By Yujiro Taniyama, Japan Broadcasting . net FIFA World Cup 2022 Jumpy Correspondent


Roughly a year ago, Japan’s U-24 soccer team succumbed to Spain in the semifinal of Tokyo Olympics. Both sides were scoreless for 90 minutes; and Asensio’s crucial winner finally came in late extra time. 1- 0 was the result.

Tokyo and Madrid are to clash yet again in 16 hours from now at the FIFA World Cup’s ‘group of death’ – although this time, my bigoted intuition candidly whispers that ‘Giant Killing by Giappone‘ is destined to occur once again.

Germany a week ago, Spain tomorrow.

La Roja, or ‘The Red One’ ranked 7th in the world are an exceptional team, there’s no doubt about that. They pass the ball as smoothly as a talented bullfighter flapping red fabric capes, intimidating the opponent.

So it’s no surprise that a wide majority of global soccer fans (including many in Giappone) predict Spanish victory. Notwithstanding, my narrative is a little different.

The last match of ‘group of death’ is latently categorized as the Battle of Samurai Vengeance amongst most of the key players of Team Sushi who participated in Tokyo2020; in my view, as their unconscioused belligerence is all about avoiding humiliation of succumbing to the same adversary twice in merely a year. This sort of aspiration should not be underestimated, as far as I am concerned, especially when it comes to the descendants of Samuraihood.

Honor matters, if you know what I mean.


Luckey were the Giapponese apparently in their shocking victory over Deutschland. There’s no guarantee that the capricious deities will beam for Nippon again, nevertheless it is hugely animating just to imagine Team Sushi beating both Team Sausage and Team Paella in group stage; something that is totally unthinkable in European common sense.

2-1, Japan.

Let’s see what happens.



※ NOTE: I have been distributing inexpensive Spanish wine bottles to few of my friends and acquaintances – for them to gulp prior to kick off at 4 a.m, Tokyo time. The dreamy correspondent will lick them too, of course.


※ NOTE 2: Jumping for glory at Meiji Jingoo shrine (pictured) . The prankish gods of Nippon might (hopefully) instigate a magic spell on the bullfighters.