Telling the truth is the bedrock of Free Speech.
Who's being "shamelessly dishonest" here ladies and gentlemen!? Tokyo, Seoul or the United Nations!?
There are serious questions to be asked about this contentious issue. We need "true" Democracy.
April 8th, 2015

Lance Armstrong lied about doping.
2 white women in the "Scottsboro Boys" case lied they were raped by 9 black boys.
Then, what about the so called the "Comfort Girls !?" The idea that they were forced into prostitution is a false narrative. The U.S Official War Report No49 published on October 1, 1944 clearly describes Comfort Girls were prostitutes that were allowed to turn down any customer".

[PLEASE Google "U.S War Report No.49", and you can download the document]

Furthermore, why did the 122 Korean Comfort Women for the U.S troops sue Korean government in 2014?!

Film Director Yujiro Taniyama's challenges the conventional wisdom in his new documentary, "SCOTTSBORO GIRLS".

Please join our Seattle- Premiere screening at the Central Washington University. Director will also be there to make a speech towards the American audience, for the better understanding of the world we live in. Freedom of speech. God bless America.

4/28: Central Washington University SURC 
Student Union Recreation Center 
Room 210
Premiere screening & Director's speech:17:00 〜 21:00

Director Yujiro Taniyama's Bio

4/29: Central Washington University Science Building
Room 142
Premiere Screening & Director's speech : 17:00 〜 21:00


Central Washington University Google Map

400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926

U.S State Department
"Democracy Challenge" Finalist
Director Yujiro Taniyama

Democracy & Free speech. A core American value.
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WARNING! This trailer video contains some mocking & explicit language.
[Some strident feminist-activists claim "This movie downplay women" - by JUST WATCHING THIS TRAILER, which is baseless and utterly false]

Japan's renowned journalist Yoshiko Sakurai's column
「Challenge by an individual」