “targeted soil”. He’s got to impress the world that he’s got the balls.

5. DMZ is by far too risky. We’ve got to bear in mind that there are over 1,000,000 troops on stand-by across the border on the other side. Should some sort of “accident” occur, Mr Trump will be a dead meat. No escape.

6. Trump wants to ‘strike a deal’ ahead of November’s U.S midterm election. And that could mean enforcing Kim to abandon ICBMs that can reach the U.S mainland (N.Y Trump Tower, his home), but on the other hand acknowledging Pyongyang’s short-range missiles that is capable of striking Shibuya’s Hachico Dog in merely 8 minutes.

That’s unacceptable to say the least, and surely undermine the “top notch relationship” among the allies. And in order to avoid such a unilateral move by Donald, Tokyo must put strong pressure on the “Wig Man”.

7. The Japanese today are nothing but a flock of sheep these days. By holding direct talks in its capitol, it may work as a remedy to wake up the emasculated nation unaware of the imminent threats not only from the North but by far more powerful neighbors Xi Jinping the ‘indefinite ruler Pooh” and Vladimir “Machoman” Putin.

In order to maintain peace and balance within the region, it would be crucial for the descendants of the proud Samurais to have concerns over global issues by abandoning its insular mindedness. Remember fellas, all our neighbors possess nukes, whether as we do not. Where’s our ‘nuclear deterrent’ ? Oh, Mr. Flip-flop?

To be blunt, that is pretty risky.

Should any contingency occur on the peninsula, S.China sea or Senkaku – WW3 could break out. Who knows!?

Yujiro Taniyama – Japan Broadcasting . net Editor in Chief


The 5 reasons why Trump should meet Kim in Tokyo.



ホワイトハウスは、「Trump’s meeting with Kim would take place “at a place and time to be determined”. 」との声明を発表。両氏の会談の場所、日時はいずれ決定するということだ。

当の「虎ンプ」大統領は、”Kim Jong Un talked about denuclearization with the South Korean Representatives, not just a freeze” 「金正恩は朝鮮半島の非核化を、韓国代表団と話し合った。凍結だけじゃなく」と自慢げにツイートしたが、11月に中間選挙を控える同氏が国内向けにポイントを稼ぎたいとの思惑も透けて見えてくる。


  1. 日本は、当事国だ。北の核兵器が照準を合わせているターゲットは、他ならぬ我が国であり、だからこそ主体的立場で朝鮮半島非核化をリードすべきだ。しかも金正恩は、一昨日韓国代表団と平壌で会った際、「同じ朝鮮民族に核を落とすことはしない」と約束したと一部のメディアでは報じられている。とすれば、やはり現実的な仮想敵国は米国よりも、Japanとなる。
  2. 地政学的に、ワシントンと平壌の間に東京はある。韓国政府は当然ながらすでに水面下では、同国で行うよう働きかけているだろうが(中国も北京開催を狙っている)、北朝鮮からソウルは最短距離で30kmしか離れておらずアメリカ合衆国大統領自らが出向くには、リスクが大きすぎる。金正恩の意思とは関係なく、徹底した反米帝国教育で洗脳されてきた北朝鮮軍部の一部の将校らが「暴発」しないとも限らず、となれば国境沿いに配置されているとされる100万人の北の兵士は、瞬く間にトランプを包囲しかねない。
  3. 箱根にある「富士屋ホテル」が、会談場所にふさわしい。東京から車でわずか1時間。ロマンチストと言われてしまえばそれまでだが、同ホテルは”Imagine”で名高い「ジョン・ウン」ならぬ「ジョン・レノン」が来日するたびに小野洋子夫人と共に宿泊。平和および半島の非核化を話し合うのに、絶好の場所として世界に強いメッセージを発信できる。「トラ金」が、一緒に貸し切り露天風呂に入った暁には、Japan外交の大勝利だ。
  4. 治安面で、TOKYOに勝る大都市はない。なにせ様々な媒体で「世界一安全な大都市」に毎年選ばれているぐらいだ。また、それが箱根ともなれば、ますますテロリストらは急襲しにくくなる。金正恩は、静岡空港から箱根入りするという選択肢もある。ただし、トランプには前回のような「横田基地」からの入国に対して日本政府は事前にNOを突きつけておく。あの手法では、正規の日本入国の法的手続きを取ることなく「米国の政府関係者やCIAは誰でも勝手に出入国できる植民地ジャパーン」という恥ずべき実態を世界に露わにするだけ。
  5. 中国に半島非核化の主導権を渡してはならない。発表されているだけでも、同国の最新の軍事費統計は18兆円。南シナ海および尖閣における慇懃無礼な軍事行動は、ご存知の通りだ。ここでさらにポイントを稼がせてはならない。


