September 15, 2015
JB's Editor in Chief - Yujiro Taniyama

I'm shaking my little head in disbelief once again.

Propaganda machine CHINA DAILY - Japan Broadcasting.png

This CHINA DAILY article written by Jun Chang claims on the first three lines of this page as follows ;

"Young girls from Korea and China were captured by Japanese soldiers and taken to military brothels to serve the invaders as sex slaves. They were forced to work until Japan surrendered in August 1945"

- Jun Chang

Of course, I am already pretty much used to PRC's slanderous campaigns against Japan.
They started using "anti-Japan tactics" back in 1993, as soon as Zeming started to lead the authoritarian government.

And one thing for sure, I am adamant about historical distortion and fabrications by the Chinese communists.
Why!? - The answer is simple. Because they lie. And believe it or not, it is NOT ONLY ME THAT's SAYING THAT! Even Chinese intellectuals claim the same.

Widely perceived conventional wisdom across the globe today, that the so called the "Comfort Women" were SEX SLAVES as mentioned above is nothing but ablatant myth. And unfortunately whenever I make this kind of assertion, 99% of the white people like filmmaker Michael Moore thinks I'm nuts. That I'm crazy.

However, the truth is, ladies and gentlemen - is that 99% of the people in the west simply DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH. Unless you work for an evangelical Korean - American feminist organization, or Chinese - Fascist "Human Rights" group, you wouldn't dare waste your time learning the basic facts and truth about this issue by purchasing books like LinkIcon"THE COMFORT WOMEN" by Sarah Soh.

In this book, the San Francisco State University Professor Soh points out that "Dutch government in 1994 issued an official report - claiming that they regard the Comfort system primarily as PROSTITUTION" - period.

Nobody knows this. CNN or BBC, needless to add CHINA DAILY never reports these basic facts of history. 2 mighty Aussie guys I met last night at Asakusa's "Jakotsuyu" - onsen told me that they've heard of this contentious issue, but their "sources" were always western medias such as the New York Times that enjoys simply bullying Japan. Unbelievably, the NYT depicts pre-war Tokyo as nothing but a demonic yellow monkey "till this very day". And in order to do so, this pro-Beijng newspaper based in America's east coast boasts articles to undermine Japan in a biased manner possible - unlike the "fair and balanced" FOX News. (I'll leave the latter decision up to you though)

PROPAGANDA MACHINE. Yes, that's what the global media is all about.

And CHINA DAILY is hilarious in the sense it is nothing but a propaganda tool for the Chinese Communist Party. There's not a slightest essence of "journalism". I do despise the NYT for it's outdated and baseless anti-Tokyo bias, but there's no doubt that the paper is managed by certain amount of classic professionals, yes, true "journalists" that are truly serious about conveying the truth.

Unless you cook up stories, lie and beautify the "glory of PRC", you'll be fired! by Donald Trump, oops... nope Mr. Xi Jinping.

JB's Editor in Chief - Yujiro Taniyama