"Will America's habit of enforcing history affect its future ?!"
Dec. 16th, 2014

Dear Mr. Richard Cohen and the Washington Post.

Nice to meet you. My name is Yujiro Taniyama, and I am an outspoken Samurai of the 21st century. Or, you can just call me an obnoxious moron, if you wish to.
This morning, I read your great article LinkIcon“Will Japan’s habit of rewriting its history affect its future!?” - on the mighty Washington Post. Boy, did I enjoy it. And well, to begin with sir, I immediately refute your hilarious title by saying “It’s none of your goddam business”.

Tokyo has no habit of rewriting its history, as is often unilaterally condemned by western corporate medias. However, since the Japanese have voracious appetite for the truth of knowledge, we do reject inappropriate, false allegations the moment we find any. The denial to correct the inaccuracy of history leads not only to misunderstanding of the world we live in. After all, we do live in a world of Democracy and free speech, don’t we sir!? Then, on what basis do you intend to suppress moves by Tokyo to assert our view towards history in an articulate manner!? Do you seriously believe that every Japanese citizen must think as you mighty Americans do!? Give me a break, not a “piss water” sir. Hurray free speech.

Mr Cohen sir, you must be a smart intellectual with Ph.D from Ivy league or whatever, but unfortunately your latest article is simply ridiculous and by too far biased. You mislead the readers of the mighty Washington Post.
Let me explain why.

First, you defiantly begin your article with the following defiant sentence - “ Japan is working hard at forgetting”.

OMG, what an obnoxious way to start a column. I thought you are smarter than that. Tokyo is not working hard to “forget things” for gods sake. Are you saying that the 130 million Japanese are eager to become alzheimers!? As I have previously pointed out, when Japan’s motive is to discover the truth of history and the world we live in, you denounce the move as “forgetting”. That’s what you call an arrogance to impose one’s own thoughts based on self righteousness.

World is absolutely not flat, but it has become smaller and diversified indeed. Therefore, let me repeat once more time. Everyone do not need to think nor act like you Americans, Mr. Richie Rich. “Dollar” may be your pet, but fortunately Japan don’t owe America any cash, though other way around in means of foreign currency reserves. Neither is Tokyo a dog of Washington. As a strong, independent nation, the Japanese is guaranteed the right to insist what we live in.
United States of America isn’t China, after all is it!? - suppressing any voice that differ from their “own core values”. Just because Tokyo is Washington’s “friend”, it is not synonymous of thinking the same. Your narrow mindedness is pretty much despicable sir.

Let’s return to your great article.

Next you start attacking Japan in your favorite self righteous style, portraying pre-war Japan as a demonic “Darthvader”, by even referring to my superstar Brad Pitt’s wife. POW!? Of course there were prisoners, of course there were brutalities because it was merely a war. As Chaplin once said, the more you kill, more heroic you become. Americans during the war was no exception, aiming to eradicate 140,000 civilians in Hiroshima and over 70,000 in Nagasaki under 5000℃ atomic heat. U.S Bombing of Tokyo on March 10, 1945 massacred over 100,000 civilians overnight. I repeat, it was a war. So don’t trying to act as though the mighty Yanks were “totally right in every sense” and your “JAPS” wrong, since it does make you look like a hypocritical racist.

So now, you proudly bring up Unit 731.
Indeed, it was an egregious crime by the Japanese army during the war.
However, it is once again hilarious when you intentionally ignore the fact that after Japan’s surrender in August 1945, “Big Mac”, or Douglas McArthur and the U.S government guaranteed immunity to all the physicians of Unit 731, in return for providing all the datas of biochemical experiments conducted during the war. That’s right, it was a done deal between Japan and the U.S - like a hand in glove. The reason I say your article misleads the mighty readers of the Washington Post is that you manipulate and hide these crucial information from your readers and the general public, in order to stir up anti- Japanese sentiment. Therefore, your sentence on paragraph 5 is a blatant lie - your purpose IS to arouse anti-Tokyo sentiment, and nothing else in order to justify and impose American values to its long time ally.
You defy logic. You just emphasize your thoughts unilaterally, like you urinate on a wall. If you intend to rebuke Japan’s unit 731, make sure to jot down the immunity U.S government gave to all the physicians. Otherwise, you will look like a phoney.

And then you bring up the so called the “Comfort Women”.

