Samurai Yujiro Taniyama, Japan 「JB」peacemongering correspondent (not going quietly!)



Laities and gentlemen, today marks the 73rd year since the callous and notorious A-bomb attack on the civilian population Hiroshima. Although it is my sincere belief that a regretful hankering after the past is quite unnecessary, as we head to build a better future of mankind; but nevertheless the intellectual search for the bare truth of why the indiscriminate weapon had to be dropped not only once but twice – on innocent women and children on Aug.6th and 9th, 1945 remains morally conducive.

And about the radioactive purgatory that followed.

To the ingenious reader, the Outspoken Samurai would like to point out beforehand that he possesses no personal grudge whatsoever to the descendants of the perpetrators of the two inhumane bombs; for the ‘quagmire of war’ had occurred long before most American people today were even born. It is strictly wrong to put a blame on either sides, over the inexpressible catastrophe nearly eight decades ago.

That said, still, the modern people today can learn from the bloodthirsty calamity as we have now entered a ‘nuclear age’. Believe me ladies and gents, blatant lies and fake news need frequent debunking.


A prominent Australian Journalist Paul Ham, for example mentions in his book “Hiroshima Nagasaki” as follows.

“There is not a frisson of concern or regret here at the human cost. Observation and testing of the A-boom victims, not their treatment, were the priorities of the American scientific teams. “


This passage is highly regrettable to say the least. When not a military target, but thousands of ordinary civilians were annihilated ‘instantly’ under 5,000℃ atomic heat, the figure had allegedly amounted to 140,000 by the end of 1945. It may be also worth noting that today, according to the Hiroshima city government report, 308,725 names have been registered as the victims of the August 6th attack. This means that over 160,000 people had suffered from radiation sickness in the years to come, in the aftermath of the bombing.


“Kuroi Ame” (Black Rain「黒い雨」) by Ibuse Masuji is highly recommended for the prudent reader to logically understand what the frightening “radiation sickness” is all about. The protagonist is a young schoolgirl who incidentally had been visiting Hiroshima when the evil struck. She starts losing her hair. To catch the glimpse of this gross malady that downplayed humanity is unquestionably staggering, and worth a read.


U.S President Barack Obama visited Hiroshima in May 2016, as the first sitting American president. The move of redemption was indeed poignant, although unsurprisingly he did not apologize.

Bearing in mind that the majority of Americans are taught in schools the narrative; “A-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are justifiable for it had allegedly disrupted invasion and saved a million American lives” – Obama’s conduct was nothing out of the ordinary.

But what the MLB fans cheering for Shohei Ohtani with an  icy Budweiser in their hands don’t know, or learn as far as the libidinous Samurai is concerned is that Japan had already been well defeated prior to the indiscriminate attack. U.S President Dwight D., Eisenhower, the Supreme Commander in Europe in  1945 had also famously and openly argued;


“Japan was already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary”.

– Eisenhower, Mandate for Change 1953-1956 (Garden City, NY, 1963)



Don’t take me wrong.

Neither do I justify or condone everything Japan did during the last big war. Quite a few military personnels in charge were nothing but an unthinking bunch of dodderers with an empty skull. At any rate from my vantage point, the subsequent clash between Tokyo and the West was inevitable historically – since the Meiji Restoration 1868.


At any rate my fellow global citizens, today marks the 73rd year that claimed the lives of thousands in Hiroshima. And lastly, I would like to wrap up the column by revealing a rather shocking piece of story.

According to the mind-blowing nonfiction that the biased Samurai read recently – “The Day Man Lost” (Kodansha International Publishers/1972) , the distinguished author Hando Kaztoshi writes;


“Enola Gay landed at the northern airfield of Tinian Island at 2:58 p.m on August 6th. The twelve crew members were greeted by hundreds of their fellow U.S servicemen to celebrate the success of the mission.

The club of commissioned officers was filled with buoyant laughter. That evening, a flamboyant celebration party was held on the island and by midnight, some passed out after consuming dozens of Bourbon whiskey bottles”.


If true, it goes without saying that such a behavior goes highly contradictory to the ethics of Christianity.

While men, women and children were left totally vanquished in Hiroshima, just the mere thought that the perpetrators were cheering in jubilance gives me the creeps. Racism, apparently was rampant in “White America” back in 1945 of course (Malcolm X was perhaps still behind bars!), and sadly for the high ranked U.S officers the “Japs” at the time were considered nothing but vulgar yellow monkeys. How racism may have partially played a role in the two crucial nuclear strikes can be explained by the irrefutable fact that while roughly 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry were indiscriminately arrested and forcefully incarcerated in prison camps that were scattered across the U.S – no ethnic Germans or Italians were.

It is also a widely recognized fact among many historians today that the Nippon-gin were considered by Washington as a ‘threat’ after she prevailed over the Russians in Russo-Japanese war 1904-05);  as a poisonous menace challenging White Supremacy and exceptionalism. That said, to downgrade the Japanese as an uncultured inferior race of Asia was clearly palpable across American corporate medias from the 1920’s to the ’40s. The notorious ‘anti-immigration act of 1924″ had apparently targeted the short and flat-faced Nipponese – banning them from entering California and elsewhere. Even the glorious New York Times frequently enjoyed using the derogatory term JAPS during the war. Moreover the U.S navy’s WAR PLAN ORANGE was already valid and effective from the days of Prohibition in the 1920’s; as Pentagon had latently prepared for a decisive clash with Tokyo long before ‘Pearl Harbor’.


True, in conclusion although some readers may agree to disagree with me over this contentious issue of Hiroshima, the free-thinking author is not surprised. Intricate as it is though, I can say this. The lack of sensible disposition and humanity is extremely dangerous when dealing with the diabolical weapon, given the fact that even an unremarkable despotic state of North Korea where people are eating shoes possesses the sinister weapon today.


Rest In Peace all the victims of WW2.


Your Obedient Servant,