言うまでもなく、平壌から陸路でいけるという利点は北京にある。金正恩もその肥満体を飛行機に載せることは、それなりに抵抗があろう。墜落したらお終いだからだ。とはいえ、逆にだからこそ日本政府がトランプに「TOKYOでなければ会わない」と言わせられるか否かが勝敗の分かれ目となろう。いや、そこは何としてでもアメリカ合衆国政府を説得すべきではないか。自衛隊および47,000名の在日米軍が「トラ金会談」の安全性を担保する – ことを武器に、そして「同盟国」として今こそ安倍首相にはその外交手腕を発揮していただきたい。



Dear MLB’s Rob Manfred; 3 Reasons Why ‘Slanty Eye’ Racist Gurriel should be suspended from World Series 2017

Racial insult on Asians seems to be downplayed in MLB and the U.S.

Rob Manfred, the MLB commissioner announced today that Astro’s first baseman will not be suspended for WS 2017, but instead will just serve a “5 game suspension next season” – whatever that means.

This is synonymous for MLB overlooking racial bias on Asians as a whole, and shall not be tolerated.

Gurriel deserves a meal of 100 Sushis with 100kgs of premium Wasabi (Made in Japan) stuffed inside.

Yujiro Taniyama

Editor in Chief- Japan Broadcasting.net -JB
VIDEO: 3 Reasons why he should be sacked from World Series 2017: ‘Slanty Eye’ Racist Gurriel on Asians

UK Edition | SENTAKU ISLANDS and the Secrets of the Laundry Machine

One ENGLISHMAN can beat three Frenchmen ー 1599, Shakespeare.

Then can one PANDALANDER beat three Sushilanders?!

The answer is in my latest adventure-fantasy fiction SENTAKU ISLANDS and the Secrets of the Laundry Machine.

A 14 year old Qyunkyun faces unprecedented challenges from dangerous neighbors like the ‘FAT TURD’ of KIMCHILAND, that possesses weapons of mass destruction. 

Can one little girl make a difference?!  

I also thank Andy Bucci for the great editing, a pure professional. 
Hope you are thrilled with the book!


Good morning Taiwan! The world loves you

Dear HRH Ms Tsai Ying wen
Hello ma’am. 

My name is Yujiro Taniyama, and I am an Outspoken Samurai of the 21st century. 
And I do not work for the lavish, corrupt Panda communists in your neighborhood.

Yes ma’am, the so called “PRC” stands for “Panda Republic of Corruption”; as we know the people of the modern world are well aware of the fact Beijing downplays its own citizens, crackdown and kidnapping of human rights lawyers is rampant – meaning the notion “PEOPLE” simply doesn’t exist in PRC. 
I emphatically condemn the repugnant statement that was made 2 days ago by the enslaved Panama government.

 Cutting Official diplomatic ties?!

Big deal ma’am. 

Forget it. 

The term “Official” don’t mean a thing in this tumultuous world of hypocrisy we live in. 
PRC is a menace of Asia, to say the least. 

I know that, you know that, Japan coastguard guys know that. Even the famous loose cannon Trump is probably aware too. 

The latest callous behavior by the PRC, or the Panda Republic to undermine the sovereign democratic state of Taiwan by  pressuring the owner of the Panama Canal is nothing but a ruthless bully. 
The remorseless communist nation may be the world’s No.2 economy flexing its rapidly growing military muscles, intimidating its neighbors perpetually over territorial issues. 

However, you’ve got to bear in mind that the majority of the people of the free world absolutely loathe the PRC and it’s oppressive system, hugely arrogant and deploringly abrasive in its character. 

On the other hand, the people of Taiwan has definitely won empathy globally, for what it’s made of; rule of law, democracy, human rights and the benevolent morality. 

At least that is what the Japanese think. 

Term “Official diplomacy” is dead

Purportedly there are just 20 nations left in which you enjoy “official diplomatic ties”. 

So what?!