I presume most Americans really don’t give a damn about these women, because they don’t know. To some of them who does, let me remind you ladies and gents, you guys have all been duped. Full stop.
No, don’t be frightened. I am not a holocaust denier or a scary right wing nationalist wearing Nazi head band when I go for a jog. As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, all I’m asking for is the truth, and nothing but the truth.
Mr Richard sir, you know an outstanding song by Richard Marx!? Yes, the man who enjoys the same name as yours. My favorite number by him is “Right there waiting” - and now, as other self righteous western intellectuals, you rebuke Japan as the KIDNAPPERS of 200,000 women - “Right there fxxxing”. This demonic image of pre-war Japan is what you want to emphasize on your great readers, which is nothing but ludicrous.

I tell you why.

Since the “1st Comfort Woman” Kim Hak sun came out on August 14th, 1991, neither the Korean government nor the so called the “Comfort Women” have been able to provide the international community with a single core evidence to back up their outrageous allegations. Of course, dozens of “testimonies” exists, but that’s it.
There’s a “testimony” that Woody Allen molested his 7 year old daughter over 20 years ago.
There’s a “testimony” that comedian Crosby raped women decades ago.
Who knows if its true!? How are you going to prove it!?

LinkIconU.S official war report No. 49 submitted on October 1st, 1944 clearly mentions as follows.

“Comfort girls are nothing but a camp follower, or prostitutes”. U.S War Report No. 49 - October 1st, 1944

I didn’t say that. The ancestors of you mighty Americans jotted down precisely 70 years ago in Burma, present day Myanmar.

Furthermore, if you study this controversial issue for 3 hours, you will easily find that all the testimonies by the so called the “Comfort Women” are ridiculously inconsistent, and highly debatable. I would not dare write a letter to you like this, Mr Richie Cohen, if I the KIDNAPPING had actually occurred, since I would then only lose face. I guess for a prominent journalist like yourself who earns some quick buck by stigmatizing Tokyo, the truth and logic actually don’t really matter. Conventional wisdom that “seems right” is all that counts. Whatever is reported by U.N special rappoteur Radika Kumaraswami counts, despite the fact she wrote the decisive report on behalf of the United Nations in 1996, based on a lie, a hilarious fiction written by a disgraceful communist by the name of Seiji Yoshida.

You haven’t even read this 1983 book, have you Richie!? The “Monty Python joke” of this Comfort Women issue is that 99% of all the western journalists and Chinese-Korean activists who self righteously blame Japan all condemn Tokyo based on this 1996 U.N report - to my surprise everyone around the globe, including Japan’s progressive Asahi newspaper and Radika Kumaraswami were too completely duped by Yoshida’s lie, that he had “Kidnapped 205 women in 9 days in Korea’s Cheju island during the war”.

Just think for a minute.

Why did Asahi retract the articles regarding Comfort Women for the past 32 years!? Because PM Shinzo Abe and his “right wing friends” ( the phrase you often enjoy ) put pressure on Japan’s No.1 liberal paper!? Hell no. Japan is a highly civilized democratic society unlike our communists next door. Freedom of the press is undoubtedly guaranteed. The reason Asahi retracted their articles is simply because it was nothing but a lie, written based on Seiji Yoshida’s blatant lie. That’s all there is to it. Shameful Asahi had posted articles based on historical distortion and fabrication. Because nobody, from Chicago University Professor Bruce Cumings to San Francisco State University Professor Sarah Soh - yes, no distinguished scholars in the U.S who has thoroughly been looking into this issue uses Seiji Yoshida’s book as a primary source. They all discredit the book as nothing but a baseless anime-comic by a crook.
Under all these circumstances, it is simply hilarious how the United Nations and Sri Lankan Kumaraswamy still refer to this anime-comic as “evidence of the truth”. If you don’t believe me, just mail the handsome Professor Cumings this afternoon.


If America is actually a decent, democratic society that praises free speech and dismisses racial discrimination, please prove it Mr. Cohen before my very eyes. Because what I see today, from your vicious article is nothing but a evil spirit, to look down on pre-war Japan as “Yellow Peril” as the western allies often referred to, as a threat toward white supremacy and the white colonial powers that had been exploiting Asia and Africa since the 1600’s.

