By Yujiro Taniyama, Japan Corporation「JB」Indestructible Editor in chief. 


Dear ingenious reader.

Let me make one thing crystal clear in the very beginning.

I transcend politics. Because the impertinent author is a Samurai of moral goodness. Although pompous and capricious, my noble duty is not to merely follow the world’s opinion. That’s far too easy.

That said, let us commence!


Conclusion (already!). The fallaciously hypocritical and unethical goody-goody club; known as ‘United Nations Permanent Members of the Security Council’ – or ‘P5’ should be scrapped immediately! Today. Yes, this very day. As Ukrainian President Zelensky pointed out in his unequivocal online address at UN yesterday, the current ‘P5 system’ is fabulously unfit to govern the globe with impartiality; since PUTaIN Kingdom (a.k.a Russia) is guaranteed the prerogative to veto any resolution ‘that apparently doesn’t suit them’.

I totally agree with Mr. Zelensky.

Why on earth should you and I, the mediocre citizens of the world turn a blind eye to the United Nations’ crippled, impotent and antiquated dogma (vested interest ‘untouchable’) that was initiated by men gone the way of all flesh, all the way back some 77 years ago? And ignore the evidential truth where a thug state that butchers harmless residents of Bucha is inexplicably provided an unshakable, permanent privilege in an invalidated system headquartered in New York? Diabolical criminals are the associates of PUTaIN Army as far as the author is concerned, shooting down civilians and non-military targets across Ukraine; nevertheless the current system widely known as the United Nations still protects the callous aggressors’ ‘national interest’ and that ‘permanently’.

This is nothing but an idiotic stupidity.



I honestly want to ask the ingenious reader, what is it that makes Washington, Moscow, London, Paris and Chiang Kai shek (later M.Z Dung after 1971) so preposterously special just because they were on the ‘winning side’ in the last big war seventy seven years ago?! While there are over 200 countries enlisted in UN today, why should just these 5 be treated as if they were some sinless demigod in Greek myths or the Bible? Because they all possess atomic bombs and produce arms and warplanes to perpetrate lucrative export-business of death? ‘P5’, ladies and gents are apparently the greatest manufacturers of all sorts of WMD – despite their ostensible position in the United Nation is guardian and judge of peace;  whatever that means. If UN had been initially set up nearly eight decades ago by Mr. Roosevelt and his counterparts with the paramount goal to conquer the world with intelligence, human benevolence and mutual trust, sadly I must say the institution has long been a beautiful failure.

The reason?

Just look at those shellacked cities and buildings of Mariupol and elsewhere. PUTaIN and his obsequious servants are nothing but a human wreck, that cold-bloodedly activates military force just to satisfy territorial lust. And still, nobody can take that ‘omnipotent’ permanent seat away from them.

This is bollox and categorically wrong.



G7 leads the world today. Scrap P5

That said, I emphatically believe that the ongoing economic sanctions imposed on PUTaIN Kingdom is highly effective. Although the thug state’s unimportant currency has unexpectedly regained its value in the recent weeks thanks to the rise of oil and gas (not vodka) prices, the tangible effects of the West’s stringent retributive measures (including that by reticent Nippon, surprisingly) should become discernible in the months to come. Just like ‘bee-stinging’ body blow punches by the Great Mohammad Ali.

The rock solid unity of Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Ottawa and Tokyo has in my view substantiated the fact that G7 is the inimitable epicenter of global order today. The power it executes can bring about earthshaking-Gozilla effect in the modern world. And as a free thinker myself, and a phallic advocate for free intelligence and basic human dignity, let me lastly reiterate that it goes without saying that to grant an authoritarian Yakuza-Communist PUTaIN Kingdom  a ‘superpower’ to veto any form of justice and proposition to mitigate Ukraine’s Vietnam war-like quagmire goes contrary to my understanding of building a good world with wisdom and kindness, by good compassionate people. As the old sages of India once said;


“Everything is sacrosanct in democracy if done with the will of the people”


– we must humbly all ask ourselves, “Do we really need this inexcitable and pompous N.Y based institution now in the 21st century?” If you say yes, then all countries should be treated on the same footing to say the least.

Domo Arigato.



AI robots, Team JB staffs and 谷山雄二朗 contributed to this article.