Before I move on, let me please respectfully apologize to you on behalf of our people – for abandoning Tokyo-Taipei “official diplomatic relationship” back in September 1972 under the Tanaka Kakuei administration. 

Ms Tsai, Taiwan was the member of the P5; or the permanent member of the UN Security Council as “CHINA” until the hypocritical United Nations ousted your ancestors in 1971; handing over the prerogative to Mao Tse Tung’s PRC. 

Till then, “China” was synonymous for Taiwan. Taiwan was China. And it is well proven by the fact that your national flag carrier is called “CHINA AIRLINES”.

The PRC wants that crucial “naming”  back, and that desperately deep inside  I presume. 

I disavow any sort of crackdown on human rights activists and lawyers seeking freedom and prosperity. PRC does that ma’am, as you may be well aware. Kidnapping of Hong Kong Bookkeepers was a horrendous act, indeed. 
Taiwan “isolation” won’t happen 

That being said, I would like you and your great Taiwanese people to know that the usage of the term  “official diplomatic ties” (ODT) is totally obsolete. Though Japan’s PM Abe may not have ODT with you, it’s a well known fact that you two have amicable ties. 

Over 4 million Taiwanese nationals visited Japan in 2016. 
That’s huge. 

Taiwan is also a common destination for us the Nippon Gin too. I’ve enjoyed a round trip across Taiwan in the past ; from Taipei, Jiufen, Hualien, Kaohsiung and more! 

Breathtaking landscape, amazing food and the people. 

Tokyo – Taipei relationship is unshakable, unbreakable. 
You know that, and so do I. 

Both our people share the same basic principles of a civilized modern world. Freedom of speech is guaranteed. 

Btw, a baby Panda was born recently at the Tokyo Ueno zoo; but remember ma’am, that Pandas do not “speak” – meaning free speech is nothing more than a dream over there in the “land of Corruption”. 

That being said, I unequivocally convey to you that “official diplomacy” no longer has a meaning, and that the Japanese people unconditionally support your defiance towards the despicable Panda bully. 

The term “Taiwan isolation” does not exist in Global dictionary. 
But if by any chance it does, make sure to first put a blame on untrustworthy phoney – the double standard United Nations and its “allies”. 
Those people only preach, but do not practice. 

Probably even the Loose cannon Trump may be more credible than those fake opportunistic hypocrites. 

As long as you and I, the people of Taiwan has the psychological strength to fight tenaciously along with we the Japanese, there is no way we could succumb to the Panda attacks. 

Their vicious, primitive and barbaric greed has no place in human society today. 

Our strength shall prevail, as the “undemocratically elected PRC” will drown in the super sticky “Natto Onsen”. 

Please try it next time you come to Tokyo, Ms Tsai. 
I will be honored to pick you up at the Handa Airport, if your “unofficial route” doesn’t work. 
Please don’t hesitate to call me. 

Thank you, and talk to you soon. 

Good Rising!

Yujiro Taniyama 
Japan Broadcasting Editor in Chief 

Tokyo predicts Marine Le Pen will become the next French president

The next President of France will be Jean-Marie Le Pen’s daughter, albeit good or bad.

Marie and Marine.

Confusing as their names are, so is the phenomenal shift in the western politics these days. Brexit, Trump and ‘Marie’.

From a Japanese perspective, it is simply unimaginable how father’s name is ‘Marie’ and the daughter ‘Marine’.

I mean, it even sounds like a pure French joke.

No guy in Tokyo is called ‘Yoko’. John Lennon’s wife?! Absolutely. But it’s no boy’s name. It’s like calling Sean Lennon ‘John-Yoko’ Lennon.

Although I may be a nobody in the ‘Far East ‘ (seen from Paris, that is) living in obscurity, this French naming sense is already inexplicable to say the least. And the upcoming election on April 23rd to decide the next ruler of the ‘land of the croissant’ is not only unpredictable like Trump, but inexplicable by nature.

Le Pen daughter is not ‘Far right’

Recent homicides in Europe by Muslim extremists make Le Pen (for get the other ‘Marie’ – he’s just a detail in French politics) appear as a savior rather than a ‘dangerous far right extremist’ as often labeled by the western corporate medias like the AP.

I emphatically claim so due to the fact the so called ‘Far left’ candidate, Melenchon’s manifesto is no different from that of Le Pen – which is to pull France out of the EU.

Furthermore, this newcomer is also lobbying to quit the ‘obsolete’ NATO.

