"Clearing Japan's name will help Prince Andrew
& Alan Dershowitz" - SCOTTSBORO BOYS of the 21st century
Jan. 25th, 2015

This time, it's not "Allen", but "Alan".

Woody Allen was defamed by his "own daughter" about a year ago, that he had molested her when she was 7.
And now, here you go again. The accused this time is Alan Dershowitz, a prominent Jewish Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus.

Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz and I have little in common, except that we have been accused of having forced women to having sex decades ago. Well, to be a little more precise, when I say "I ", it virtually means "Japan".

Fabricating rape stories in order to stigmatize someone is nothing new.
On March 25th,1933, 9 black teenage boys were arrested in the southern state of Alabama, for an alleged rape against two white women. Victoria Price, 23, and Ruby Bates, then 17 years of age. A minor.
This so called the "SCOTTSBORO BOYS" case is indeed a shameful part of American history, which turned out to be nothing but a miscarriage of justice. A consequence of a racial discrimination. Please excuse my language, but these two despicable women were "lying bitches".

And what do we have here today!? Yes, another false allegation by a woman by the legal name "Jane Doe #3".

Not only the Harvard intellectual, but also Buckingham Palace is deeply concerned as well, since Price Andrew, the fifth man to the British throne has also been framed.

I use the term "framed" simply because the accusers that cook up stories in these false rape allegations have a common tendency to lack evidence. In other words, they lie.

There's this beautiful woman by the name of Lee Yong su.

When she first confessed her "rape story" in a published testimony booklet called "South Korea's survivors story Volume 1" in 1993, this is what she claimed. "In the fall of 1944, I left home with my neighborhood friend Pun-sun, without telling my mother. The recruiter gave me a red dress and a pair of leather shoes".

However, a decade later, she begins to change all this.
Korean mainstream newspaper, the "Chosun ilbo" reported on February 17th, 2004 that this Ms. Lee asserted as follows.
"I was dragged away by the Japanese army while asleep"
Furthermore, on February 15th, 2007, for some reason the inexplicable U.S House of Representatives invited her for a public hearing over an issue of "Forced prostitution and sexual slavery". Lee Yong su again reiterated that she had been kidnapped by a Japanese military personnel.
We've got to bear in mind ladies and gentlemen, that her assertion totally differs from the original story in 1993. That's right, she never mentioned being kidnapped by the Imperial Japanese Army when she first came out, remember!?
If you doubt my credibility, please just contact the distinguished Professor Sarah C. Soh of San Francisco State University. I'm pretty sure she will give you the same answer.

And what's hilarious, the "great" New York Times article reported on March 6th, 2007 - " Japanese soldiers had dragged her (Lee Yong su) from her home, covering her mouth so she could not call to her mother".

This article is a blatant lie, and a crime of defamation and fabrication. Why on earth didn't NYT verify the truth!? Was there enough "background checks" on this former "Comfort Woman" Lee Yong su!? Absolutely not. Totally reprehensible, and unprofessional. I believe Japan has every right to demand an apology from the New York Times, and furthermore retract the above mentioned article.

"American joke" continues.
On July 30th 2007, the ignorant U.S congress passed the "House resolution 121" which demanded an OFFICIAL APOLOGY BY THE TOKYO GOVERNMENT FOR ITS FORCED SEXUAL SLAVERY, whatever that means.

Just like the ongoing "Gun control" issue in the U.S today, background checks is indispensable regarding "rape allegations". Needless to say, Mr Dershowitz has condemned "Jane Doe #3" on British newspaper "The Times" in an unequivocal manner.
"Women who make up rape stories do enormous damage both to individual victims of rape and to broad-based efforts to prevent and punish this heinous crime". (Accused Professor Alan Dershowitz)


My sole objective of this blog is to warn the international community, to remain vigilant against false rape allegations.
It is because these women, whether is is Jane Doe # 3, or Victoria Price or Ruby Bates of the Scottsboro Boys trial , or shameful ex-Comfort Woman (military prostitute) Lee Yong su - yes, they all defy logic.

They all have one thing in common. To stigmatize the counterpart by politicizing the false rape allegations. Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz and Japan are undoubtedly the victims of these outrageous allegations. These are sick people, with unhealthy motive to lie in order to meet its political, as well as financial ends. Fake "feminism" and fake "human rights" is their lethal weapon.
Excuse my language once again, but I categorize these "lying bitches" under a certain name. The LinkIconSCOTTSBORO GIRLS.

This is a documentary film directed by myself, and was completed about 3 months ago. The hot potato between Tokyo and Seoul is the theme - a controversial issue of the so called the "Comfort Women". Uncovering the truth was our goal, since the international community, as well as the U.N and the U.S are have been totally duped by the former Korean military prostitutes and hypocritical activists such as Chong-Dae- Hyup ( Korean Council). For them, making up fake rape stories is a big, lucrative business.

Remember the untrue, groundless NY Times article on March 6th, 2007!? That's right. Western corporate medias many of them owned by influential Jewish families have been very keen on printing biased articles, simply to bully Tokyo, depict pre-war Japan in a demonic way in order to justify everything America and the allies did during WW2, including massacring thousands of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But now, since Professor Dershowitz, a prominent Jewish figure is under the threat of another false rape allegation, I truly call on the western medias to wake up once and for all, initiate serious background check-ups not only on "Jane Doe #3" but also on the military prostitutes known to the world as "comfort women" as well.

Please take a look at theLinkIconTRAILER VIDEO when you have time.

Did Professor Dershowitz actually force a minor to have sex with him on a private aircraft as accused by the plaintiff!?
Did Prince Andrew actually treat a minor as a "sex slave" as its been reported by some British media!?
Did the Japanese army during WW2 actually inflict forced prostitution on thousand of Korean women!?

Well, let me come up with indisputable answers on my next blog. Just as for a quick notice, Chicago University Professor Bruce Cummings has emphasized in his book "Korea's Place in the Sun", that "Many Korean girls were recruited by their fellow Korean men" (P. 179). In other words, pimps.

This world is tainted by lies and distortion. Dishonesty and hypocrisy.

Talk to you soon.

Yujiro Taniyama - JB's Editor in Chief