Was “everything pre-war Japan did malicious?! BAD?!” I doubt it. It is unfair how when you rebuke my ancestors, you hardly ever mention that U.S anti-discrimination law passed in 1913 and 1920 was targeted on the Japanese. And in 1924, finally Americans banned Japanese immigrants stirring up huge anti-U.S sentiments across the nation, which I believe was one of the major factors that led to the war. That’s right, America was a super racist nation before the war. British and other white powers back then were no different. If you read “Railroad of death” by the British John Coast, it is appalling how many times he uses the derogatory terms “Jap” as well as “Nip”. Other white supremacy believers who has written books regarding WW2 in Asia without exception LOVES to use the offensive terms above to express hate towards the Japanese who virtually kicked out the white colonialists across Asia, from British Singapore, British Burma to Dutch Java. And to my surprise, hatred arousing from racism still is visible among western publishers since these “Jap books” to stigmatize pre-war Tokyo consistently keeps coming out one after the other. This is a little weird, I must say because would a white writer be able to publish a book worldwide using derogatory term “Niggers” frequently in this 21st century!? This double-standard of the west I must say, is highly hypocritical and questionable.

And as soon as the war broke out, U.S government not only froze the private properties but furthermore incarcerated Japanese immigrants as virtually “Yellow Jap monkey slaves”, sending dozens to concentration camps from 1942- 1946.

Lastly, you say that the mythologizing of the past by Tokyo may well accelerate. Once again, your self-righteous assertion will only aggravate the insult towards the Japanese people. Unfortunately, I am not a racist, nor a “right-wing hawkish nationalist” as you’d hope me to be, but merely a typical MJ fan in today’s civilized society of Democracy. Think for a minute Richie, your “foe” Shinzo Abe won a stable majority in the general election 2 days ago. What does this mean!? It is obvious that the general public in Japan not only endorses “Abenomics”, but his defiant attitude to fight against the arrogant, white supremacist & one-sided western view towards history.

It is hilarious how you reproach the Yasukuni shrine even without even visiting it. I mean, have you!? If so, when!? Your totally unilateral column is so ludicrous, its like writing a food column about a brownie christmas cake without even eating it. On the other hand, all you do is to defame the sacred place of the Japanese people by blatantly ignoring our side of viewing history. Beg your pardon sir!? Talking about your “war criminals”, shouldn’t the American leaders such as Truman who ordered the massacre of thousands of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki be categorized under the same name!? How about Curtis LeMay who never hesitated even for a minute to dropLinkIconthousand bombs on Tokyo civilians!?

These outrageous attacks by the U.S and the allies targeted not only on military facilities but on innocent women and children during WW2 shall never be ignored. Because the atrocities listed above are unquestionably “Crimes against humanity”, if thats the term you wish to choose.
Just because you guys won the war, it is inequivalent to our acknowledging the western perspectives. As the “Tomb Raider” asserts, if the mighty Americans are to set an LinkIconexample for true democracy and free speech, cocky self-righteousness to justify “Cool American view” shall be refuted in every means. America is not always right.

I repeat. Yasukuni is absolutely not a place to glorify Japan’s war time past nor is it a shrine to whitewash history. Let me point out that kind of childish thinking itself is a myth. Georgetown University Professor Kevin Doak emphasizes Japan’s PM should visit the Yasukuni monthly or even weekly. The distinguished scholar insists that “In Arlington, confederate soldiers are buried. But that does not mean it endorses slavery”. Period. I totally agree. Yasukuni is simply a place to mourn those who fought and died for their beloved nation. Nothing more, nothing less. Paying respect to the war dead is a matter of your heart. Don’t you dare try to politicize it, since it will just make you look hypocritical.

Doak also asserts, “Can the Chinese leaders and those that argue that the Class A war criminals should be removed from Yasukuni really be so arrogant as to believe that they themselves are perfect human beings? ” - Mr. Richard Cohen and those who blame Japan PM’s visit, how are you going to refute against this!? Mr. Cohen, your false allegation is no different from the Chinese Communists. Do you seriously believe that His Holiness the Dalai Lama the 14th has no right to visit the cemetery or a holy place where the souls of the Tibetans who fought against brutal Chinese invasion since 1950 sleeps!? That’s ridiculous, isn’t it!? I think so too.

On August 15th, 2013, I happened to interview a bright, handsome and decent LinkIconU.S war veteran who clearly argued that every Japanese have right to visit the Yasukuni whenever they demand to, since mourning the war dead is a matter of your spirit. That it is none of China or Korea’s business.

Mr. Cohen, don’t try to gain attention and popularity just by bullying Tokyo. That’s a typical boring tactic by today’s American intellectuals. On the contrary, a simple minded American people like the gentleman I interviewed understands that the western corporate media’s one sided view is nothing but a outrageous farce. That will surely affect not only American journalism, but also the future of the "world's greatest nation".

Let's be friends sir. Go Yankees! Go democracy!

And please don't

Thank you.

YT - Editor in chief for JB