Despite the fact, the former is labeled as the far right and the latter far left.


A ‘tougher stance on immigrants’?!

Well Le Pen is surely claiming to deport illegal immigrants mainly from the former French colonies in the North African -sub Sahara region, but taking into account the perpetual suicide bombing by Paris government’s formidable adversary – which is of course the IS and its devout followers, I believe it is only natural to suspend immigrants for the time being till things settle down.

And isn’t that the unshakable reason why she’s surging hugely in the recent polls?!

I unequivocally refute any sort of racism, discrimination and segregation. But the recent bloodshed on innocent civilians in Monaco, Nice, German cities, Belgium and Paris is not only unacceptable, but has probably reached the level of intolerance amongst the Europeans as a whole.

And furthermore, it is nothing got do with ‘racism’. To lead this argument towards that direction is pretty much hypocritical, to my understanding.

That being said, it is only natural for me to reach an unshakable conclusion of a first women president in the land of croissant.

Oh, but you know what?! Croissants in Tokyo taste better these days!

Good Rising!

Yujiro Taniyama

-Japan Broadcasting.net Editor in Chief

Doraemon & Naruto will save the world from ‘Pyongyang vs Trump War’

Pundits across the globe are warning the citizens of Tokyo, Seoul and the G7 nations that the ‘dinner is ready’.

Exuberant Trump is ready for a pre-emptive strike on North Korea, they all say, which to me is no surprise.

But wait a minute.

Who’s going to be the ‘victor’ of this upcoming war?! Asaad? No. Mao Asada (Japanese Olympian Skater that retired yesterday)? No. Putin San? No. Mr Xi?! Absolutely not.

Ruthless Kim Jong un vs relentless Trump. It’s highly unlikely they’ll have a ‘hamburger lunch’ anytime soon, but instead a ‘Hamburger – Kimchi War’ could begin in a blink of an eye considering the fact USS Carl Vinson is already on a stand by in Sea of Japan.

Toshiba duped by an American phoney Westinghouse Electric

The viral video of FAA officials forcing an American citizen (not an illegal immigrant) Mr David Dao on UA Flight 3411 was merely repugnant.

Westinghouse Electric’s CEO Danny Roderick who filed for bankruptcy recently was another fraudulent phoney that de facto ‘eradicated’ its parent company Toshiba.

The management of Toshiba were not only dumb, but critically complacent as to be victimized by phoney Roderick’s cold blooded charade.

Since I have no bigotry, I am well aware of the fact that there are quite a few good hearted Americans on its soil. But at the same time those covered on western mainstream medias are usually phoneys and ‘pathological liars’ to my knowledge.

Trump pledged ‘America First’ and won the votes. After 100 days in office, we’ve learned that he’s doing exactly the opposite. Bombing Syria, and next Pyongyang. You call his recent moves ‘World Policeman USA’.

Of course I do not condone the North Korean authoritarian regime nor its biggest communist ally. That being said, Trump’s pressure on Xi Jinping in Florida a couple of days ago was a prudent one.

Hamburger-Kimchi War

But is he actually going to wage a bloody ‘Hamburger – Kimchi’ battle?!
If Heinz made ketchup is the ‘blood’ , then the color of Korean chilly is also the same. I was stunned when I visited Pan Munjon – or the 38th parallel about a decade ago that it was only 40 kilometers from Myongdong, the core shopping center in Seoul.

So if the battle does begin, the South Koreans including the incarcerated beauty Ms Pak Geun hye are likely to fall prey to the Kim Jong un invasion to say the least.

Japan on the other hand may also suffer, with Kim’s unpredictable Nodong missiles presumably crushing into Roppongi or Kyoto or Miyajima. Who knows?!

I am pretty wary and skeptical of the ‘100 % accuracy’ of the so called the US built THAAD system. It is super pricey(unsurprisingly $ billions) , and better be ultra hi tech, but still when Pyongyang fires 30 missiles towards Tokyo Tower it is unthinkable that they’ll be all shot down.

And if the accuracy is just 50%, then it will prove that THAAD is a total failure falling far short of what it’s worth.

It will surely be an embarrassing moment for the Pentagon as well.

Doraemon Go

Japan has no nukes, but instead invented ‘Doraemon’- a super hi tech cat like robot from the 22nd century after WW2.

