Super fragile American "Democracy" and "Human Rights"

RIP - Michael Brown.

I've never met him, but I kind of like him.

There is no doubt it is he, himself that must be crying, with "Tears in heaven". Did he ever imagine being shot by a cop from his hometown of Ferguson!? Hell no. Especially when he was unarmed.

You will be immediately arrested if you have a gun in your pocket in Tokyo. Our law strictly prohibits possession of any sort of ammunition. You need a special license just to carry a "Katana sword". That's the kind of society we the Japanese live in.

And from our standpoint, I always find it simply inconceivable hearing these "GUN VIOLENCE in the U.S" every 3 seconds. From JFK 1963, to Robert, to John Lennon 1980 to Columbine to Sandy Hook elementary school mass shooting, America is merely "doped". I cannot understand why NRA monsters have such a huge political influence within U.S. Haven't you American guys had enough!? John Wayne is dead. We live in the era of internet, not bullets.

Despite the fact, the so called "Neo-conservative" or tea party guys or whatever you call it, those who claim "Gun right is in our blood. To be an American is synonymous for owning a magazine" is simply hilarious and despicable from my point of view. Their stubbornness is like a 3 year old kid. Probably those guys will never understand until one of their family members becomes the victim of guns.

A modern 21st century society is incompatible with bullets. Done.

If you are a family loving mom, whose kid had been shot dead by a fanatic, there is no doubt she would support Barack Obama's move on tighter gun regulations. However, it seems as though things are not "so easy" in the U.S. But really!? Guys, is it "so hard" to tighten gun control in a "civilized" society like America!? I doubt it.

Racism. Discrimination.

Probably that is what lies behind that recent Michael Brown tragedy. America is a multi-cultural society after all, dozens of races, traces unlike the country I live in.

However, though its been 41 years after JFK assassination, fundamentals in the U.S don't seem to have changed an inch. Color of the skin, wage difference.

Washington spokesperson often brings up the term "Democracy" and "Human rights" - asserting U.S stands for equality and justice. But from the news that comes flooding in from across the pacific in the recent years, I get this feeling that this "American idealism" is in fact deteriorating. Hypocrisy, unfortunately a total "farce".

Before bombing the IS militants, probably there are things Pentagon and Washington ought to do.

I have no intention whatsoever to intervene with internal matters, but the recent gun violence in America is beyond my imagination. I do love Yankee's Ichiro and Darvish in Texas, but I sometimes come up with this notion "what if those two great guys are shot one day?! Is the world gonna be the same? "

There's no way you can "save the people across the world" if you can't rescue an innocent black 18 year old kid in Missouri.

Let's imagine. Mr.Lennon, can you hear me sir!?

Good bagel, good morning.

Yujiro Taniyama - JB’s Editor in Chief