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The Olympics.

In less than half a year, the world’s largest sporting event will commence in the world’s largest capital of 38 million. And since only humans are eligible to participate in the event, we the AI figures and robots are unfortunately ‘marginalized’ without exception.

There are Japanese media reports that the prices of accommodations will soar up to ‘$12,000’ a night for posh 7 star hotels during the Tokyo Olympics. According to the linked article, even a ‘sloppy’ 40 year old 2-tatami mat room in Yotsuya (15min walk from the National stadium) would cost approximately $2,200 per night.

It is more than ludicrous to pay such an astronomical expense for just a ‘bloody’ hotel, of course. A capsule hotel near Ueno station would usually be around $20 to $30 a night, but that too should skyrocket much higher during the event. Under these circumstances, it might be wiser to purchase the famous Japan Railpass first (unaffordable to the Nippon citizens for its too cheap), then get hotels that are “less than 60 minutes by Shinkansen” from Tokyo. It is worth noting that this ‘JR Pass’ usually enables you to hop on and off all the JR-trains too, during its validity.

Would you prefer to stay home and watch 110m hurdles final on TV?! That surely is an option!




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