This ‘cat’ is 1000 times well equipped compared to Mr Tom ‘impossible’ Cruise. If you don’t believe me, please just google it. You’ll know why.

Doraemon is a huge international sensation across Asia. Thais love him, as well as the Chinese and the Koreans. Controversial UA flight’s Mr Dao was depicted as ‘disruptive and belligerent ‘ – according to the CEO of the embattled aviation company. But that usage is blatantly incorrect, while Kim and Trump perfectly matches that depiction, cynically speaking.

Doraemon’ s amicable character, as well as his ‘Moshimo Box’ shall save our planet from entering WW3. He’ll go inside the phone booth(box) and yell ‘If there were no A Bombs in this world!’ – then the whole crisis shall be over.

What you say inside the Moshimo Box becomes a reality! And if by any chance that doesn’t work, NARUTO shall step in. He’s another Japanese Superhero that can make a huge difference in world affairs, to my knowledge. And my pure wish is, ladies and gents….. have ‘Tokyo’ play the crucial role of NARUTO- a funny but super powerful Samurai who loves Ramen( instant type too).

But in conclusion, that’s definitely a ‘mission impossible’ unfortunately, I must admit. Our cowardly, unthinking pacifist constitution set up back in 1946 is somehow still widely effective till this very day, depriving our citizens of the indispensable Samurai Bushido spirit to stand up when needed.

Our subservient attitude towards Washington is a huge surprise even to quite a few Americans friends I know of. If the British mock themselves as the ‘panting puppy’ of the Whitehouse, so are we. In that sense, Trump was perfectly correct when he pointed out during last year’s Presidential election that Japan shall find a way to defend itself against Pyongyang, instead of counting on the US – especially when the Japan-American 1960 defense treaty is hilariously ‘one sided’.


You foreign readers of this blog shall be appalled to actually read that in our ‘1946 constitution’ made by Big Mac or Douglas McArthur, it stipulates that ‘the belligerency of the state shall never be maintained’.

I’m not joking fellas, it’s true.

UA flight’s David Dao’s belligerency : 5%

Donald Trump’s belligerency: 75%

Kim Jong un’s belligerency: 90%

Japan’s belligerency: 0%

OMG, isn’t it ridiculous. Maggie, Maggie Thatcher ma’am can you hear me?!


What are we waiting for?! A missile strike by Mr Hamburger of Kimchi-Fatty or Doraemon?!

No, to be honest, NARUTO is whom I count on the most.

Come! I’ll cook a really yummy pork based doro-doro Ramen for you, with tons of garlic! Of course it’s a dream never come true. He’ll never appear.

Good Rising!

Yujiro Taniyama

Japan Broadcasting. net Editor in Chief


アメリカ合衆国の新国務長官 レックス・ティラーソン氏が、最近訪日したことは記憶に新しい。

ところが、同氏が日本滞在中に銀座線・溜池山王駅徒歩三分にあるアメリカ大使館にまったく立ち寄らなかったことは、殆ど知られていない。就任したばかりの米国外交のトップである ‘外務大臣’が、その訪問国の大使館に一度も顔を出さないことは通常では考えられないし、ましてやそれが初外遊先・初訪日となれば戦後の米国史上初めてではないだろうか。

トランプ政権で、唯一 ‘Predictable’なことは’Unpredictableなことだ’というジョークが少し前に、米国メディアを賑わせていた。新大統領に関し予測できることは、予測できないということだ、と。


That’s the essence of power politics.




“North Korea is behaving very badly” と、アメリカ大統領がツイートしたと3月24日付けでLos Angeles Times紙は報じた。ミサイル発射を繰り返す北朝鮮を名指しで「態度が極めて悪い」と非難したトランプだが、自分の最大公約だった ‘Healthcare’法案が、下院で拒絶された今、彼自身かなり「悪い」立場に置かれている。民主党議員のみならず、’味方’ 共和党議員からも見放された形だ。


先に挙げたティラーソン氏は、今回の東京・ソウル・北京を回ったアジア初外遊中、「言うことを聞かず核開発・ミサイル実験を一方的に進める北朝鮮に対し、実力行使も選択肢から外さない」と明言した。これはすなわち、金正恩政権を葬るために先制攻撃を仕掛けるということに他ならない。従来の米国の対北政策を180度ひっくり返す極めて重大な発言であるにもかかわらず、肝心の日本国民の方は’篭池アッキー100万円小学校’ とかいうどうでもいい軽いゴシップネタに鼻息荒く興奮している。

