By Samurai Yujiro Taniyama, Japan Broadcasting. net glorious Editor in Chief 


I do believe in miracles.

And as an ardent patriot of Giappone, my biased, wishful thinking suggests that for the first time in its shaky history, FIFA soccer World Cup 2022 will be incredibly robbed by the most unexpected phallic nation in the game of sports; Japan.

Underdog of massive scale as we obviously are, I’d proudly like to boast that there exists an irrefutable reason to substantiate my illusory claim.

Giappone is gloriously armed with a lethal weapon – not that decrepit Aussie-braveheart Mr.Gibson but ‘Mr. Tom Cruise’ – of whom will go under the name KAMADAICHI in the upcoming tournament in Qatar.

Kamada Daichi is the footballer’s legitimate name printed on his passport, nevertheless the obstreperous samurai has unilaterally decided to offer him a new catchy name; yes, Kamadaichi. 

Currently the 26 year old is the intrepid and the impeccable striker-kingmaker for Frankfurt Football Club in Germany. To be honest I’m no reliable sports journalist or work for ESPN, but my flawed yet credible intuition quietly whispers in my dilapidated ears that Daichi, or KAMADAICHI shall and will be the unprecedented Tom Cruise that’ll lift Samurai Blue to impossibly become the first Asian nation to prevail in the most popular sporting event on the planet.

Please just watch some of his plays on the internet, and you’ll immediately understand what I mean.

Giappone, or Japan will clash against the mighty Germans on November 23, then Costa Rica, followed by the Spaniards on December 2. The heavyweights in Group E are apparently Germany and Spain that even the street dogs know, but according to some trustworthy tabloids for gentlemen like the Daily Mirror, the four time champions of Deutschland is troubled with crucial injuries. German striker Werner won’t be in Doha either.

Under such circumstances, if the super underdog Giappone claims 1 point (draw) or 3 points (win) in the first game thanks to Kamadaichi’s superb hat trick, in my view it is highly likely that the Samurai Blue will advance to the knockout stages; then consequently (miraculously) mug the renowned title like a bloody Iga Ninja.


Indeed, Kamadaichi probably is the ‘Last Ninja’.