ワシントンが、明日突然平壌に ‘Pearl Harbor’ を仕掛ける可能性は十二分にある。なにせ’アメリカ軍最高司令官’は、いまや公式にドナルド・トランプなのだから。金正恩が突然、兄をクアラルンプール空港で暗殺する狂人であるならば、ホワイトハウスの新しい住人はそれ以上のことをやらかす素質十分。








800年以上前のその古びた感覚で、実兄を他国で真っ昼間に毒殺する肥満独裁ファッティが、東京羽田空港からわずか二時間の距離にいる。しかもSky Treeに向けて核弾頭を載せた弾道ミサイルをスタンバイしているのだ。




格安航空券で、先日陛下皇后さまがご訪問されたヴェトナムあたりに非難しますか。Jet Starか、Air Asiaどっち使おうかな。


Good Rising!




‘石原小池戦争’ は、単なる「都民バースト」


この問題、今さら責任を擦りつけあおうともまったく意味がないんじゃないか。いくら小池百合子氏が’戦うポーズ’ パフォーマンスをしたところで、何の解決にもならないし、そもそも10年以上昔のこと。

かと言って石原氏が「正しい」訳でもない。だいいち、週2しか都庁に出勤していなかった同氏にいかなる「証言」を求めようと、しかも脳梗塞を患った高齢者であることを考えれば、’見逃しの三振’ で終始するに違いない。

6000億円という巨額を投じ、進められた豊洲移転プロジェクト。うるさい日本人も、先の東京都知事選に出馬した際に豊洲エリアで何度か街頭演説を行ったけど「今年の秋には、築地がここトヨスに移転・デビューします!世界のTOYOTAに並んで世界のTOYOSU Fish Marketがオープンするのです。新しいTokyoの顔として、ビッグな可能性がここから始まろうとしています!」とうるさく吠えたわけだ。

ところが2020年TOKYOオリンピックの準備が遅延しているのと同じで、豊洲移転もパソコンでいうフリーズ状態。報道によれば、‘毎日1000万円ほどの損失’ が生じているそうじゃないか。Yeah, every single fxxx’in day! つまり、移転が10日遅れるだけで1億円もの血税がドブに捨てられていることになる。

これは明らかに東京都側の犯罪的な失政以外のなにものでもないと思うのだが、どうだろう?! しかもコイケ氏はこの問題をどう「解決」するのか、まったく明示していない。’都民ファースト’ と威勢良くリップスティックを塗りながら、6000億円➕毎日1000万円税金垂れ流しじゃあ、これはもう単なる「都民バースト」。

‘バルセロナFCのベンゼマ(背番号9)ならぬ、ベンゼンが基準値の100倍もトヨスの地下から出たのでヤーメヨーカナ!’ – というコイケ氏の姿勢は無責任千万。惜しくもTokyoのトップを自任しているのならば、これまでのモンスター巨額を投じている豊洲移転プロジェクトを、それら問題を乗り越えていかに’完成’ させねば都知事としては失格なのではないだろうか。

築地と豊洲の板挟みにあっている無数の業者も「都民バースト」モロの当事者で、気が気でないだろうし、何と言っても’TOUOSU IS DIRTY’ – トヨスは汚れている、という負のイメージを国際社会がすでに抱き始めていることは最悪。今年外国人観光客3000万人を目指す日本の「おもてなし」としても、アマチュアレヴェル。

僭越ながら、先の東京都知事選の時からうるさい日本人は’コイケ氏にはTokyoをこうしたい、という具体案はゼロです’ と警告を鳴らしてきた。現に’マニフェスト’ なるものも、具体案はまったくなかった。それが今回、不毛かつ都民にとって不幸な形で的中してしまった。移転するのか、しないのかも分からない。


もう桜の季節だぜ、みんな! 初の美しい女性知事だからってチヤホヤしている余裕などない。税金無駄遣いは、そう、’出血’ をまったく止められない人が今、東京のトップに立っている。

太陽の季節やら、都民ファーストの季節やら過去の話はゴミ箱にドラッグ&ドロップし、21世紀のジャパーンのお魚さんの台所 TOYOSU FISH MARKET デビューに向けて一つ一つ’解決’ していくしかない。

え?! 移転しないって?!



Good Rising!